Details on the Eritrean Defense forces operation for change (Operation Forto) – Part 2

In-depth details on the Eritrean Defense forces operation for change (Operation Forto) Feb. 17. 2013 Part 2 Ambiguity, betrayal and mercenary of Esayas Eseyas and his mercenary messengers’ General Sebhat and Brigder General Eyob (halibay) oath on the

In-depth details on the Eritrean Defense forces operation for change (Operation Forto)

Feb. 17. 2013

Part 2

Ambiguity, betrayal and mercenary of Esayas

Eseyas and his mercenary messengers’ General Sebhat and Brigder General Eyob (halibay) oath on the name of martyrs not to shoot towards the office of the president, by claiming that they too were also raising similar democratic demands. In one way they were doing their best to save Eseyas and on the other hand they were buying time in preparing a trap for the leaders of the operation. The moment they decided to leave the premises of the Ministry of Information, they were followed after and imprisoned with one forced to commit suicide than surrender.

Here it needs to be mentioned that there was an enduring enmity between the commander of mechanized staff Tsehaye Mokenen and colonel Wedi Ali. In 2000 Major-General Gherezgiher Ademariam (wuchu), under the influence of alcohol told to Wedi Ali that Tsehaye was planning to execute him by of accusing him as a member of Fiveth column, i.e Islamic movement that used to carry out military operation on the western lowlands of Eritrea. This was one of the reasons for Wedi Ali to decide to shoot him without hesitation, when Wedi Moke attempted to grab a gun from one of his body guards.

The meeting that was scheduled to be held on the premises of the Ministry of Information was suddenly changed to the office of the president. Not only the heads of the regional administrators, the president also called all his ministers for a meeting. This was intentionally done to use them as a cover for any eventuality in the showdown. Among the regional administrators Mr. Mustofa Nurhussien, administrator of southern region, failed to attend in the meeting excusing sickness.

Some individuals betrayed the organizers of the plot by leaking the information to the president beforehand and the situation was aggravated by the lack of communication between the different groups that were taking part in the operation. And this proved to be a decisive factor limiting the operation from achieving its intended objectives. The radio communication of the military leaders was under the control of the president’s office, and they had no other alternatives of communications at the time.

When it became clear that the president got information about the planned operation, some of the senior military leaders, who were supposed to play a role in the event, decided to remain neutral instead.

In spite of the betrayal by the generals and ministers, they have never sided on the side of the president either. It was General Sebhat Efrem, who turned out to work relentlessly to save the president from his ultimate demise. On that day, he was seen to get in and out the president’s office six, seven times. He went back and forth to Major-General Filipos Weldeyohannes office in Kehawuta five times. In addition, he went five, six times to the Kagnew station, were a special forces are stationed. He played an exceptional role to save the president from the imminent danger.

In spite of General Sebhat’s desperate efforts, Major-general Filipos Weldeyohannes never moved from his Kehawuta office during that day.

Starting from the last six months, Asmara residents were clandestinely hearing rumors that the generals will began challenging the president soon. The rumors were ‘under the direct leadership of General Sebhat, they were holding constant meetings’.

General Sebhat turned out, he was the one playing a leading role to defuse the situation in the president’s favor and it is now widely believed it was himself, who leaked about the secret operation to the president. Now all eyes of the public and the military leaders are aiming towards General Sebhat Efrem, possibly some would take revenge against him. This incident was his third betrayal in the decisive moments of the country’s history. Even though, he is practically frozen from his active duties as the commander of Eritrean Armed forces, his office Ministry of Defense is run via colonel Tesfaldet and Brigadier-general Tekle (Manjus). Hence, it is very puzzling to the public, why is he trying to defend the president at such a critical moment.

Eseyas, even though he knew that this movement was not carried out without the prior consent of the top military generals, fearing immediate reprisal, he is taking action against the law ranking officers and colonels for now. So far, up to sixty people are believed to have been imprisoned. Among the senior leaders only Mostofa Nurhusien, administrator of southern region and Abdela Jabir, head of organizational affairs of the ruling party PFDJ, who under under arrest at the moment.

(About the ongoing imprisonment, even though we have got some name lists, but we still lack some full names and other details, hence, we will post them as soon as we get more concrete information.)

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  • Hurui February 17, 2013

    It is completely clear that the betrayals are the two mentioned namely generals but please Eritrean don’t feel more badness once a day they will punish with their dictator by the betrayed generals,solider and by the people of Eritreans, so good information continue Assena Foundation you are feeding or giving us assured information thank you

  • yosief abraha February 17, 2013

    ajokum jeganu eritrawiyanaab delenayo bhade dmtsien snitien nqales awet nwtsue hzbie eritrea

  • yosief abraha February 17, 2013

    wdqet l gujle hgdef

    • tedros ezaz February 17, 2013

      abey konka eka tewdko n hgdf …think about it.

  • Haben February 17, 2013

    Lets get rid of the 2 fake generals before the elimination of Issayas.

  • Zerinatsne February 17, 2013

    Never believ Sebhat Ephrem.He has always been that way.All the attemptts planned to remove Issayas has been betrayed by Sebhat Ephrem.
    He is staunch supporter of IssyasIn fact it is believed that he assassinatedibrahim afa.Some people say that Mesfin and Filipos.The main actors are althis top Generals from one localty. Their task was , is and will be to protect the Despot.

    • A.A Yassin February 17, 2013

      Ibrahim Affa was killed by the enemy in Agamet. He died as a hero.

      • ahmed saleh February 18, 2013

        Ibrahim Affa the brain military strategist in Eritrean struggle history killed by his own
        betrayers enemy as the same as recent actors in forto . Have common sense , chief military
        commander never and ever can be in position to stay in front line against enemy fire .
        What ever it is as the saying goes: FOOL ME ONCE , SHAME ON YOU ; FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON
        ME , izi wedahanka . GHERAHAT EMBER ASHASU AYKONAN .

        • ahmed saleh February 18, 2013

          If I am not wrong WEDI AFFA was well trained Ethiopian navy commander before he join SEWRA ERITREA .

    • belay nega February 17, 2013


  • tedros ezaz February 17, 2013

    hzbawi gnbar kndey zeysegert….don’t waste your time ….

    • Lilay February 17, 2013

      miss tedros you missed the exact picture. You are write EPLF had done very amazing bravery but it is PFDJ. You know if you look on number 68 from the wrong side it is 89 so becarefull and try to see thing from the right direction.

      That is why we are truggling to get back EPLF. The PFDJ has sold EPLF for power and money but will get it back soon and you will see the right EPLF planted by ( Abraham tewelde, fllowed by more otheres like Berhe tsaeda, Salih tetew, Ahmed hilal, Weldenkiel haile, Abrahim afa, ali ebrihim, petros solomon, Haile durue, Gen. okbe abraha, sherifo, beraki, gen. estifanos, col. tesfal. gen. birhane………………..) and now the hero wedi Ali.

      We are followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • belay nega February 17, 2013


    • ahmed saleh February 18, 2013

      HIZBAWI GENBAR is a forgotten history after they form HGDFmendef party of Awalu .

      • belay nega February 18, 2013



        IN 1991 BACK TO ERITREA



        • ahmed saleh February 19, 2013

          You are wrong and it is not your concern to know about myself except real Eritreans .

          • belay nega February 19, 2013

            “REAL ERITREANS”



  • ane nska February 17, 2013

    Yes, Tedros But think about it? Where we are and What is happening in Back home. you think there is democracy(Rights)of people

  • ane nska February 17, 2013

    Where is Ferto? it is in Asmara (Eritrea) not in Losangoles or Frankfert. Tell them to go to asmara and do some Hatric not tacking only i belive on ie thank you

  • Lilay February 17, 2013

    Sibhat is a fox from the early begning. I don’t know when we call some hero. Sibhat and the likes were leading the military just by radio. You know in military operation a victory depends on the normal soldier, the group leader and the team leader ( TERA; MERAH MESIRI and MERAH GANTA). If this people are not brave enough then you can do nothing what ever strategy you design and what ever amunity you deliver.

    You can a look on SIRIHIT FENKIL, NADOW EZI and all WERAR ( 1 – 6). Sibhat and these other foxes were sitting 10 km away and comading. You know what they say ( ETTO; ETTO) they don’t care what is infornt of you. Just go head ( ETTO). ETTO hwo verer can say it but who can do it.

    That is why they are affraid of one man. If they had seen challenging and life treatening situation then they would not be affraid of one man. They consider hin as a monster. They consider him God. So do you thing such people were brave yesterday. They did not. They were hiding in the jungle and eating meat and driking wiskey. The one who have seen the bad and good and excercised as well they dare when ever and we have seen. G 15 and jan. 21.

    So we will kick this foxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ahmed saleh February 18, 2013

      Reading your comments you sound you took part on national obligation . Our heroes are the once we saw
      them in our eyes leading the wars ( Merahti mesre’E . ghanta , haili ) and unfortunately most of them
      died . The leaders of FORTO operations are the left over elements of those real nationalists but don’t
      get surprised for next visit from silent compatriots . I never gave up on my patriotic brothers .

  • Haben Shet Manta February 17, 2013

    Guys don’t think shit dream to working in Eritrea. our history is different from other countries. Eritrea -government-people- president is the same .

    • ahmed saleh February 18, 2013

      IZZI KHEMAN KI HALF IYU , message to you from Sinnai, Haben . Thanks.

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