duped by Eritreans – went on in prescribing 7 Diplomatic points !

By – z’Quartet.amichewoch  - Dec 26th, 2011 If   … only, we mean ONLY, Ato Elias Kifle -ኤልያስ ክፍሌ - the Owner & editor-in-chief of the online cyber site, HAD extracted & beautified his OUTCRY of

By – z’Quartet.amichewoch  – Dec 26th, 2011

If   … only, we mean ONLY, Ato Elias Kifle –ኤልያስ ክፍሌthe Owner & editor-in-chief of the online cyber site, HAD extracted & beautified his OUTCRY of “Justice for Ethiopia & Ethiopians

out of humane gesture, compassion & Human activism that DOES NOT Justify-Rationalize other humans’ (the people of Eritrea) Oppression of a day-in day-out Injustice & humiliation, then, ONLY then, we, the outsiders to Eritreans’ & Ethiopians’ political mess, would have said, YES, brother, we are 110% behind YOUR CRY OF Justice and freedom.

::Because, we believe, Injustice anywhere is Injustice Everywhere !


But, BUT, the man, that man you see in picture, in pure day-light alongside the deadliest dictator of Eritrea,  Ato Elias Kifle ኤልያስ ክፍሌ ,and his calculated, contradictive ጦብሎቅሎቅ – ዘባርቄነት that truly reflects a diluted Justice-Cry.


From Ethiopia’s Ultra-nationalists eye & also from those benefit-married Eritreans’ eye, Ato Elias Kifle’s & Co. bedding with Eritrea’s rulers is immaculate and is a reflection of exquisite skill of a political scientist student or Harare military academy grad. But, for the oppressed people of Eritrea, it is a reflection of a tramp & a drifter that replicates evil politicians’ & oppressors’ tokenism and a prostituaized conscience!

Ato Elias demands “Justice for Ethiopia & Ethiopians ” from the current rulers of Ethiopia the “weyane” while He & Co.  condone, support a most cruel regime in Eritrea that is committing extraordinary injustice and crime against the people of Eritrea. What Do U say this?

As is always the case with bed-fellows, new events of Eritrea & its rulers’ Dureyenet have been haunting Elias Kifle and his team of Qinjit, and Ginbot 7.  The Eritrean rulers have appeared to bogging themselves down in a messier political pool that could shorten their life if the people of Eritrea are that lucky. Susan Rice, after a decade, has surely come back to haunt them for sure.

The world’s political dynamism seems to catch up with them and playing tit-for-tat with their arrogance. If Italian ex-prime Capo Silvio Berlusconi, had to turn against buddy Gadaffi in no time, then for the sake-of-the people of Eritrea, perhaps a divine intervention is at work that may send Capo Isaias Afewerki to the hands of those who may terrorize his last minutes.

As is typical for them, the Eritrean rulers’ way of conducting business, hatching politics appears to begin & end in a space & speed that doesn’t even allow normal political prostitution to blossom with their collaborators, such as the Ethiopians Qinijit & Ginbot7.

The epitome of what they hatch always appears to end up giving birth to a lifeless political chick. And now these, Ato Elias Kifle & Co, who had thought of themselves as the Aradochu with the knack found their Aradnet being instead knocked down to the floor and axed and unaccounted for in the landscapes of Eritrea. They have ended up as victims as the Eritrean people themselves.

No one can boldly tell us that the political romance of Elias Kifle and the Eritrean regime is still well & swell.

But, as History taught the Emperor & Dergue, Ato Elias & Co surely are to unwrap it all over once more, as Saif al Islam Gadaffi, and Uday and Qusay Saddam Hussein’s sons, inevitably & eventually unwrapped it all !

We will see below some intriguing events. In this picture you see the Ethiopian “patriotic” Ato Elias strolling in Asmara, Asmara –a city- that has fallen to hoist many contradictions. It simultaneously & strangely hosts humans & evils:

Only just on January 01, 2009 new year day, he, Ato Elias Kifle ኤልያስ ክፍሌ  and his team of የፖለቲካው አቀንቃኞች -OR- is it እርጥቦች  elucidated political analysts generously blessed the Eritrean president as their pick of their previous year’s milestone i.e. 2008, because Ato Elias & Co believed, the dictator, Quote,  “…contributed the most to the betterment of Ethiopia in the past 12 months. “

And now zoom almost 2 years later and on December 03, 2011, Ato Elias Kifle revealing it all – the sequential incidents “disappearances, liquidation..” of members of the Ethiopian opposition military wing based in Asmara by the heavy-handedness of Eritrea’s Colonels.

And Ato Elias has been expressing his anger & frustration with the Eritrean rulers & the colonels. After he has seen NO fruit for his plea, he tactfully approached another corner, AGAIN, and lamented on Dec 03, 2011  – Prescribing 7 diplomatic steps.

Eritreans are not good at diplomacy”  – EliasKiflerants   by elias » Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:53 am

Even though they have the truth on their side regarding the U.N. resolution that is threatening them with sanctions, Eritreans are failing to win the argument mainly due to their lack of diplomatic skill. There is a large Eritrean community in the United States that supports the GoE. Why did they fail to convince enough senators and congressmen to put the leash on Susan Rice, a paid agent for the Woyanne regime? If Woyannes succeed in bringing down the Isaias government through such sanction, it will be a major blow to the Ethiopian anti-Woyanne camp, not to mention the devastating effect it will have on the people of Eritrea. My unsolicited suggestion to the GoE:

1) Mobilize Eritreans in the U.S. to lobby the U.S. Congress. Forget the State Department. It is filled with corrupt officials.
2) Reduce the rhetoric against the U.S. Gov’t. You cannot afford to make the U.S. an enemy.
3) Invite U.S. senators and congressmen to visit Eritrea.
4) Hire powerful former senators and congressmen as lobbyist. Learn from Microsoft.
5) Allow U.S. companies to open businesses in Eritrea and give them tax shelter. “The business of the United States is business.”
6) The GoE is infiltrated with Woyanne spies. Clean up house.
7) And most important of all, do not underestimate your enemy, in this case Woyanne hyenas.

/..E.N.D./ ~ 7  “unsolicited” advisory points ~

so what happens?  -Who has betrayed whom? Is TRUST now blossomed enough and arrived in hatching the mistrust, already? Is the –collateral-damage- of that short-lived political love affair over? Has that disturbed enough Ato Elias & Co that has forced them to cry foul and accusing Eritrean Colonels and pleading to the “Hall-of-famer” President, a president that doesn’t even listen to his own intuitive when his nation is at risk?

Fact !- The fact the Eritrean rulers, as one expects and with full knowledge of GoE, pulled the red-carpet off Elias Kifle & Co, and a lot of damage is being “done” to Ethiopia’s opposition based in Eritrea  according to Ato Elias Kifle articles. And his call that the Eritrean president do something has gone to deaf ears, thus far. Elias’ decision to throw the towel and accusing the Eritrean colonels last year and still (few days off 2012) awaiting an outcome from the Eritrean President!

Now, the outrage, accusation of Eritrea’s Colonels (Does it sync wih the proverb of Amharic – በሠፈሩት  ቁናሆነና  ነገሩ ! )

Elias wrote  … “ December 17th, 2010    …our response to his article  የነቶሎ  ቶሎ  ቤት  ግርግዳው  ሠንበሌጥአሉ አበው  የሳቸው ተረት ነገር  እንደው !

…ኣባወራው  Ato ኤልያስ  – አቅሞትን  እንዲገመግሙ  ምናለ  ሒሡን  ብናሽግዎas we care – እርሥዎ  የኛ Homeboy እንዳው ነውኮ’ዎ !

If you, Ato Elias Kifle & Co. are endowed with the slightest, rarest commodity of common-sense then let alone you, even Eritreans who struggled with the Eritrean rulers for more than 4 decades have failed in excelling to hack off the Eritrean strongman’s exceptional deceptive next moves and intricate mind. He has comfortably fooled, outsmarted countless extraordinary Eritrean minds. The man in his own evil world is a genius. So know your shoes’ size our Ethiopian brother/s.

As shown from Elias’ January 3rd, 2011 . He is in a lot of pain and he is being advised by the supporters of GoE “oh the GOE is slow so be patient”   “Our GOE handles things meticulously and slowly as it has no correction-plan once is done. so walk with us in a snail’s pace. Our Isaias AfewerQi, we can assure you, slowly but surely is gonna bite the Colonels, the Generals. His moves of liquidation, incarceration among other things are slow, but measured, decisive, merciless and inevitable.”

And it has been a year since Ato Elias pleaded to the Eritrean strongman. And NOW Elias came out earlier this month albeit a subdued tone telling Eritreans that they lack diplomacy! Only, after he has witnessed the UN re-imposed a renewed sanction.

So the editor-in-chief implicitly is saying –I have been told so! The crimes the Eritrean people are enduring is undeniably deeper than what my countrymen the –Dergue system and its executors the likes of ShaleQa Dawit WoldeGiorgis did!

Admitting and telling those who toy Eritrea around that they, the Eritreans, LACK-DIPLOMACY, humility, political finesse is bitter truth!  (Eritrea’s Amb. To UN Araya Desta one example of a failure of Eritrea’s ruler as the man have shown his inability in articulately communicating. PFDJ should have considered his Diaspora Die-hards for that post. But again, PFDJ’s core problem? Trust, among other things! It trusts no one except its old-guards. The old-guards won’t let it down as they, themselves, are part of the blood-crime-drenched hands of countless Eritreans. So, in protecting it (PFDJ), they protect themselves.

There is NO illusion that the Eritrean rulers are now letting even their hardcore supporters down. Forget Eritrea as a whole and their longtime supporters and believers who they thought were “sincere idealists”. Even their hardcore benefit-bound supporters are now running out of steam. You Gotta give them credit. They have been the pace-setters thus far! I wonder what 2012 has in its bags for Eritrea and them? የትም ፍጭው ዱቄቱን አምጭው አሉት አበው …!  ታዲያ ምን ተሻለ!? …. ገና ምኑ ታዬና !

Ato Elias, is not stating it explicitly but implicitly admitting, after all, it is “Weyane”:

  • That in just 20 long years of governing Ethiopia that has undeniably elevated its political know-how well.

The Eritrean president, as the world has come to know as the worst dictator on earth, that Ato Elias Kifle & Co. lavishly, generously praised, hailed as the “President of Year 2008” considering (dunno what these fellas consideration of his achievement) all the Qualities that a Statesman and a leader would be expected to possess and lead with example and humility, and for that, Matter-Of-Fact, even being the VERY first TRANSITIONAL President (the stakes even Higher) after Eritrea paid so dearly to victoriously, beautifully concluded the war with Ethiopia in May 24, 1991 and the world had expected for the Transitional government:

  • (a) In ensuring to establish:
    • A Constitution that Citizens are introduced to and understands and abide by
    • rule-of-law that Citizens are introduced to and Understands and abide by its civilians Justice systems.
    • Law & Order that Citizens are introduced to and understands and respect & honor its Security & armed forces
    • Moral-compass that Citizens strengthen, display in reflecting the beautiful Eritrean cultural norms

so the few corrupt in & out (the diaspora) don’t mesh it up with their already decayed amoral gravy and Junk it up.

Who needs the ugliness, sexualized world of BET, MTV and the likes when A people, culture is endowed frugally with profound beauty such as the Eritrean accompanied by a timeless and artistic depth of the man and the one and only one that Eritrea can never breed a man like him once more. This was a man that filled Eritreans’ soul with his EXCEPTIONAL voice of hope, and patriotic & love songs. His voices were echoing the inevitable victory as though it was almost touchable:

His return and roaming Asmara summed it all up:

  • (b) In ensuring to establish:
    •  Higher Institutions: colleges, Universities that Prepare the inheritors so they understand, respect, abide by, and communicate International law, Diplomacy, leadership and what not. But, alas. It ain’t happen until Eritrea’s Capo intersects Colonel Gaddaffi’s fate. Eritreans need to just taste bitter reality and start drilling for the Golden bullet.

Elias Kifle has condemned our Eritrean ordinary people to injustice of PFDJ, to death squad of PFDJ, while he is crying for his “subjugated” Ethiopia.

Call Ato Elias & Co whatever you like, but if they are NOT a mouth of –SELECTIVE JUSTICE Lovers…not sure what then!

.. to be Cont’d …

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  • ምሕረቱ ሃብተ December 27, 2011

    Sophisticated analysis . As the tigrinya & Amharic saying goes “your words have quenched my thirst with milk “ie ጸባ አስቲኻኒ /ወተት ኣጠጣኸኝ ። And the phrase “…then for the sake-of-the people of Eritrea, perhaps a divine intervention”……is at work that may send Capo Isaias Afewerki to the hands of those who may terrorize his last minutes…….says a lot.AS FAR AS THE OPPOSITION & ALSO WE THE DIASPORAN ERITREANS ARE CONCERNED ,THE ERITREAN PEOPLE CAN ONLY WISH DIVINE INTERVENTION COMES IN A FORM OF ETHIOPIAN MILITARY. OH…HOW COULD I SAY THAT ,I MUST NOT BE PATRIOTIC …My intelligent answer is “I do not care who takes out my garbage (PFDJ)…But a good number of hizbe tigrinya with a twisted mind woulsd let an orphaned child & child less mother (thanks to the bandits) suffer because of their artificial ego.

  • kozami December 27, 2011

    Oct. 27 (Bloomberg) Guna Trading House Plc, owned by Ethiopia’s ruling party, said it plans to become one of the nation’s biggest coffee exporters, raising concern among industry observers that private industry may get crowded out. The company began shipping the beans in July and aims to export at least 12,000 metric tons of coffee in the year through June, Mulualem Berhane, general manager of Guna, said in an interview on Oct. 22 in the capital, Addis Ababa. Guna is owned by the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray, or Effort. Effort’s chief executive officer is Abadi Zemu, a senior official in the TPLF. Its deputy CEO is Azeb Mesfin, who is the wife of the prime minister and a lawmaker from Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

    • Alex December 27, 2011

      Your response have no any connection to the above article. I want to know why you
      always come with Ethiopians issues in here. This is an Eritrean site and take it
      easy and take your Weyane syndrom desease some where else. Learn from your
      president what Weyane syndrom did to him.

      • gerimuna December 28, 2011

        This is a trite perfected by devils running dogs to hide behind their crimes. You should appreciate open minds as Assenna to let you express your feeble imitation of orange with apple. keep dancing with your decapitated and twisted tactics till your last gasp.

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie December 27, 2011

    I wont to say Isayas zamene may zhaqene. If you trust Isayas tray to get bater from water you are fool Isayas is clever.
    Don’t excepect any good thing from mad person unles you are mad too.

  • Popular Front for Dictatorship and Jail(PFDJ) December 28, 2011

    don’t you have mind?
    this topic doesnot have any connection with Ethiopians..?
    why dont you debate based on the topic rather than jump here and there like you master dictator isayas…
    24 hours 7days a week.. you talk about woyane woyane no matter what the title of the issue is..
    do you work, do your home work… and do not fill your heart with that much hate..
    just act like a human, comment based on the title of the issues.. otherwise you will be punished like the cancer of peace isayas

    • Abnet Tesfai December 29, 2011

      Popular Front for Dictatorship and Jail(PFDJ),
      kozami, Abdi, Gasha and other few were tried by the dictator to repeat like parrot what he says only.
      they have no any brain, only a hand to write what their tongue bubbles. they are simple animals deprived of thinking and caring for the Eritrean people.
      it is wise for any Eritrean to disregard them and proceed with his teachable ideas for the benefit of the masses.

    • hggum brhan January 19, 2012

      i thik this popel in asena the opposition grope.weyane helps for this why agame make angry, by the way you the same what is the problem?

  • sara December 28, 2011

    the argument going on this days here at assena implies ….. let us repeat what was happening in the 50th … by mahber andenet ,,,,rabeeta al islamia,,,, ertra n ertrawyan… at some of the few news papers/ pamphlets distributed in eritrea.
    say what you want do what you can, i assure you the clock will not turn back, the majority of eritreans want free, strong,democratic ertra. all other offers are have been rejected before and as we see it NOW.

  • kozami December 28, 2011

    People here, that are brain child of woyane, funded and organized by them arrogantly say “Injustice anywhere is Injustice Everywhere!” like in the article above. But when confronted by the gruesome nature of their patron woyane, they scream “we do not care about Ethiopia blah blah” Wake up guys it is in fact more about you than woyane proper. Tell me your friend, and I will….

    • G-Funk December 28, 2011

      Kozami,if weyanes effort exported coffee what does it mean to eritrea ? or Isayas will lose some income(contraband)? Is that your concern? Let do these folks their business. just FOCUS at eritrean issue.Anyways your nick says ALL.