FESTUM ABRAHAM: THE NOBEL IDEA COMES FROM A NOBLE VIGILLANT RATIONAL ALTURIST EDUCATOR _____________________________ I am inspired to write this short article by noble idea generated from the mature, disciplined and dedicated Eritrean writer, Festum Abraham, who



I am inspired to write this short article by noble idea generated from the mature, disciplined and dedicated Eritrean writer, Festum Abraham, who is instructing his people with compassion, fairness, scholastic and democratic spirits based on the published article, “Solidarity Message to the Delegates of the EPDP Conference in Addis Ababa”.

In reality, we can build a genuine democratic state when our heart accepts the values of democracy in its totality. If not, there is a strong biblical message which says: “You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” (LK 6.37-38, 41-42).

Festum Abraham explains, “Apparently, the existence of many political parties within and outside the EDA shows that the Eritrean society has a wide range of political views, but it is clear that democratic Eritrea cannot accommodate more than 30 political parties. Therefore, it is logical to expect leading parties to agree on general policies and form a coalition (a combination of parties) to run the country or at least for the parties to converge into single parties that best approximate their policies.”

He concludes, “If you commonly isolate Gender, religion and ethnicity from being a basis for forming a political party, I believe all opposition forces should then accept the Eritrean constitution and practically apply it without a problem.”

Naturally, people could not have totally the same perception, outlooks and interest on the same objects that they see in their environment even if they are identical twins. Conceptual and attitudinal differences are always in existence which serves as source of creativity and innovativeness whenever we use them optimistically and effectively to achieve desired goals, but in practical sense Eritrean politicians use to as source of division, hatred and power grip establishing petty and ill organized political parties. Sorry for not having redemption to this going political immaturity and reluctance for behavioral change guided by the law of nature.

Thanks the existing “authoritarian” government in Eritrea for committing big and explicit national mistakes that pave way for establishing a crystal national agenda that can bring unity and solidarity for the growing incubated political parties, because, regardless the magnitude, Eritreans have a common problem that knocks each family. We have fundamental national questions that everyone is looking for solution even if they are sympathetic to the government:

  1. Peace: Stop hostility and tear the curtail of war or conflict
  2. Unity: Promote coexistence and tolerance respecting unity with in diversity
  3. Justice: prevail the rules of law over the rules of jungle building democratic state
  4. Economic, social and political liberation: establishing true social justice based on practical democratic values accounting the national interest which is uncompromised etc.

However, if the opposition groups ignore the above stated national perquisites and reduce themselves to sub-national feelings or possibly to subordinate interests  based on gender, religion, ethnicity and other elements, they will remain more divided, fragmented and weak that hurt the efforts of mass mobilization for real change. To greater or lesser extent, the Government of Eritrea seems more immune to gender or religion or ethnic based sectarianism as the system more focuses on building autocracy attacking any one without distinction of faith, region, religion, ethnicity and any other forms.

If we think the Christian-Tigriyna leadership is friendly and beneficial to a particular group – Tigriyna and Christian believers, we are doing deadly historic errors in our political activities. Rather, to establish a true democratic state, all opposition groups should rationally define the national problems at national level; find out their priorities and workable alternative solutions; search strategies to implement them collectively, not separately, and then the mass will evaluate the capability of the opposition to establish a credible transitional government that secures the national interest. Otherwise I am afraid the people get stuck with PFDJ, because politics is matter of option. Practically, show the people that the opposition is better than the PFDJ healing the bleeding wound of division, hatred, invidious and power struggle amongst. I often hear the frequent statement from the side of government supporters: “KABZEY TIFELTO AMLAK: TFELTO SHEYTAN YEHAYSH”. What is essential part of this saying for democracy seekers is that the supporters have already realized that the PFDJ is a “Satan”, and obviously they are looking for change, and a credible option.

Festum Abraham, if you do not mind, it will be a national asset to undertake an academic research, not political motivated inquiries, to find out the stumbling blocks that affect opposition groups not to form a consolidated front or organization or party to remove the authoritarian government in Eritrea wisely, because the people get tired with the fashion of incubation of political parties day in and day out without real change on ground.

Thanks for your thoughtful and rational approach to throw light to existing volatile political panorama in Eritrea!!

Adhanom Tewelde



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  • Emo March 18, 2013


  • Wisdom March 18, 2013

    Brother Fitsum,

    You seem to emphasize that Education is the only solution to make good leadership.
    Don’t forgett, Wisdom, passion, experience, dedication, spirituality and other factors that can influence Leadership.
    Also little suggestion. It is God altimate design to have male pattern boldness, so take your hat off once in a while.

    Just Brotherly advice

  • Wedi Ali hero March 18, 2013

    Thanks brother,
    We are seeking parties who don’t base on religion or tribalism . Unless each parties clean itself from narrow minded & identity politics, it will remain a poison for future democracy & national security. That is why people don’t follow the Bayto, Kidan & thier constituents in full heart & mind. As you said PFDJ ( in its agenda & as well as its organizational structure ) is immune from the identity politics. Isias kick everybody’s ass without distinction whether you’re from this or that region, tribe or religion. In this respect it is hard to gossip Hegdef. But nobody can tolerate an authoritarian, brutal , Hawkish government & its corrupted military leaders for above 20 years? That is why we need change irrespective of our faith, tribe or region. Compare to the oldies Bayto or Kidan parties, PFDJ is lesser evil. “Tefeleto Sheytan ( PFDJ ), Kabzaytefelto sheytan ( the idenetity politicians Bayto ), is far better. Unless we can build a secular & non identity based parties, we can’t realize a true democracy.

  • Petros Haile March 18, 2013

    Dear Adhanom,

    Thank you for eloquently, and rationally described the reality with in the opposition camp, and the PFDJ world as well … many individuals and groups failed to see the true essence of diversity and equality, rather they fail into their narrow interpretations of things that pertains to ethnicity, religion , gender and regional affiliations … Yes, I agree, that respect and equal treatment of every segment of the Eritrean population is a god given right, However this does not mean to borrow a foreign ideology and implement it with out consideration of the Eritrean reality ! One may ask what is the Eritrean reality that makes it unique ? … to start with, One may begin with the trust issue, and this trust issue between Ethiopia and Eritrea, (as people and government) has a history of over half a century … that includes the unwarranted interference of the Monarch with all its intrigues and manipulations, The DERG and its share of atrocities, The Woyne and Shaebia relationships, in various time frames, during the liberation and after liberation, and most of all the preoccupation of “access to the sea” demands by the average Ethiopians, and much more complex and unresolved issues that runs wild on people’s mind, In Short, the entire half a century of relationships between these two brotherly nations were, and still is based on mutual mistrust headed by organizations and Governments that do not represent genuine desire for peace and stability … So, suddenly and after the recent bloody war was over, both Ethiopian and Eritrean opposition forces faced with the dilemma of having a foreign base , where they can launch their attacks, and engage their political and psychological warfare … Imagine on both account trust never was considered, and never was part of their history, except allying with each other for a short term gains … This is when you begin to see the Eritrean opposition agenda , in connection to the Ethiopian ruling elite and their overt / covert engagement in supporting them … on many occasions they have picked and support the “Yes Men” figures of the Eritrean opposition groups, who are willing to extend the half century old mistrust and hostilities rather than seek a genuine internal / regional peace and stability …

    • eriiiiiii March 18, 2013

      Hello Fitsum & Petros.
      Please print & read the following excerpt:
      You will find DIA there and it will be helpful in your writing.



    • Dawit Meconen March 18, 2013

      Petros Haile,

      When I ask the so called ” Eritrean opposition” whether they understand the extent of the risk to which their relationship with woyane can expose the Sovereignty of our country?

      Their answer is simply, Nothing. They add that if Shaebia could have the relationship with woyane and could get away with it, they can too.

      To me it seems that their understanding of the seriousness of the matter is extremely naive. Because woyane had accepted Eritrean question as Colonial during the era of Liberation war, and in the aftermath of the National Referendum, recognized Eritrean Independence and because woyane gloats over this so much infront of them adnauseam, albeit foxy, with hidden sarcasm, they naively and mechanically deduce that the future action of woyane will be the exact copy of the past.

      The question we must answer now is: Why did woyane do what it did in the past?

      The answer in a nut shell is: If woyane did not do what it did back then, it could have been vaporized by the EPLFs’ big guns into the thin air and Ethiopia would have disintegrated into its constituent parts. This was the reason it meekly accepted and carried out the dictates of the EPLFs. Besides, this was the reason it was created from the scratch and pampered like a rotten child for seventeen years by the EPLFS. Woyane and Ethiopia owe their existence today to the mighty EPLFs.

      As I write, Iam proudly celebrating the devestating victory of the EPLFs over Nadew twenty five years ago in Af-Abet, where so many Soviet War Generals and many officers were captured, not to metion war innumerable war armaments; the victory that will live for eternity, infusing pride to the young and courageous Eritreans warriors; a victory that heraleded the beginning of the demise of Ethiopian colonialism; the victory that eclipsed Dien Bien Phu where the Vietnamese scored crashing defeat over the French.

      Would any one with a right mind ever think that woyane could have had a second thought of not complying with the dictates of the EPLFs?

      Before you answer that question, please guess who liberated, Tigrai and the rest of Ethiopia?

      In Tigrai and in the rest of Ethiopia, the concentration of Dergi troops and quality of guns was absolutely and literally minuscule. The preponderant of Dergi army was in Eritrea. Even with this opportunity, woyane could not liberate Shire town. It is not that it did not try but miserably failed and Dergi was about to decimate it. Woyane sent SOS to the EPLFs, who marched day and night and took care of the dergi soldiers in no time. As matter fact, as soon as the news of the arrival of the EPLFs reached them, they started to flee with their tails behind their legs.

      I think you get the picture that woyane was not really an army but a bunch of overindulgent individuals groomed for the final episode of recognizing Eritrean Independence. Period!

      In the Camp of woyane there is shame of committing National Treason. Unfortunately of the Tigrai people, this is not the frist time their leaders to have committed national treason against Ethiopia. Kisa was the first in collaboration with the British Expiditionary Forces in the death of King Tedros.
      Kasa crowned himself king of Ethiopia as Yohannes IV. He reigned turbulent of fifteen years, attempting to absolve of his crime by declaring jihad against unarmed Ethiopian Muslims but they got him at last, and beheading him, took his head home for trophy. The shame of woyane has been manifesting in the same manner. Lo and Behold, the muslims are on the rise and its death Bells are ringing.

      • tekeste March 19, 2013

        Not conviencing. We need to focus on criss Eritrea currntly in. This broken tape record doesn’t help our people that are suffering at the hands of the evil regime in Eritrea.

  • eriiiiiii March 18, 2013

    This below is an idea which I copy & paste from the Isias Favorite book- Machiavelli, ” The Prince”. Please guys print & read the book, you will find Isias in the book.


    Here below is how he create mess in the country through the igonorant & illiterate army leaders:

    When the duke occupied the Romagna he found it under the rule of weak masters, who rather plundered their subjects than ruled them, and gave them more cause for disunion than for union, so that the country was full of robbery, quarrels, and every kind of violence; and so, wishing to bring back peace and obedience to authority, he considered it necessary to give it a good governor. Thereupon he promoted Messer Ramiro d’Orco,(*) a swift and cruel man, to whom he gave the fullest power. This man in a short time restored peace and unity with the greatest success. Afterwards the duke considered that it was not advisable to confer such excessive authority, for he had no doubt but that he would become odious, so he set up a court of judgment in the country, under a most excellent president, wherein all cities had their advocates. And because he knew that the past severity had caused some hatred against himself, so, to clear himself in the minds of the people, and gain them entirely to himself, he desired to show that, if any cruelty had been practised, it had not originated with him, but in the natural sternness of the minister. Under this pretence he took Ramiro, and one morning caused him to be executed and left on the piazza at Cesena with the block and a bloody knife at his side. The barbarity of this spectacle caused the people to be at once satisfied and dismayed.

  • belay nega March 19, 2013


    “However, if the opposition groups ignore the above stated national perquisites and reduce themselves to sub-national feelings or possibly to subordinate interests based on gender, religion, ethnicity and other elements”