Fetsum Abraham: The infantile, sadist and biased individualist Ali Abdu

Fetsum Abraham: The infantile, sadist and biased individualist Ali Abdu Ali Abdu exposed himself after a long absence outside Eritrea through his STATUARY DECLERATION in Australia (assenna). I think he lost the momentum failing to cease

Fetsum Abraham: The infantile, sadist and biased individualist Ali Abdu
Ali Abdu exposed himself after a long absence outside Eritrea through his STATUARY DECLERATION in Australia (assenna). I think he lost the momentum failing to cease the moment contacting the people when he left the regime for asylum. He kept quiet for a long time and we moved on. He, however, recently popped out of the blue saying something in public and here is my independent opinion about him.
I don’t think Ali’s exposure would excite Eritreans, but he was the most powerful man after Isaias and he served that system with unhesitant determination until he run away for his safety. Ali earned his position through hard work and fierce competition with the most dedicated servants of the system. People who know the ruling circle say that he was more powerful than all the Ministers, Ambassadors and Generals combined to the point he could get away with anything in the country “abusing them” as well. No Information Minster of any country can ever acquire the position without a leader’s maximum trust because it is the most important structure that protects a leader more than any other sect in a given Cabinet. An information Minister therefore has direct contact with civil rights issues specially in dictatorial situations.
Precisely, you don’t earn Ali’s position without the President’s complete confidence on you; without being a special servant of your master. Call it professional or regrettable necessity, but one in that position cannot help doing something wrong to the people to protect the boss. Ali had the most frequent and private access to the president and knew his secrets and projects more than any other Eritrean in the Cabinet, probably in the entire Shabia political structure. As a Minister of Information, he was responsible for informing the president about anything that went on in the country including personalities and individual activities through a nationally integrated network of spying, obvious saying that his direct role included securing the president from any potential danger in the country. I am not saying Ali did this or that but there is no doubt that some Eritreans must have been smoked because of the Ministry that he administered.
He was said to have lived worshiping the president as much as he could; known for having the pictures of Isaias everywhere in his office (the walls and may be the floors, the ceiling and at home too), and rumored for even duplicating the President’s bushy and monotonous mustache for approval. They say that he lived imitating his role model in everything he did (communication style, looks, abuse, etc.)
Although Ali the mighty could not avoid abusing people from his position, he still deserves the benefit of the doubt for what people suspect him of doing with full right to defend himself in future Eritrea. They have the burden of proof and he owns the benefit of the doubt. But one wonders what made this guy so powerful and how intelligent he might have been to earn what he earned in the system should intelligence be a requirement for his position along with other factors including passionately serving the dictator with full fledged determination.
The questions: who is Ali Abdu and what made him special in the system? What was his political philosophy and how did he see the Eritreans as a unit? Why was he the president’s most favorite baby for so long? Was he intelligent enough to serve the country at that critical position? I believe his latest exposure briefly tells part of the story.
In number 7 of his documentation, Ali said that he was affiliated with Awate.com to struggle for change in the country since 2007. Among other things, he emphasized on exposing the regime’s “Severe discrimination against minorities and Moslems”. He said he helped exposing Eritrea’s destructive relationship with the Al-Qaida affiliated Alshabab through the website.
Comment: I think Eritrea’s involvement with Alshabab was not news to the universe. What was going on was obvious to the whole world. The fact that the regime went beyond moral/political/diplomatic support of the Alshabab into material assistance (money and arms) was clear to us. Although Ali says he made us aware of this reality through Awate, we also had many sources of information that told us the same story about the situation. I thank him for this with one thing in mind: I find it extremely hard swallowing this testimony because I have a problem imagining Ali serving the resistance from the highest rank of the dictatorship. I cannot think of Ali (defacto Vise president) working against the system from Asmara. This would be like committing suicide!
This man, however, made it clear that he was more concerned about the situation of the minorities and Moslems than that of the entire Eritrean people. At the second hierarchy of the regime out-powered only by the President, Ali shamelessly discloses that he did not have the people in his heart except a portion of the society that he cared for.
In number 10, he wrote his “stories under pseudonym from the belly of the beast” exposing the government’s bias against Moslems and the Jeberties.
Comment: Ali keeps on rocking on the only matter that concerned him as Eritrea’s most important politician after the president. He “wrote” stories in disguise from within the government’s political structure, God knows where the material was posted or displayed. He once again makes it clear that he concentrated only on the government’s bias against Moslems and the Jeberties totally ignoring or denying the same discrimination against the Christians and the rest of the population. What appears clear here is that Ali as a super individualist cared and still cares only about what personally affects him: people of his religion (Moslems) and his community (the Jeberties), none otherwise. Whether he was part of the problem in this regard or not may be unclear as of today but there is no doubt that he was the best man in the system that “exclusively discriminates people of his religion and from his community”. This man is of course expected to prove his claims and we will see if he does.
In number 11, Ali said that he was concerned by “Discrimination of Moslems and particularly the Jeberties” that he called a “prosecuted community” in Eritrea. He also said that the Jeberty Moslems were 5% of the Eritrean population.
Comment: One more time Ali projects that he was only concerned about what affects him personally with a little more concentration of bias here. He narrowed it down to the most priority of his concern. The Jeberties were exclusively a prosecuted community according to this extraordinary individualist. He appears concerned about the situation of the Moslems in general; yet unconsciously betrays all other Moslems by emphasizing more on the condition of his Jeberties. The Eritrean defacto “vise President” comes here talking about discriminating the 95% Eritreans through his exclusive focus on the condition of the 5% Jeberties. He rejects the entire society for the 5% Jeberties; yet, he accuses others of being biased against his community.
You must remember that bias breads bias. Apparently, this man is talking about deserving the right to discriminate 95% of the people for the exclusive interest of his 5% Jeberties without allowing any Eritrean to discriminate the community in reactionIn denying the discrimination of the rest of the Eritreans and specially the Christians, Ali by default logic projects his prejudice against them without being aware that that was what he was doing. He wants to exclusively own the right to be biased in the society. He justifies Bias only when he does it, wrong otherwise. A biased individual has no right accusing others of bias and this has to be made clear to individuals in this confused state of mind.
At this point in the go, I am convinced that Ali was a problem in our society. Ali could not have fairly managed the Eritreans with his extremely biased mentality.
In number 12, he said that Eritreans overall take the Jeberties “non Eritreans, Ethiopians, inferior, unfit for authority” and that the “Jeberty is not recognized as a nationality despite it existed for over a millennia”. He said that people considering him to be the next president would change their view once they knew he was from the Jeberty ethnic group.
Comment: Now the real Ali Abdu comes out of his ethically polluted closet: Very infantile and unfortunate nonsense in my opinion. How deeply he suffers inferiority complex is his own business but I do believe this accusation is a self generated crisis that attacks the society without substance. Remember that Ali is accusing the entire population here (95%) minus the Jeberties (5%) though the few Jeberty elites like him do not represent the dignified Jeberties that equally share the suffering and the success of the society with the rest of the Eritreans. I found the allegation a fabricated fair-tale aiming at destroying the Eritrean people including our Jeberti family, needless to say it can only emanate from a psychologically diseased mind in hallucination: Exaggerated decadence of a sick mind so to say. For what we know, the Eritrean people are innocent of this terrible accusation from a former servant of dictatorship responsible for uncountable damages in the Eritrean society. I don’t believe there was any Eritrean official that didn’t know Ali Abdu’s Jebertiness. Let alone his closest comrades that served the dictator causing this level of destruction in the society we ordinary Eritreans have heard that Ali was a Jeberty brother of the distinguished writer Salih Yenus. What a mess!
Ali says that his community accounted for 5% of the population and that he was the only Jeberty in the Eritrean Cabinet composed of 17 Ministries. He did not even take a little time to think it over before he put it in writing. Reality classifies this man as unjust not because the Jeberties were probably the richest people in Eritrea but the community was well represented in the cabinet by close to 6% of its composition (1/17), needless to say that he played the most significant role in protecting the “Jeberty discriminating regime”. Controversially, he discriminated his community as the 2nd most important politician in the country to be consistent with his testimony.
The question: Where is the proof for this allegation? Can Ali Abdu disclose a research based data for this conclusion? Can he share his experience where the Eritreans in power rejected him because of his ethnic background? Is this a fabricated accusation that originated in his biased mind against the rest of the Eritreans or what? How did he earn his powerful position if the Jeberties were considered unfit for that by the society or the government? Would not his old position contradict this allegation in practice?
Right here, I am convinced that Ali is poor in intelligence and really a childish individual that deserves a candy-bar or a lollypop to cool him down from his “daddy, mommy; Everyone is avoiding me!” attitude. Only a cry baby does this to get attention!
In number 13, childish Ali said “Jeberties are the only ethnic group not allowed to call themselves by their name: Referred as “Islam practicing Tigrigna””. They are not allowed to celebrate their “ethnic pride” like the rest. The regime “Artificially Increase[s] the number of Tigrigna by absorbing the Jeberti into their ranks.”
Comment: Contrary to Ali’s claim, I believe that the Jeberty elites are probably the loudest Eritreans that only concentrate on their own communities openly. The few elites that do not represent the community are the ones that impose the Arabic language on us ignoring the importance of Tigre and the rest of the native Eritrean languages including theirs. Who allows and disallows a person from identifying with one’s community anyway and where was this nonsense practically reduced in Eritrea? Is this guy saying that an Eritrean Jeberty cannot lawfully identify the self as Jeberty and can he prove that there was a punishment for doing so?
We Eritreans have no mechanism so far that allows and disallows one from identifying with an ethnic group, thus this allegation is a fabrication that originated in his insecure mind. What “ethnic pride” is he talking about when the reality states that the Jeberties were original Tigrigna speaking people that share everything (food, dress, culture, rituals, dancing, and history) with all other people from that ethnic group in the country? Aren’t the Jeberties “Moslems practicing Tigrigna” in reality? What are they then for this man to attack the people on this correct classification? Is it possible for the Jeberty community to exercise its ethnic pride without Guaila, Kuda, Injera, Tsebhi, cultural values, and Tigrigna? Does Ali want to do his ethnic pride with Arabic in denial of his race and native Tigrigna in this extraordinary self-rejectionist practice?
Whether few elites like it or not, the Jeberties are Tigrigna speaking black Africans from Eritrea. The ethnic pride of our Jeberties is their Tigrigna roots and cultures that the people freely celebrate in the country. There is no other ethnic pride that Ali can rationally design for his community other that the Tigrigna. Ali’s religion does not justify his phobia on the Tigrigna ethnic group that he originally belongs to nor can he practice his insecurity and temptation to identify with something else without rejecting the self. Ali is an African black man and not an Arab! Ali is A Moslem Kebessian, has a mother-toung called Tigrigna and cultural values associated with his roots! He cannot change his identity that will remain till the end of time. The Arabs do not accept Eritreans or any other black community as Arabs and in fact discriminate them severely and Ali cannot force them to accept him as an Arab. He cannot ask for “ethnic pride” other than his Tigrigna, meaning that the Tigrigna ethnic pride by default completely represents him and his community because ethnic pride and religion are mutually exclusive: religion is spirituality and ethnicity is identity based on few factors discussed above. Therefore, the accusation is not only baseless and destructive but also illusive. Ali should entertain his imagination in privacy without claiming to represent the Jeberty community if he is ashamed of himself. He has the choice to reject himself but no right to twist the true nature of the Jeberty community that is clearly Tigrigna by ethnic classification, black African by racial, and probably the richest group by economic classification.
There is no justification about the system trying to increase the Tigrigna ranks through his inclusion in this ethnic group because it has always been the majority in the society. He is one of us and his Tigrigna phobia does not allow him to be from another ethnic group. He will remain being a member of the Tigrigna ethnic group at least for this life needless to say that his attempt to deny his roots makes him a person that disrespects himself and the entire Jeberty community.
14) In trying to apply for passport, “his brother was asked to prove that he was an Eritrean citizen”. They told him that “We often host guests even at high levels of the government”. He said that he was conditioned to feel like he “was a guest” and they made him a Minister to show “artificial diversity and ethnic balance in the government”. He said “my close friend Mohamed Hagos was brutally killed” and that that was one of the repeated message “that I was a guest”.
Comment: The Eritrean government always checks identification cards before it gives passports. I assume this was a proper procedure in any country and I don’t understand why this guy associates the procedure with his inferiority complex. Who told him he was a guest and why should that person represent the society for Ali to cry about in the open? Where is that artificial diversity in this situation?
Ali the child talks about the tragic death of Mohamed Hagos as a proof to his hallucination on being a guest in Eritrea. Sorry that Mohamed was killed but does he know how many Eritreans have been facing brutal death at the hands of this regime? Why is his friend’s death amplified here when the whole society is facing the same predicament in the country? By exceptionalizing his friend’s death, Ali unconsciously disregards all Eritreans wasted under this regime.
At this point in the go I have concluded that Ali is very shallow upstairs and also extremely selfish so to say. He is simply heartless to Eritreans and only concerned about his closest people from his community. Ali is a very confused man with serious inferiority complex about his roots that values the life of one person over the thousands of Eritreans under similar fate.
In 15, Ali said that Taha Mohammed, a friend of his father was arrested with his father without a reason, a founder of the struggle died in jail and Ali was told that “this was the fate of “our disloyal guests”. He was told that this was “The fate of disloyal guests”.
Comment: Ali cares only about his immediate family and friends from his community. I am sorry for what happened to his father and his friend but their situation is everywhere in the country. People are going to jail in mass (said to be around 10,000) and dying as well. What happened to Ali’s father and his friend does not tell anything about his fair-tale “The fate of disloyal guests” because Ali was the most loyal “Guest” in the regime to be consistent with his words. There is simply nothing special about the suffering of the two individuals in question. I feel sorry for this childish man and I wonder how the country was running under imprudent individuals of his type. I don’t even know how to classify his mentality in this regard; too stupid to make sense out of!
In 16, Ali says that Sofia Habtemariam said that he was ““a gift from meles zenawi” implying that my origin and loyality was from and for Ethiopia”. He said she also accused him of being a spy of western countries.
Comment: So what? What does the Eritrean society have to do with that woman’s bad mouthing about Ali? Does she represent us? That cruel and abusive woman has lost her mind attacking anything that does not serve her master of misery for the sake of ATTENTION. She is rude and has insulted many individuals in the past. So disgusting to look at, the woman is suffering from internal conflicts more than any Eritrean I know. I can’t even stand looking her pictures let alone in person: I don’t like that look and her polluted mind! Ali will have to deal with her and leave us alone because she was his close companion when they were destroying the society as a team. Ali can go to Ethiopia if he has that complex but he does not make sense infatuating with that woman here as if she represents the people. That woman is an enemy of the society that represents what Ali represented for years. This problem is between both of them because they know each other better if you understand what I mean. They ate, danced, and discussed matter of distraction together. Both of them will go under the process of justice in future Eritrea because the society has an issue with them waiting to be resolved at court.
In 17, Ali testifies that in 2000, his father asked “Why was I arrested to begin with?” and they answered him saying “So your son can get the message“.
Question: who specifically answered that to the gentleman and what does this have to do with us if it took place? Is this not selfishness and don’t you think that thousands of Eritreans have melted without trace and that you at least have a living farther today though sadly imprisoned for four years without a reason? Ali was the 2nd strongest politician in the government that imprisoned his father for four years. He served the system from the day the father was taken to prison until the time he was freed and beyond. Why did he not decide to quit the system then if he was for real? Would not one consider Ali as a man that betrayed his own father in this situation?
In number 23 Ali said “you either must drink, gamble and womanize and involve e in corruption or you are a suspect”.
Comment: Is that what Ali was doing while serving the regime at the highest political post for that long? How come he was not a suspect for all the years in the government if he was not one of them? He was the most trusted politician in Eritrea and how was this possible without being part of the corruption and elimination? It is full of contradiction to say the least and he does not make sense at all!
In 27, Ali said that the most powerful politicians in the government (Air force Commander General Teklay; head of the Eritrean special court General Tekle Lebish and Central Region Army Commander General Flipos) approached him to help overthrow the government because he was the one that sees the president in the eyes but he rather went to the president to be lectured for 6 hrs.
In 28, Ali said that “the second man in charge, General Secretary of the ruling party approached him to do something overthrowing the government. Ali said that he declined suggesting that “Tahrir Square style” of rebellion was the solution for change in Eritrea.
Comment: Ali unconsciously testified here of protecting the regime instead of designing a method of overthrowing it with the officials in question. Ali sabotaged the powerful people that approached him to change the government by suggesting what he suggested, yet jeopardizes them months after he run away for safety probably for personal reasons. What a wicked man! Ali was lectured by the president for six hours after the claimed activities probably leaking information about the situation in this self-exposing testimony, implying that he stopped a potentially practical method of eliminating the president by standing in the way of the Eritrean people. I don’t believe him at all, but Ali openly declares here that he played a big role in extending the life of the regime and thus the misery of our people doing irreparable damage to our society.
In 30, Ali said that the Defense Minister advised him to leave the country while the President travelled abroad (October, 2012) because he would be the next victim otherwise.
Comment: I don’t believe Ali needed a lesson about the President’s tactics of eliminating Eritreans while visiting abroad. He ignited the war in Badme from outside Eritrea and did many other crimes similarly for Ali not to need the Defense Minister for this information. The president’s criminology was simply impractical without dedicated slaves like Ali Abdu. He was fully part of it..PERIOD! He exposed the life of the man in question in this heartless testimony from a safe zone in Australia. In doing so, cold Ali has condemned at least five powerful individuals to death in absentia.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that out minorities have been conditioned to feel insecure by few people in the majority that do not represent the Eritrean people but it is together as a team that we can stop them from abusing our minorities. Any minority group feeling isolated by the few spoilers should, however, defend other minorities in the same boat as a principle for its grievances to be legitimate, meaning that it should align with other minorities to fight back said isolation with the innocent majority that has nothing to do with this decadence. A minority group only fighting for one’s ethnic group ignoring the cause of other minority groups is part of the problem in my opinion.
Although Ali Abdu’s grievance may be legitimate in view of the few spoilers, I found him being a cold sadist who does not care for any life except his own. He did not care for his ethnic group, his father, his comrades and the entire Eritrean population so to say when he was in power and I don’t believe he does today based on his exposure. Obsessed by ego he cannot exist from the confinements of I, Me, Mine elements of greed. There is no more I can say here except that I feel sorry for the people suffering under extraordinary selfish individuals like Ali. I wish him good luck in his immigration application in Australia and I am sure they will give him a legal refugee status without a problem not because they believe him but just because he is a person from a desperate society. I leave this contact advising him to get rid of that mustache in order to disconnect himself from the President once and for all; it does not look good!


Review overview
  • justice June 18, 2014

    Amazing how all these folks with muslim names are coming out to support Ali Abdu….regardless of his crimes…

    • haqiyesar June 18, 2014



      It is also amazing to see how many people raise the status of xs to a higher level without their past accountability, like Petros Solomon as a chief intelligent he was a master minder and operational chief of cold blood murder, kidnapping, assassinating as a HERO… and Vacaro as next PRESIDENT of Eritrea, Wedi Tikabo as BOB MARLA of Eritrea… and countless others … the right way is to think and decide for ourselves than to follow.

      • Abduselam June 19, 2014

        I was going to give a respond to resah wedi resah so called justice comment ;you gave to him an excellent one ihahahah…

  • AKAL June 19, 2014

    Fetsum Abraham, Higdef Higdef Chenikha, Kibur Haw. I have been reading your rather long, jejunal artifices. As the saying goes,Wedi Dimu Zeygedif Gibre Emu. It is not that hard to psyche out your bias and the undercurrent message of your posts. I can clearly see how you promote, run the bias and stereotype regarding the Eritrean Jeberti people. At least three of your postings show your obsession, prejudice and phobia of Jeberti people. Trust me, your message is taken by those who follow current Eritrean affairs like me. I can assure you, though, that nobody loses sleep what about you wrote which has been rehashed a million times since your so called elect of God King HaileSelalssie. Nothing new. At no time do Jeberti people say that they are arabs; neither are they Tigrigna which is a rather new term coined by Issayas and his Greater Tigray and Tewahdo extremists and supremacists. And supported, amplified, propagandized by people like you from within and out of PFDJ. But what can you do or say about a person who does not even understand or refuse to understand the very basic inalignable rights of individuals and people while enjoying those rights in USA. I hope you don’t write your artfices when you get drunk or after discussing it with you pub buddies, kind of I will show those wannabe arabist jebertis their place. The Tigrean Issayas from within you and your likes from wherever you are. How about if the people refuse to fight crazy mobs and hooligans( including cyber hooligans like you)? Go and continue what you are doing and we will see where you will reach.
    Or Sekhiru Ni Gualka Zihateteka Aytikhlayao KemZibal( Amharu Kimisilu: Hod Yabawun Biqil Yawetewal Yiblu).
    You think you have the knowledge or expertise as to who should get Ethnic status or not? And you based your allegation based on that Stalinistic, which is long time gone and expired, ideology? I remind you to ready articles wriiten by known sociologists, journalists, anthropologists regarding ethnicity/nationality and nation. Being narrow minded does not get you anywhere.
    Regarding Ali Abdu, who cares? You think the jeberties care about him and the likes of him that sleep or used to sleep with the devil himself? Assure you none, except probably his immediate family. and that is also because as it goes in Tigrigna, “Siga Wediqas Hamed TelEl” or in English, “Blood is thicker.” Is he Jeberti? Ofcourse, he is. Did what he say true? Of course, true. However, he is exploiting it for his selfish desire; nothing less, nothing more. As far as Jeberties is concerned, he is another bad apple in the family. No body is joining his bandwagon.

    Mr Fetsum you can deny the systematic marginalization, persecution, murder and disenfranchisement of Jeberti and all Eritrean muslims in Eritrea and even disparage them. It is Ok. Kibur Kindi RiEsu Yekhbireka, Hisur Kindi Resu Yehsireka endiyu Negeru, Ayte Fitsum. You might tried to done the garment of a progressive, but you are not. You rather sound a reactionary dude who is still lost in his tewahdo supremacist and extremist mentality.
    You got to respect peoples ‘right, bro. I would like to advise you to grow up and be an unbiased critique that respects peoples identity and right. However I also understand the choice you made being a jeberti bashing expert and the sudden fame and rush you get from being a cyber bully, a jeberto/muslim phobic Tigrigna-ethno-centrist.
    ezi wedehanka.

  • AKAL June 19, 2014

    BTW, he was/is not the only Jebie in rubber-stamp-power or false or nominal power or acting ministerial position. How about Fatma Nurhussein? Mustefa Nurhussein? He is such a liar. And who cares about them for that matter? Nobody in Jeberti community; actually, people consider them as a disgrace to the community. Nothing to boast about. And What did he accomplish besides being a propagandist and a lying mouth piece for the devil dictator himself? Nothing! He is/was a disgrace to his family.

    Just to show you the statement he made was wrong. There is a lot of statements he alleged that was outright false or lies. And there are some that were right. The guys is an expert like you, a pathological liar, probably a psychopath like his once sadist master, the murderer extraordinaire, Issayas afwerk, though now he tries to look a repentant one. This Ali dude suffers from same mental disease your psychopath leader is suffering from; Grandiosity and megalomania.

  • ahmed saleh June 19, 2014

    Well for those who expect ALI ABDU to come clean , I doubt would happen .
    Only innocents who have confidence on themselves have no problem to face
    their people . At the same time why do we want talk to criminals with
    blood on their hand . Myself , I do not want hear it , the damage is done
    and he and others should pay the price accordingly at appropriate time .
    Please open your eyes to see the reality on the ground . To entertain with
    ALI ABDU speech is a betrayal to those left behind in dungeons and to those
    who died because of his sinister motives to satisfy his master . For now let
    him go to hell . And jumping on religious or regional confrontation only shows
    our immature and background tendencies . Either Jeberti or others are all
    victims of injustices . The funny part a crook used them to cover his agenda
    because he knows how to manupulate our weakness .

  • Thomas June 19, 2014

    Dear Readers:

    I am not impressed with the article for the following reasons:

    1. The authenticity of the ‘document’ is debatable to say the least. So I do not understand to analyse its contents in such detail.
    2. If we take the document as authentic, what do you expect Ali to put there to get the refugee status? Haven’t most of us did the same thing to get refugee status in the West? We have exaggerated, put false statements to get to our objective. Ali cannot be different.
    3. We all know that Ali is part of the inner circle that worked day and night to destroy the lives of thousands of Eritreans. He is directly responsible to hundreds of lives who are disappeared, hence must face justice. However, how can you mix the sin of Ali to the JUST right of the whole Jeberti community? The author willingly mixed this two different topics and reached a BIASED conclusion. Very sad.
    4. Jeberti community has a genuine question. The lowlanders have their own question of land. The Hamassien population has their own grievances seeing their ancestors land to be sold for hard currency with no future to their children. The coastal population has grievances when they see but not permitted to fish in their ancestors sea. The Akeleguzay population were always used as scapegoat when things go wrong. All in all, the whole Eritrean population has grievances. The least we can do as citizens is to LISTEN to them and sympathise. I felt the author missed this point. He judged on the Jeberti topic with the same argument like Isayas Afewerki did years ago.
    5. To be honest I expected more from the author. As an intellectual we need to look the bigger picture. We need not put ourselves in pointless arguments.
    6. Finally Jeberti community has their own right place in the history of our country. Their question will be resolved in due time. I want to say that they should not generalise the opinion of few individuals to that of the whole population.

    God bless Eritrea

  • hmm June 19, 2014

    Those who deny the authenticity of Ali’s confession are blind sympathizers. What he said about religion is inline with what his cousins has been writing in Awate for decades so there is no surprise about his statement. One can argue he may have exaggerated some of his roles and was helped by his cousins to write it for two purpose.
    A) to help him win asylum
    B) to promote the religious agenda of his Awate family

    It is true people like Petros solomon may have committed crimes too but at-least they reformed themselves and paid their dues. wedi Vacaro apologized and trying to undo his damage and so is wedi Tkuabo. But none of them were as guilty as Ali, who was the mini mi of Isayas as he admitted himself, ali Abdu is equally responsible for the destruction of our country. So one can only compare Ali Abdu with Isayas and that is all

    • kamal June 20, 2014

      I can smell the hate in you from kilometers away. You reek of it with deeply rooted hateful phrases such as ‘agenda of his awate family” “his cousins”. Regardless of their religion ethnicity or region people like you disgust me.

  • hmm June 19, 2014

    haqiyesar: but i have to admit there is some bias on how we treat x-criminals of PFDJ in general, those from Akaleguzay tend to quickly forget the crimes of officials from Akele region, the same with those from Hamassien and Serai. This is sad and something that should be stopped. All criminals should be measured by crimes they committed not by where they came from or what faith they follow. The new Eritrea should value its citizens regardless of their tribes or faith. All men are created equal.

  • Geja June 19, 2014

    No retard kezab Wahid can save the criminal Ali Abdu Yonous from the mess he helped create in Eritrea. He had been front and center in every dirty work committed in Eritrea in the last 16 years. The information posted here was available in the Australian government website inadvertently released, like many asylum documents, therefore, Assenna used the same information Ali Abdu used to apply for asylum that was released to the public.

    To remind the readers, Ali Abdu used to terrorize Assenna stringers in Asmara by forcing them to divulge their e-mail passwords; sending and torturing them in Adi Abeyeto and Sawa concentration camps; and many assenna listeners were as a result jailed and tortured by Ali Abdu’s direct order because they were caught listening Radio Assenna.

    The Ali Abdu that was sending young Eritrean journalists to the executioners and torture camps is now shamelessly gambling to use the cards of “Islam” and the sub group name “Jeberti” to claim asylum. This is the same person who is responsible in the massacre of the ethnic Kunama people in Mai Dima alone.

    Therefore, no deqi eraymray can save or whitewash the dirty name of Ali Abdu Yonous. Some dirty dogs can bark here but still Ali Abdu will never be absolved from his crimes unless he comes open and apologizes.

    samuel on June 8, 2014 at 2:18 pm said:

    very accurate:

    here is your answer:



    • Geja June 19, 2014

      This is how Prof Dan Connel remembers Ali Abdu in 2001 when Ali Abdu was running around like a rabid dog biting or incarcerating any one opposing his Godfather Issaias Afewerki by sending many to the concentration camps and gulags of Eritrea:

      Dan Connel wrote: “I remember the last round of PFDJ meetings before the big crackdown of 2001 that were held in Embatkala that August to pump up the party cadres for the arrests to come. Ali Abdu and Abraha Kassa went from one session to the next to fire people up against the G-15, calling for immediate action against them to “cleanse” the party and the country. Always a firebrand, he led the charge. He has a lot to answer for. “

  • Genet-orginal June 19, 2014

    Dear Fetsum
    Your current article, scrutinizing Ali Abdu’s past and present position is excellent. I see, some people have problem criticizing Ali Abdu for one reason or another. The fact of the matter is Ali Abdu is one of the elite in the criminal PFDJ saga. All the major crimes occurred during his present as the number two man in the Eritrean history. He has been active participant as the ears and eyes of the notorious dictator Isayas. Regardless of this supposedly “case” for immigration, he is a criminal and he will be held accountable for his action. About who is Ali Abdu, his silent says all. We don’t need an immigration’s case to tell us who this man is and has been. It would be helpful, if people who know this man can come forward and shade some light. Thanks.

  • Paradiso June 20, 2014

    I wonder why few liars are barking like a pack of dogs to defend Ali Abdu? Well said Selamawi.

    Selamawi’ on June 18, 2014 at 5:54 pm said:

    “Dear Hagos
    you wrote: “There is no solid proof that the document he’s writing about is genuine. Just because the Australian immigration service was hacked doesn’t mean that Ali Abdu’s asylum application was part of the stolen data (no one has proved that yet at least)”

    The trouble with this is that Ali Abbdu could have denied it immediately.

    The writer of the article has analysed Ali’s statement intelligently. No one can accuse him of disliking the Jeberty.”

    • kamal June 20, 2014

      The trouble with your idiotic analysis is that you didn’t consider the fact that there has been numerous defamatory articles written about him since the minute it was confirmed he abandoned the regime. Did he respond to any of those baseless accusations that came from both sides of the isle? No he did not. So help me understand, why did you expect him to do so now? Think before you use those fingers to type.

      • Paradiso June 20, 2014

        kamal said “Did he respond to any of those baseless accusations that came from both sides of the isle?”

        kamal did you write “baseless accusations” to defend the evil Ali Abdu? You retard partisans have no shame. Ali Abdu has sent hundreds of Eritreans including many journalists to their death. assenna correspondents from Asmara, former journalists like Amanuel Mahdere and independents like Dan Connel had confirmed it.
        No matter how hard dogs like you bark, Ali Abdu will never be cleared from his crimes. He has a lot to answer.