Ethiopia and Eritrea restore ties after 20 years of enmity

Leaders sign agreements in Eritrean capital and lift block on phone calls across border Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders have formally restored relations between the two countries, ending 20 years of enmity and prompting phone calls across

Leaders sign agreements in Eritrean capital and lift block on phone calls across border

Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders have formally restored relations between the two countries, ending 20 years of enmity and prompting phone calls across the border by people getting back in touch with friends and family.

The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, and the Eritrean president, Isaias Afwerki, also signed agreements to open embassies, restore flight services and for Ethiopia to use port facilities in Eritrea. The signing took place in Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, before Abiy flew back to Ethiopia.

“The march toward peace might have been a long time coming but we have faith in the love and solidarity of our people,” said Abiy at the signing. “We can now imagine a future where we see no national boundaries or high walls dividing us. The people of our region are joined in common purpose.”

Residents wasted no time in phoning each other after a block on telecommunications between the two countries was lifted. “Received the first call from Asmara in Eritrea!” said Ermiyas Teklu in Ethiopia after speaking to his uncle and his family. “The last time I talked to them was when I was in a third country. My mother is going to talk to our relatives in Eritrea and everyone is excited about it.”

Many Ethiopians expressed their exhilaration on social media and changed their profile pictures to a photo taken on Sunday of the Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders embracing.

“The events of these past two days between Ethiopia and Eritrea are like the fall of the Berlin Wall. Only amplified 1,000 times,” Samson Haileyesus wrote on Facebook.

Abiy’s chief of staff, Fitsum Arega, tweeted: “A state of war between the two countries has come to an end.”

Ethiopia’s foreign minister, Workneh Gebeyehu, said flights between the countries would resume next week.

The UN secretary-general, António Guterres, who is visiting Ethiopia, said the resumption of relations between the two countries was “illustrative of a new wind of hope blowing across Africa”.

Source: Guardian

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  • sami July 9, 2018

    Peace, prosperity and development to the brotherly people of Eritrea and Ethiopia, God bless you all.
    Death and burning/rotting in HELL to the terefmeref goHafat ELF/Jebha mendef Arab korakur snakes/cockroaches.

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 10, 2018

      The irony is that your leader Issais is selling the country you love to see develop and progress indirectly to the very Arab you are expressing your disgust against.

      • sami July 10, 2018

        Minchieley Afari – a foaming bulldog, bloody spare us your paranoia and boogie man scare mongering. Do you know what your real problem is you are just freaking delusional and do you know what delusional people do? They are bloody kept away from the public for safety and for the good being of the public, so Minchieley Afari, do everyone a favor and just get lost to your bulldogs zoo.

  • Uncle Sye July 10, 2018

    For the first time in 27 years I apologize to our noble president & co-president of Erithopia , president Isu (wedi afom) . We are back to our mothercountry Ethiopia ,we , the beloved Midri bahrians . No more tears as they will be wiped by our saviours Abi & Isu . The only people to cry will be the narrow minded secessionists & their arab sponsors .Our motherland will use Asab port & place it’s new Ethiopian Navy in order to protect us from enemis within & without.
    we are all habeshas , the fake martyrdom of the bandits is gone like yesterday’s pizza.
    Long live Papa Isaias & brother Abi
    humulation to bandits (well, they are already humulated )

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 10, 2018

      I know your only problem is bread, and no worries, Amhara will let you bite their left over so you can fill your buffer. Problem solved!

      • sami July 10, 2018

        Uncle Sye the brilliant commentator, please ignore this Afari – a foaming bulldog called Minchieley baAl belaroba. He is simply an expert at creating illusion and very dense smoke screen. Many unrelated stuff he usually talks about is meant to just create illusion. He is full of filthy/garbage and hate/negativity infected mind.

        • Uncle Sye July 10, 2018

          ክቡር Sami
          ርፍራፍ ኣምሓሩ ክትምገብ ኢኻ ዝብለኒ ኣስመራ ካብ ምህብታምና ዝኣክልሲ ከልብና ናይ ባአሉ ከልቢ ፡ሸቃሊትና ድማ ናይ ባኢላ ሸቃሊት ከም ዝነበረታ ኣይፈለጠን.ንሱ እዩ ሙታንታ ኣረብ ዝወደቐ ሳምቡሳ ዝለቅም

  • Michael Tesfamariam July 10, 2018

    This is not peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, this is rather a formation of extremely malicious and mendacious alliance among Issais, Amhara, Oromo, Saudi, Turkey, and the EU. That is why it is going to fail soon, and everybody who is now being duped into believing this imaginary peace will bite their tongues. I understand Eritreans are always known for their jingoistic and chauvinistic attitude, which is always a good input for Issais and other foreign forces to apply their deceptive and manipulative political desire. Eritreans know no shame, they are always ready to sell their bodies and soles for anyone no matter who as they did throughout their history. Poor people!

    • sami July 10, 2018

      Minchieley Afari – a foaming bulldog, you keep moving from one fiction to the next fiction, cut all your amateur craps and get real for a change. You sound like a typical African chauvinist dictator yourself!

  • rezen July 10, 2018

    Subject: “Ethiopia and Eritrea restore ties after 20 years of enmity” July 9, 2018

    Commentary, 9 July 2018
    Remembrance Day
    NO! It is NOT the remembrance day that issayas Afewerki Abraha approved for dissemination, which always had a purpose in his crafty agenda to manipulate Eritreans. After fifty-four years of crafty maneuvering, Issayas Afewerki Abraha became an expert in twisting Eritreans without their knowledge.. Even if they do, they are helpless to do anything about it. In any case, no entity in Eritrean history accomplished so much more than what Issayas did i.e. manipulating and subjugating an entire Nation in line with his singular hateful dream towards Eritreans. As he himself put it in simple words: “ከርእየክን እዬ” ። True to his words, he did it yesterday — historical day (8 July 2018) at his capitulating ceremony of the sovereignty of Eritrea to Ethiopia.

    He has liquidated ALL his comrades without a single opposition from Eritreans who gallantly fought for thirty-years for freedom. Instead, Eritreans — from the humble lowly person to the highest echelon educated intellectual — were forced to run away, like frighten chickens, and dispersed all over the Globe to save their individual Life. As a cover-up, they bark or crackle from safe distance. They cannot get together – even in so far away hideout – and work-out to save the noble meaning of the 30-year war for independence and dignity. There are about 80 to 90 such groups, occupying themselves with NOTHING.

    I used the title of this commentary (remembrance day) for those heroes of YESTERDAY’S struggle for 30 years who sacrificed everything they had, including their ultimate Life, for free to have independent Eritrea for ALL. But alas, to put it very crudely, it was the greatest Houdini Act perpetrated by a single mortal, who derailed the noble cause for independence. How could an entire Nation be duped by a single person? !? It is a mystery.

    Yesterdays’ ceremony and agreement between self-appointed 74-year old President of Eritrea and the 42-year old Ethiopian Prime Minister invalidates the 30-year struggle by pure-hearten, gallant Eritreans for Independence and Dignity for the Eritrean people. Yes, Yesterday, Sunday, 8 July 2018 will be remembered as a significant betrayal in the history of Eritrea. It is, for all practical purposes, a DAY that the DREAM of Eritreans of ‘YESTERDAY’ was smoothly crashed for ever. The Ethiopian Prime Minister, to his credit, was very clear and eloquent in his speech using a flawless (with perfect pronunciation) Eritrean language >>>Tigrigna. No history can accuse him of wishy-washy undertaking. On the other hand, Issayas Afewerki Abraha can NEVER be free from historical judgment that he took fundamental decision with the factual background that he was obstacle to the implementation of a Constitution and the establishment of Parliament(!) In other words, he was the sole judge for the destiny of a Nation.

    Yes, It was a respectable “burial” of YESTERDAY’S Dream of FREE ERITREA, thus the sacrifice made by countless young Eritreans and the destruction of a country becomes cruelly null and void. Consequently, Eritrea is now on the road to “provincialism” similar to, for example, Oromo Province, or Tigrai province, or any other province in the Ethiopian Empire. What a classical TRAGEDY! THE END
    (1) I honestly wish that the well known Eritreans i.e. Constitutional Experts and Lawyers in general, would come forward and express their professional views and save the valour and dignity of Eritrean PEOPLE. .

    • Ermiyas July 10, 2018

      Brother Rezen,
      The 30-year war for so-called independence (more like for slavery and darkness/backwardness) was waged by shefatu/bandits all-alien-loving evil ghedli adventurists. If there was no distance in between the world’s of the “colonizer” and the “colonized” to begin with to justify the shefatu/bandits evil ghedli revolution, the skunis evil ghedli generation had to invent it, with all the horrible price the poor Eritrean people were made to pay to maintain such a fabricated adventure.
      So far and for the last five to six decades, what happened or is still happening in poor Eritrea is nothing short of a self-inflicted genocide in slow action and in which Eritreans themselves are active participants or silent witnesses in their own act of self-extermination with a twisted sentimentality they have for Eritrean “martyrs” who, if given the chance to rise from the dead, would not even imagine raising a finger or pulling a trigger and die for a fake/bambula Eritrea. So in short, please don’t bore us to death with your fake/garbage compliments to the shefatu/bandits of evil ghedli generation who only brought shames, destruction, bloodshed, robbing, refugees, boot people and karkness/backwardness to poor Eritrea.
      Last but not least, the dead soul of the so-called ‘martyrs/suwaatina’ is used, misused and abused to remind the luiving or the walking-dead that Eritreans are better off and, lest they forget, they will be labelled as disrespectful to those who gave their lives for the fake “independence” of Eritrea.

      • Ermiyas July 10, 2018

        correction: please read karkness as darkness, many thanks.
        Furthermore, the so-called ‘martyrs/suwaatina’ crap is used, misused and abused to remind the ‘living’ or the walking-dead that Eritreans are better off and …………..

  • Amanuel July 10, 2018

    Good job iseyas. He set out to get badme back and ended up giving asseb back to Ethiopia.

    • Amanuel July 10, 2018

      Ellllllilll belu hgdf. Badme kemlis zikede ambesakum aseb arekibu dekisu. Cheers hgdf.

      • Ermiyas July 10, 2018

        Hirrrrrrrrr belu deki Halima ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim Arab slave dogs and the barbaric evil Islamic ELF/Jebha mendef Arab korakur poisonous snakes/cockroaches.

  • ፍሰሃየ July 10, 2018

    ዕቡይ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ- ምቅሉል ጠ/ሚ ኧብይ ካብ መቀመጢኡ ተሲኡ ቁርሲ ቡና ተሸኪሙ(እንዳኮለለ) ንዕዱማት አጋይሽ እንኪአታአናግድ ሪኡሲ – ዓለምና አበይ በፂሃ ከምዛላ ደንፂዎ – ዳርጋ ህፍረት ተሰሚኢዎ፡፡ ጠ/ሚ ኧብይ ምስተጋሩ አዘዝቲ ጦር ቅርበት ስለዝነበሮ ትግርኛ ተማሂሩስ መደረኡ ብትግርኛ አህሊፉ- ድህሪ ሂዚ እታ ጉዳም ወልፊ ሻዕብያ ዝኮነት “ውግዕን ወረ ውግዕን!” – ትትረፍ ኢልዎ- ሻዕብን ወያነን ሂዚ አሪጎም ማዕጂጆም’ዮም- ብሙሉኦም ሥልጣን ንሀዱሽ ወለዶ ያርክቡ፡፡ “መላኪነትን ፀለመን ፃምእ ሥልጣንን” ካብ ገድሊ ዛምጽዎ ባህሊ ዘራጊ ኣያድልየናን፡፡ መራህቲ ወያነ ሕዝቢ ትግራይ አጽኒቶምስ 800ኪሎ ሜትሮ ዝርህቀታ“አዲስ አበባ” ሃኒፆም! ብምትላል መስዋዕቲ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ንውልቀ ሥልጣኖም ጠውዮምዎ! እቶም መራህቲ ሻዕብያሞ አሰር ሰብአዊነት ዘያብሎም ዝነበረውን አዕንዮም ናብራ ሕዝቢ ሲኦል ገይሮምዎ!- ገድሊ መላኪነትዩ! ሂዚ ትግራይን ኤርትራን ዝተማሃሩ ሀደስቲ ወለዶ መራህቱ መዚዙ ሀባራዊ ናይ ልምኧት ትልሚ ነዲፉ ብንጥፈት ሠሪሁ፣ ንደቡብ ኢትዮጵያ ገጽ ዛዝዩ ዛሎ ህንፀት ትህቲ ቅርፂን ኢኮኖሚን ናብ ሰሜን ገፁውን ኪማጣጠን ብኡኡ ሕዝቢ ተጠቃሚ ክከውን ምስራህዩ!- ሻማ ሻማ ኢልና እነተሠሪህና ፃዕራም ሕዝብና ሠራሂ ታሪክዩ- ይካኣልዩ!

  • Ermiyas July 10, 2018

    DIA created the Badme or border war in order to distract a nation that was focused on the implementation the constitution. Pure and simple, why would he engineer a war? Because the constitution implied he had to submit to the rule of law. When the ruling by the international court on the border came that Eritrea/DIA aggressively started the war, Isaias had no problem with the decision and not only that, he paid the penalty of one million dollars (of course, from savage evil muslim Arabs donations) for his transgression.

  • Uncle Sye July 10, 2018

    ክቡር Sami
    ርፍራፍ ኣምሓሩ ክትምገብ ኢኻ ዝብለኒ ኣስመራ ካብ ምህብታምና ዝኣክልሲ ከልብና ናይ ባአሉ ከልቢ ፡ሸቃሊትና ድማ ናይ ባኢላ ሸቃሊት ከም ዝነበረታ ኣይፈለጠን.ንሱ እዩ ሙታንታ ኣረብ ዝወደቐ ሳምቡሳ ዝለቅም፨.ድሓን ጥእና ጥራይ

    • sami July 10, 2018

      Highly respected uncle Sye,
      What a beautiful and brilliant sense of humor you are gifted dearest brother!
      I wouldn’t worry at all about the Afari Minchieley – a foaming bulldog, he is a harmless/toothless bulldog. It is however very amazing how the brains (bulldogs/mosquitoes) of some folks operate.

  • Gezae July 10, 2018

    Bronwyn Bruton
    Congratulations #Eritrea. You have stood firm for decades, knowing that the world would eventually come to its senses. You were right. I am so grateful that your struggle is finally over. Peace!

  • Keshi Mars July 10, 2018

    Hello Assenna, let us wait and see the response from the young Eritreans inside the country, specially the so called members of the national service who are the prime receivers of the good and bad of these events. If the national slavery will not stop immediately how they are going to behave, leave the country or leave their commands and act for their freedom, to the extent blocking the smooth passage of trade and commerce to Ethiopia.

    • Ermiyas July 10, 2018

      Keshi Mars aka Amanuel, Sol, Almaz, Hagherawi (savage Arabawi), Wedi Hagher (savage wedi Yemen/Arab), Asmara Eritrea, typical old evil muslim nefaHito moron Arab slave dog with multiple nicks – the same old muslim jerk baAl bizuH meliHas ab hade jihadi mushmush re’isi gimel.
      Savage evil wedi Saho’s ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim whore snake/rat, HIRRRRRRRRR bel’ember there would be a smooth passage of trade and commerce between Eritrea and Ethiopia soon to be resumed. Wedi Halima savage Arab slave dog, leave Eritrea issue to real dekebat Eritreans.