Fetsum: The renaissance of Eritrean heroism on the face of illusive dreamers

First, I like to express my optimism about our people’s reaction to the barbaric genocide of our helpless people in Asmara. I am dignified to see the on going reactions all over the planet and

First, I like to express my optimism about our people’s reaction to the barbaric genocide of our helpless people in Asmara. I am dignified to see the on going reactions all over the planet and I hope this will continue till the enemy dissolves one way or another.

Our diary says, however, that we have ineffectively witnessed our people’s endless death in the seas and deserts of the world. We exposed our people to this extent of anguish through destructive pride. What the people did from inside was our responsibility to do from the safe heavens of democracy. Unfortunately, our boundless Annenet immersed us in the darkness of elusion and this is the result at the end of the day. As one of the demonstrators said, ‘we are challenged by the internal unrest of our people that have patiently exhausted their expectation to act on their own at the risk of death. There is no more excuse for the different political, humanitarian and civic groups to keep on dragging our people’s freedom through senseless division.’

As you know, we worshipped the dictator allowing him to absolutely dictate our people through the power of his cult. I trusted him, loved him and gave him all the benefits of the doubt thinking EPLF was the ultimate solution to our democratic future. I cannot believe my excitement meeting the man several times and coming back after independence filled with optimism and intense desire to be part of the socio-technological upbringing of baby Eritrea. To witness the country as the only one without an airliner and accredited university with this extent of cruelty and social destruction decades after independence under is a paradigm shifting experience I cannot explain. Can we now understand the consequence of worshipping individuals from this experience and empower the people with GI Bottom-Up strategy? Can we use this tragedy to help our people elect their leaders for sustainable democratic life ahead?

The recent uprising in Asmara that charged the society tens of innocent citizens is a historical foundation for the Eritrean people’s freedom from the visionless dictatorship. Aboy Haji Musa could not have expressed his Eritrawinet more than what he did at the risk of his life. It was not his religion that brought him to the spotlight but the overall suffering of his people under the ruthless dictatorship. The friction associated with his religion was just a factor on the surface of his resentment about the depressing situation of the society. He stood for his people in general through the factor that triggered his outstanding resistance against oppression. He knew the dire consequence of his action and he did it leaving the rest for Allah to manage what he could not control.

This fatherly figure has registered exceptional history in our society at the level of the legendary brother Wedi Ali, Ato Weldeab Weldemariam and Shek Ibrahim Sultan. Ato Weldeab and Shek Ibrahim were the symbols of our unity for independence and Wedi Ali and Aboy Haji Musa that of our unity for democracy. Wedi Ali gave us the silver bullet and Aboy Haji, the golden bullet that will end up diffusing the crazy dictator’s fallacious understanding of our people. They are the pride of our society that don’t only deserve maximum respect but also symbolic statues to our inborn resistance against domestic parasites. The martyred citizens represent the pride and value of our selfless sacrifice that made the struggle for independence the most determined of the era on planet earth.

The meaning of Eritrawinet cannot be limited to ethnicity or religious affiliation as some narrow minded and sick individuals think. It is a collective phenomenon comprising all ethnic and religious groups within. Our dignity is a function of our collective identity that cannot survive without all of us as a unit. Our independence is the result of the collective selflessness that consumed 65 thousand Eritreans from all portions of the society. No ethnic group or religious affiliation can represent the people alone, nor can one dominate us based on being from the majority ethnic groups of the society. The moment one looks at us from the lenses of religious and ethnic prejudice, one denies oneself the privilege of being an Eritrean. Such individuals are enemies of the people that radiate their inferiority complex through the veil of hatred and stupidity. Our unity should sting them like a bee, chase them like a thief, trash and ridicule them like a traitor.

No individual or group that aims at the illusive unity of Eritrean and Ethiopian highlanders should be taken seriously about our country. There is no unity for Eritreans to make with non Eritreans in the region, no Eritrean highlander to unite with Ethiopian highlanders but only to concentrate on one Eritrea for Eritreans. There is no reason for an Eritrean to feel insecure of another Eritrean with different religion in the absence of any historical evidence of adversity but only to reject those who want to divide us based on their illusive understanding of our history with Ethiopians. We are not derivatives of the Axumite kingdom for we have our own history to manifest our eternal independence under any condition. We respect the Ethiopian highlanders and we share history with them as people of the same origin like all Africans do with their neighbors, but the history remains history in view of our contemporary existential reality. We Eritreans have nothing to do with our neighbors beyond good relationship as East Africans. Our common language and religion cannot, thus justify unity with them at the expense of the other Eritrean ethnic groups. All members of the Hispanic community have the same roots and language and so do all the Portuguese and Arabic speaking societies in the world. But all of them live in their respective countries based on their colonial histories like all Africans that justify their sovereignty through. The illusive theoreticians of the poisonous Tigrai-Tigrigni theory cannot justify their fantasy in the face of the universal chronicle of nations. Why are the few individuals in the classification dreaming the impossible then? Why should our situation be exceptional and what is the motivation behind the destructive theory that does not even have well documented materials?

The few insignificant losers that want to compromise our independence based on the illusive history of Axumite Kingdom can go to Axum and become Tigreans but we Eritreans have nothing to do with the history for we have our own history to depend on. The Tigreans started their independence struggle and changed their mind to stay Ethiopian. We only have to respect their choice and wish them the best but the Eritrean highlanders cannot be an alternative exit to their insecurity of living as Ethiopians with other adverse ethnic groups in the country. Any insecure Eritrean can either live accepting his/her Eritrawinet or become Ethiopian but we cannot sacrifice our unity and nationhood for the sake of few dreamers in this ridiculous and repulsive fantasy.

I consider Mekelle my home town and nothing will change my pleasure of having been Wedi-Mekelle. I love the Tigreans and admire what they did to their communities in a short time. I love my partially Tigrean nephews and nieces that I tightly relate with. I feel good having had the chance directing them since their childhood as a loving uncle. I am grateful for growing up there with maximum safety and respect of the elders that taught me everything I need for my adult survival as a citizen of the world. I want them to succeed and even have the temptation to give my gratitude by spending few years teaching the children of Tigrai, of course if time allows it. I want to see solid relationship between us in the future with clear acknowledgment that we helped each other during the struggle believing we were a family with different experiences and destinations. But we have different countries that we must respect at this juncture in our relationship. I identify with any human being as a member of the human race but I cannot think of identifying with them on the basis of language and religion let alone following the destructive path in motion. It does not make sense and will never happen. The vision is extremely unconscious, narrow, egoist, biased and dangerous to both societies that I reject without hesitation. I rather be a dignified Moslem to stay Eritrean than becoming one of them just because I came from the highland Eritrean community. It is ridiculous for an Eritrean to flirt with the idea of unity with Ethiopian highlanders because of religion and ethnicity. It would be a lot easier for us to unite with Ethiopia at large than entertaining this shallow and destructive idea from uncertain individuals in dreaming state of mind. I am too respectful and in love with our dignified Moslem communities to betray them through unethical identification with foreigner Christians who speak my language.

We only have one Eritrea to take care of with all its ethnic and religious groups and territorial boundaries wishing the best to our Tigrean brothers and sisters to do well in their country. I have nothing to fear from anyone of my peaceful Eritrean Moslem family because of my Christian religion, only to be careful about external threat from the neighboring countries. If ever I do, it would be of the divisive and selfish Christian prisoners of ignorance and ego that I have a hard time identifying with. I cannot be an Eritrean in full without my collective identity composed of all ethnic groups, languages and religions within. My role as a citizen is to respect our diversity, freeing my people from the chain of dictatorship and creating a peaceful and democratic nation that venerates its people living in harmony with its neighbors.

What is Agazian anyway if I pronounced it right? Is it a person’s name or that of an ethnic group’s? Was he a feudal lord or a chief of something? Are there related educational books around? Was Tigrai-Tigrigny a defined territory and when? Can you show me the map of this illusive nation instead of uttering it on my ears? Would you please help rationally teaching me about all these stories? Stop flirting with the divisive theory of Tigai-Tigrigni or Agazi-Agazian BS and concentrate on the welfare of all Eritreans as a unit. To seal this input, I tend to categorize the people that reflect their hatred towards our Moslem community including the few flirtatious with the poisonous Tigai-Tigrigni imagination as follows:

1)   They have to be insecure Ethiopian highlanders that regret their decision of being Ethiopian and want to separate from their country with a portion of the Eritrean highlanders.

2)   They have to be government agents that want to divide us in the lines of ethnicity and religion.

3)   They have to be insecure Eritreans about their Eritrawinet.

4)   They have to be Ethiopian agents that have not yet swallowed the independence of Eritrea.

5)   They have to be Ethiopian enemies of our people that express their resentment disguised as Eritreans.

Dear Eritreans; trust in your genuine conviction that nothing will disturb our unity, nor can the eluded theoreticians reverse our independence earned by the extraordinary sacrifice of our people. This suffering is temporary and the failure of EPLF to manage the Eritrean society is an unfortunate fluke that will be history sooner or later. The existence of Idi Amin did not neutralize Ugandan nationalism, nor did that of Mengistu in relation to Ethiopian nationalism. We are going through our share of dictatorial experience and that is all there is about the situation. The wicked dictator does not represent the quality of our people so don’t listen to the fakers that want to elude you by this vicious misinterpretation of reality. Eritrea does not have existential issue and it will survive. Even the Cambodians survived after PelPot killed 25% of the population in less than 4 years. For what I know, we are slowly walking towards a prosperous society like any other societies on planet earth.

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Review overview
  • Tesfai November 8, 2017

    I had read your reasonable and sane writings before here but this is not one of them. To begin with, there may have some violation of rights as Ghedli in Jebha-Shaebia had been doing for decades, last week but there was no “genocide”. You can call your friends in Asmara to confirm. Lets stay away from disastrous sensationalized “news’, based on lies AKA, Fake News – “28 people were gunned down in Asmara”.
    This reminds me the Islamic fatwa declared by one demented Shiek in Sudan a couple of days ago — against Christian Eritreans. By the way, where were these Arab Shieks hiding when the Eritreans were being sold in Arab slavery in Sudan, Egypt and Libya, including the beheading against innocent Eritrean refugees?

    You wrote, “First, I like to express my optimism about our people’s reaction to the barbaric genocide of our helpless people in Asmara. “

  • Simon G November 8, 2017

    EE/Mathematician Fesum,
    You have put it beautifully! Nothing to add at all.
    “Dear Eritreans; trust in your genuine conviction that nothing will disturb our unity, nor can the eluded theoreticians reverse our independence earned by the extraordinary sacrifice of our people. This suffering is temporary and the failure of EPLF to manage the Eritrean society is an unfortunate fluke that will be history sooner or later. The existence of Idi Amin did not neutralize Ugandan nationalism, nor did that of Mengistu in relation to Ethiopian nationalism. We are going through our share of dictatorial experience and that is all there is about the situation. The wicked dictator does not represent the quality of our people so don’t listen to the fakers that want to elude you by this vicious misinterpretation of reality. Eritrea does not have existential issue and it will survive. Even the Cambodians survived after PelPot killed 25% of the population in less than 4 years. For what I know, we are slowly walking towards a prosperous society like any other societies on planet earth.”

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

      Dear Simon
      Even though it is not important but for your information Futsum
      Abraha holds Masters degree in electrical engineering as far as
      I knew him back then .
      I am sure you know that I didn’t mean to argue especially with
      a person like you that I admire .

      • Simon G November 8, 2017

        Brother Ahmed,
        I admire you more than you can imagine!
        Correct, brother Fetsum has a BS in EE and he was also teaching mathematics (I got it from somewhere). I am sure you know about it, but by default though, to be an EE you have to be good in Math.
        Just to be clear that what I admire the most of the few people (You, Fetsum, Meretse, k. tewolde, etc.) here at Assenna is that your common sense.
        Education without common sense is just a raw knowledge.
        ምሁር ፈላጥን ምሁር ደንቆሮን ሓደ ኣይኮኑን ኢለ ‘የ ዝኣምን: የግዳስ ዲግሪ ስለዘይሰቐልኩ ቅንኢ ከይህለውኒ ይጠራጠር።

        • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

          Yes Simon , you are right he took teaching profession
          after he moved outside my residence area . I forgot
          about it . My apology for both of you .
          And about holding degree , you earned knowledge
          plus wisdom from life experience .
          You gained it my respected friend . I just wish
          you health and peace of mind .

          • Simon G November 8, 2017

            Thank you brother Ahmed!
            *correction: please replace the BSEE with MSEE.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

    Brother Futsum
    For few years we lived together in the same USA city , I saw your easy
    going humble attitude . The above article reflects your personality .
    Empty pride and unreserved support to one man rule cost our people
    dearly . People may ride a train together but only the wise know when
    and where to get off . I am sure many assenna.com visitors appreciate
    your contribution to inform and your efforts to bring consciousness for
    Eritreans in general .
    Your childhood memory in Mekele and your love for Tigrai people is
    something nobody can take away from you . I respect that . Keep it up .

  • Kalighe November 8, 2017

    Dear Fetsum

    The so-called Agazian group are putting Tigray in trouble because their divisive message has reached Ethiopian Muslims. The latter are a minority in Tigray but not in Ethiopia. They are not going to tolerate attempt to create a Christian-Judaic nation at the expense of their diverse communities.
    Eritreans have nothing to fear, they know this diabolic dream of dividing Eritrea and Ethiopia along sectarian lines will never be realized. No body in his right mind thinks a marginal fascist group will reconfigure the geopolitics of Horn of Africa.
    We the people of Eritrea lived in peace, side by side for generations, and despite the apparent difference of ethnicity on the surface, we are one people. Social history of Eritrea shows that people who were one time (hundred years ago) Tigrigna are now Saho and vise versa. People who were Tigrigna are now Tigre and vise versa. People who were Saho are now Tigre. Eritreans are so inter-related that there is no group that is not connected to others in some way or another.
    An now, finally, we defeated the divisive tactics of Mr. Iseyas. We have sent a clear message to him and to his supporters: We are one people, we will never allow you to divide us.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

      Only cowards betray the principle our martyrs paid for . But we
      the living have obligation to fulfill the promise vowed to them .
      Halima – Abrehet and Yousuf- Mussie represent Eritrean society
      fabrics .
      Aslamay – Christianay , wedi kola-dega kibehal kelo abey neyrom
      iyom ezom terfraf weytotat mokh zebluna zelewu

  • Yitbarekh November 8, 2017

    Eritreans (led by the ruinous urbanite elite) waged one of longest and most barbaric Ghedli hoping to harvest a utopian look-alike nation. What they have gotten in return is a return back to the middle ages.
    Unless the highland useless elites and the sold out korakur who keep praising and complementing the untrustworthy and destructive malicious muslims wake up soon from their deep sleep and comas, and also the tragic useful idiots abandon the servitude that they are chained in, the outcome to our poor Eritrea is going to be similar to the current hell in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.
    It is really very sad to see and read of some sold out opportunists undermining our intelligence with a second hand recycled garbage as a credible article. This so called Fetsum Abraha who looks and sounds like a typical Ghedli fugitive and USA monkey fraudster preaching about fake brotherhood with the criminal murderers jihadists muslim savage talibans. Some Eritreans with exceptional intelligence know already deep inside their heart that it is the Ethiopian (and the Tigrayans) who will be there to save the Eritrean Christian highlanders when savage criminal killers muslims come with their swords to Islamize and Arabize poor Eritrea.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

      Yitbarek or whatever you are ;
      Better understand that you have the right of free speech but we know
      who is who in this forum . Therefore we have no choice to brush off
      destructive comments . For now enjoy darkness alone by yourself
      where nobody give a damn about your alike .

      • Yitbarekh November 8, 2017

        You are just an ignorant asshole pimp with no relevance and should just be ignored and dumped to the savage Arabs garbage gutter where you belong.
        Leave Eritrean issues to real dekebat Eritreans! You just keep concentrating on your savage muslim jihadist destructive and blooded missions. Drop dead asshole pimp.

    • Nahon November 8, 2017

      Yitbarekh (aka Teclay Agazi the rootless)

      Last week Eritreans crossed the Rubicon. There were no meetings and resolutions, but by grace of God, we stood together shoulder to shoulder, and with one strong voice, told Higdef and their boss: ‘We are one nation, we are here to live in harmony and peace for ever”.
      Of course Higdef, still have people like you, who are good at insults but nothing else.
      You lost even the propaganda war. Now many people are telling you, how stupid you are, when you think you can create a fascist nation called Agazian by removing Eritrea and Ethiopia from world map, and reducing it’s Muslim populations to second class citizens in Eritrea, in Tigray and elsewhere in Ethiopia.
      You are so stupid when you think Eritrean Christians will join you.
      While they are struggling to get rid of Iseyas, they don’t have much love left for people like you. You have abused their tolerant culture to too long.
      People know you are ‘kirdad’ of highland society, don’t dream too much because this ‘Agazian fascist nation’ it will never happen.

  • Yitbarekh November 8, 2017

    We know, the pitiful highland elites and the small time crooks like that Fetsun Abraham are sadly brainwashed to hate everything that has been passed down to them from their forefathers: their identity, their culture and the proud ancient and civilized history of their ancestors. Unfortunately, they are taught to love their enemies and despise their own kin. They are taught to honor and celebrate the savage history of the radical Islamists of the Rabita Al-Islamiya foreign evils and to despise the rich history of their fathers and of the proud Habeshas. It is a mystery and sad slavery mentality. I would also like to inform gullible readers that many of the commentators and article writers in this narcissistic website are not necessarily highland Eritreans. There are many from the Mensae and the Bilin tribes with names similar to the highland names of Fetsum and Abraham. Otherwise, this ugly crook traitor should beheaded by his savage moslem admirers for being a so called pure “Christian” Eritrean from Islamic Mars. He may actually trying hard to get out of USA welfare dependency trap and get into savage Arabs handouts.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 8, 2017

      You see how easy was to peel your skin . Nefahito with various
      colors can not hide its natural body form . Hahahaha
      Eritrean want to be stranger try to hide behind religion and
      racist rhetoric . What a loser person you could be has been
      exposed long time ago . Give it up

  • k.tewolde November 8, 2017

    Wow! Fitsum,you spilled your guts didn’t you,if there is any true blood Eritrean who was not rocked and rolled,moved and grooved,felt butterflies like a teenager looking at his/her first love by this testimonial article written by a beloved son of the land itself,you need lobotomy.You spoke from the heart,and you painted a quaint picture of the organic Eritrea all of us fought for and our enemies envy and lose sleep for that nation to disappear into thin air.They can’t stand us,they can’t stand our unified beauty and swag which is being displayed across the globe lately,they can’t duplicate the original.Their leader in adi halo might be popping a lot of nitroglycerin nowadays.Folks he hates us,because he is not one of us like I said to my comrades at age 15 in Mogoraib some moons ago,we just didn’t see it.I dedicate this above article as the chronicle that resonated the Eritrean October Revolution.Proud of you Fitsum.Right on!

    • k.tewolde November 8, 2017

      Let me highlight,the Eritrean October Revolution spearheaded by the brave father Hajj Mussa who wielded his sling the at the iron clad giant.

      • Gezae November 8, 2017

        Think twice before you leap once. Don’t aggrandize please examine and determine.

        Almost every movement in modern history has been infiltrators using many tactics we are now seeing in occupy. Virtually every movement has disruption activities. Among the groups are the Eritrean Muslim fundamentalists. For decades, these organized and well-funded groups were working to subvert the Socio-cultural Identity and replace it with an Islamic law has focused on infiltrating all levels and branches of the PFDJ government.
        More recently, these Muslim infiltrators presence within the Eritrean political landscape has intensified, accelerated, and become more visible with the establishment of nonprofit political action organizations. The Muslim group/s stated goal of transforming Eritrean society from within in preparation for an eventual takeover is clearly moving forward fueled by the efforts of these groups and their elites success within the Muslim community.

        The Muslim infiltrators as political action front groups with no more traceable ties to Muslim groups that are organizing external political support to influence both public opinion in Eritrea and the PFDJ government and its leadership. Their tactical strategy indicated the need to peacefully get inside the Eritrean Government for the purpose of meeting the ultimate goal of overthrowing the secular government. They tried several times in different ways; however, they did not succeeded or made it.
        The peaceful infiltrating group, was created by some members of the PFDJ government to empower and engage the political potential of the Muslim community. Its mission statement was/is exploitation of the growing political disorder inside PFDJ and the government in particular as well as the community in broad, the promotion of issues important to Muslim Eritreans and the development of strategies for political advocacy on their behalf. These political infiltration, the threat to Socio-cultural Identity of the people of Eritrea and country abate temporarily for their third times.

      • Gezae November 8, 2017

        Likewise, at the municipal level of Zoba MaEkel, communities are confronting. But they need to make sure that public officials and key segments of the public understand the problems and the responses most likely to work. The standard approach should to hold public meetings where representatives of all interest groups gather and air their views. But public meetings alone will not produce informed decisions. First, stakeholders have to learn about the complexof the involvement. Second, to negotiate a truly informed agreement, they have to understand the concerns of other groups. It is not easy to pull together agreements that will have widespread support. Finally they need tools to highlight their common interests they can all accept, instead of emphasizing their differences and disagreements. Because:

        Fundamentalism of any kind of relifion certainly is dangerous. because zealots often focus all of their energy of spirit on one point. This allows them to feel powerful because they see how deeply that one point can cut. But in truth, they do not necessarily have more energy of spirit than others. They simply channel it differently. That being the case, rather than showing that they have strong virtues, they are actually just showing that they have few virtues.

        Any type of fundamentalism, extremism, or zealotry does not necessarily have anything to do with God or religion. How many agents or infiltrators can we expect to see inside these damn movements? I know the Infiltration tactics will continue, perhaps have even escalated, but I do not comprehend why these so called justice seekers asking democracy change rally insuport these types of groups which are the enemies of democracy and progresses.

        • k.tewolde November 8, 2017

          People came out peacefully to show their grievance and they were met with hail of bullets and their spokesman thrown in jail,you call that ‘secular government’? what kind of book are you reading? this time I will leave you for the Eritrean people to judge.

          • Gezae November 9, 2017

            Yet, you do not understand the tactics of the strategy Asmarino K.Tewolde!!!!

            It’s been said that clothes make the man. In biblical terms we can assert that the character of the people will determine what type of doctrine gets. Our nation was founded on the belief that religious man undergirds a society. In the last resort, our civilization is what we think and believe. The externals matter, but they cannot stand if the inner convictions which originally produced them have vanished. Dirty (sinful) religiouse doctrine/politics is simply the reflection of sinful men and women–politicians in the name of religions and followers included.

            These days, I no longer think one group of people as healthy and another unhealthy. In fact, my community is no longer built around common beliefs; it’s built around common character. I want to be surrounded by the good guys, whether they are Christian, Atheists, Democrats or Muslim. I don’t care. What I care about is whether or not they are true and good and humble and able to have safe, healthy relationships.

            This, of course, is confusing for people who live in “the country” to understand. They are so convinced that “other people” are unsafe they are no longer capable of reaching outside their own beliefs to establish relationships. I find this sad because they are missing out on a world of experiences and friendships and memories they could have if they only knew the truth, that there are as many monsters inside their village as outside.

        • Dawit November 9, 2017

          Very well said brother Gezae and please just continue with your positive contributions and inputs. The deQalus shit of the old criminal barbaric evil ELF mendef never stop from poisoning our poor innocent young generation with their criminal corrupted ELF Islamic cancerous hidden agendas.

  • Danilo November 8, 2017

    Fetsums article is timely open and honest that gives way to understand our value of unity as people and nation for every one who needs it no matter what we believe in religious, regional concept, or ethnicity. We are made from that anyway but why the tigray – tigrigni the evil card? I guess we have to answer this question before any damage which is inevitable from Agiazian

  • AMEN November 8, 2017

    I learned a lot.
    I came to know who you are and everyone is
    very close now more than ever before.
    Though I had some clues and assumptions
    about you and what you were doing it was
    not as conclusive fact as it stands now.
    Thank you for all the good works we did and
    accomplished together. That was I was talking
    about !!!!!!!!! And still talking about.
    I am so glad of what I did and of being part of
    the liberating struggle……
    Yours Always,

  • fetsum November 8, 2017

    Yitbarek or whatever!
    Save us from what? I hope you mean from you! Get a life for heavens sake! If you don’t like people with tendency to Islamize others, what makes your attitude different from the dreamers that want to Christianize others? I hate to tell you this but I rather identify with anything than with you. Ethiopians are in the same cavity like us anyway and please save yourself from ignorance and prejudice before dreaming of saving us from the imagination in your terrified mind. You don’t even have the capacity to control your emotions and complete a sentence with decency. Can you imagine any rational person to drag his life with you? Your narrow consciousness and hatred are eating you alive. You are nothing but a sufferer of misery with your insignificant miserable associates let alone having the wisdom and intelligence to convince even an idiot about your ridiculous social agenda.
    Not personalizing your filth but your empty mind through your own words. “ this blabla called blabla who looks and sounds like a typical Ghedli fugitive and USA monkey fraudster”– what does a ghedli fiugitive and USA monkey look like? Coming to this forum with this level of ignorance should motivate you to face your image in privacy; go to the rest room and do that before you open your mouth as such.

    • Dawit November 9, 2017

      Brother Yitbarekh, ignore this savage ugly ignorant Ugandan Gorilla and sub-human called Fitsum or whatsoever! He probably got the Fitsum shit name from his savage Arab slave masters as they keep calling/using Fitsum shit with all their abeeds/black slave dogs!
      Brother Yitbarekh, we’ve had and will continue to have sold outs/traitors and useless barking enemies of Ethiopia/Eritrea and our beautiful Habesha Christianity, these wild barking from rootless beggars like this dude shit are not new at all. However, we should ask this so-called Fitsum shit Ghedli fugitive and USA fraudster as to WHY he was in the USA prison for more than three years???? Before he comes up with another meaningless garbage article he should come out clean and explain to assenna’s readers why he was in the USA prison? We don’t wish to be lectured or poisoned by a USU criminal crook and welfare/food stamps beggar. We should also ask this criminal crook beggar of the USA as to WHY he abandoned Ghedli and returned to the USA empty handed?? I would also be very sad if this criminal crook beggar was to be given an opportunity to teach or train the poor innocent kids of Mekelle, who in his/her right mind would ever want to be trained or taught by a dodgy criminal crook and beggar shit???? The authority in Mekelle would be so desperate and mad/insane to even contemplating of employing a renowned criminal crook beggar and old ghedli’s fugitive. Last but not least, why do assenna moderators or owner allow a rootless criminal crook beggar??