Fetsum: Let us go to work!

Guitar is the most complicated instrument in music to my understanding. Mood, tuning, temperature, state of mind and of course a little deviation from reality through the help of artificial intervention such as moderate alcohol

Guitar is the most complicated instrument in music to my understanding. Mood, tuning, temperature, state of mind and of course a little deviation from reality through the help of artificial intervention such as moderate alcohol matter in guitar like in operating any other musical instruments. The concept of musical improvisation states that no human being can repeat one’s musical expression exactly like a record player, only can he/she approximate, yet I believe what it takes a person to phrase in the piano or wind instruments may take one at least 100 times as much time to guitar it across. You must tease it like a lover or will end up teasing you like reality is teasing the wicked losers in Asmara.
I was playing my guitar relatively well with nice sound effect one evening in my house with a little tips in the head. I thought people were watching me doing my licks and phrasing my story in that language. I imagined seeing them coming to feel me and the security officers pushing them away from the stage so I can continue doing the damage in the guitar. In that psycho- idealism, there were about 50,000 people that disappeared as soon as I finished my imaginative artistry of that moment. The silence in my house about 2 AM in the morning was as scary as what I thought was doing on the stage in-self deception with that big an audience staring at me. I went to bed wondering about what happened to the people and to the beautiful lady supposed to have been with me that night out of all the women I saw in the hallucination. Reality told me to take it easy; that I was all alone by myself throughout the experience. I settled the dilemma vodcanizing a bit to sleep that unforgettable emptiness out my system.
We are now witnessing the result of Afwerki’s extreme individualism, arrogance, destruction, obstinacy, sadism and unique dictatorship for just the devil’s advocacy. This seems to be the end of a man that executed his unprovoked confrontation with the Eritrean people with absolute control and vandalism. He lived his life in self-deception thinking it was everlasting; never thought the tide would change in favor of justice and freedom when he was mercilessly disposing his sin on the people in his devilish competition with God for supremacy (to the extent of denying Nizghi Kiflue a traditional burial at home). How Mr. Afwerki feels the pressure after living helplessly requesting his demise by extreme conflict with rationality is something he knows but OUR VOICE appears ready to help him float on the air with God’s help through the support of the rope he put around his neck!
I was a pessimist activist till my paradigm shifted by the eloquence and humility of the Eritreans in OUR VOICE that convinced me things will be okay in Eritrea within about three years stretching the devil’s chance of survival from here on. I respect their transparency in the forums. I bow to our dignified scholars for their confident leadership and consistency in this fight to assist the regime on the edge of the cliff complete its suicide mission as soon as possible. I submit my imagination to your superior intellectualism for me to follow your leadership to freedom from the chain of the narcissist dictator in our country.
OUR VOICE sounds capable of defusing the system within the short time limit they proposed on the condition that our people fully and actively cooperate clearly admitting that they cannot do it alone. They have spelled it out saying no international force can do our sole responsibility of saving our society no matter how many times we shout and cry in the streets. I think this should be felt by every Eritrean for change. I think we all have the responsibility now to make it work by doing the best we can in the local elections fully following the directions they will give us according to the law. The role of our people should then be to make the condition a reality. It took us 30 years to gain our independence after excruciating destruction and sacrifice heading close to 30 years of humiliation in this dictatorship. We cannot take it any longer and should guarantee our stolen freedom via SECULR DEMOCRACY under the guidance of our intellectuals using this golden opportunity.
As you know liberty is a birth right for any individual on this planet and I will never hesitate to take it unconditionally. My freedom, however, is not something given but only earned by promoting the freedom of others. The moment I breach this condition, I have practically surrendered my freedom. Further, I understand that absolute freedom is impossible since society cannot work without authority that enforces its moral and legal standards using the law. I am thus willing to give up a certain degree of my liberty for authority but I will resist anything that restricts my collective potential unless it is necessary for the survival of genuine authority. That is as far as I can go in this matter because I cannot see life without the greatest possible freedom that is only achievable by providing it to and securing it for others. As Sartre said; we are condemned to be free by nature and through this inherent freedom we make ourselves and carry the burden of responsibility for whatever we freely experience as a result of our actions. This responsibility comes in a package deal with securing the freedom of others in exchange of enjoying it in society. Accordingly, I have no desire to control any one nor will I allow someone to control me for “freedom exists for the sake of itself”. To this extension, the amount of space and time available to me in order to move around and explore life determines how much freedom I have as a person and how much of it I give and protect because life is a function of both pairs of the duality.
Then comes one claiming; “I can’t do anything about it”. Sartre describes this person as one who “denies the freedom or transcendence component”. This opinion contradicts with the nature of human beings and the capacity of their commonsense. All a person needs is to realize the importance of compromising and giving another way of life a chance. You cannot fail again and again and yet come up with this form of self deception just to stick with the problem.
As a human being, I can do something about a problem. Human intelligence that made it possible for a man to land on the moon can certainly make a person fix any problem that comes across in this life. We should free ourselves from this submissive self-deception to overcome the damaged self-confidence by the extra-nagging dictatorship. Then comes what Sartre calls as ignoring the facts of every situation through the self deceptive expression “I can do anything by just wishing it”. This sounds to me like intentionally failing for the heck of it: an impractical person that has no motivation to do anything in life.
All I can say here is that a person’s willingness to change is a function of personal failure but the tendency to continue the path of failure is a derivative of self-deception. We seem to think we can control situations if we want and that whatever we do is not a matter of concern. It takes time for one to exhaust self-deception and be ready for action. Until the time is ripe, till one drops to the rock bottom, no external influence may deliver a remedy for another person’s personal problems. Although people can influence each other, no one but a person can change one’s conditions at the end of the day. In summary, human intelligence proves to be capable of deceiving itself by agreement with itself in order to feel better about something seemingly out of control but only as far as it stays below the saturation point beyond which it implodes otherwise. This is today’s Eritrean reality, what we have to know with clear mind that we posses the capacity to get rid of our problem.
To my taking, this is what we are dealing with at this moment in the experience. We are confronting with one major issue (liberty) which is impossible without defending the freedom of our citizens and two elements of the society in this situation: the people and the political parties that will compete for political power in democratic Eritrea. We will have to experience two types of governments in this journey to democracy: transitional government anddemocratically elected government. We will then have to go through two types of elections as well: for said COUNCIL or the transitional government through the election process of the local committees and eventually for the Eritrean government through democratic election. In this mandatory process to democracy, we should correctly and rigorously follow the universal laws abiding these dynamics without personification in order to reach the destination. We have to understand that the process to transitional government belongs to the people while future political power through election belongs to the political parties. The law requires that no members of the political parties should be allowed to be elected in the local committees that eventually converge to the COUNCIL through regional, continental and global election processes although they can and should participate including voting for their representatives using their right to do as Eritreans. This is because the COUNCIL should be 100% free of any influence of the political parties (exclusive people’s right). In the flip, the Eritrean people should give full right to the political parties to run for democratic election without allowing any member of the COUNCIL in the competition (exclusive right of the political parties). None of the two components of society, the people and political parties has the legitimacy to enjoy both rights without abusing the right of the other. We neither can change the rule here nor can we partially accommodate one of them without taking the chance of failure.
All of us now need to work harder than ever to succeed in regaining our country, dignity and freedom from the parasites of death and misery with this concept of rights-sharing intact in the mind. Unify that punch of freedom as tight as possible in helping our intellectuals do the magic like they did during the struggle for independence. Our freedom is mandatory and easily achievable through unity and assertive leadership; let us just do it without any excuse and self-deception.


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  • AHMED SALEH !!!. August 24, 2015

    Brother Futsum
    Waking up people once in a while to join the ride on
    different boats to fight for political change can drive
    people exausted and confused in which direction supposed
    to follow .
    For the last couple years we were introduced to various
    political and civic movements & eager to join the fight.
    So far things have been moving in long and tortuous road
    until we manage full control of normalization our people
    have no choice except to wait their fingers crossed .

    • fetsum abraham August 25, 2015

      brozer ahmed
      i agree hoping this will work we have been stuck bro totally stuck. let us carefully support zem in practice and i m sure we are trying in our own ways. tnx

      • AHMED SALEH !!!. August 25, 2015

        Well , I think to stay optimistic in what we try to achieve needs
        convincing political representation which gives promising solution
        of the crisis our people are going through .
        We have no choice rather wait for any progress that can lead to change
        the course . And I hope these group representatives comes from our
        many sects of our society to gain popular support within Eritreans
        from every walk and every corner in UNITY voice .
        Remember that our main obstacles are the result of division and
        suspicion to each other created by leaders for their partisan
        political agenda purposes .
        Again , let the door open to every change seekers but at the same
        time stay open minded and focused to avoid guilt conscience.

      • ዩራኔም-235 August 26, 2015

        I see Fistum lowered his standard to fit into the new curve. You are creative and productive when you are outlier. Otherwise you are just an ordinary Eritrean. For that, we have millions of them. Not good. Stay normal, man.

  • ኤድመንተን August 24, 2015


    I did not think my comment “did meanning of transperency change when I was asleep” to be offensive ?It was not long either.

  • fetsum abraham August 24, 2015

    my contact mail is. fezum@yahoo.com. pls email me urs and expand z network. u also need to direcectly contact our voice thru zeir email. love u my dear bros and sisters

  • A H August 25, 2015

    Thanks Brother
    Yes, any one with a better solution to our problem, should be supported at no cost. But, do we know who they are? This isn’t a Game, it is politics with a risk taking and be attentive to their activities. Otherwise, we want committed people to help solve the stalemate of the opposition organisations. Let them come and join the wagon.

    • fetsum abraham August 25, 2015

      dear a.h. take z risk zen bro until u face a fundamental problem in z ride. no one can fool us anymore to just concentrate on z idea for now carefully participating in z deal

  • ዩራኔም-235 August 26, 2015

    How is this group going to have a panel discussion with its audience? Are they going to wear some kind of suit (like Superman’s) to mask themselves?
    They call themselves intellects but they scare of a guy who got dismissed from 2nd year college?

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