Protests in Ethiopia forces govt to suspend MIDROC gold-mining license

The Ethiopian government through the sector ministry has suspended the mining license of top gold mining firm, Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Cos., MICROC. The state affiliated FANA Broadcasting Corporate reported that the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and

The Ethiopian government through the sector ministry has suspended the mining license of top gold mining firm, Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Cos., MICROC.

The state affiliated FANA Broadcasting Corporate reported that the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas had suspended MIDROC’s Lega Dembi gold-mining license.

The Ministry confirmed that its action was connected to protest by residents of the Oromia region’s Guji zone, who had for weeks now protested against the activities of MIDROC vis-a-vis the environmental impact and health implications of their operations in the area.

Citing Oromo activists operating in the United States, a news portal following the protests said people in the town of Shakiso had cut off power and water supply to the mine at the height of their protests.

The federal government in late April approved a license renewal for MIDROC to continue operations at a site near the town of Shakiso and the Lega Dembi river. It was that renewal that birthed the protests.

The Ministry through Bacha Faji, public relations and communications director said an independent body will be tasked to do an impact assessment of MIDROC’s operations.

Without specifying how long the assessment was going to take, the official said it will be based on its outcome that government will make its next move on the issue.

The company which has operated in the area since the late 1990s is owned by Ethiopian-born businessman Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi who is detained by Saudi Arabia in an anti-corruption clampdown.

Al Amoudi has substantial business interests in Ethiopia and is one of the continent’s richest men. Local authorities have said the matter is beyond them and asked the Oromia and the federal government to intervene in the crisis.


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Review overview
  • Bini May 10, 2018

    Give tremendous credit to the government of Ethiopia for allowing peaceful protests and the Ethiopian people for exercising their God given freedoms to protest against private companies and against their government all the time.
    How about the wicked nervous wreck opportunist Eritrean diaspora or the poor ordinary people back in Eritrea?
    Where is the invisible Eritrean so called hero and fake black Israeli super fighters? Long live Isaias anbessa jigna.

    • Danilo May 10, 2018

      Bini, with out blaming others you have full right to admire your Ambessa. You can not also blame wounded fighter except other ethical wise. Saying that you might trigger insult. If not please give us assurance of respect. Otherwise, starting from your ” Ambessa ” but wekheria /ሹሉ/ all of you ተወልጄ ደቂ ኣርብዓ ተጋሩ will be kicked off once for all. Eritrea is for Eritreans which prevails for ever.

    • amanuel May 10, 2018

      Look how confused you are bini. U tried to give credit to weyane for allowing peaceful protest which is not quite right. Truth is Weyane is unable to quash protests and public anger of the abuses of power by minority.
      U again contradicted by blaming diaspora eritreans and praising iseyas without stating a reason. U need to see a doctor ASAP.

    • almaz May 14, 2018

      Ethiopia tikdem, weyane yiwdem!!!

  • amanuel May 10, 2018

    This is a clear proof that abusive governments listen to one thing only- violent protest till their demise. ethiopians will be free only after finishing weyane that is hiding behind dr abiy.
    We also need to extrapolate this fact to our case.

  • amanuel May 11, 2018

    What do people get from exploitation by big companies? Who benefits from gold mining in midroc, bisha, goobo and embaderho?
    Certainly not the community around the plants. To the contrary the people around midroc, bisha and embaderho will drink chemical contaminated water and food for many years to come

    • k.tewolde May 11, 2018

      Indeed amanuel,does Flint,Michigan come to mind,at least there is accountability here.It reminds me of the song Mercy,mercy me.Can you imagine in that closed up lawless homeland of ours with no mechanism of checks and balances where warlords roam enforcing law with guns and collude with the foreign miners how to rip off our poor people everyday,can you imagine the mercury and other toxic chemicals that is sipping through our aquifers,riverbeds and pristine tributaries which we used to drink with our bare hands during the struggle.Can you imagine the catastrophic impact on humans and the environment.They don’t have EPA there,but they do have plenty CPA’s who can count and divide and stash away the loot.

  • zekarias May 11, 2018

    Amanuel do not you wary, dirty idea like that of yours/shaebya/jebha of the last 60-years will be cleansed in the near future!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! May 11, 2018

      Jebha-shaebia legacy belong to patriotic people of Eritrea .The one who betrayed the principle of our struggle will be cleansed when their time
      arrived . By then we will be free from intruders who refused to leave us
      alone .
      WEYANE starts to loose power and HGDF will follow to face the same fate .
      For your information , true Eritreans wouldn’t betray the promise vowed
      to our unsung heroes sacrifices except the few immoral people that choose
      to close their eyes and ears for selfish reasons .

      • Bajet May 12, 2018

        HARADI TEQOMBAHI LEKHIBAT mushmush ROOTLESS CANCEROUS muslim Arab slave dog, you don’t fucking belong to our beautiful civilized Christian Habesha Eritrea and why are you bloody hallucinating your vicious Islamic venomous shits all the time??? You are not fucking managing with your beggars food stamps, recycled cloths in the USA, are you aregit mushmush Kelbi areb a demented Arab slave dog PIMP??? Simply ayte foreign mercenary, ROT in your vicious Islam HELL where you fucking belong.

  • Bajet May 12, 2018

    Danilo, amanuel/abdurahiman, k.tewolde/wedi komarit scum bag, you all riffraffan/goHafat deki eraymirayat lementi and fucking deQalu rotten beggars/cockroaches, will soon be burned alive in your vicious diQala Islam HELL where you fucking all belong and come from in the first place. Your savage evil muslim Arab slave masters and the barbarians should chop you lot into pieces for being life long failures and outdated useless mercenaries garbages.

    • amanuel May 13, 2018

      Agame tigray kitchinek kela bajet tikewin. Gena amhara kiharduka eyom bajet agame. Agazian tibahal ab axum ala meekobit deki harakim. Hiray. Nabu getska kid.

  • amanuel May 13, 2018

    Amharan tegarun wigie gemirom alewu ab adi arkay for your info. Bajet. Axum win mehbie yeblkan