Mature Reason, But Immature Opposition

Mature Reason, But Immature Opposition For more than a decade, Eritreans have got evidenced mature reasons to fight for justice, but practically failed to establish a mature opposition to liberate the oppressed people form tyrannical government.

Mature Reason, But Immature Opposition

For more than a decade, Eritreans have got evidenced mature reasons to fight for justice, but practically failed to establish a mature opposition to liberate the oppressed people form tyrannical government. In my previous article, “PIA Gets Depreciated, Opposition Fails to be Appreciated” posted on assenna website, I have clearly stated the inherent weaknesses of the leadership, and partly the failure of the opposition to overwhelm the struggle for change mobilizing and guiding the young generation. The question of building a mature organization that truly tackles the existing problems, and completely democratize Eritrea should be taken as national obligation and responsibility without any form of partiality.

In the process of healthy political transformation, revising the past history through which the struggle had passed is a crucial experience to plan, shape, organize, coordinate, maintain and operate the opposition properly and effectively assessing the political history, character and trend of the nation critically.  But, most of the time, politicians are lethargic to learn from past experiences occupied with their super ego and aggressive political ambition.  In spite of some criticism, Tesfay Temenowo is doing a great job to narrate the national history in more instructive, disciplined and respectful manner that could inspire a substantial number of citizens to have a wider picture about their national history; and largely a big lesson for paltook “history” narrators on how to approach the discipline differentiating “propaganda” from actual history.

In fact the national history of Eritrea is somehow complex, and demands careful, intensive and scientific investigation and assessment in order to interpret and analyze the collected data in more logic and systematic way. History does not exist without having credible sources. The Government of Eritrea is not open for independent academic research that leads to web-based ill-researched and emotional historical narrations and posting without looking the subject/content from different dimensions, and possibly without indicating the authentic sources. Most of the topics presented in social media are very selective, and controversial presented with certain political motive through which citizens cannot harvest a true history.

The present narration of history can be classified into two sections- those in favor of PFDJ working to manipulate and beatify the national struggle for independence where as the opposition side usually seen to slander and undermine the struggle driven by “false nationalism”. Nonetheless, genuine history accounts the positive and negative merits of the struggle with clearly defined context, space and time to interpret the data or information in balanced way.  Thus, no matter the political perspective and position of the person, history must be told or written with free of emotion, imagination, biases, prejudices, and any form of political orientation.

We usually believe that the armed struggle of Eritrea conducted for 30 years to liberate the people from Ethiopian occupation or annexation.  But, twenty years (i.e. 1961-1981) was largely spent in bitter clash among Eritrean nationalists found themselves divided along the lines of ethnicity, religion, and region worsened by power struggle and grip. This caused hatred, division, conspiracy, tension, and murder ended up with bloody civil war. The more consolidated struggle which was transformed into practical offense against Ethiopia began in 1984 though there were significant military victories before; and the nationalists reached around the vicinities of Asmara.

It is very difficult to trace the exact date of the origin of the opposition groups, but the removal of Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) by Eritrean People’s Liberation Front in Collaboration with Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in 1981 led the disbursal of many nationalists in different part of the world. They started to oppose either at individual or group level. More or less, at least those exiled Eritreans have lived in diasbora with strong grievances against the system in Eritrea. Nonetheless, the swift revival of opposition groups has emerged in 2001 with imprisonment of G-15 and private media journalists, and silence of freedom of expression. The grievances of the citizens are further strengthened by tyranny, hostile character, torture, imprisonment, extra-judicial killings, failed economy, sick diplomatic skills, conflict with neighboring countries, endless military service, social crisis, and terrible corruption among military officers. Thus, Eritreans have mature reasons to struggle for justice, but the opposition still remains immature and incompetent to save the nation.

We can see the following stages of establishing a mature and coherent group that the opposition groups are still incapable to achieve them:

No. Stages of Group Positive development Nature of the oppositions’ Development
1 Forming Anticipation and optimism More ambitious
    Tentative attachment to the group Strong affiliations on the basis of ethnicity, religion or region
    Suspicion and anxiety about the job Fear of “PFDJ” or Ethiopian “infiltration”
    Determining acceptable group behavior Developing not acceptable group behavior that guides the party
    Defining tasks and strategies No practical strategies to achieve the desired goals
2 Storming Resisting the tasks and opposing new approaches for improvement Controversy between violence and non violence to achieve the desired goal
    Sharp fluctuation of attitude and political stands No consistency in their political stand, and continuous political shifts
    Strong arguments and misunderstanding among members Strong arguments about ethnic, region and religious basis of the oppositions; misunderstanding about the leadership and role of Eritrean opponents by origin Ethiopians; conflicting understanding about the degree of Ethiopian intervention in the internal affairs of Eritrea; the question of violence and non-violence as strategy of liberation; the covert and overt power struggle amongst;  controversy among national, organizational and individual interests
    Defensiveness, competition and choosing sides  Usually defensiveness, competition and choosing sides for acquiring political ambition.
    Establishing impractical goals Ethnic and religious based goals and political ambition which does not address the national question
    Disunity, misunderstanding increased tension and jealousy Day in and day out incubation of political parties without clearly defined national objectives
3 Norming Bringing constructive criticism Engaged in destructive criticism
    Eagerness to join the group Enthusiasm to establish new group or party ignoring the existed force
    Harmony instead of conflict Conflict instead of building harmony
    Close friendship and sharing personal issues Personal hatred, tension, conflict and competition
    A sense of group cohesion, spirit and goals Frequent division and fragmentation
    Maintaining and emboldening the group Stagnating or disrupting the progress of the group
4 Performing Better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses Accusing each other to avoid taking serious national responsibility
    Constructive self-change Rigidity and self-defense
    Managing and solving group problems Slandering, and accusing each other complicated the problems instead of working to solve the problem faithfully, respectfully and dedicatedly
    Strong attachment among group members Tension and competition rather than establishing harmonized group
5 Adjourning Sharing the responsibility of the results whether it is positive or negative; and hard to detach one another Rush to disband the group, and working to avoid taking responsibility for faults occurred.


In conclusion, in spite of the fact that the existing opposition parties or possibly fronts have strove to form a coalition force to synchronize the struggle to liberate the people from oppressive regime theoretically, they could not go beyond storming stage in practice. The major reason they stated out is that “infiltration” of PFDJ and divisive sentiment of the old generation. Nevertheless, the coalition should do an independent academic research to find out the accurate factors for the failure of forming a solidified front to facilitate a peaceful process of transition from autocracy into home grown democracy. I do believe that healthy and sustainable change is by the people and to the people.

Adhanom Tewelde

April 24th, 2013

Review overview
  • denden April 25, 2013

    aye ayte adhanom, it isgood to self critisize how about to critisize the media you are communicating with is a compelsive lier who dewll in slander and call themselves journalists! Well if the likes of Emmanule mulaqk chelsea hospital are in charge, oh boy god help Eritrea, and the good thing is he and his ancestors are not in Eritrea to contaminate it; Good riddance.

    • HOPE LESS ERITREA April 25, 2013

      Denden ,

      The proof is contradicting you .Nobody puts outrageous comments like me ,yet this website allows all opinions to be read.I woulsd not be allowed on DEHAI with this. Would you not agree ? Whom are you comparing Amanuel with. Seriously CNN brings unreliable news so many times I admire Iyassu.
      And that is not licking boots, I am honest.

      • denden April 26, 2013

        Dear Hope less,
        You can admire him or kiss his A** he is a compelsive lier and at that clumsy lier deluded, comparing with CNN ho hoho, you must be kidding it is like comparing street lier and excutive liers, way to go.

  • HOPE LESS ERITREA April 25, 2013

    Respectable Adhanom,

    Do not be hard on the opposition,they do not have much to go on & in this days of Electronic era it is hard to sell crap.
    There is a part that all who over-love Eritrea forget, there is a big part they neglect..we the unheard majority.Listen to our silence it is louder than the shouts of the opposition..We are proud to admit it..but,
    1) Eritrea will always be inferior partner to Ethiopia.
    2) Ethiopia will grow ..much more better than Eritrea will ever be unles the whole Mereta Sebene or Gash turns in to oil ..but ,even then artificial unity will easily collapse.
    3) Ethiopians are becoming richer & more Educated (specially hire education) than us..even for those who think if JEBHA were to lead..Nobody would sign independence summarized by ELF…even if Meles were to sign ,Americas policy would make it null & void & Meles´s life would be in Jeopardy.
    4) And last but definetely …not least..while the pioneers & there after until about 1978 people joined out of fasionable presentation & sexy fantasy o0f the struggle..after that it was almost 100% forced conscripts…accompannied by alcoholism of Dimu Dimu…now ,people feel sad for what is happenning in Sinai & to the Eritrean ypeople ..specially the youth..but THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON OF THE GEDLI WAS HATRED …& WOYANE BURST THE HATRED TOWARDS ETHIOPIA BY GRANTING US THE USELESS INDEPENDENCE…but steal we wanted Ethiopia to be humulated and cry for ports..that is not happenning.
    NOW LET THE OPPOSITION ENJOY SOME GORED GORED ;KITFO ,TIRE & DOLL EYED ETHIOPIAN LADIES…as for the rest we know ..Eritrean case is hopeless…If we knew Ethiopia was not goingt to suffer why did we secede ? That is our silent logic.

    • Adhanom April 26, 2013

      Dear Hopeless,

      Thanks for your comment!! In spite of the fact that I am not quite sure about your identity, as Eritrean, I need to differentiate seriously the current politics from the past historical experiences that our country has passed through. You clearly presented Ethiopia as “Paradise”, and Eritrea as “Hell” which is really far from the living facts.

      – How do you sense the flooding of thousands of Ethiopians to Yemen?

      – How do you sense the “Law of Terror” to silence, torture and jail of critical politicians and journalists?

      – How do you sense the inhuman displacement and extra-judicial killings in the land of Gambella, Amhara, Afar, Ogaden etc,?

      – How do you sense the intervention of the government in religious rights of Ethiopian Muslims?

      Have you ever sensed the theoretical democracy from practical democracy that the ordinary people are looking for assessing the situation of human rights, freedom of press, political pluralism, the right of assemblage etc?

      Let me give you a credible source to sense what is going in Ethiopia if you do not have information:


      But, I do accept the situation in Eritrea is much worse than in Ethiopia. In this techno world, we cannot give misleading information; and it is not supportive to our cause which may lead to further regional confusion and instability. For a century, Ethiopian hegemonic approach , what you are dreaming, has not brought peace and progress to our region- the rise of Eritrean nationalism, and war of liberation amongst the people of Tigray, Oromo, Ogaden etc.

      Furthermore, I would like to respond you briefly on what you suggested emotionally:

      1.Eritrea will always be inferior partner to Ethiopia.

      Brother/sister, in what sense Eritrea is “inferior” in terms of culture, history, economy, military, development, politics etc.? Which part of Ethiopia is more superior than Eritrea? Is it the right concept to use “inferiority” because of its negative connotation? As Eritrean, I am very optimistic about the futurity of my country though currently, the policy of PFDJ destroys the capacity of the nation. There are thousands of Eritreans in diaspora growing either financially or intellectually to rebuild our nation after removing the tyrannical government. Eritrea will move forward, and coexist peacefully with its neighboring countries!!

      2.Ethiopia will grow ..much more better than Eritrea will ever be unless the whole Mereta Sebene or Gash turns in to oil …but ,even then artificial unity will easily collapse.

      We should forget the classical conceptualization of development based on resource. I can give you best example in Africa. Have you ever come across the most resourceful country, Congo? Is the resource a curse or grace there? Have you ever glanced at Nigerian, Angolan, and Libyan Resources? The economic trend of these states is very disappointed.

      We should accept that Eritrea is a small country with meager resource according the data I have. But, I have to accept whether the country is smaller or bigger, resourceful or not resourceful. We must see how many countries which are smaller and less resourced exist and growing. Being an African or Eritrean is not a choice, but it is a historical process and destiny. As Eritreans, we can learn a lot of experience from Japanese on how they build their nation after devastating Second World War though we have different realities on ground. Don’t forget the asset of human capital that Eritrea will own in the near future as their disbursed in different part of the world.

      Brother/sister, partially, I agree with you, we don’t have a strong unity as PFDJ propagates- “One People and One Heart”; it is false. But, seriously speaking, the religious, ethnic and regional rifts appear more on political elites rather than on the ordinary people. And I strongly criticize them for sawing wrong seeds for achieving for their temporary personal ego and political ambition. Nonetheless, we, the young generation, do understand, we shall not be benefited from this classical political strategy; and I call them to take us to the right way.

      But, it is obscure to believe that Ethiopia is more unified than Eritrea. We need to revise the history of “Ethiopian foundation” through “Blood and Iron”. In general what I believe in the state formation in Africa is artificial architected by colonizers.

      3.And last but definetely …not least..while the pioneers & there after until about 1978 people joined out of fasionable presentation & sexy fantasy o0f the struggle..after that it was almost 100% forced conscripts…accompannied by alcoholism of Dimu Dimu…now ,people feel sad for what is happenning in Sinai & to the Eritrean ypeople ..specially the youth…

      I feel sorry to narrate the history of armed struggle of Eritrean in uncultured and unethical manners. Did Eritreans struggle or join the army because of sexual fantasy, and fissionability to fight and later followed by 100% forced conscripts and alcoholism practices?

      On my side I prefer to present the national history in scholastic way accounting the negative and positive merits to instruct the citizens; don’t mix your hidden political objectives with that of history.

      In my conclusion, I would like to inform you that the idea of “UNIONISM” is not a new idea or philosophy to the political history of Eritrea. Most of the Christian Highlanders strongly echoed unity with Ethiopia in 1940s promoted by influential political figures like Tedla Bairu, church leader Abuna Marikos and Ethiopian apparatus. The UN decided Eritrea to be federated with Ethiopia with its internal government and constitution, but Ethiopia destroyed the internal institutions and annexed the nation forcibly. The aggressive action of Ethiopia brought students and workers’ demonstrations, and underground movement, and later transformed into armed struggle for independence. I do not think so the struggle conducted for sexual fantasy, fissionability or alcoholism as you stated brother/sister.

      Obviously, the struggle went with success and tragedies that have to be studied objectively. No question, Eritrea became an independent state in 1993, but our freedom has been hijacked by one man rule system of PIA. Our people are being starved, depressed, tortured, jailed or murdered without any trial and bail. Is it the right time or mature enough to tell our people that Ethiopia is best attacking our history and our entity? Is it the right environment where our people are being starved, oppressed, depressed, divided, ill-informed, and confused bringing exaggerated image of Ethiopia to dislike their identity?

      Brother/sister, first let us create a conducive ground for our people to live properly building all necessary institutions removing the existing autocracy. Let us create the real Eritrea what our people have struggled for. Finally, it will be the choice of the people whether to stand for union or independence. But, currently, the intention of propping unionism or harmful campaign to disrupt the national integrity and sovereignty of the nation in this critical situation is totally a national treason and a national crime. Tomorrow, the future national law and national constitution will question you.


  • HOPE LESS ERITREA April 26, 2013

    Respected Adhanom,

    Firstly I am truly honored to recieve a response from you. I hope you also realize that there is frustration in what I have typed …I will try to honestly adress (with my limited knowledge)to answer to the ones I may have honest reply & in some cases agree with what you say ..,I give outrageous & or exaggerated reply to the ones who reason ¨even if it flies it was a goat¨,but a decent person like you deserves the respect of honest & unexaggerated answer .So here I go ..wish me luck.

    1)I honestly do not know well about thousands flooding to Yemen,..the Ethiopian govt. needs to correct it´s maybe misguided policies that do not correspond with all Ethiopians……My interest though is about our Eritrean people & this is how I reason it ..
    The Ghedli that started on a right footing ,specially Janhoy targeting Metahit moslem Eritreans to unspeakable Horror & crimes against humanity enraged we ,the Christian brothers ,who had luke warm attitude towards gedli joined our brothers that were dominantly Metahit Moslems. Some of my relatives in the villages were among the first to be VOLUNTARILY recruited and the operating word here is¨ VOLUNTARILY¨and were subjected to ¨enhanced interrogation¨ were blood came out of their ears, by Janhoy´s. That was a blessed stand & almost all Eritreans accepted the Gedli that had principles & clear vision & upto 1978 people joined the Ghedlis until at the end of that year Eritreans saw the futility of the Gedlis specially EPLF..but,BANDITS FORCIBLY RECRUITED future victims of Dimu Dimu alcoholism…and although I had misinformed fanaticism to our struggle ..when the bandits started forcifully recruiting peasants´children it turned out to banditry.I have no space to point out to the blackmail bandits used to make our people follow their bandit organization .
    I am no advocate of Ethiopian govt. as an Eritrean..but the difference lies here.
    1)Ethiopian govt. makes a good number of mistakes..contrary to some of it´s core principles..The Ethiopian govt. has principles Vs the Bandit govt. we have in our capital Asmara…IT NEVER HAD PRINCIPLES SINCE BANDITRY IT HAS ACTED LIKE A STREET BOY CHANGING TACTICS..So Please Respected Adhanom..we should be careful not to miseducate people that the Sewra was hijacked by Isaias in 1991 , 97,2001..or so..It was Isaias that hijacked the Sewra when he started his movement in meida early 1970s ,since the inception of EPLF /PFDJ/MUDADA.THE POSITIVE PART OF THE STRUGGLE ? You may approach the Struggle in acadamic sense if you can acadamically save the girls that are being raped in the trenches.And Eritrean women have been corrupted in to date rape like marriages under the influence.
    The Ghedli had a valuable begginning ,,,but it should have been flexible even Palestinians that were phisically uprooted from their land in 1948 see the pros & cons of continuing just war or accepting reality to save more Palestinians by accepting 2 states solution .
    I am not academic ,but I have common sense and some wisdom..I am not in favor of Eritrea reuniting Ethiopia ..never ,under no circumstances ..for a different reason though.
    As I am not used to typing things in order allow me to go back to what I have forgotten…No body is saying Ethiopia is perfect here ,far from that & while I put the meddling in moslem issue under question mark..what happens in Gambella & other less known places is horrible & crime under the table & should not be excused..but ,that should not be our concern….IF YOU TELL ME HOPELESS YOUR DAUGHTER IS ADDICTED TO COCAINE & IS PLANNING TO ASSAULT A BANK my answer SHOULD NOT BE ..¨Well the daughter of my neighbour also smokes marijuana on weekends.
    Number one what I should care is about my family´s (Eritrea´s)wel being.
    The point I was trying to make was it was our attitude that had us defeated in life & our attitude of hatred & resentment as opposed to love of people.
    2) According to the opposition doing nothing than more vacation in Ethiopia I reffer you to the horses mouth..sponsor´s mouth piece (Aiga Forum)…about the sex thing you said ..SEX IS NATURAL THING WHILE WAR IS NOT ,LOVING KISSING & MAKING LOVE IS CONSIDERED TABU WHILE MURDER IS GLORIFIED IN OUR CULTURE :I WISH I WAS IN THEIR PLACE ;I WOULD HAVE SUGGESTED WORKABLE SUGGESTIONS & ENJOYED THE COMPANY OF A BEAUTIFUL LADY :IT UIS HUMAN NATURE.

    Our aim should be according to me ..The struggle started as a necessity to oppose the untimely revoked federation ..but it turned to banditry in 1978..and the people that were forced to join since then has been murder by the bandits..but since the Eritrean people find it hard to swallow their forcibly recruited kids died for nothing…we may have to be brave to make them swallow this truth ..and since people like honesty & reality..from there we create an honest & clear agenda to give hope to our hope less Eritrea.
    The ex -Jebha tegadeltis at hawasa are not able to compromise for the sake of the women that are being raped in the trenches or Sinai ,the only thing we can assume is they go for the argument they call democracy misguided and for the doll eyed Women.
    YOU SHALL KNOW BY THEIR FRUITS ,deffending dead people is harder than you think Adhanom.

    Victory to the new Eritrea that does not come by rapists & murderrers that preached us Jebha Islam ,moslems have knife if not razor……but by decent human beings that are not afraid of the truth.

    My hat tips for your good intentions brother

    • HOPE LESS ERITREA April 26, 2013

      …forgot again…
      QUOTE ADHANOM QUOTING ME ¨I feel sorry to narrate the history of armed struggle of Eritrean in uncultured and unethical manners. Did Eritreans struggle or join the army because of sexual fantasy, and fissionability to fight and later followed by 100% forced conscripts and alcoholism practices?¨
      I used to tell my girlfriend I made the floor sexy ..after moppimg it to perfection..So please I did not mean Ghedli was sex fantasy shop…I meant to say it was the thing to do, Hip ,Fashionable to the young & please accept my clarification.

      • fithawi April 26, 2013

        Hopless Eritrea!
        It is not Eritrea, but you are the one who is hopless, dear brother/sister. Get back to optimitism to have a clear picture of the scenario for objective approach. Everybody knows and admits we are in a mess. And most of us are optimistic once we clean our house, the country will be peaceful, prosperous and ever loved.
        God bless.


    Fithawi ,

    Let me give you an advise .hope is not a strategy..something that is in our own hands to sit down & wait for hope says more about us ,as living dead.
    Do you think everything will wait you the way you dream it.When law & order breaks unexpected things happen ,I am warnning people to act quickly…you are advicing us that..the hyena is only eating our legs ..let us hope it does not get our balls is a pathetic strategy.
    Stop the things you heard from your grandfather ..this is 21st century.