Neither the Mercenary group from Tigrai nor his Karma can save Afwerki except

Neither the Mercenary group from Tigrai nor his Karma can save Afwerki except by Fetsum Abraham I closely followed Assenna's interview with brothers Doctor Assefaw and General Tekeste Haile, two dedicated Eritreans who served our struggle for

Neither the Mercenary group from Tigrai nor his Karma can save Afwerki except
by Fetsum Abraham

I closely followed Assenna’s interview with brothers Doctor Assefaw and General Tekeste Haile, two dedicated Eritreans who served our struggle for independence to only look the country from distance as a result of the president’s insensitive outlook of life. I enjoyed it very much. My impression is that the Eritrean case vis-a-vis the dictator is fundamentally over and the government has entered the last phase of survival fearfully expecting anything to happen any time soon. The situation of the president is like an arrogant champion boxer in a ring too exhausted to deliver and receiving merciless punches from a humble opponent, barely surviving the damage a second at a time until he touches down by the final knockout punch on the face. Once he losses faith on his strength and his coaches, he would not know what was going on in the ring and may not even understand he was boxing all together as he stays there staggering and confused about his fate until he wakes up in a hospital bed alone for his surprise. WHAT HAPPENED? is most probably the first question that comes to his mind at that point in his lonely experience. No one would be there, however, to explain the public information that he alone does not understand as he tries to figure out his condition still thinking he was a champion having no idea that he had become history. The only difference is that Afwerki may not have the chance of facing his destiny in custody, probably in hell.
To be honest, it feels good to witness the moment a brutal dictator is finished. I am not sadist but I felt good witnessing the heartless Shah of Iran humiliated all over the place after chased out of the country he used to oppress through endless dictation. I felt good witnessing the brutal Mengistu leaving the East Africans alone for his refuge in Zimbabwe. I felt good for the Libyans when it was over, though I did not appreciate the way they treated him after they found him in a tube like a RAT with a golden gun that he had no gut to use on himself. I felt good witnessing the ridiculous Saddam pulled out by the hair of a grave yard six feet under alive with American candy bars, yet with a gun that did not get a courageous finger to pull the trigger against himself. Likewise, I will certainly feel good when the menace dictator in Asmara gets his sooner or later, of course if I live that long. I predict it will be over soon and he will not kill himself at the end of it: He will be humiliated like all other coward dictators who destroyed society for just one life to live.
Afwerki chose a wrong path unnecessarily when he could have enjoyed the love of his people as a dignified leader for life. He delivered 22 years of anarchic punches to the Eritrean people to only find himself isolated from them and the world at large at the tail end of it. In fact he deserves what ever he will face in the future more than the other dictators that ended up with similar fate. Mengistu, Kadaffi and Saddam at least came to power by means of coup-de-etat to have been motivated staying in power by means of dictatorship. Afewerki however, had everything he needed to pass on impacting the Eritreans positively and his extent of dictation was unnecessary should power had been his objective. He had the best opportunity to serve the society’s cause of freedom more than any other leader in history. He, nevertheless, chose to hurt the people and his dignity for the heck of devil’s advocacy. He chose to destroy the people who gave him unconditional love without any provocation and inflicted incalculable damage, waiting to pass on as the worst nightmare of the poor Eritrean people in the near future.
As the two gentlemen said in the interview, Afwerki finally found himself totally isolated from his people trying to defend the rest of his ridiculous dictatorship through a mercenary group called the Tigrean Front for Democracy (this group was said to have had better privileges compared to our forces (materially and morally)). Can you imagine this notorious anti-freedom dictator to promote democracy in Ethiopia through worthless groups as such? Can you imagine this man to loose faith on the 300,000 Eritrean armed forces and depend on this good for nothing group for protection? If this reality does not hit him hard in the head, nothing will!! If this desperate act of humiliation does not irritate our all inclusive armed forces and motivate them to pull the decisive trigger that nullifies him, nothing will!! The fact remains that no force could stop the Eritrean objective for freedom, after all, let alone this group that has today been condemned to die with him at the moment it faces the Eritrean style of confrontation; meaning that neither will he be protected by this group effectively not will this group survive the final push of Eritreans for freedom even at individual level of the political game.
The question is if my classification of this group as MERCENARY conforms to the objective definition of the term universally.
“A mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party.” Further, “a mercenary is essentially motivated by money, the term mercenary usually carries negative connotations.”
By this I close my case stating that the group is a foreign force that will end up being a sandwich between the people and our armed forces with no exit or place of retreat at the time of action. It has no power to suppress our freedom and neither can it retreat to Ethiopia for it is a useless entity created by Afwerki to hurt the Ethiopian democratic development.
The next question is if a mercenary group as such is protected by international law! To this effect, research says the following:
“International treaties established to control the use of mercenaries include the Additional Protocol I and II to Article 47 of the Geneva Convention (1949), the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Convention for the Elimination of Mercenaries in Africa (1972), and the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries (1989).”
By this, I close my case stating that no Law protects this mercenary group now stationed in Asmara to “save” the president. Eritrean forces have the absolute right to destroy this group if necessary without any reaction from the international community. It has to surrender upon instruction or face extermination otherwise.

In conclusion: I believe the president is a loner today without any control of his actions. He is paranoid and can not sleep peacefully anymore. His only way out is giving up power willingly and it better be soon for Eritreans have no longer the time to waste on him. In the mean time, we have to continue vigilance until the resistance finalizes its objective effectively. Hope has been constructed by the gallant Eritrean forces that ignited the flame. I feel dignified to express my utmost respect to our armed forces that sacrificed their safety for the cause of freedom. I feel dignified by the courageous move of brother Ali who killed himself in defiance of Afwerki. That brother was designed to be the icon of freedom for us as a matter of destiny. May Allah rest his soul in peace at heaven!

Review overview
  • FENAN February 6, 2013

    Dear reader be wise for all, forget the bad past and think the best future. We don’t have any evidence for what things was done before century in this area.Whether it was good or bad we have to analyze we have to take the best lessen for the future . the past bad and fake legends and history which created by ex enemies of the Abyssinia people was made to have fragmented Abyssinia. After all thinking the legends is really useless for all of us.
    Please don’t speak on Awraja. No one can tell us we have done the bad things. In every member of the society they have their own heroes, best talents, culture, songs, resources,etc things by its nature they express superiority upon each other this natural.It starts from family, to neighbourhood, kushet, wereda, awraja etc…. This is the main problem in Eritrea let alone discrimination they couldn’t attend on the same church just take an examples the different churches of Europe and America some of them uses specialty for agelguzay, seriye, hamassien. This problem is not new phenomena it starts during the colonies in the horn in order to have power they create divide and rule system. Akeleguzay assumes as Agame or Tigrains but whether we are agame, hamasien,tembein. seraye, raya, anseba,asseb or welkaite we are from the some culture and ancestors don’t create as we are new creature due to the developments in technology just like artificial product. we are not uniique creature we are human being.

  • Truly,Truly i say to you February 6, 2013

    Please now a lot have been spoken. Let us turn to practical measure . Let´s accomplish the courageous measure that started at Forto. The rest talk is only waste of time and seems entertainment. I am tired of that.

  • Massola February 7, 2013

    Dear genuine reader of the article
    Erireans are ethiopians , they have never considered different. they fought for ethiopian independence with their Ethiopian brothers.on the same time the Ethiopians especially the Tigrians they never give up that the Eritreans be invaded by other nation. look the war of Gura, gundet, keren, massa during the invading of colony Turkish, Egypt, Mahadist, and others the Godagudi, Finally you can see the collaboration between the Eritrean and Tigrians to fight against Derg, and kick him awaypeole not on regims. All regimes they pass but people rimains. there is no enemity between different people unless organised by the enemy of the people. the enemy of the people are regims with spescial enterest and they survive with enemity of dived people.
    brothers we have to stop all this and give chance to people to dialoge and let them free. the risult will be formidable. is it necessary a boundry between afar and afar, is it necessary a boundry between Kunama and Kunama, is it necessary a boundary between tigtigna and tigrigna or somali and somali, I don’t know the interest of all this. if we talk to afar people they like to talk with their own language with brothers of Ethiopia , the same for Kunam, somali etc. so way create haterage between people of the same culture and history.
    Belive me Eritrea with out Ethiopia or Ethiopia with out Eritrea is very difficult or it creates distorted history. By the way I know that very well, they can live separately with the existing experience but it is not sustainable, it is fake life without any confidence on both member of the society. We can not live without them.

    Pro- Ethio-Eritrea.

  • Geza Shilele February 7, 2013

    To Dear Fenan
    I appreciate the comment of Who is DEKIABAT( Indigenous) in Eritrea?
    Is there any possibilities or alternative to choice to be Tigringa, Kunama, Saho, Afar, Blen, beanamer, Tgre. Rashida, Nara,…
    The first and foremost, nobody can have any chance to select the place, religion, cultre, language …..before his birth-date. This is the job of Our Greatest Lord GOD, ALLAH. Being some bodies place of birth and religiousness it is very difficult to consider as enemy or discriminate hating just by making tortured backward words.
    I know when Eritrea gets independence before 21 years the EPLF secretary on that time had meeting on cinema Capitol with civil society in Asmara.. some of the participants they repeatedly asks raise question of the citizenship in Eritrea how can we consider this citizenship is that from fathers side or mothers side up-to 3,4,5,6 ancestors or what else as an alternative?
    He was wisely and clearly responded as follows. if we are raise such clearance of the citizenship, it will be difficult because we don’t have any indigenous people in Eritrea except the stones and forests. So if any body request for his citizenship we have to respect unless it will create crises on the country at large.
    Being an Eritrean we have to fight against identity crises.
    we are Abyssinia. please we have to tell the truth for your future generation.
    think global act local but with genuine concern for all of the human being.
    Wedi Erie

  • sara February 12, 2013

    Wow, interesting. I read all z comments. I think, if any one who call him/her self eritrean should know one thing. This guy (pia) is pure agame. He has been working for long to distroy any pure eritrean but now time is up. Wdi medhn must be shiped to tenben with all this tegaru relative uncle and aunt. We r done w. Tegaru pp. I am sorry to say this but tgaru, r the most kdat telamat ppl on earth. They need help. Look isayas afwrki, why in earth want to call himself eritrean when he isnt.? Eritreans are z most honest ppl in earth we dont hate tgaru or other ppl for no good reason. Dear tgaru, pls be nice and love yr self then we ca n be good nibo…
    For some of eritrean we have to work hard to save our ppl. Like it or not we r in deep shit. Eritreans/eritrea r eaten inside out like cancer. 1/2er 1/2tgru are in our case.