New Song by HaileAb Isak: MERKEBNA – ጻውዒት መርከብና – November 2013

Review overview
  • Meretse Asmelash November 25, 2013

    If I have to choose only one word best fits this song, it indeed is “sensational”.

    • Please Give Credited to Okbagabir November 26, 2013

      Please hailat give creadit to Okbagabit from EPLF. Unlike those coward Tigrai Orgin leraders of Eritrea – he is fool blooded Eritrean.

  • Mesinas November 26, 2013

    ድምጺ፣ ዜማ፣ ግጥሚ፣ ኣደራርፋን ውህደት ሙዚቃን ዚወጾ ዘይብሉ ስራሕ! ኣገናዕ ወዲ ህዝቢ!

  • Harnet November 26, 2013

    HaileAb Excellent song!!!

  • wayway November 27, 2013

    This is the song that awaking every soul you have done it keep singing HaileAB!!!!!!!

  • MightyEmbasoyra November 28, 2013

    It is really great song. Kee it up!!!

  • Genet November 30, 2013

    Great song! Also giving credit to the late Okbagaber is important. I have Okbagaber’s original song. Now, how do I buy this song/CD?