Ethiopia PM visits Tigray region, asked to address conflict with Eritrea

Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has continued his country tour, visiting the capital of the Tigray regional state, where he addressed war veterans and members of the community. The reformist leader who has visited the restive

Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has continued his country tour, visiting the capital of the Tigray regional state, where he addressed war veterans and members of the community.

The reformist leader who has visited the restive Oromiya and Somali regions and met with opposition leaders since taking office on April 2, is hoping to quell protests that have rocked the country and mobilise support for democratic reforms.

Welcomed by the Tigray president, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Abiy visited the Martyrs Monument in Mekelle, before addressing a public gathering at the Martyrs Hall in the Tigray capital.

Sources from the gathering said the premier addressed issues raised by the public that included free movement of citizens, infrastructure development and the Ethio-Eritrea conflict.

Ethiopia is currently under a state of emergency that was declared after the former prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned in February.

The ruling EPRDF coalition picked Abiy last month to replace Hailemariam Desalegn, who quit to clear the way for reforms in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous nation which has been racked by violence for the last three years.

Hundreds have been killed by security forces in Oromiya, the violence triggered by land rights but largely fuelled by a sense of political and economic marginalisation among the young.

After taking the oath of office, the former army lieutenant colonel struck a conciliatory tone and addressed the need for ethnic unity.

Since January Addis Ababa has released thousands of prisoners that included dissidents and journalists in a bid to calm discontent.

Last Friday, it also shut down a detention facility known as “Makelawi”, where rights groups have alleged that torture has taken place. The government plans to turn it into a museum.

The government has often been accused by rights groups of regularly using security concerns as an excuse to stifle dissent and media freedoms.

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  • Danilo April 15, 2018

    ብርግጽ፡እዚ ብመልክዕ ሩኡይቶ ዝቀርብ ግጥሚታት ወይ ሓሳባት በዞም ሙዑታት ብርዒ ኣሕዋት መረጸን ስሚኦንን ንምንባብ ብጣዕሚ ኢየ ዝህወኽ።ሰናይ ቅንኢ ሓዲሩኒ ሓንጢጠ ሓናጢጠ ግን፡ ወይከ።ብዝኾነ፡ ከምቲ ሓው k.tewolde ዝበሎ፡ ዓቢ ህያብ ዋዛን ቁምነገርን ኣበይ ይርከብ። ዝህቡዎ ወይ ዘመሓላልፍዎ መልእክቲ ተሰሪቁ ንልቢ ከም ሓጀር (እምኒ ) ንሓንጎል ከም ናሽፍ ( ሙህሙን ወይ ጹንቁቅ ) ክፍውስ ዘለኒ ተስፋ ልዑል ኢዩ ።viva fratelli.

  • Simon G. April 16, 2018

    k- ተወልደ:ዳኒሎ: የቐንየለይ የሕዋት
    ሎምስ ከኣ ክትሰርዑኒ ምስ ኣርካናት?
    ብታሕጓስ ፍንጭሕ ኢለ: ምዝራብ ስኢነ
    ማራ ተሓቢነ!
    እሞ ሎምስ ከኣ ምስ መረጸ?
    ንፈተውቱ-ማሰኛ: ንጸላእቱ-መላጸ
    ህድእ ኢሉ ዘተንብህ: ከይተረበጸ
    ክሳራ ‘ዩ ካብ ሃገሩ ምስወጸ
    መኽሰብ ኣመሪካ ናብ ዓዳ ምስ መጸ
    ለባም ወዲ ለባማት: መረጸ ኣየ’ወ! ሽም ተመርጸ

    ኣነደኣ በዓል ድሩት ታሪኽ
    ወይ ከይ ተክኽ ወይ ከየትክኽ
    ኣብ ክንዲ ዝጎዪ ይብል ፍሑኽ
    ኣብ ደቓይቕ ከም ሽምዓ ዝመክኽ

    ኣብ ክንዲ ዘንብብ: የምባሁቕ
    ይመስለልኩም: ናይ ስነ ኣእምሮ ምሩቕ
    ያ መስታህብል: ኢንታ ካላም ፋሩቕ

    ምስ መረጸ ከተጸግዑኒ?
    ኤእ! ኣዝዩ ‘ዩ ዝኸብደኒ

    ——————-ኣለውልኩም ምስ መረጸ ዝ ጽግዑ——————–

    ከም በዓል ኣሕመድ ሳልሕ
    እዚ በሊሕ
    ተቓሊሱ ዘቃለሰ
    ዘይ ከም ሎሚ ኣብ ገዝ ኡ ምስ ደቀሰ
    ደሙ ከምዘይፍሰሰ
    ከም ህዝቡ ባ ናብ ምዕራብ ፈለሰ

    ከም በዓል ዳኒሎ
    እዚ ድቁስ ፈላስፋ መን ክኽእሎ
    በዓል ሚስጥራዊ መልእኽቲ
    ናይ ሃገርና ሃብቲ
    ሕማም ርእሲ ንገዛእቲ
    ኣየ ስልቲ!

    ከምበዓል k. ተወልደ
    ብዓቢኡ ኣበይ ምስ ከደ
    ምስ ዲግሩ ዝተወልደ
    ከረድእ ዝፍትን: ከይ ሃደደ
    ክልሕም ዝፍትን: ንዝተቐደ
    ኣታ ንሱ ዶ ምስተሰደ
    ‘ዋይ ኣነ ወዲ ግደ!

  • meretse April 16, 2018

    ደቂ ቆላ ከበሳ – ጎላጉል ኣክራናት
    ትሕሽዎ ደኣ – ባዕልኩም ኣርካናት
    ኩሉ ግዜ ንብል – ተስፋ ኣሎና
    ዘይንዓኩም እምበር – ንመን ሒዝና
    ኣየወ ‘ዚ ፍቅድኩም – እንተዝህልዎ ብዝሒ
    መንፈቅ ኣይምጸንሐን – ግደፍ ወርሒ
    ሰስኑ’ሞ- ኩኑ ሽሕን ዋልታን
    ሃገርና ክትመልስ – ክብራን ሃብታን
    ክቡር የክብረካ መጠነ ነብሱ ስለ ዝኮነ
    ክብረት ናብ ዋናታታ መሊሰያ ኣሎኩ
    ሳይሞን ግጥምካ ከይሓይካ ዝወርድ ኢዩ። ማለት ከም’ዚ ናይ ገሊእና እሾኩኩ ኣሊካን፣ ቆርበቱ ቀንጢጥካን ድሕሪኡ መቸስ? ወይ ትረክብ ወይ ትስእን ዝዓይነቱ ኣይኮነን። እንታይ ማለቱ’ዩ ዘይብሉ፣ ህንካን ሃባን ! ቒሐ-ጽልሚ ኩሉን ሕብርታት ሒዛ ኢያ እትምልክዕ //ማሕረ ዳአ ሻነ

  • Lelom April 16, 2018

    This is olnly to the Areb dog , Italian slave ,Donkoro Hamassen Like the commentator Amanuel, Try to use your mind than ur fucked ass. for sure you know it all Hgdef Leadrs are proud Agamino……we Ethiopian Tigray(proud Agamino) are always on there side and happy to see what is happning to you now………Cheers!!!!!

    • amanuel April 17, 2018

      The sun is setting though for you kondafat. Amhara has shown you their power, so are oromos. How long will your iseyas/ kisha stay in power? You know the answer. That very day will be the end of you in both countries. Komalat.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! April 18, 2018

        proud agamino libi tuwuyway
        how many nicknames you need to conceal your identity . Incase you do not
        know , we respect agamino names too .
        aslamay eba , hammasienay eba , akeleghuzetay kitbl meryet do xelmitatka
        zimerexkaya xelmat menghedi hizatka shelew ketebleka mukhana teredaE’

        • Lelom April 18, 2018

          @ Amanuel, Arbe dog and Slave Hamassens are barking too much but no action only …, Barking, Barking …… Funny why don’t you remove our proud Agaminooo ( your leaders today) if you have a real Testosterone !!!! And hopefully you are on some corner of seeking the Asylum!!!!
          : – I have never seen a citizen (Only Like you Kondaf -Hmassen) which is proud by their slavery history, wake up and accept the reality.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! April 16, 2018

    Brother Simon
    Indeed you are true compatriot . From day one I felt comfortable to observe
    your firm stand towards Eritrean national issues .
    ANE XELAEKU the two faced LANGALANGA .

  • meretse April 16, 2018

    Ethiopian PM visits Tigray Region, asked to address conflict Eritrea…
    It is very unfortunate to read some unprogressive comments written by some Eritrean commentators regarding the new Ethiopian PM and his first visit to different regions—mainly, of course, not by visitors. I do not how possible this is, but they demand the new PM to make genuine beginnings about the issues which are brought to his attention by all the opposition groups as well as the Eritrean issues. If there is one word that I wanted to underline here is leave the new PM alone. Those people who are now in front line blaming the new PM —for not acting fast enough were the defenders of the “lucky devil” in Eritrea. If this is not a paradox then what it is? Being fair enough, the young PM is able to see the changes that he had to make. We have things to do. We should act or pretend the know all people when it comes beyond our borders and very dumb when it matters our bussines.

  • meretse April 16, 2018

    pls. read as : We should not act or pretend the know all……..