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  • daniel happy April 5, 2012

    god is great showing me isaias cry and lost crediblity this cruel bloody eritrean number one enemy hope fully soon will be killed like his friend gadafe

    • April 5, 2012

      This is not about Isaias it is about Eritrea, and you may ridicule the letter now but in future 10 ,20, 30 years down the line you will refer to it as evidence.

      • Kokhob Selam April 5, 2012

        If this group will be there for another 10 years, then there will not any single soul remaining in Eritrea. instead next 10 years Eritrea should be free of single Mafia and be prosperous beautiful country where people will live united in peace.

      • April 5, 2012

        Selam evidence as what? This dictator had it all on the table to avoid the war, he acted like he was sure of winning it, in the end he sacrificed innocent Eritreans and lost the war. Now he is begging UN for his dear life,humiliating, he is scared because knows nothing will deter Woyane from marching into Asmera, as many are not willing to sacrifice thier lives for more dictatorship. Those hypocrites who support him in North America and Europe will not come here to spill thier blood for him. He knows he is so weak, his only strength is oppressing dissent and buy time within Eritrea

      • Almaz Gaul Asmera April 5, 2012

        Selam ….you are wrong after the wild beast passed away, we have many more to remember such as the JEGANU OF ERAERO, PATRIARCH ANTONIOUS, Thousands of Eritrean elders, youngsters who are pershing right at the moment because of the inhuman action of your leader….You are shamless to tell us what we remember after 10, 20, 30 years…The good thing is NIHAYAL HAYAL ALEWO…ENKAE EZI CHEKAN MIS RESA BITSAYI ZIBIAS AREMENE n’ UN MISHKNKIN KIBIL ARAYENA …and it looks like tomorrow is brighter than ever….

      • Baraee April 6, 2012

        You are wrong….where is all his “fekhera”…he is lost without our heroes he opted to put them in dangeon. Where is Petros Solomon, Where is Ogbe Abraha, Where is Bitweded and where is Berhane Ghebreizaghber, where is General Istifanos….all enjoy …these are military genius and top brass of our military he put them in jail…now he is paying a price.

  • April 5, 2012

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my ppl do u believe that we get peace and democracy through weyanie and us ?i don.t think so we have two enemies internal enemy isseyas and out side enemy weyanie so we need to fight theme together for our sovernity [against weyanie ] for democaracy and constition [against isseyas and so called hgdef]

    • April 5, 2012

      Hehe fighting on two fronts? you could even fight the one front and topple Isayas. If it wasnt for Woyane ,you wouldn’t even have an Eritrea to speak about. But I agree that toppling Isayas should be done by Eritreans.

    • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 6, 2012 ,
      Do not forget ,the Cia the fbi ,the Kgb ,the chinese secret services ,the Jehovah witnesses temple ,the songs & tears of Pentecostal ,Muslims ,Christians ,the govt .of Kenya,Uganda,Djibouti ,Human rights ,Amanuel Iyasu ,Meron ,Elsa Chyrum, Dr Alganesh , the govt. of east tumor , Al Gore, Obama ,mother Theresa…etc..the whole world & some Woyane saints like Abune Aregawi ,…etc THEY ARE ALL JEALOUS ,BECAUSE OF OUR GOLD & TRENCHES IN THE DRONT LINE.

  • Helen April 5, 2012

    Oh cry baby. No wonder we do not see the same letter at shabait and PFDJ’s supporters website. This letter must be to embarrassing to post in their websites. Thank you assenna!

  • Helen April 5, 2012

    Interview with Eritrean Defence force who were captured last month

  • Mogos Tekeste April 5, 2012

    This letter fails to hit its target. First, if it were meant an appeal to the Security Council for Ethiopia’s violation of international law, why bring up the USA?

    The real culprit is Ethiopia, which publicly admitted that it took some military incursions on sovereign Eritrean territories. The USA has nothing to do with the Ethiopian military incursions. As it is, the USA hands are full of all kind of problems in the world –Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, and the Israel-Palestine problem, just to mention a few. The USA does not need another foolish Eritrean-Ethiopian entanglement in war.

    The USA for all intents and purposes, if not complete control of the Security Council, it has a big sway in all the Council’s activities., and thus the letter is dead on arrival. The USA if it so desires will block from anything being taken just because the Eritrean government is falsely accusing the USA. Eritrea is plain belligerent towards the USA. This is just going through the motions to fool some innocent Eritreans that the Eritrean government is doing something about the illegal incursions.

    Second, if it is meant a propaganda war against the USA then that is complete foolhardy. Eritrea is too small, too poor and too dictatorial to go toe-toe in a propaganda war against the USA. If its meant for a call for attention, then the Eritrean leaders have become complete delusional. The Eritrean leaders have to wear shoe sizes that are not too large and that fit their…

    • concerned Eeritreawi April 5, 2012

      Mogos ,
      The problem with Eritrean leader or regime has always been his big ego. Every time he talks, he is with mouthful accusation toward the USA, although I double, if the USA over all takes him seriously but most likely than not when every there is a decision that they (USA) make it will never be in Eritrean favor and that is as the result of his big mouth. He is intangled like SekiAt and he can never get out even if he cries.

      • ahmed saleh April 5, 2012

        The problem of DIA is his ego as you said. It is impossibile to win
        the international support concerning his reputation of destructive
        politics. He didn’t play it well inside and outside. PM. M. Zenawi
        played smartly to get recognition, but he is one of the trouble makers
        who contributed nothing but only with chaos and disturbance in horn
        of Africa. Accusing USA ( the BOSS ) openly shows his arrogance.

    • Dawit April 5, 2012


      You hit the nail on the head. Issayas is a fool. You can’s ask assistance from some one whom you accuse of wrong doings.

      What a full leader Eritrea has !

  • Yemane Johar April 5, 2012

    Cry baby cry….Please somebody change his wet pants and offer a pacifier…Wow what a shame!

  • Dawit April 5, 2012

    A coward Issayas is crying wolf. He is looking for help in a wrong place. As always he is accusing the United States which more or less can effortlessly twist the hands of the security council to do what it wishes.

    Also, The coward dictator knows very well that he can’t defend against what he perceives it to be Ethiopia’s aggression. His ignoble fear can clearly be seen in the letter he wrote to the United Nations.

    Ethiopia can now do what ever it wishes…Issayas is so weak in diplomacy and military that he is not afraid of the invasion of Eritrea by Ethiopia but his and his families life.

  • Baraee April 6, 2012

    Iss-aya-ass is shit scared….hence trying to implicate USA so that they mediate for him. He is shrewd by implicating them he tries to contain Ethiopia.
    I offer him to release our heroes ….not only Petros, Ogbe but all the hundreds of colonels if released will know how to protect our land.

  • Dawit April 6, 2012

    If one closely examines the letter to grasp its meaning, one can draw the following conclusion.

    Issayas , by way of the letter, is saying that if it were not for the United States and its intelligence he would not only defend Ethiopia’s attack but also counter attack Ethiopia and claim afterwards that the attack was “self defense”.

    Poor Issayas has come up with such a cheap shot to make sure he will not be taken for a weak leader.

  • ida March 24, 2013

    The first step to bring our country on its feet will be through unity. We can all agree issayas is the hero of the past. People tolerated everything he did until Sinai. What happened in Sinai is unforgivable. It is time for election or a revolution.