Eritrean Diaspora Community petitions Crime Against Humanity by the government of Eritrea.

To all the representatives of member States in the United Nations General Assembly; We, the undersigned, members of the Eritrean Diaspora call upon the General Secretary to strongly support the resolution passed on June 21, 2016,

To all the representatives of member States in the United Nations General Assembly;

We, the undersigned, members of the Eritrean Diaspora call upon the General Secretary to strongly support the resolution passed on June 21, 2016, by the United Nation Human Right Counsel (UNHRC). Endorsing the findings of the UN-COIE i.e., that the leadership of The State of Eritrea has committed Crime Against Humanity since 1991. We express our strongest support to the UNHRC resolution and we ask the office of

Secretary General kindly share our petition with the official representatives

of all Member States attending the UN 71st General Assembly.
We are appealing to all Member States to endorse the resolution passed by the UNHRC on the Crime Against Humanity committed by the Eritrean government and vote in favor of the UNHRC resolution to be referred to the UNSC for consideration.
We appeal to the Honorable General Secretary and all representatives of Member States to be on the side of Eritrean people by endorsing the UNHRC resolution and help bring an end to the gross human rights abuse of the Eritrean government by holding the responsible actors for their crime against humanity. Help end the flagrant impunity by the Eritrean government and restore justice to the Eritrean People.

Signatories: New York Demonstration Preparation Committee

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Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea:

Review overview
  • FronAgazaian October 24, 2016

    I am Agazaianian NOT Eritrean. My leader has told me this is report is really after all is said and done an indictment of the tigrinya nation alleged extinction on kunama and afar ethnics. I will not support indicting my people on crimes and genocide. No signature for your petition.

    • Z. Hagos October 24, 2016

      Self-hate pushes one to commit suicide. You seem to hate your creation and that is why you are insulting your family. Yes, you seem to be insulting your family because of your hate for justice. You know what! You don’t have to shine by burning your body like a candle in order to condemn victims of crimes and to praise criminals, the tyrant and his generals.
      Indeed, for your best interest, you need to think not only twice but a thousand times before you utter a word that shows your support for criminals. For now, it is sufficient that you proved to the Assenna family that you have no eyes or ears or the other senses in order to sense the unwanted like a normal human being.

    • Desalegn October 25, 2016


      Please, “think humanity”, a positive change for Eritreans.

    • Negasi October 27, 2016

      fronAgazian, you are PFDJ masked in the name of the tribe.

  • Z. Hagos October 24, 2016

    It appears, this time, like all Eritreans are determined to inflict capital punishment or prison for life on the tyrant. If the tyrant is not sent to the prison immediately by the end of this month, at least let him have sleepless nights before standing a trial at the ICC any time soon.
    The COIE’s call is fully endorsed by all peace loving people of the world. Let the tyrant’s supporters be surprised with a stunning order that them, too, will be tried for crimes they directly or indirectly committed against humanity in Eritrea. All the victims of the tyrant can’t wait to see that day, the day that all criminals in Eritrea will be deafened by the victims’ voices of joy celebrating their victory over the enemies of the Eritrean people.

  • Genet October 26, 2016

    African are done w/ ICC. Better to find an alternate mechanism.. demonstration @ UN is a waste of time Why are we cheering for the UK/the USA/and the lies to give us a justis Deal with your people and solve it among your selves. We do not need another Libya/Syria/Somalia/Yemen / god forbid Ethiopia/ or a banana republic /Djibouti.

    • Z. Hagos October 26, 2016

      Genet, Genet, who wants the Eritrean life to remain hellish forever and….
      What do say to Isayas’ no to election since 1993 that was the cause for tyranny in Eritrea? And, what do say to Isayas’s policy of depriving the Eritrean people and the youth of normal and minimal life making their lives miserable and hellish through:
      1-The indefinite compulsory military conscription,
      2-Forced labor without pay that has made Eritrea a country where only those who receive remittances from outside can live a normal life.
      3-The no rule, no constitution, or no elderly consultancy has made Eritrea a country where torture along with other terror-inflicting practices such as widespread humiliation, no dignity and disrespect to the elderly resulted in every corner sexual violence against mothers and their daughters.
      That’s what the COIE findings brought to the attention of the UN and the world. Be the UN or the African courts are already shocked by the witnesses’ statements and the other supporting evidence.

      • Genet October 27, 2016

        Greeting Hagos

        What you mentioned are all are important to get solved. but statehood comes first. To have justice, we do not need to have a constitution to have justice we do not need to stop the national service. Again antagonizing one section of our society is not going to bring what you preach about. Work for the good of the country and the peace and justice will follow naturally.

  • Z. Hagos October 26, 2016

    Let the demonstrators in NYC have their moment to tell the world about the sufferings of the Eritrean people. Yes, let the demonstrators tell about what is going on in Eritrea, right now: No food, no water, no sleep and no peace because their wealth confiscated and their children are taken away by force or the children are forced to flee. Finally, the COIE’s action has come to help the truth prevail and the anti-truth silenced, like Alem Goitem of MeskeremNet and those behind him.

  • Beraki October 27, 2016

    Yes, Yes Alem Goitom of is top notch PFDJ. He is on a Bank roll of PFDJ to defend tyranny and prolong the suffering, death and destruction of Eritrea, The PFDJ one way or another will be ousted soon. This opportunist who has benefited from this regime must face justice, even though he has acquired foreign Citizenship. He is a staunched supporter and protector PIA who have blood of money innocent Eritreans in his hands.

  • Alem October 27, 2016

    African leaders do not represent their people for they are not genuinely elected or not elected completely like in our case. So they may leave icc but does not convert them to innocent leaders. No matter what he does iseyas can not be forgiven. Not here, not in heaven. He will suffer the blaze in the hottest part of the hell for life before going to the real hell. His supporters too including genet.