Review overview
  • Ghe July 25, 2015

    Where was the interview UK or US
    Yemane hasawi fgdef tefenfinom

  • Yohannes July 25, 2015

    Very sad indeed. I feel sorry for the broad Eritrean people to be governed by these bloviating ignoramus. Salvation is needed now.

  • Cabral July 25, 2015

    Yet another miscalculation in trying to play with western media. This reminds me of Al Jazeera’s Jan Dutton’s 2010 interview with the tyrant president. His Excellency Ato Yemane was left stuttering and resorted to mumbling about bogus video clips to back his arguments. The regime should learn that this is the end of its deceptive PR campaigns. In a space of one month alone the regime has severely suffered shame in the international arena. I couldn’t believe seeing the body language of Ato Yemane speak loudly of defeat and frustration. That is why the regime could not tolerate the existence of free press from the beginning.

  • Okbai July 25, 2015

    Monkey Behaky monkey mase eka hake ketezareb

  • Aman July 26, 2015

    We the people live in the democratic world injoy the freedom to express ourselves. Yemane chose to be interviewed eith channel 4 news in UK,this is the fundamental right the eritrean people denaid. He was given the chance to express himsefe and address issues that he wish. I hope that he understand we the Eritrean people have denaid to express ourselves.
    He is in charge to represent the regime in Eritrea and he shoul also realise that he is uncountable for his act. I strongly believe that his answers was misleading and preverting the court of justice this is a crime , I have no right to judge but I alert the evidence on record. Soon our tribunal courts in Eritrea will start function, this will add to the evidences against him.

    • Zeray July 27, 2015


      You are too kind and modest. Monkey is simply a liar. I followed his speeches since 1999 (Ethio-Eritrean war) and what he continues to say is far from propaganda which has political flavor, but his talk is blatant lies and denials with a very dangerous consequents specially to the Eritrean youth. shame on him.

  • Truly Truly i say to you July 28, 2015

    If i had to blame the PFDJ regime not for they tried to give reasons for they be accused the cause for. According their evil did they violating human rights, though I don´t mind even all they be gone to hell because they deserved; but my blame towards them is as they represented our nation and our people interest , if they have truth, by prioritizing the violated Eritrean territory, and the already decided border issue by seriously raising they could be challenged the nation interest . But look what be monkey, Wedi Gerhatu, all at US and UN Eritrean representatives above all Isayas self about regardings what they pretended . About this serious issue do you think they seriously are arguing and talked loudly in diplomatic arena? Never! But for the Eritrean public day and night in deed. Its purpose is clear, instrumentalizing the cause to keep their power is only. So Dan like in his comment said, “ወረ እንታይ ዓይነት ሰይጣን ኢዩ ሰሪርዎም ዘሎ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣስተውዕል እዞም ሰባት ናትና ኣይኮኑን በጃኩም ገለ ንግበር ” I share his view, these people total are not our once! In Eritrean case Woyane and PFDJ are two sides of the same coin. What they practicing towards Eritrea is ethnic cleansing, so that to destroy the Eritrean national and nationalism, using no peace no war prolonging method. Woyane origin Demahit , Arbenoch Ginbot 7 Ginbar to Asmara, Indigenous Eritrean to diaspora! For Ethiopia Obama! For Eritrea Dr. Birhanu Nega! Wey Gud! Eritrean be conscious!