ID Commission of inquiry on Eritrea 23rd Meeting 29th Regular Session of Human Rights Council

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  • rezen June 23, 2015

    THANK YOU, ASSENNA for your admirable journalistic efficiency and productive dedication to the cause of Eritrea. I watched the video on the proceedings of the World Council on Human Rights. That is where Eritrea belongs i.e. with the WORLD. That is where the WORLD would listen to Eritrea. That is where our lucky modern, educated, scholars should have focused their attention and bring forcefully the plight of Eritreans to the attention of the WORLD — not vice versa! Still, they can do so if they just get together with one mind and one heart for the benefit of one Eritrea. After all, there are well qualified Eritreans in various appropriate professions to do the job at hand. What is glaringly and mysteriously lacking is the willingness to come together! I better STOP before I run wildly – but not before I say again >>> THANK YOU, ASSENNA.

    p.s. To Assenna. please make sure the that you are connected to the “appropriate channel” so that the listeners of the English version would also be able to follow the translation of other languages on that same “channel”. I missed the Chinese intervention, for example.

  • M.Hagos June 23, 2015

    The final solution for Eritrea is not on UN or AU resolutions but on Eritreans finger tips. This is an Eritrean problem which requires an Eritrean solution. Don’t get me wrong UN setting up human rights abuse inquiry on Eritrea is good thing but it will never be our lasting solution.
    So lets strap up, get up from our long sleeps and comfort zones and END this murder, rape, torture and detentions of our innocent people by these unelected blood thirty Esayas sheytan and his criminal thugs. It is simply all in our hands to bring a positive and lasting peace & change in Eritrea, we just need to rise up to the challenges and expectation waiting ahead of us. As with our tigrigna saying “kab seb zideliyi kem saani yibeliyi”, in other words, no more waiting or begging from the UN or AU anymore.

  • Truly Truly i say to you June 23, 2015

    It is nice to see the mafia jungle regime when start falling down and embarrassed by its own jungle uncultivated animal behavior in front of the international community. Normally according PFDJ to what is committing unbearable crime against humanity, and all kinds of human right violation it is possible to say PFDJ is not facing appropriate challenge be from oppositions group or from the international human right watch groups. PFDJ mafia boss and clique, long before Sadam Hussein, Gadafi and others suppose to be executed. But the mafia regime as habited without any rule of law agonizing Eritreans, in side the civilized world sending their ignorant blind supporters because attempted to intimidate the legally elected the UN high commissioner members now their animal cruel uncultivated behavior is clearly exposing in front of the Int. Community. Actuality the UN they should not need other evidence to prove weather the regime in Eritrea is committing crime,or violating human right to know. Alone its disobedience not to abide for any international rule of law, for instance for refusal the UN human right watch group not to inter in Eritrea by its self is more than enough evidence. The one who can´nt abide for international law, how can someone expects such regime will respect its citizens right?
    ወዮ! ሕግደፍቲ ጉድኩም በቃ ብዓለም ተቃሊኡ። ሕጂ´ዶ ይሕሸኩም። ኣየበልናን´ዶ ኣይመከርናን ´ዶ። ሕጂ´ዶ ይሃይሽ ዋይ ዋይ! በቃ ጉድኩም ኣመጽኩም ክፉእኩምብዓለም ተቃሊዑ። ዕድለኛ ኮይንኩም፡ ካብ ተቃወምቲ ሃደ ዝተንከፈኩም፣ ብግቡእ ዝተጻባኣኩምን ዝመከትኩምን ዘየለ ናይ ገዛ ሓጥያትኩም፣ ኽፋእኩምን ድንቁርናኹም ኣብ ዓለም ኣጋሊጽኩም። ዓያኹም ተበዘኸ ሓደ ዓመት ጥራይ ተጸነኸ እዩ ፣ በቃ ስቃያት ኤርትራ ኣብቂዑ እዩ። ክብሪ ምስጋናን ሞገስን ንኣምላኽ!

  • Bethelihem June 24, 2015

    Eritrea sadly with all its resources and highly driven and motivated people finds itself in darkness and backwardness as a result of a one man rule. Eritreans are not taking our place in history rather we allowed one single clueless manic DIA and his criminal boys dictate and chose how we live our life as a society.
    Most of our youngsters are jumping from jail to jail, from boat to boat and also begging in the streets of Israel, Libya, Yemen, Greece and Rome and our families in Eritrea are living in a stone age and still we are SILENT, waiting for UN resolutions or punishment on DIA. Where are the real and heroes Eritreans of yesterday?
    Could it be like when you put strong and wild lions in the zoo they quickly turn into softies and toothless, similarly Eritreans after living in the west and middle east countries, have they really turned into softies and weak as to not take actions into their own hands and set Eritrea free from DIA and his criminal mafias. God bless Eritrea and her kind people.

    • Semhar June 24, 2015

      Our heroes all died during our struggle for independence. The people who support him are the ones that fear him, who capitulated in the field. They have no say, they are all his blind followers. He gave them free houses and he orders them to do whatever he wants them to do to enforce his laws and his regulations. In the 80’s he dissolved the ELF and replaced them with EPLF. In 1993 he dissolved EPLF and he replaced them by PFDJ. In 1993 he took down our liberation flag; the flag of our martyrs, the flag of our forefathers and replaced it with his own burned flag. He dissolved our historical provinces and he replaced them with his own ZOBAS. Now he his in the process of dissolving PFDJ and replacing them with DEMHIT. His final mission is to disintegrate Eritrea.

  • Selamawi June 25, 2015

    Assenna has deleted some comments, including mine. I am not sure, why?


      • Selamawi June 25, 2015

        Thanks Assenna for your prompt response. However I would like to make the following notes:
        1. You used to have word-limit on the system, and we were happy to see that lifted. I was not aware of this criterion that says that long comments do not get published.

        2. By the way I do not think my comment was longer than those by Truly and others.

        3. My third and most important point is that if comments are deleted without prior warning; if the criteria is not clearly stated [if at all, I do not know where they are] and if power to delete is used arbitrarily (real or perceived) this website might lose some commentators.

        So I would like you to reinstate my comment, and lift the ban to write ‘too long’ comments. Let the readers decide whether to read or not. Of course if this does not have substantial implication with regards to the volume of your server.

        Rest assured, however, I will still stick to Assenna! Thank you.