Fetsum: The ultimate destination of the dictator: Either the tube Or the graveyard

Fetsum: The ultimate destination of the dictator: Either the tube Or the graveyard I dedicate this article to beautiful Hanna Petros Solomon, my symbol of endurance and survival under extreme conditions of life. Watching this beautiful

Fetsum: The ultimate destination of the dictator: Either the tube Or the graveyard

I dedicate this article to beautiful Hanna Petros Solomon, my symbol of endurance and survival under extreme conditions of life. Watching this beautiful daughter of our freedom fighters that perished under the brutal regime for nothing other than requesting democracy in Eritrea (at Geneva) was a mind boggling experience. May God help her continue the strength that can only evolve from exceptional inner peace and love that ordinary human beings are hardly blessed with!

Hanna PetrosI was complaining saying that I regret God took a lot of time to respond at the expense of extreme suffering of our people. That I resent him allowing the dictator and his Monkeys, Kisha’s and Charlies to devalue life to this extent of havoc; bitterly protesting his giving them this long a time to realize what they have been doing to the Eritrean people without any provocation, yet without success.

And a down to earth Born-Again Christian who is not proud of our culture told me that God manipulates a leader’s heart to punish a given society for its inappropriate mannerism like he used Mengistu Hailemariam to diffuse the arrogance and fake superiority complex of some Ethiopians in the past. He said he has been likewise using the dictator to punish us for our rigidity, ego, worshipping a human being and exceptionalist mindset acquired specially during the struggle for independence and beyond. He then said that God finally lets go after achieving a positive result out of the terrible experience, and closed his lecture showing me something in the Bible to this effect; although I don’t remember the specifics of the verse to share it in this media.

Folks, it so seems that God may have finally started getting involved one way or another, delivering his message using the mouth piece of a person of his choice in what they call prophecy, his mysterious way of communicating with any entity in relevance. In our situation, I believe he did after 25 years of deafening silence. Here is a non edited version of what he transmitted to the Eritrean people through the brother as intact as he posted the message in Facebook towards the end of last year.

TODAY I’M VERY EXCITED. GLORY TO God IN JESUS NAME. The Lord just spoke to me about our country Eritrea and he says he will start blessing our country from this New Year 2016. He also said, no more poverty, no more pain, no more sickness & suffer & no more cry in that country. He also said I have heard my people Cry. He ALSO said, ‘I will start blessing your country very well’. just pls everybody say Amen and it will happen, this is for real trust me guys. God bless you All”; November 12 .2015 

 I don’t know how it grabs you but the message despite its quality of the English language has significant value to me, a person with no defined religion that strictly believes in spirituality mainly because of the perfect timing considering its moment of release and what has been going on with us in 2016 including the UN commission’s conclusion on the regime’s crimes against humanity, the unparalleled Diaspora demonstrations for freedom and justice that terrorized the domestic enemies into aligning with our worst enemies and the emergence of the Global Grassroots Movement, the best strategy of democratizing Eritrea at least in my opinion if we do our share.

In so saying, life offers many opportunities for a sinner to cleans his/her sins through redemption and forgiveness, compassion and humility and God gives mercy to those that finally understand their destructive effect on humanity and rebound before it gets too late. He leaves them alone otherwise, vulnerable for anything a dehumanized society can provide its cumulative reaction on. The choice of the dictator in the last excruciating 25 years of turbulence could have been between life and death depending on his performance of the last few years despite his incredible offense against the Eritrean people. He may even still have a chance of saving his life in this last hour should he truly face his situation minus self deception and leave the country with his stolen money. There is no doubt, however, that his future will EITHER be the fate of Kaddafi in the tube OR Saddam Hussein’s destiny in the graveyard if he decides to continue destroying humanity, though he has no ammunition left to inflict beyond. All this because the unified support, sacrifice and dedication of the people for the Independence struggle under the then Tegadalai Isaias Afwerki has now resurrected as their anger, hatred and revenge against his absolute dictatorship into amalgamated temptation to burry him alive a lot sooner that his recent “see you in the 50th Anniversary of the Eritrean Independence” rhetoric in front of God and the people at large. His extreme urge to continue his damage for yet, the coming 25 years of demonic vision is about to signify his remaining short sleepless life in confinement and apprehension.

It was amazing to me hearing the mercenary Ginbot-7 clique demonstrating in his support saying “yeminwedew wendimachin’en degaf lemestet new yemetanew”. What a disgrace for a falling dictator to loose the love and trust of the entire Eritrean people for the aging Ethiopian enemies that could not swallow our independence 25 years into effect. This dark historical happenstance will certainly remain in the minds of generations ahead. One cannot fail below this mark of failure; the Devil curse his soul; I wonder what he thinks about the renaissance of the Eritrean resistance in contrast. Whatever he may feel immaterial, our people’s culture of forgiveness may safely dispose the conformist elements of the brutal regime with amnesty and reconciliation but not the GANG of FOUR in the death row of their justice system that neither their Ethiopian supporters nor God can rescue. I predict these coward and selfish individuals have no gut to practically implement their simulated fearlessness by killing themselves at the last minute of their survival. They will be caught alive wetting their pants on!

Briefly analyzing the events agitates me to comment on the following inputs:

Asmeret: Indeed, the balance has tipped towards change long ago and Geneva has just confirmed the trend. Nonetheless, we will hardly make strides unless we get organized to depose the failing regime. Although the regime is fading, we can’t deny the fact that it has a better organized machine. Unfortunately, that is our main weakness, lack of leadership. It is hard to bring change that affects a nation though Ad hoc entity’s. A timely reminder Emmanuel as usual

It seems now! The ball is on the hands of politicians. Since the true politics and national harmony with no hidden interest exist, many could do miracles as has been done on the era of GEDLI.

Robi abr: Lets go together to realize our dream

k.tewolde: The warhead is ready to be deployed, we just have to orient it in the right direction.

Simon G: Thanks Emma and the rest of the huge demonstrators. I was just wondering if some one could be able to organize this huge crowd, why can’t those same persons lead a political organization? This tells us we have more in common (one enemy) than some trivial differences. If we can just focus on the common denominators, HGDF will be over in a very short time.

Comment: All the commentators definitely agree that the time for the dictatorship to go to hell is way over due and that the tide has shifted towards the resistance over all with something critical missing. Asmeret calls it lack of leadership. PH declares that the “The ball is [now] on the hands of politicians”. Robi remind us all to realize our dream together while brother K.tewelde confidently says the warhead is in place but should be oriented to the right direction. And Simon G. does his input based on the capacity of the remarkable event organizers.

But Folks, let us be honest to our selves!!

I confront articulate Amleset if she matched her claim by supporting the Global Initiative Grassroots Movement for Global leadership or she is just bluffing? Is the good-hearted PH implying the solution to come from the Political Parties and other undefined politicians in the resistance? How about from the people? Is he/she aware of the existence of the Global Initiative elements trying hard to unite the Eritreans for potent universal political representation or he/she has something else in the mind? How does positive Robi think we should do what he suggested in the remark? Should we just together walk and invade Eritrea removing the enemies without any viable political strategy? How may we orient eloquent K.tewelde’s loaded warhead to the right direction or who should pull the trigger from the many components in the resistance? And how does optimist Simon G relate the capacity of our event organizers to formidable political presence in the international arena?

We must understand that we cannot help the situation unless we decide to directly involve with the most promising activism in the pool. Nothing will change unless we nurture what we have at hand or if we dwell in the past illusive history of failure. The question is what  Voice of Assenna is talking about by “Let’s do our homework to make the success in Geneva the beginning of the end of the dictatorship in Eritrea”

Clear is that the voice means our humanitarian case in the UN has succeeded to at lease categorize the brutal regime correctly. We, however, need to be practical if we want to bring change together. We must understand that we have a political gap that we should close to win the fight for we cannot do it alone without the world backing the mission in place. We have to think carefully, see what we have at hand and pick the most optimistic strategy of success. Then we must join it and agitate others to follow so that we can increase in number and strengthen our unified presence to earn political respect from the international community not through the power of the mouth but by tangible statistical evidence like the humanitarian issue was crystallized through the direct testimony of more than 800 victims of the regime. The mouth did not work there but tangible evidence of the crimes against humanity did.

For this to effectuate, we need to revise our history of division, vicious cycle of failing to cease moments and killing opportunities like the Vaccaroean unity movement that disappeared after he passed away. We killed it because we did not nurture it; as simple as that!! We have to be careful not to waste the relentless effort of the Global Initiative for Global Leadership which can easily die out like Vacarro’s unless we cherish it by direct participation. Trust me that this will disappear too unless you develop it for no entity can survive without the support of its people.

Assenna’s message in my opinion thus boils down to this effect; a reminder for all of us to support the Grassroots movement without hesitation and delay.

I salute the Eritrean people that clearly told the world about their dire situation through unparalleled voice all over the place. I take this opportunity warning them that it is not over yet and our future depends on how we intensify the final stage of the struggle under the best remedy on the ground; the Global Initiative’s Grassroots Movement of our hard working intellectuals. I strongly remind you that any type of ICC verdict against our enemies alone won’t cut the cake for it only means success on our society’s humanitarian issues that won’t make it alone without political success to complete the challenge ahead. I advise you to accelerate the fight for freedom by giving your names without delay and hesitation. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD TO DENY YOUR FREEDOM FOR YOUR NAMES!! I beg you to actively participate in the Global Initiative’s soon to be launched ACTION PLAN so we can start electing the committees towards Global Leadership of the people destined to temporarily replace the regime until the society elects its leaders through genuine democratic process. The moto lomi zeykete darga kemzimote that was exploited by the heinous regime to vandalize the society for the last 25 years of disaster should now be correctly applied to bring freedom and justice to the Eritrean people, yet under the guideline of the Global Initiative at hand. I seriously challenge the Eritrean people to question themselves whether they have a better remedy in place and to not unnecessarily procrastinate our democracy without tangible alternative in mind by staying passive in the anticipated upcoming elections of local committees in their respective areas of residence.

Finally, I feel dignified to appreciate, admire and thank the relentless contribution of our all rounded activists and humanitarians, and the Assenna team in general that elevated the quality of the resistance to this point of pinnacle. I specially forward my honest gratitude to the gallant Eritrean fighter Ammanuel Iyasu who has been at the front line of the Eritrean people’s struggle to peacefully and freely live in their motherland in full agreement with  ደላይ ፍትሒ’s “አማኒኤል ኢያሱ ታሪኽ ትሰርሕ አለኻ አጆኻህዝቢ መንእሰይ አሎ አብ ጎድንኻ”

May God help us do the right thing at the moment to swiftly rectify the collective problem of our people!!


Review overview
  • Alem June 28, 2016

    Did they (the so called liberators) betray us (the people) or we betrayed them?

  • zeray June 28, 2016

    Fitsum, you are waTa in America and I do not know how to say it in english but too much miwidas.

  • PH June 28, 2016

    Great wish to dedicate this article for the daughter of petros selomon that may give her satisfaction.
    And olso to as commented on what actually should be done. However, MR FUTSUM :is there some one fitting? I dearly love to see. Civilian leader from the people

    • Alem June 28, 2016

      We wouldn’t have had all these problem if we had a civilian leader elected by people..

    • fetsum abraham June 29, 2016

      Dear PH,
      A leader does not come out of the blue but out of organized trend where some one pops out from. we cannot get a leader unless we build the foundation for one to come out from. The global initiative can ultimately evolve a l;leader but we have to help them develop the grassroots movement by direct participation. thank u

  • PLASTIC EGO June 28, 2016

    Dearest Deqi Erena ,

    I am connecting the dots together and I am fairly convinced Isaias,Weyane and the west are working hand in hand to dismantle Eritrea of her prescious independence ,actually the agenda must have been there from the begginning. There seems to be a new invasion coming from globalist Weyane for decisive war to overthrow our government and force Eritrea be part of global East African bloc under Ethiopian leadership.
    Globalist Abay Woldu assured the people of Adwa on his recent visit that the ERitrean government will go by peace or by force..try connecting it with Ethiopia trying to convince the west ,it is ready to dismantle Eritrean government5.These is not the time to point fingers at Higdef supporters or Weyane sponsored socalled opposition party..Ethiopia has ready Eritrean stooges near Tsoronsa to invade Eritrea and set up a puppet government.
    ቅድሚ ኩሉ ሃገር ኢልና ዘምጻእናያ ነጻነት ወያነ ከፍርሳ ከሎ ኬድካ ምውጋእ ናይ ኩላትና ግደ ክኸውን ኣለዎ

    • Almaz June 28, 2016

      Plastic key
      Do not change the discussion. Weyane has nothing to do with our repression and violation of our rights. If u feel they are linked and want to fight wey ane go back home and carry the gun. I will come to visit your grave.

    • Asmerom June 28, 2016

      Just think of it, if people who taste and enjoy the fruits of democracy in the Western world would keep supporting a dictator who kills their brothers and sisters, why would a neighbor (Ethiopia) feel the pain or responsibility to invade Eritrea and replace DIA?
      Eritreans should solve Eritrean problem. Nobody can give freedom on a plate or take away from the plate to any body. For any future change to have any meaning or to work in Eritrea, it should be won by the united action of the Eritrean people. Otherwise, a third party (in this case, Ethiopia) in an extremely divided society is a recipe for disaster.
      The Ethiopian factor had united Eritreans in the past for the wrong cause (remember the awful Ghedli). This time too it will be no different, it might even be the worst ISIS in our habesha Eritrea & Ethiopia causing so much miseries and mayhems.

    • Andom June 28, 2016

      Kid mo gemrelna plastic. Highon nighon mishetn shimkin mikyar tifetwa ekin.
      Watch the video of geneva demo by the people. We have spoken. We want to bury higdef. Your master

    • Alem June 28, 2016

      We are very happy to see higdef criminals go. Period. And they will. Berry verry soon.

    • Sirak June 29, 2016

      Sorry but you are connecting the wrong dots to come to the wrong conclusion. Eritreans are doing the most and worst damages to Eritrea without the hands or involvement of Ethiopia.
      What would Ethiopia gain from dismantling Eritrea except more refugees and more troubles? Ethiopia especially TPLF knows that in a rainy day they going need Eritreans on their sides
      against the Amharas and the Oromos may be and possibly in a near future..

    • Natnael June 30, 2016

      Dear EGO,

      I do also have unfortunately the same opinion. I am also convinced that Ato Isaias, Weyane and the west (USA,Germany, Sweden, England,…etc) are working hand in hand to dismantle Eritrea of her hard won independence. We only need to analyse the logic of the nonsense actions (border war, emprisening innocent ministers (G15), Sinai, Mediterranean tragedies,…etc) done upon us, innocent Eritreans who only demanded our freedom. EPLF & WOYANE (together !) dismantled Derg and now they have problems to expose their original evil intentions (target!).

      We have to realy analyse who is fighting against us (especially medial and psychologicaly), not everyone who seems to be a friend is a real friend !. Look for example at MEDREK, that was almost born in Germany (Frankfurt) ! We saw the birth, no matter who the constituents were. But where is this organisation now and what is it doing now exactly? Every stage / process is obscure. Why can not we (the people) participate in the developments of the so-called democratic and transparent organisation? People, let’s not be too naive ! Lets observe criticaly what is going on. Crying and Shouting in Geneva (Switzerland !) may be only a justification to the unknown decision coming ! We must not be surprised later if the outcome does`t coincide with our expectations.. . ,

  • fetsum abraham June 29, 2016

    I am sorry you guys are still missing the message of the article a usual. when are you getting for real; aren’t you tired of being ineffective?. Are you ready for democracy through global l;leadership or not? can you please concentrate on this rather than wasting life on something irrelevant to your freedom and democracy? Are you ready to change it all the way through empowerment of the people the Global Initiative including Emanuel are working hard on? Are you going to waste this one too like you wanted Vocarro’s initiative as if this is your culture? please get to the point and discuss the content of the article seriously.

  • fetsum abraham June 29, 2016

    Please read “Are you going to waste this one too like you wasted Vocarro’s initiative as if this is your culture?” thank you

  • k.tewolde June 29, 2016

    Fitsum’s message,lets be doers than talkers,simple.I will take this opportunity to remind one true fact,if our quest NIFITHI depended upon some of the commentators in this medium we will be in big trouble,fortunately it is not,there are intrinsic rules that govern the direction and outcome of the Eritrean struggle and definitely they are not by shady characters like PLASTIC EGO et all,same as the Brexit sent shocks through the global markets and spooked investors to hide in safe havens,but it didn’t determine the doom and gloom that was predicted by financial experts.The leading indicators are telling us the tyrant and his oppressive apparatus is crumbling,are we erecting ours?Are we doing and do we have what it takes to transition this nation that never saw a tranquil day for awhile to a place where her children can daydream their future peacefully?Yes,there are people out there duking it day in and day out,God bless them,lets give them a hand,lets recognize them,lets emulate them.Brother Fitsum,point well taken.Keep doing what you doing and more.

    • Asefaw G. June 29, 2016

      You made good points and well said in all but talking about Brexit. once the devil man Esayas is gone with his gangsters we should have a referendum in Eritrea whether the Muslims should rejoin with the Sudan or stay in Eritrea. Eritrean people should have a say about their future just like the British.

      • Simon G. June 29, 2016

        Asefaw G.
        Just curious here. How about if someone asked you if they can have a referendum whether the Christians should stay or rejoin Ethiopia? I would be insulted. They never been Sudanese to begin with and why rejoin now? Eritrea belongs to all of us. Isn’t it?

      • k.tewolde June 29, 2016

        Asefaw,an intact entire nation left a union and the people voted to exit not for religious reason.What are you getting at?and why particularly Muslims,are you Islamophobic?Or are you telling us subliminally the departure of the tyrant will splinter our nation on religious grounds? otherwise, sincerely thanks.

      • Tsige June 30, 2016

        I absolutely agree with you haw Asefaw but how about the Christian people of Eritrea should they not also have a say in a referendum if they want to rejoin their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia? In a free and democratic Eritrea all options should be open to the people of Eritrea but without any pressure or influences from the outside world.

      • Natnael June 30, 2016

        Asefaw !

        Do you want to repeat the Federation – Annexation ERA of the 50s ? The question then was division of Eritrea into Western part (to Sudan) and the mainly christiian KEBESA (to Ethiopia).? The result was the problem that lead to the 30-years war for independence ! The Kebesa-Metahit (Moslem-Christian).- I mean we have fought this problem in the Gedli Era dilligently and we have no more problem with Kebesa-Metahit.. Our problem now is Ethiopia. .

        • Eden June 30, 2016

          Natnael, sorry but it seems you are sadly day dreamer and delusional still blaming Ethiopia for all Eritrea’s problems. When are you going to hold up your hand and admit your own mistakes and failures? Because just blaming others is not going to get you out of day dreaming and your messes.

      • Nogoda June 30, 2016

        Asefaw G.
        Thank you for your comment and timely question or reminder. In a new born Eritrea there will be no stones unturned and no issues untouched all will be examined and brought to the people of Eritrea for final decisions.
        So no more lame excuses or blaming the usual poor Ethiopia for all our weaknesses and failures of the past. Time to wake up, to get real and to be prepared for hard decisions and looking into all the lies and crimes committed against the Eritrean people in the false pretext of unity/Hadinetina crap.

      • GOODBYE eritrea June 30, 2016

        Dearest Asfaw G.

        Refferendum should be given ,but not to moslems or Christians ,The Kunamas and Afars never wanted to be part of cruel Eritrea..They should be given to choose federetion with the rest of Eritrea Join their kilil in Ethiopia or full independence. Your preposition is unworkable ,The Jebertis are all over..Tigres are moslems and Christians ,so are bilens..does Akhiriya in Asmara become Jeberti kilil of little Jeddah….The Lowland people have an organization that represents them ,established in England ,they are not seeking moslem nation…They are just tired ..Jebha caused their massacre ,komandis robbed them and reffered them as deqi Halima..the same with mama Shaibiya ..reffered them as deqi Halima ,religios zealots, which does not apply to metaHit moslems.
        In my opinion It would be irresponsible.


  • Gual Eritra June 29, 2016

    Yes it is important to be prepared with a Transitional Elected Body before the fall of the present regime. Many countries have done it such as the South Africans, the East Timoreans ect. ect.
    We need to look at our constitution first and consult with the Eritrean and International Constitutional lawyers on the procedure and format.
    And then do the election, we can not mess with the road to democracy.

  • Simon G. June 29, 2016

    Nice article as usual, Brother Fetsum!
    Knowledge by itself is just like potential energy, unless it is utilized knowledge won’t be translated to Power. I am as guilty as the majority of us when it comes to take action. So, less talking more doing.

  • BERHANE June 30, 2016