Everything falling apart: The saga of the dictator and Birhanu Negga

Remark: Nothing outlasts a social foundation built on benevolence for betri haki’s tketin ember aitsebern. Everything has a beginning and an end and there is no permanence in nature except the delusional life in the

Remark: Nothing outlasts a social foundation built on benevolence for betri haki’s tketin ember aitsebern. Everything has a beginning and an end and there is no permanence in nature except the delusional life in the individualistic mind of a dictator. The sinking boat of Afwerki’s ultimate plan of reversing the Eritrean Independence is now challenged by concrete realities in our geo-political survival as a result of the emergence of new Eritrean mentality and approach to our socio-political debacle. Afwerki’s megalomaniac empire is falling apart and about to bite the dust soon.

As things unfold fast in Eritrea we are witnessing the foundation of dictatorship shaking as a function of events beyond its control. Few things have been apparent recently to this end. The government is running out of its currency to the point of restricting people from withdrawing their money from the banks to only 10,000 Nakfa and threatening to punish those found with more than 20,000 Nakfa in possession. I guess the Police will go door to door in search of Nakfa, a new hobby of destruction by the dictator who created this situation by stashing $700 million in the Swiss bank accounts instead of using the money to develop the local currency by depositing it in the local banks and allowing business people to use in parallel with Nakfa.

The total monopoly of foreign currencies in individual accounts outside the country left Nakfa to remain alone as the only available currency between the system and the people. You cannot do this without hurting businesses and investments. You simply cannot restrict business people to use only 10,000 Nakfa at a time (about $225 at 45 for a dollar) and expect them to passively accept this disaster unless you are insane. Therefore the regime’s wrong policy is responsible for any problem associated with this difficult situation. Unfortunately the people are wrong again in the crazy minds of the system.

ሓባራዊ ራእይ፣ ስሙር ቃልሲ፣ ንናይ ሓባር ዓወትኣማኑኤል ኢያሱብምኽንያት 18 መስከረም፣ ኣብ ዙሪክ፣ ስዊዘርላንድ ኣብ ዝተኻየደ ሰሚናርዘቕረቦ መግለጺ

Ammanuel did excellent job in the seminar pin pointing the problems and misunderstandings we have had with our unity, political parties and the question of G15’s cruel and permanent incarceration. The fact that he addressed the issues assertively without taboos was excellent and necessary for transforming the Eritrean mind from suffering the outcome of shielding behind the taboos and self-deception to facing the concrete realities of the society’s condition and finding a collective solution. We need to be assertive on our future socio-political life and I believe he did that for me to appreciate his contribution in this regard.

ኤርትርዊኣመሪካዊ ሲቪክ ማሕበርቦስቶን: ነቲ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ወርሒ 23ሰነ 2015 ኣብ ከተማ ጀነቫ ብመርማሪት ኮሚሽን ሕቡራት መንግስታትብዛዕባ ግህሰት ሰብኣዊ መሰል ኣብ ኤርትራ ዝቐረበ ጸብጻብን ውጽኢቱን፡ከማኡውን ነቲ 26 ሰነ 2015 ንደገፍ ጸብጻብ መርማሪት ኮሚሽንዝተኻየድ ዓቢይ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ብኤርትርውያን ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ንምግላጽንዶክተር ዳኒኣኤል ረዘነ ይዕድም።

Great job by our people in Boston and remarkable effort by the brother Doctor currently meeting his people to explain the procedures by which the world is challenging the dictator that will most likely end up being accused of crimes against humanity. I thank the Doctor for all these achievements and I will soon write an article on the need to synchronize OUR VOICE’s SENED with the UN event next JUNE to have a detrimental effect on the regime as we discussed in his DC seminar on Sep 3rd  

ኣብ ዱባይ ስልጠና ሓይሊ ኣየር ክወስዱ ዝጸንሑ 3 ኤርትራውያን መንእሰያትኣብ ወጻኢ ሃገር ዑቕባ ሓቲቶም

Everything leaks at the end of dictatorship and events will rapidly unfold from now on as the dictator hangs on like a dizzy boxer in a ring with no capacity to control the turn of events. There cannot be dependable Air Force in a country that has the audacity to force the pilots work in plantations (Tsahaia). The dictator is now paying the price of humiliating the Eritrean people and will continue paying till the end of his power.

“Mola Asgedom, head of the Ethiopian opposition, Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) based in Eritrea flees to Sudan along with his soldiers after clashes with the Eritrean army. Byassenna on September 13, 2015

As you know there have been guest “armed Ethiopian groups” of the dictator that have had parasitic relationship with our people for some years now. We know the following groups in Eritrea only get their support from the weird Eritrean dictator.

1) Afar revolutionary democratic Unity Front

2) Tigrai People’s Democratic Movement

3) Amhara Democratic Forces Movement

4) Patriotic Ginbor-7 for unity and democracy

5) Ogaden democratic liberation movement

6) Oromo liberation movement

7) Gambella People’s Freedom Movement

8) Benishangul Peoples Freedom Movement


Looking at the list, one cannot help noticing that there are four liberation movements and four democratic movements verbally fighting the Ethiopian regime from their base in Eritrea. The era of overthrowing a government by armed struggle has been over but our Ethiopian brothers and sisters think they can do it against the Ethiopian government at the expense of Eritrea without firing a bullet. What is fishy here is that at least the so called Amhara Democratic Forces Movement (Yarbenoch Ginbar) and Birhanu Negga’s Patriotic Ginbor-7 for unity and democracy are supported by the most chauvinist Amharas of the country that have not yet changed their outlook on the Eritrean independence. Their plan was to overthrow the Ethiopian government through the human, moral and material support of Eritrea and turn against the Eritrean people for forced re-annexation to Ethiopia. In short, the two groups in particular have unfinished issues with our independence and the president knows it very well.

The question is why DEMHIT left Eritrea taking into consideration that it was the largest armed group of them all? What was going on recently after my friend Berhanu decided to lead their struggle from the luxury of 5-star level treatment in Asmara? What may be going on in the mind of the dictator lately in all these desperate activities of the groups?

ESAT reported on May 15 that the groups (2, 3, 4, 7 and 8) agreed to work together against the Ethiopian regime. It then reported on September 8 that “according to a press release sent to ESAT a united movement for the salvation of Ethiopia through democracy was erected” This movement was told to have been composed of (1) Afar revolutionary democratic Unity Front (2) Tigrai People’s Democratic Movement, (3) Amhara Democratic Forces Movement, (4) Patriotic Ginbor-7 for unity and democracy. The four groups signed a unity agreement that includes a united army to tackle the challenge at minimum common denominator (Democracy in Ethiopia). The host of this unity for democracy was the worst dictator on planet earth Mr. Afwerki, can you believe it?

On September 9: Street smart and extra optimist Birhanu Negga did an interview from Asmara with EthiopianReviewsaying that the Ogaden and Oromo movements, etc. were excluded from the unity movement called “Ager Adin”. He said that the four groups did not include the other four groups in the list because it was decided to be so at the first stage of the unification objective. “The rest will soon follow and join the party after learning the advantage of the united front”. He further said that he believes the union will defeat the Ethiopian regime soon using its “Ager Adin Serawit” composed of fighters from the four groups and more that he defined to be “tenkara meseret yalew serawit”. He was overly excited reminding all Ethiopians including the Army to take the best advantage of the momentous opportunity for quickly defusing the Ethiopian regime for an alternate democratic government.

Then came the unexpected development in September 12; where Mola Asgedom fled out of Eritrea with his DMHIT forces. There had been two conflicting news about the whereabouts of Mr. Molla since then.

EthiopianReview says that the gentleman ran away to Ethiopia and AIGA FORUM says that “Molla and his team over 700 of them have arranged their safe return to Ethiopia and the government is welcoming them with open arms” Either way, DEMHIT is out of the hazardous political game designed by President Afwerki and enforced on the poor groups under his custody.

In view of desperate Afwerki, all the effort of the so called unity for DEMOCRACY was a way out of his trap for it is impossible for this absolute dictator of the worst type to support democracy anywhere in our region. He knows that the Ethiopians would respond in like should the groups fire a bullet from Eritrea, yet he thought it would help his situation irrespective of the destructive effect on the two societies. It would divert people’s attention away from him thereby extending his dictatorship a bit. In other words he was about to use a new war as means of ventilation from his suffocating condition that is getting worse day by day like he ignited the Badme conflict to eliminate the G15 and shut off the democratic air in the country.

The question is why Molla decided to quit and how he managed to organize his defection back to Ethiopia. Well the following points were underlined by Molla in his recent press conference.

Molla said that the Eritrean government’s vision vis-à-vis the Ethiopian opposition forces was nothing but breaking Ethiopia apart and disturbing the region through terrorism oriented explosives. “After being convinced that Ethiopia was improving in the areas of development, justice and corruption issues and analyzed the ill-timing of armed struggle to impact the society in the three categories, he decided to quit the struggle and return home from Eritrea through underground negotiation with the Ethiopian government.” Molla said. The gentleman further revealed that his action was delayed by one year in agreement with the Ethiopian government to accomplish a critical task within Eritrea which I will come to explain in the progression.

On the unity agreement with the other forces: Molla reveled that in the recent unity agreement between the opposition forces, Afar revolutionary democratic Unity Front pledged to contribute one individual, Gambella People’s Freedom Movement offered maximum of ten individuals to return after 5 days saying it can only give out six individuals because four of them defected away, Benishangul Peoples Freedom Movement pledged one individual that left from the scene without trace, Amhara Democratic Forces Movement and Patriotic Ginbor-7 for unity and democracy had nothing to offer and Oromo liberation movement did not show up in the meeting.

On deception: Molla who struggled for the last 13 years disclosed that the Ethiopian news broadcasters in Diaspora coming to Eritrea were simply business people of deception. Arbegnoch Ginbar for example had to use DEMHIT fighters dressed with Gasha/Tor and photographed mimicking rank and file of the organization for Diaspora public consumption. The others used Eritrean prisoners and soldiers dressed with Ethiopian uniform for this purpose. Money has been made by individuals from the Diaspora through tactics as such.

The fight against the Ethiopian regime was going to take place with Commander in Chief Berhanu’s leadership but at the expense of the Tigreans from DEMHIT and probably poor Eritrean kids with Ethiopian mask as well because Ginbot 7 et al were too bootless to do the job. Mr. Molla defined Berhanu Negga as talkative, hasty, deceptive and a businessman that makes money through political prostitution. He said he was an actor and a liar that had the privilege of photographing Eritrean prisoners with Ethiopian uniform mimicking his fighters for the poor prisoners to be taken back to jail after the degrading episodes and for him to sell the news for money from Diaspora Ethiopians. Only people who know Berhanu can understand Molla’s descriptions!

DEMHIT and the regime: Mr. Molla further disclosed that his forces were very well trained by the Eritrean regime as Special Forces in the country and were among the most trusted elements of the society with other Eritreans in this classification. They were also involved in the countries internal matters in the areas of securing the boarder and security. He said he lived his life luxuriously better than high native officials with everything provided by the regime including cars, money and a residential place that rents 25,000 per month (did not disclose the type of currency).

Aside all these revelations, I also believe that;

1)  Molla must have forecasted the short life of the dictator into the coming few years because of qualitative changes in the resistance, the sanction, the UN activity, ever weakening economy and intolerable dictatorship and corruption in the country.

2)  Molla did not want to take the chance of waiting there till the fall of dictatorship and face the wrath of the people for what his group was forced to do in Eritrea (Giffa, guarding the president, etc.)

The question remains why Molla was instructed to stay in Eritrea for one more year after negotiating with the Ethiopian government on his safe return home? What was the assignment for him to do?

The gentleman said that one of his assignments was to destroy Birhanu Negga’s political career. To do this, he became one of the politicians in the opposition camp that pressurized Berhanu to lead the revolution from its home base Eritrea as its Commander in Chief. Berhanu was pressed to accept the request and arrived in Asmara to this effect hoping to use DEMHIT as his army in the total absence of any fighter in the rest of the organizations. Molla complied with everything he wanted to do until Berhanu announced to the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian Army that they will defeat the Ethiopian government with his solidly founded united fighters he calledAger Adin Serawit. He then defected with his rank and file to Ethiopia leaving behind Berhanu and the dictator with about seven combined individuals from the rest of the opposition camp. In other words, he accomplished his role of disintegrating the entire opposition camp in Eritrea and irreparably neutralizing Berhanu’s importance to the country’s political life once for all. He left him soul searching alone before he took his move out of the country. I congratulate the Ethiopian regime and Molla for a job well done.

The fate of Berhanu Negga: Now that DMHIT is out of the game, can Birhanu Negga accomplish his dream with his partners Arbegnoch Ginbar et al to ultimately impact the situation in Ethiopia overthrowing the government through armed struggle? Is it possible for Berhanu to bring a better democracy in Ethiopia through armed struggle whose immediate result has always been dictatorship (Eritrea, Uganda, Cuba, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, etc.)? Can he accomplish his dream of leading Ethiopia and reclaiming Eritrea that separated “illegally through the conspiracy theory associated with the WEYANEs?” as a Commander in Chief of the revolution that only has about seven fighters?

I don’t think Birhanu was in this experience for change but for money. Well whatever the effort had been, I believe the dream has been shuttered to remain a dream mainly because the host dictator is about to be trashed by the Eritrean people sooner than Berhanu wakes up to reality. Berhanu has lost credibility hastily predicting that the latest unity arrangement was the best reconfiguration he saw in his experience. The so said unity that was said to have had a strong foundation to tackle the problem at hand, nevertheless, turned out to be empty promise two days after he told the Ethiopians through different media resources that victory was now shortly inevitable. This in fact shows his political immaturity and poor qualification for leadership. Simply speaking the political damage is extreme to my friend Berhanu Negga who was already suffering the consequence of many false promises and contradictions in view of keen Ethiopians observers since the era of Kinijit and beyond.

Berhanu was certainly taken for a ride towards humiliating end by the excellent works of the Ethiopian regime and Mr. Molla’s DMHIT. I expect my friend Berhanu heavily drinking in Asmara for what happened recently; that is what I would have done in his situation. I don’t think he can recover from this shocking experience let alone convincing his people on anything anymore after this terminal crisis of his political career. I think he will depart from political life for good if he safely exits Eritrea before the crazy dictator jails him for this embarrassing disaster.

Afwerki, however, will be remembered as a leader that tried the hardest to help the most dangerous anti Eritrean NEFTEGNA groups Ginbot 7 and Arbegnotch Ginbar taking power in Ethiopia at the expense of the Tigreans and Eritreans for his ultimate goal of reversing the Eritrean independence. But history says that the Tigreans had been the best allies of our struggle that have never changed their position on our independence throughout our contemporary history. They accepted our colonial question from the onset when others like Berahanu’s EPRP and the Arbegnotch Ginbar still believe that our question was never colonial but national, a pretext that was planned to be used in reversing the Eritrean independence in the long run after victory.

Through the recent development in this regard, Afwerki’s objective of reversing the independence by empowering the hardest core Amharas drastically failed as a result of DEMHIT’s wise decision to abandon him behind with his comrades Berhanu Negga and the Arbegnoch Ginbar that have no capacity to fight the Ethiopian government without DEMHIT. Mr. Molla was smart enough to understand the stake and withdraw from the deal and this is a major victory to the Eritreans and the Ethiopian people.

As for Molla’s decision to return home to Ethiopia disarraying his armed forces, one would have it hard failing to entertain whether DEMHIT was an organized group under the authority of the Weyanes from the onset that stayed in Eritrea pretending an opposition group till it collects adequate knowledge of the internal situation of our country and the regime from firsthand experience. Did he finally use the scam as opportunity to safely exit from Eritrea in such a surprising fashion after completing his homework? Whether this was the case or not, the Ethiopian government and the Weyanes in particular will now have detailed information about the dictator’s overall capacity and secrets through direct contact with the actor of the show Mr. Molla, however they may use it in the confrontation ahead. We will also learn about the mysterious relationship between the gentleman and the dictator as much!

To wrap it up, I believe the swift changes of events in our region in relation to the dictatorship are the result of our elevated method of struggle. All the goodies will layer up one after another if we choose to make it together because it is already working. What we are witnessing is, however, the result of UN’s activities on Afwerki’s crimes against humanity, our people’s turn out in the Geneva convention, our new approach to the concept of UNITY based on OUR VOICE’s BOTTOM UP strategy of unification, our better understanding of transiting to secular democracy through SENEDized confidence based on pleasant intellectual transparency, all the achievements gained by the hardworking humanitarians, writers and speakers in the Websites, the emergence of young activist-artists (Weditikabo, Kiros Asfaha et all) and the exposure of secrets from direct participants of events through Assenna’s outstanding effort. We are now about to be taken seriously enough for any group related to our society to think twice and act upon like the DEMHIT did in action. Whether DEMHIT left Eritrea completely or not, it appears that it has become history at the extreme moral and material cost of the Eritreans in the country that knew no concept of national budget since the start of the struggle for independence (ዕላልጴጥሮስ ሰለሙንን ብርሃነ ገረዝጊሄርን ምስ ዳን ኮኔል – ትርጉም ብ ሩትሃብተማርያም), assenna.

With all these events are unfolding in favor of the struggle for freedom and regional peace, I feel sorry for some shallow individuals still addressing people as Agame, Weyane, etc. So disgusting and annoying, I just cannot stand it. I don’t see any creativity or intelligence in this disturbing fixation. I am not sure whether few Ethiopians are using the terms to create problems between the two natural allies (Eritreans and Tigreans) but nothing can excel the sheer stupidity, disrespect and ignorance of Eritreans that use the dehumanizing and consequential expressions against people of different ideas. We Eritreans have no problem with our Tigrean brothers and sisters that stood for our independence and died for it more than any other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Please leave them alone and try to get your sick head straight on this matter once and for all. Do yourselves a favor learning the relationship of our peoples from the words of genuine artists like Kiros Asfaha should the commentators in this classification be real Eritreans. Long live the Tigrean people and down with the hard core Amhara opposition groups in our country.


Review overview
  • A H September 17, 2015

    Hi, Bro;
    Very articulate and refreshing article, it really magnetised me and never realised until I knew that I was reading my last paragraph, wonderfull.

    Is it my understanding that Mr. Molla left Eritrea with all his soldiers? Or we will wait a surprise operation within the inner operational sites in Eritrea. I hope so, because my expectation was so high when I heard Mr Molla was collaberated with Ethiopian government for over a year. I beleive that we all know we were inflated by the exagerated Demhit numbers which were close to 80000 fighters, which were more than enough to take out the evil empire in Asmara. Ooops! have I spelled out the Secret of Mr Molla? This is fascinating staff, I wonder how the Evil Essu have taken it? Now I can see that Evil Essu lost his plot if what we hear is the factual events happened in Eritrea.
    Evil Essu antennas are always in place and he also instigate the problem when he thinks that things are matured. How would we know this is not a SETUP by THE EVIL ESSU. How did Mr Molla knew that Essu was aware about the Ethiopian plot? And Vice Versa to Mr Molla awareness of Essus knowledge about their discrete mission?
    Let me say these to my beloved people; yes you were used as guinea pig by both, the evil Esu and Demht to satisfy their ego but we need to forgive them and never forget but demand Justice. They used our girls to be part of our heritage (Tewelije), they were abusing our herios and vandelising the country to their satisfaction and atlast they abandoned their Mistresses and their kids to run away from their uncle. Shouldn’t they apologise to their victims promptly at arrival in Ethiopia.
    Yes, we are not united, but we not yet dead and buried for ever. I thank the Ethiopian authority for accepting our people and treat us atleast humanily but it is very necessary that they should take the matter further and investigate the issue to clarify the misty things and deliver justice to the defensless people. And all wrong doing people should be prosecued by the UN. Remember some Eritreans are also half Ethiopians by birth and some may be 1/3 Ethio related family. Probably some of DEMHT victims could be from the Ethio-Eritrean blood related family. Therefore, justuce belongs to both parties.
    I am sure we will hear alot of secrets of the Evil Empire, Mr Essu and his cronies, but for now, I want to hear a direct apology from DEMHT and their leaders, thank you.

  • Genet-orginal September 17, 2015

    Continue.. Mola’s action.
    I see, people are looking at Mola’s action in terms of his connection with dictator Isayas, what ever that was. As an Eritrean, I care less about his connection with the enemy of my people and country dictator Isayas. Dictator Isayas is the weakest link to our people and our country. I ask, what was the reason for dictator Isayas to trust Mr Mola? Again, Isayas is always looking for something or someone to crush the will of our people. I wouldn’t even surprise, if the dictator is working for the Ethiopian gov, just like Mola. This Mola from ethnic Tigray and head of espionage who has been working for the Ethiopian gov is No friend of our people or our country. Mola stated in his own word. he has been working for the Ethiopian gov and when he was done humiliating our people and our country, he didn’t try to kill Isayas NO, No, but he killed our brothers and sisters. He called the Eritrean children “shabya” What kind of Eritrean glorify this man. I guess in his twisted mind, if he call them “Shabya”, they are less important. Only Tigrayan and Ethiopian have to be proud of this man, because he did incredible works for their country at the expense of the Eritrean people and our country. So Eritrean brothers and sisters, Mola is not your friend. He is a criminal who was an accessory to crime against our people by the dictator Isayas. I think We, Eritrean people need to be honest. We need to stop worrying how other people are feeling, while we are bleeding to death. I just don’t get it. Because TPLF was friend with EPLF, Mr Mola has to get away with murder by his admission.
    Mola is a criminal who worked for dictator Isayas and Ethiopian Gov against our people. I am being candid.
    God bless our people and country Eritrea.
    We shall overcome!

    • Simon G. September 18, 2015

      Since I am not as educated as you, I like to deal with simple math – that’s what my little brain can handle.
      Mola A. = HGDF ** since he was Isyas’s friend for the last few yrs
      MOLA = Woyane ** since he joined his brothers
      So, HGDF = Woyane ** by association

      Who is now as damn as a big rock?
      When the highest positions is handled by those idiot Generals/colonels, taht was the end of civilized Eritrea.
      We should blame ourselves, not external forces. If we keep doing that, there is no solution at all.
      Start by blaming yourself.

      • Genet-orginal September 18, 2015

        Simon G.
        You are plenty educated and smart. But this is not about formal education, it is about common sense.

        • Simon G. September 18, 2015

          Thanks for the compliment. I believe we are in this situation because of unqualified and cruel individuals grabbed the positions they don’t deserve. At the same time, the deserving and qualified individuals are in either harsh prison or got killed by these cruel idiots. We can’t just blame Isayas and Woyane as the only root cause of our problems. We should blame the many Eritrean colonels, generals and ministers first. Then, and only then we should blame Woyane (including Isayas that is).

          Does Ethiopia wants to see weak or disintegrated Eritrea? I believe so. Remember, we used to belittle them before. Now, they are onto revenge. They are doing their job but we are not.

  • Genet-orginal September 17, 2015

    Mr Mola and the Ethiopian Gov have to apologize to the Eritrean people.

  • Genet-orginal September 17, 2015

    Dear Assenna and Brother Aman,
    Reporting abusive and destructive comments.

    The Degenerated Bini, able and other pen name is back with the pen name “Tecle” with his/her usual degenerated comment. Can you please dump him/her to the garbage container where he belongs.

  • Kiflom September 18, 2015

    The writer as most opposition groups have missed the point and continue to do so. I don’t care if one is pro or against the Afeworki Government, but there must be some objectivity here. Ethiopians, and especially Tigrayans have never been been our allies. Will never be. Praising and glorifying whatever they are reporting to have done with the DEMHIT leader is not going to fly well with majority Eritreans. Get this – The reason most opposition groups have not progressed is because (1)they aligned themselves with Weyane (Eternal Enemy of eritrea) (2) With not so different agenda, they still manage near 40 differing groups. This can only be because they all want to be leaders. How pathetic is that.

    If you really want to relate to the Eritrean population, home and abroad, get this – Distance yourselves from anything Ethiopian, until you do that, you have no chance of gaining anyone’s respect. But if the writer is a tigrayan or has some blood relations to them, I can understand his writing. Other than that, give it a rest and come back with better plan.

    • Yonus September 18, 2015

      I thought we all are habesha, we happen to live north of Mereb river. We do believe in Tawot with them (that is the acr of the covenant, both Ethiopian & Eritrean Orthodox believe it is in Axum)and that is why also we speak the same language and use the same alphabet. Just like all African countries the Europeans gives us our boundaries, other than that you can’t change history.

  • Tes September 18, 2015

    Brother Fesum. Excellent nothing to add.

  • daniel Tekle September 18, 2015

    Exactly, Agame this Agame that ,is used mainly by Eritreans who have Identity crisis or they have inferiority complex , why is this word used more frequently by the regimes supporters than others , when every body knows that all the key HGDF leadership is of Tigrayan origin ? this issue always puzzle me , I guess it is the same as Hitler tries to be more German than the Germans , it is very dangerous

  • Danny January 26, 2016

    HI all

    I am not Eritrean, but I love all people of Tigrian Origin. So my question is why are Eritreans too obsessed with nullifying their biological brothers and sisters (ie, Tigrians)??

    I believe Tigrai + Eritrea would be run under a roof!!! Who knows!!