Japan and China criticise each other’s Africa policies By Duncan Bartlett

By Duncan Bartlett China and Japan are criticising each other's policies in Africa as each country pledges more money for the continent. Japan has suggested China is buying off African leaders with lavish gifts. Meanwhile China accuses Japan of courting

By Duncan Bartlett
China and Japan are criticising each other’s policies in Africa as each country pledges more money for the continent.
Japan has suggested China is buying off African leaders with lavish gifts.
Meanwhile China accuses Japan of courting African support for a place on the United National Security Council.
Japan’s leader Shinzo Abe is touring three nations in Africa, the first trip there by a Japanese prime minister for eight years.
Mr Abe is expected to pledge more than $14bn in aid and trade deals during his trip to Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Mozambique.
China has hailed Africa a “golden ground” for foreign investment and has pledged to double its aid to the continent to $20bn a year.

Japan’s aid policy is to really aid the human capital of Africa”

Tomohiko TaniguchiShinzo Abe’s spokesman

Chinese foreign ministers are visiting East and West Africa this month.
‘Beautiful houses’
Mr Abe’s spokesman Tomohiko Taniguchi admits Japan is lagging behind China in terms of investment in Africa.
But he told the BBC that “countries like Japan, Britain and France cannot provide African leaders with beautiful houses or beautiful ministerial buildings”.
The Chinese often pay for public buildings, including the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia, where Mr Abe is due to speak on Tuesday.
Mr Taniguchi said: “Japan’s aid policy is to really aid the human capital of Africa.” He said many African leaders believed that through strong links with Japan they could obtain industrial expertise and know-how.
China insists its aid and co-operation with Africa are completely selfless.
The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao that China does not approve of “certain countries” which try to compete with others for their own interests and offer aid to Africa out of purely political motives.
This appears to be a reference to Japan’s attempts to win the votes of African leaders in support of its bid to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, something China opposes.


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  • Mesel_101 January 12, 2014

    2 TefaniQ bAfrica yiba’asu alewu? Weygud…ygerm’yu.

  • Tamrat Tamrat January 12, 2014

    Both China and Japan come to africa for their own benefits. And it is upto each african state responsibility to use the relation to the best of its advantage. But i see one thing Clear here. Both China and Japan believe in peacefull africa than the so called western countries.

    • Mesel_101 January 12, 2014

      The Wes demands democracy to provide assistance. That is bad for dictators but good for the people. On the other hand, China is good for dictators but bad for the people. So, heck no I don’t want China in Africa – not that what I want matters.

      • ahmed omer January 27, 2014

        No one do something for free so bad is than worst in the last three or four decades China has not been involved in invading other countries excusing unreasonable reasons .any country in the world has a right to look after it’s bselfinterest from the relationship with other countries including African countries .China and Japan have not got occupation history in Africa .In Eritrea’s case who help Asyas’s regime beside wyane’s regime in Ethiopia specially by mediating between the Shabia’s regime and wyane’s one in 1991 .Now who’s companies mining gold in EEritrea .Any country in the world runs for it ‘s regimepeople’s penifite or interests except African dictators .African nations should blame any country including China .

    • Kagnew Station January 12, 2014

      Tamrat Asha (or little boy)

      The west: Yibel’U and Ye’bl’U

      roughly translated: They come for their own interest then they help the locals in the process
      Remember Kagnew station? How many people worked made money from there? But again, you may not remember because you maybe a kid or on the lighter side?

      The east: Yibel’U and Yibel’U

      (Roughly translated: They come for their own interest and they keep and look after their interest)


      Look at the natural disasters: Ex: Cyclone in India / Pakistan, earthquake in Iran, Mexico, Tsunami in far east hunger in Ethiopia the west was first and always there (that does not mean it was always clean, but they were there)

      Can you tell me one or two from the east?

      • Tamrat Tamra January 13, 2014

        The hunger in Eritrea and Ethiopia caused by the self destruction war and the struggel between the east and the west to controll the horn. If you send all youngesters to war or military service then who is going to farm? The war ended and the hunger dissappear. You may ask why the eritreans are not hungery. My short answer will be thanks to eri-diaspora. So war and hunger goes hand in hand. I dont expect any angels from china. In the recent war around the honr can you tell me how china and india involved in the war. I can write you a book about what france, usa and in general the west contributed. I am not biased against no one. But the west controlls its power by creating war or catalysing war.

        • Abraham Tesfazghi January 14, 2014

          Tamrat Tamra,

          I do not know you or the other person who commented on Kagnew station. But i read few of your comments and it looks like you are young (either age wise or you are not up there. The kagnew station guy clearly asked you a question. But you decided to dance away from the issue.

          We always tend to blame the west for every thing. For example, who created the monster in Eritrea? It is not the American training, … it is the chines training.

          So if you know something we do not know, please teach us. The Kagnew guy’s comment and question is clear. He admitted that the west was not always clean but they come for their benefit then they help the locals along the way. He included an example of the American base in Asmara. If you go out side of Eritrea, the Kagnew guy is write. Every time there is a disaster, the west are there first. We never heard the chines or Indians help during disasters.

          So simply blaming the west will not take us any where.

          One question for you. I bet you are writing this comment from the west…. Europe or USA.If that is the case, what are you doing in the west? What you are doing is clearly opportunism. If you hate the west that bad, get the hell out of it!!

          • Tamrat Tamrat January 15, 2014

            I am writting this from Europe. I dont leave Ethiopia because i hate tplf or eplf. I left because i couldnt live in Ethiopia with my political view and their zero tolerance for People who oppose theme. When i left Ethiopia both tplf and eplf were leading Ethiopia some haw. And i think deeply about both organizations and it is not hate that i have toward them. I even couldnt or cannot tell them what they are doing is wrong. But here in the west personally they dont harm. To the congtrary they gave me shelter when i needed it and that is the problem. But in Norway they did not force me to sign a contract which says that i can be deported to where i come from if i oppose their policy. In short the western internal and international politics is like day and night. So my right is protected like every one else but that doesnt mean i am ok with thier international politics to wards Ethiopia or Africa always.

            Norway gave 200,000 krawn (600,000 birr) for the late PM Meles immediately after he killed 200 cviliances during Our famous election in 2005. We opposed the Norwegian government when they welcomed Meless. Guess what no one put us in prison. Infact the same night the prize was from a private org called Yara and he was invited by a private person said the forgin minstry. Our representative at that time still took the matter to a higher Level by saying that the foreing minster could stop the dictator from intering Norway.

            This is what we needed both in Ethiopia and Eritrea. No killing. At least cheat us with Logic. No more killing for opposing or demonstrating. We all of us have no plan to be presidants and pms in Ethiopia or Eritrea. All what we need is let there be a right to Express ourselves and both Our leaders and peopls learn from it. I dont want to look my back just because i have a different political or social view.

          • Haile January 15, 2014


            I know it is your right to write, but I suggest that you learn with us. Your comments are not making sense. You started your discussion as “east is better than west” then you started talking about “youth went to war and no one was there to farm” and now you are talking about why you do not like TPLF and EPLF etc ……

            Let’s not please write for the sake of writing. If you do not have anything good to share, please shut up and learn like most of us.

    • selam January 14, 2014

      Tamarat, japan is a democratic state. europe is democratic. and china, does it implement all the rights that we want to see implemted in a new eritrea? Will it therefore be helpful?

      • Tamrat Tamrat January 15, 2014

        I say to you this in short. South Africa and Brazil are 100 times more democratic than Saudi but US has stronger relationship with Saudi leaders. This will help you how usa is one of the most democratic at home and how poor its international Democracy. And we have to learn how the west use the democrcy card to attack the countries which are against the west interest.

  • hmm January 12, 2014

    For neo-colonials whether they are the good old western countries or the new comers like China and India, Africa is nothing but a hunting ground filled with animals ready to be butchered, milked or what have you.

  • danny January 12, 2014

    This competition of two giants should be a good thing for African countries. However, I am always suspicious of China that it is after Africa’s precious resources, and does not give a hoot about its people. China does not even care about its own people let alone to care for us Africans. Isaias is a biproduct of the Chinese mentality; China would love to have leaders of his quality so that they can just buy them out rather than convince and work with and for the entire African population. I dont think the word ethics is found in the dictionary of the Chinese operations. This is the time the African people need to stand up and demand accountability and transparency from the Chinese.

    • EriView January 13, 2014

      China will do whatever it takes to feed its 1.2B people swarming over there.

  • hailu January 12, 2014

    China VS Japan
    This is indeed a good competition and the message is really current.
    The Chinese system of cooperation with Africa is very bad and dangerous and will foster corruption and most of African leaders are pumped with personal wealth instead of the governments or the people benefit from the cooperation.
    As to African people, they will not benefit from Chinese investment except more corrupt systems.
    The Chinese dominate any market opportunity and leave the African workforce without any opportunity to work.
    If we see in Asmara, there were small businesses like shoe making, kitchen staff making and other minor things which were very important for the people to live but due to Chinese giant and greedy markets there is no place for this and people are left jobless.
    Many African leaders seem does not care about the future of the continent and them cooperation agreement with china violate all their people’s needs and demands. And expecting these leaders to do well is futile.
    We concerned African citizens must coordinate our voice and educate the consequence of this short term benefits the leaders are getting intermesh if its long term effect on the people of this continent.
    In my own understanding and observation as a civil engineer, CHINA MEANS CORRUPTION.
    Many people may say feel this unrealistic, but let’s go back how Chinese leaders reached into this level, their only tool was a brutal dictatorship and enslaving their people. Still many Chinese poor people are not benefiting from Chinese giant economic development except they suffer and experience extreme uncomfortable living standards.
    It might be better for African people to trade with Japan, but the people have no say and the leaders definitely will boycott the Japan invitation for fear of losing the corrupt money they get from Chinese leaders.
    Wake up African people say no to leaders and say no to Chinese investment for it will never benefit African people.

  • Payback January 12, 2014

    I have recently come back from Africa covering four countries including S.Sudan and one thing that really bothered me is the take over of African future by blood suckers of Chinese and Indian investors. I am deeply troubled mainly by the disrespect of the Indians to the locals.We might need a brief revisit by Edi Amin DADA.
    I was staying in a small hotel in Kampala where my hotel patio was facing to a building under construction owned by Indians and I literally witnessed the owner(Indian)slapping and kicking this poor Ugandans every morning for not doing things right.
    I then became so curious and started to talk to some young locals and heard some horrifying tales similar to the one we hear in Sinai, they hire maids and beat them up, sexually abuse them and all kinds of tales and obviously the police are no help because they are paid to protect the rich foreigners, it is sickening but it is an issue that need to be addressed.
    The Japanese leader has a point about the Chinese investment policy, they buy the leaders and suck the wealth. Darfur is a typical example, they don’t give a crap about the ordinary people. They need to get out of Africa, they are sucking it with no mercy, so sad.

  • Stand Against China January 12, 2014

    Chinese have never had a tiny conscience to their own people let alone to Africa. Mao Tsetung Killed 70 milion Chinese people and they erect a monument for him. Until now they don’t have even a regret for what Mao and his henchmen did. Do we guys expect something good from China? I don’t think so. When the security council pass a reslution to sunction Eritrea. They sat down and relax. They don’t even give a shit to what was happening in the security council. And they know more than any country what Isaias is doing to his own people. Down to China!

  • petros January 12, 2014

    We were better without the Chinese. They do not have respect for the black race, they are prolonging the power of their puppet dictators, and are destroying our wildlife and natural forest. They are changing the continent from bad to worse.