Review overview
  • Tiberih F. July 29, 2015

    Yes, the first sitting American president speaks to the African Union. And what a brilliant and impressive speech by the great African son President B.Obama. To borrow some of his strong speech and messages to the dictators and presidents for life African leaders; he noted that nothing will unlock Africa’s economic potential more than ending “the cancer of corruption”. He also urged the African leaders to protect human rights and ensure good governance.

    But above all president Obama stressed the importance of democracy, development and the equality and the better treatment of our poor women and young girls. Most of all that impressed me is when he said “Africa doesn’t need strong men but strong institutions”, how very true indeed Mr president.

    In his wonderful conclusion of his speech he said “God bless Africa and also God bless the United States of America”. Allow me to add my own wishes as I am half Eritrean and half Ethiopian and not American, I would conclude it God bless Africa and more God bless Eritrea and God bless Ethiopia. God bless us all as well.

  • Kombishtato July 30, 2015

    Will the many leaders of the continent such as Issu-Enfu of al Eritrea will get the message? Issu-Enfu has been lately destroying houses built by many Eritreans including the 2%’s.