Review overview
  • Mike November 23, 2014

    Incredible! Short and well done!

    Every character and interaction in the comedy seems very typical of the collapsing culture in Eritrea – inside and outside of Eritrea. Having the “priest character” pickup the phone in the middle of prayer service in the comedy seems a bit embellished though. However, it seems to inform the faith based leaders that their focus is off target and failing.

    I have always felt sorry for many who are flocking to exile – I have high doubts however “in general sense” all refugees need to be granted refugee visa. The reason is this same short comedy depicting the a culture that has been dismantled post Independent Eritrea.

    I have run in to few Eritreans who flee Eritrea and yet giving full support to current Eritrean government since early 2000’s not sure what their reason is. This comedy seems to come late but still valid. I would hope this comedy gets to every country accommodating Eritrean refugees and have them filter harder and allocate their visas accordingly. This is why some countries are now getting smarter and figuring out what to do with the incoming flood of refugees. Soon governments will seek out individuals who are falsely claiming prosecution by government of Eritrea and are found supporting the cause of this very system these refugees are trying to flee – to these individuals shipping them back to Eritrea is crucial.

    Values and culture are dismantled by creating a group or generation who disregard trust and thus breeding loyal followers to the ruling party. That is what we have in Eritrea.

    Comedy Well done and delivered that, I think, the acting cast needed to deliver.

  • ERITRAWIT November 23, 2014

    Yes, this is the real HGDEF character thank you Amanule.
    Well done dekey hager Nebertey Israel Amlak msakum ykuen.

  • haile November 23, 2014

    at 13;00 minute when the actor kissed Isias’ image to show the supporter he is one of them must be the funniest in this clip:)

  • bravo November 23, 2014

    Very nice….i was really waiting for such special type of commedy for over decade. This is the begning of A shift to the reality. I was borred of watching old fashioned dramas that focus on Derg regime oppression of Eritreans (which is the past) instead of the new suffering of Eritreans by Gungs in Asmara. For me this is the first time to see a drama that reflects the reality. Weldone. Keep up this good work. Commedies or dramas have greater impacts in Eritrean politics as it can be proved by their significant influence during the struggle for freedom. Hope this comedy is the begning of the new Year in the struggle against the clue less n brutal Eritrean regime.

  • Simerrr2012 November 24, 2014

    I would give the video, dancing mekan aemro, to Israel immigration police to identify those individuals (infiltrators) who support the nazi regime higdef. This short trajedy not comedy is the reality in the life of refugee Eritreans in the diaspora. How many of are real refugees from the 30,000 who live in Israel? The Israeli see people and government see all this paradox in the life of Eritrean refugees. Some of them built houses in Eritrea which is uncommon in Refugees reality. Sorry for those who are really left Eritrea for good reason.

  • Tesfaldet November 24, 2014

    well done!