Global church body to intervene in Ethiopia – Eritrea border dispute

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has said it will pray and work for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia in an attempt to partake in the resolution of a longstanding border dispute. This was disclosed by

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has said it will pray and work for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia in an attempt to partake in the resolution of a longstanding border dispute.

This was disclosed by a WCC delegation that visited the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church last month in what was labeled a historic visit by the body. It was the first time in over a decade that such a visit had been executed.

The delegation was led by WCC programme executive and convener for Africa, Dr. Nigussu Legesse and Fr. Dr. Daniel Buda head of the Ecumenical Relations. They were met at the Asmara International Airport by high ranking officials of the Eritrean Church.

The two parties held synod meetings following which the WCC delegation visited ancient monastries and archeological excavation sites dating back some 1,700 years.

“We came here with great expectations and we are looking forward to having constructive dialogue and encounters with the Eritrean Orthodox Church which is our WCC member church here in Eritrea and with other churches, religious communities and state authorities,” said Legesse during the synod meeting.

What the Ethiopia – Eritrea border dispute is about

Political and security tensions between the two neighbours ocassionally escalates since Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993 over a common border. Their contentious border stretch was the subject of mediation by Algeria in 2000.

The then Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki signed a border demarcation agreement in Algiers but the terms has yet to be fully implemented. It led to a two-year long war in 1998 which claimed about 70,000 lives.

Eritrea in its address to the United Nations 72nd General Assembly in September 2017 called for an end to what it said was Ethiopia’s continued occupation of sovereign Eritrea. Eritrea described the act as a security risk to the entire Horn of Africa region.

They also asked the United Nations Security Council to lift ‘ueseless and unjustified’ arms sanctions imposed on them since 2009. The U.S.-led sanctions were imposed with the reason that Asmara was supporting Somali-based Al-Shabaab insurgents, a claim they have denied.

About the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church

The Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church is the biggest church in the country and has some 2 and half million members, with 15,000 priests worldwide including diaspora churches in North America and Europe. The church has eight dioceses in Eritrea and two in the Diaspora.

The Church was recognized by Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria after Eritrea gained its independence in 1993.

It is an Oriental Orthodox church with its headquarters in Asmara. It joined the WCC in 2003 and is also a member of All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), and other religious bodies in the Horn of Africa region.

Oriental Orthodox Churches played a strong missionary role during Christianity’s early stages, and have had a leading role in the history of Christianity in Egypt and the northern part of Africa.

Source: AfricaNews

Review overview
  • TesfaldetAbraha October 5, 2017

    እዚ ድአ ፍሉጥ እንድዩ ወያነ ብቸርች ገሮም ንዕርቂ ከም ዝልምኑ እዚ ቀደም ፈሊጥናዮ ነርና

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 5, 2017

    The question is ;
    Do the current leadership of Tewahdo church in
    Eritrea represent the principle and integrity of their
    institution independently free from any political influences ?
    It was better if they can resolve the case of Tewahdo
    church legitimate PATRIARCH then they can look
    further into other issues to bring peace in our region.

    • Simon G October 5, 2017

      Brother Ahmed,
      Tewahdo church is now run by Abraha Kasa and his juntas this times. So, I see this is the work of isayas and now he is begging the church to give him a life. On the contrary, those idiot supporters think Ethiopia is begging. These people can’t be fixed, at all.

  • Danilo October 5, 2017

    It must be a fake news. The so called representatives of Global church body have also visited archaeological sites as mentioned above which is hard to believe. They may had reunited in the airport but not far than that for sure. However, it is good effort than nothing. In addition, why now after so long since. ..? ኣተሓናኽሳ ዝብኢ ወላስ. ….?

  • Bini October 5, 2017

    After everything said and done, it seems the change comes only from higdef itself falling on its weight.
    As for the so-called opposition, every time you open your mouths people start running back to higdefs all
    the time. The proof is in the pudding. How is it hard to understand Eritrean people never trust the oppositions?
    The so-called Eritrean opposition are reluctant in helping their people achieve peace, change and prosperity soon.
    They are only good blaming higdefs and weyanes all the time without coming up with alternatives and lasting
    solutions in our region and particularly for Eritreans, the oppositions rather work in weakening peace & change initiatives.

    • Simon G October 6, 2017

      So which side are you Bini? I mean on the side of the hidden weyane (hgdf) or the real weyane? You know the reason the opposition parties do not do well is because of these 2 weyanes. Why? They don’t want to see a developed and peaceful Eritrea.

      • Bini October 6, 2017

        You don’t really deserve a response but I am feeling kind enough so here we go
        There is fundamental problem with your argument. Simply stop listing higdefs and weyanes sins to make the opposition shine. The main problem is the finished product. You don’t have ‘good’ finished product in the opposition camp that you can sell to the Eritrean people. The so-called finished product of the opposition is just continuous blaming/accusing higdefs and weyanes non-stop.
        Why don’t you (as their rep) simply sell the opposition’s ideas, visions and leadership qualities to the public? Stop the lame excuses of “they don’t want to see a developed & peaceful Eritrea” and instead convenience the Eritrean people why the opposition “leaders” and the finished products are better than PFDJs or Weyanes products/leaders. So simple!
        Sorry I must have felt a lot kinder to get carried away this much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • kokhob October 6, 2017

          Don’t you think the opposition has to be allowed or legally operate in Eritrea to campaign for all the things you listed??
          This is not exactly a does egg-come-first-or-chicken-come-first case!!
          I know you will probably come up (like Simon) with yet another lame excuse as to why the opposition can’t be allowed in Eritrea!!
          I absolutely agree with Simon’s previous comment about those Isaias’s idiot supporters thinking Ethiopia is begging! Ethiopia isn’t that desperate to beg Isaias for peace or normalization.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 6, 2017

    Please stop nonsense argument to defend these two
    ruling parties that caused instability in people’s lives .
    Opposition parties in both countries have not basic
    right to involve in their national sociopolitical affairs .
    Either in Ethiopia or Eritrea we witnessed the cruelty
    of oppression . For Eritreans obviously we can’t hide
    the reality and for Ethiopians we observed recent
    events against others ethnic groups all over their
    coauntry .
    So lets your heart speak up the truth for heaven sake
    instead we repeat like those morons shameless who say ADNA XUBUK ALO .

  • Bini October 6, 2017

    Kokhob and Ahmed,
    The Eritrean opposition should free itself from its past in order to have relevance in this modern world. They should get out of their Ghedli shell, and learn to think outside the box. If they have cemented their feet in the past and can’t move forward, only talking of the present and the future will not give them any relevance. Future peace and prosperity for Eritreans and Ethiopians depends on mending the injustices done/inflicted on both people.
    The opposition has never been given a power to run a government. They didn’t get a chance to lead because they didn’t earn it, because they failed to rally the public behind them, because they failed to earn the trust and respect of the Eritrean people. Do you want to blame the weakness and the deficiencies of the opposition on the PFDJ regime or on Weyane too? And I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    When a man tries to win the heart of a woman, he doesn’t try it by trashing other men. He does it by proving to her that she would be better off if she choose him over the other men. Now sell your opposition how they are better than the PFDJ regime. Got it? And you can’t, and that is my point, you’ve got nothing to offer to the Eritrean people. Whining, complaining and criticizing PFDJ or Weyane is not a vision. Counting every Eritrean problem under the sun is not a ticket to govern a nation. Proving the incompetence of PFDJ or Weyane leaders is not proof that the opposition leaders are more competent than PFDJ or Weyane leaders. Simply, come up with quality finished products.

    • Nahom Solomon October 6, 2017

      Brother Bini, The process of forming a fully fledged opposition organization with broad popular support in Eritrea is work in progress. It would take many things, including some parts that can only come from the inside. What we have now is a highly volatile situation, where a minor trigger would easily set off dramatic events on the ground to unfold. People are increasingly less tolerant of alternative views, People are percieving each as the other’s threat, the regime is massively over streched to control anything that might get out of hand.
      And if some members of the military or security forces spin out of orbit, well that will seal our fate. It is sad that the likes of useless Simon G, Ahmed and Danilo (who claim to have borderline support of the opposition) waste their time parroting their old tired and failed mantra of Woyanes, tembeyinay, Tegaru craps that got us into this problem in the first place. There is no logic in blaming an “opposition organization” that is still in the making. What we have is an opposition public, with the critical mass tipping would happen any time soon. Let me repeat, DIA can’t be held responsible for anything that would take place after the minute he is made to exit. Every one, including the toothless, gutless Simon, Ahmed would be.

      • Danilo October 6, 2017

        Nahom selemon, you seem to be annoyed / irritated or maybe trying opposing the right of our free expression of opinion. If there is some thing wrong we tell it. The say ” miintimegoģo thlef anxuwa” wouldn’t Wark, we say it right now and will continue. in fact, we have a common understanding unlike knowing each other but we know how to sold our products even to our enemy factual way .we don’t permit divisive elements which is our merit. besides, we don’t oppose any one who oppose us unless he insult us. I hope you got me. How ever you are moderate so far. apart, I tell you please let the inner ideas for for your self. Thank you.

        • Simon G October 6, 2017

          Well said brother Danilo!
          Nothing to add here.

        • kokhob October 7, 2017

          Not so well said Danilo – noisy/lousy Hamema!
          As you have the right to bluff with your idiot supporters non-stop,
          Mr Nahom Solomon has the right to express his opinion which he did in the best professional way possible and remarkably to the point.
          You are the one who is deliberately twisting facts (may be to do with your ignorance), and you must simply be an old twisted weirdo! Period.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! October 7, 2017

            Nahom , you can fool yourself .
            if your intention was to defend the haters in this forum
            who keep insulting , degrading with motives to create
            division and suspicion among our people , it is your
            right but we will speak our heart .
            Too bad you felt uneasy toward WEYANE and supporters
            but nobody insulted or offended Tigray people in general
            like your anti-Eritrean forces offensive remarks .

            Danilo , Simon and others will not stop from confronting
            these useless intruders who try to violate assenna forum
            guidelines . By the way , I hate non principled double face people and for now I will refrain not to react negatively .

  • Keshi Mars October 6, 2017

    Hello Assenna, how stupid this so called Bini,can be. The opposition is from the people and the people have a role to play. After all our demand to the idiot Iseias is to have a space to participate as Eritreans not to be governed as subjects.

  • ሠመረ October 6, 2017

    ሕዝቢ ከበሳ አጽኒታ ክትጠፍእ ዝተፈጠረት ሸዕብያ- ሬጣጥ “ኣምሃራይ መሲልዋ” ብተን ቀበጥባጣ ኣፃብዕታ ንትግራዋይ ፃህቢራ ኣብ ሀዊ ተጠጢቃ!!! ሠላም ከይትፈጥር ኣይተፈጥረላ- ከይቲዋጋእ ሬጣጥ ኣቅሚ ያብላ ! “ቀበጥበጥ ክብላያ’የን ዝተረድኣ” ዶበሉ ወለዲ? ዋጋኣ ምስረከበትስ ከምአረጊት 19- ዓመታት ሙልእ “ወያነ!!!” እንዳበለት ትራገም’ላ? ዓለም ጎይተኦም ኣብ ሃምሳታት ኣቡኡ ብርጋዴል ጀነራል ጎይተኦም አንድነት ኮይኑ ንደቂ ከበሳ አጥፊኡ ሂዚ ክኣ ዓለም ጎይተኦም ህግደፍ ኮይኑ ሕዝቢ ያጽንታሎ–ኢሰያስ ምስዝገልስ ክኣ ደላይ ፍትሂ መሲሉ ህብሪ ቆርበቱ ከምዚቅይር ግሁድዩ፡፡ ቀንዲ ህግደፍ እንዳሀለወ ”Eritrean Opposition” ዝብል Website ከፊቱ ኣብ ደንበ ተቃወምቲ ህንፍሽፍሽ ኪፈጥርዩ ቅድሚ 18-ዓመት ተበጊሱ!

  • Nahon October 6, 2017

    “The Eritrean opposition should free itself from its past in order to have relevance in this modern world. They should get out of their Ghedli shell, and learn to think outside the box.”

    Bibi (Higdef)

    Well .. (woyo nata ni hamata).

    Who is living in the past ?
    Let’s see :

    1. Eritrea is an independent country, but the regime uses ‘kebele’ to control people. An infrastructure left behind by Derg is still in place.

    2. The whole country is kept is ‘Sahel’ mode. It’s divided into the so called Zoba Mekete 1, 2 ,3 4 etc.
    At the head of every Zoba there is a military officer. A corrupt officer who has his own prisons, concubines, rans own business, he has the right to kill, he can take property from any one, he is the government.

    3. There is no constitution. The country is ran by dicrees issued by a megalomaniac.

    4. Eritrea is like Democratic Republic of Congo. That rich country is controlled by people who sell it’s huge resources to foreign companies, while the people are starving. Eritreas’s gold is sold to Swiss companies, and the money goes into Iseyas’ and Kisha family accounts, while in Eritrea families pass the whole night on the road to see whether the water tanker is passing by.

    5. Complete lawlessness is the norm in Higdef’s Eritrea. The disappeared are in tens of thousands. Some are missing for the last 25 years, others for more than 30 years. Elderly mothers/fathers and kids are jailed.
    Octagenarians are dying in jails.
    No colonial power did this to us in the past.

    The list can grow to include a lot of things that clearly show there is no government in Eritrea so to speak. We have an enemy at home.
    It will take time for many people to realize that. The sooner they open their mind and eyes on the sad reality of our country is better.
    One day it may be too late to save Eritrea from its enemy. Crying then won’t help much. Act now if you care. If not you then who ?

    • kokhob October 7, 2017

      Poor Eritrea’s enemies are twisted old criminal weirdos like yourself posing as genuine and caring Eritreans. What a waste! You are a retarded, idiot and you think every person’s mental capacity is below your mental ability. You clearly as (Keshi Mars & Nahon) have turned into a typical wolf in sheep’s skin and picks a fight with decent people who are fighting to remove the dictator and your evil culture of ghedli. You are (with your fake multi nicknames) rotten and approaching fast to your decomposition. Go and complain to Assenna as “Sheikh warlord”!!!!

  • Amba October 6, 2017

    Bini, you nailed it right. Most of the so called opposition, the old teref meref Jebha and Shaebia and their offshoots are as bad as the Hgdef regime if not worse. They can not agree among themselves let alone to govern Eritrea

    Bini wrote:

    “The Eritrean opposition should free itself from its past in order to have relevance in this modern world. They should get out of their Ghedli shell, and learn to think outside the box. If they have cemented their feet in the past and can’t move forward, only talking of the present and the future will not give them any relevance. Future peace and prosperity for Eritreans and Ethiopians depends on mending the injustices done/inflicted on both people.”

    • kokhob October 7, 2017

      Amba, well said, I could not agree more!
      What should really matters is challenging and refuting the facts that Bini listed.
      Indeed, he nailed them at their thick/brick heads as a failed oppositions still dreaming
      to march inside the weyane tanks! Some of them are just arrogant out of date regionalists
      while the others are twisted weirdo Islamists working blindly to preserve their Arabic language and identity. These terefmeref Jebha criminals have no shame in burning our native languages.

      • Danilo October 7, 2017

        Kokhob, you no longer record your old name. Once teklay from the beginning. Then, samson, ermiyas, Sami, dogoli, amba, nahom, and now Kokhob.who knows who else. Does your mam is a chicken? I hope not. You are a robot only. One day, you could be helpful for us too. No matter your sickness we can manage to provide you honest assistance free of charge /gratis ካብ ኣዋንጣ ምኽፋል ድሓን።