Putting the spotlight on defending the sovereignty of Eritrea

Putting the spotlight on defending the sovereignty of Eritrea By PetrosTesfagiorgis First let me congratulate the brotherly/sisterly people of Tigray and their vanguard TPLF for celebrating the 45 years anniversary of the beginning of their armed

Putting the spotlight on defending the sovereignty of Eritrea

By PetrosTesfagiorgis

First let me congratulate the brotherly/sisterly people of Tigray and their vanguard TPLF for celebrating the 45 years anniversary of the beginning of their armed struggle.  The TPLF defeated  the military Junta (the Dergue)  led by of Colonel Mengustu Hailemariam and brought to an ended the Ethiopian feudal Empire that was built on the total power of the Amhara ruling class over other nationalities.  This victory heralded a new era of self-rule and equality to the oppressed nationalities in Ethiopia. Although other liberation movements such as EPRP, OLF, Sidama Liberation Front, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Hailu Fida’s MEISON and the Eritrean Liberation Front  contributed a lot to the downfall of the Dergue, it was the combined military offensive of EPLF and TPLF that finally defeated the heavily armed regime in Ethiopia.

As I started to write my article I listened to interviews by Haregu Keleta of ERENA with some Eritreans regarding the speech Dr Debrezion gave during the celebration of their 45 years anniversary.  Dr Debrezion expressed, not for the first time, his unreserved welcome to the Eritrean refugees in Tigray. This time he mentioned the Eritrean army saying “this is your home.”    One commentator said this statement is a call to the Eritrean army to surrender. He expressed that the TPLF has an evil design on Eritrea. His narrative can be taken that Tigray is no friend of the people of Eritrea. All these nonsense talk is out of context. The reality on the ground is different. We should not cheat ourselves; members of the Eritreans army do cross the border to Ethiopia and the Sudan as refugees. And to this day they continue to do so. They don’t need Dr Debresion to tell them to come to Ethiopia. It is an insult to their intelligence.  They are just running away from a brutal regime.

We have some Eritreans suffering from a sense of loss and fail to acknowledge the help the Tigreans are rendering to the Eritrean refugees. In their time of darkness they treat them with kindness.  But the show is polluted by bad language against TPLF/Tigray. This remark is unnecessary and is offending   Eritreans living in the border areas with Tigray.  The world has watched when both Eritreans and Tigreans   expressed their joy and happiness as they warmly greet each other when the border was opened after 20 years. Although it was for a short time only, Eritreans have benefitted from buying commodities at a much cheaper price to that in Eritrea. Witnessing this rendezvous the Just seekers in Diaspora who are talking from their comfort zone should realize that the Eritreans living in the border area have much greater stake in peace more than the rest of us. And they will oppose such anti-peace statements. A group of people from Senafe area did that on the social media. In addition peace and friendship between the two neighborly people could be a bridge for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia in total. In building peace it is the language of peace that must prevail.

On the other hand in the interview there were rational voices such as that of Elen Tesfagiorgis from Yiakle Washington and Temesgen Kahsai – who took the words of Dr Debretzion as genuine.   Temesgen Kahsai is a mature nationalist journalist by any standard and has shown competence in assessing the present situation. On the other hand, it is an advantage for Tigray to be friends with Eritrea. They don’t want to be encircled by PFDJ.  People speculate that the recent visit of Dr Abiy and the Minister of Defense Lemma Megersa to Asmara was about Tigray.  TPLF has become an obstacle to replace the Federal system by Prosperity party the brain child of Dr Abiy Ahmed. It is therefore a question of mutual survival.

Genuine cordial relationship between Sovereign Eritrea and Tigray region of Ethiopia would contribute to the stability of Ethiopia. It is a bridge to   reach to the rest of Ethiopia. (More on part 2).

In this moment in time putting the spotlight on defending the sovereignty of Eritrea is the priority.

As the geopolitics of the horn changes, we Eritreans must move with it harnessing our energies and ways of thinking to ensure the sovereignty of Eritrea. Isaias is working in slow motion to give away Eritrea to Dr Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopia. The people of Eritrea did not get peace divided. Eritrean prisoners of conscience are not released, indefinite national service, slave labor and other forms of human rights violations continue unabated. On the contrary Isaias and Abiy have become allies in the unholy mission to kill the Eritrean sovereignty and to crash the TPLF. The TPLF is spearheading the fight to defend the federal system.  In his address to the people of Eritrea on 7/02/20 Isaias declared he will support   Dr Abiy in his bid to abolish the federal system? This is a betrayal of the revolution in Ethiopia championed by the Haile Sellasie University progressive students union in Addis Ababa in the end of 60th and early 70th. The revolution was anti-imperialism, anti colonialism and anti-feudalism. Feudalism is the system that perpetuates oppression of nationalities in Ethiopia. This gave rise to the right of self-determination including secession.  That is why Oromo professionals mostly doctors sent strongly worded letter condemning Isaias talk against the Federal System.  Many Ethiopian social media have spoken out against Isaias and also have broken their silence of the gross human rights violations in Eritrea. The outspoken politician Ledetu Ayalew   and Jewar Mohammed – who runs the powerful Oromia Media Network (OMN) that played a leading role in the Oromo youth (Kero) uprising were among many political analysts who condemned Isaias and reminded him to take his hands off TPLF.  Ledetu said unequivocally the case of TPLF is an Ethiopian case and not Eritrea. Isaias is reckless who can go to war easily. For him the life of the people of Eritrea does not matter.

We Eritreans need peace more than any others because it is the lack of peace or the excuse of it that is ruining our country and destroying the fabric of the Eritrean society.  Peace does not come by itself we have to build brick by brick. We should not live in the past. Peace is about forgiveness and reconciliation. However we have to express our kind of peace that honors our sovereignty and protects the wellbeing of the people of Eritrea.  We are becoming too reactive to what has been said about Eritrea by Ethiopians.   We have to be pro-active and put on the table our terms of peace clearly. One of the terms is to honor the sovereignty of Eritrea.  This is the responsibility of organized bodies representing the justice seekers.  In this case professional people or   Think Tank bodies can be assigned to package the terms in a professional way.

In this extremely challenging period we need an ally and it is the TPLF. In spite of the avoidable Ethio-Eritrean destructive war of 1998 and the deportation of thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia, the TPLF has never doubted the sovereignty of Eritrea.  And we know if Abiy and Isaias managed to defeat the TPLF then the Eritrean sovereignty will be at risk. Tamrat Negara said “we have to thank Isaias for making Eritrea weak” It is easy to invade Eritrea today; you can do it as you brush your teeth”. General Tzadkan said “it is a matter of time before the Port of Assab is owned by Ethiopia”.   This is not a mere wishful thinking, many Ethiopians wanted it badly. However, we have to differentiate between independent individuals and   Government spokespeople.

In conclusion let me express my Congratulations to the Eritrean Women in London celebrating the international women day. It brings back the fighting spirit of women during the long years of armed struggle.   It is profoundly   inspirational and successful. Women are ethically sensitive less likely to be corrupt. Once they rise up they could do wonders they are the nucleus of the Eritrean society.

The End:  Laluta continua.


Review overview
  • k.tewolde March 20, 2020

    ‘In spite of the avoidable Ethio-Eritrean destructive war of 1998 and the deportation of thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia, the TPLF has never doubted the sovereignty of Eritrea.’>>>>> O brother, lets complete the convenient omission of the story,how about the intrusion in our struggle for liberation which altered the history of the revolution itself by playing part in driving out a pioneer armed national organization which led to the present 29 years of mayhem we are in,how about the overt and covert role this clique played while in power to castrate and render the Eritrean opposition in its backyard impotent and on and on,what are you seeing in this clique that we don’t see unless you are part of the clique,there is only one people who care about Eritrean sovereignty– the Eritrean people, this clique since its inception worked and still working to undermine that however time have caught up with them,time does wonders it turns a plump grape to a prune and an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. TPLF is not the vanguard of the tigray people as HGDEF is not for the Eritreans,the two people are indeed brothers by maintaining and respecting each others turfs.An alliance forged out of desperation is destined for disintegration and betrayal ,all you have to do is peek in the rear-view mirror.

    • Petros Tesfagiorgis March 20, 2020

      Hi Tewolde: :Peace is done with those you go to war….. The consequences of war. is Loss of life, properties and economic stagnation.. Peace with Ethiopia minus Tigray does not work. That is the reason Ethiopians even those who does not like TPLF are up against Isaias interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. . I wonder why you talk outside the subject of defending the sovereignty of Eritrea.. .. . You did not mention Dr Abiy the collaborator of Isaias in eroding the sovereignty of Eritrea?… The people of Tigray are .united behind the TPLF. You are dreaming.. . You are interfering in the internal affairs of Tigray as Isaias is interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. But because you don’t have any responsibility. You can afford to be irresponsible.. …

      • Wedi Hagher March 20, 2020

        Brother Petros T.

        If the TPLF had any interest in peace, they would have accepted the ruling when the UN agencies were present on the ground to demarcate the border.
        It’s true that we have a regime that want remain in power by making Eritrea hostage of conflicts with neighbors, but the TPLF too has been playing its part in this drama.
        Now that they are back to Mekele and feeling the pressure from Amhara extremists they seem to have softened their stance but the damage was already done.
        If Tigray is interested in peace it should stop working against national unity in Eritrea. There are a number of fascist groups based in Tigray financed by TPLF. No matter how small these groups are,it just shows the true nature of their handlers.

        • Negassi March 21, 2020

          You pathetically think poor Eritrea is being raped or robbed by TPLF of Tigray or PFDJ of Eritrea as we speak; you implied in your unashamedly pathetic comment. A man’s home was invaded by an intruder, and the intruder is now in the process of raping the man’s wife in one of the rooms inside the man’s dwelling. Right now, I think it is the poor unfortunate Eritrea being raped/robbed/shamed/messed around by your coward and hypocrite ELF & Hogdefs cadres. But, I can understand you cowardly scapegoating the neighbour in order not to accuse two faced cadre type tormentors. But rape is rape everywhere regardless by whom committed.

          • Negassi March 21, 2020

            Ps; read Hogdefs as Higdefs, thanks.

  • Asmara Eritrea March 20, 2020

    A well written article. What we Eritreans should remember is that the Tigrians are our own people, they speak the same language. same culture and intermarriages going back centuries. I know Isiais wants us to hate them just as Hitler disguised his Austrian identity by trying to be more German than the Germans. We should not be fooled into believing the Tigrians are our enemies and call them all sorts of crap names to please Isaias and his cliques. Just look at what and how much they have achieved in 30 years whilst our own country has become a shit hole, banana republic.

    In the end the Tigrians may be the only people that will save our country from Isiais because they have the guts. We, Eritreans, are gutless and full of hot air. We have refined the art of talking and fleeing our country in mass. And that’s it – no action to save our homeland from a destructive beast. What a tragedy!

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • Woldegabriel March 20, 2020

    Selam Asmara, Eritrea
    I do not blame you at all for what you said. For nearly three decades, isayas has done his homework of crippling the minds and spirits of the young generation. You should fight your demons and emancipate yourself before you talk about the Eritrean people.

    • k.tewolde March 20, 2020

      It is a self fulfilling prophecy isn’t it Wolde?

      • Negassi March 21, 2020

        Unfortunately, you’ve turned into a pathetic wolf in sheep skin and picks a fight with those people who are fighting {unlike you tiger-paper only rhetorically} tooth and nail to remove the brutal dictator. Sadly, it seems you are rotten and approaching fast to your decomposition stage. I don’t think the common and sensible Eritreans see Ethiopians and in particular Tigrayans as their enemy like you ELF & Higdefs cadres are preaching day in day out, or else Ethiopia/Tigray would NOT be the first choice of their destination for tens of thousands Eritreans. So cut all your crap prophecy and get real.

  • Woldegabriel March 20, 2020

    Pls read” many of the young generation’ not the young generation.

  • Tesfai March 21, 2020

    Dear Petros,

    I think you’re one of the very few unapportionest intellect from Eritrtrea. The Eritrean intellect are mostly corrupt and lack the minimal requirement of professional integrity. It is upsetting to see them stretch the truth and facts to please the majority. It requires courage to tell the truth as it is to a society constantly bombarded with same and one narratives for many many years.

    Back to your article . It is really interesting  article. This is the kinds of article Eritrea and Eritreans need at this dire situation in our history.  Our existance as a nation is at question mark and we are at the last stage whether to exist or die as  nation. It imperative to seek alliances from left and right.  I do agree with you Petros the Tigreans and TPLF are our best option and natural alliance. I do believe Eritrea is still exist because of Tigrai used a buffer zone,  making it hard to Amhara invaders. The Amhara elites and some Ethiopeans  won’t accept as sovereignty and they are constant threat. Thanks to TPLF for standind firm  on supporting Eritrea sovereignty. Thanks to the brotherly and sisterly people of Tigrai for being nice and kind to our people in need.

    As for redio erena interviewer, whether it is from her sheer incompetence or her unethical behavior, or combination of both, she is disgrace to the organization. She  didn’t make proper preparation to ask appropriate questions in relation to the speach. She didn’t even sound like she  had listen the entire speach before the interview.she has little understaning to context of the entire speach. The speach was concilatory and even admit past mistake and ready to do everything for the seek of better future relationship. He said we aren’t going to close our door to our brothers from Eritrea for obvious reason. Abey are trying to close the refugee comps in Tigrai  and as brotherly people they are shown solidarity with people of Eritrea. But the so called journalist didn’t care about the intended message but the few words.  Talking about the participants , I don’t blame them they are not professional commentators nor politicians. They contraditing themselves in one tipic, they blame the tigrians for not helping enough and the same time they don’t want their help

    Keep up the good work big bro!


  • Abrham Yohannes March 21, 2020

    We Eritreans cannot agree on anything, if we did, our country wouldn’t be a failed country. Devoid of its population. Exodus full swing, illiterate generation, Eritrean diaspora scattered all over the world, unprecedented in our history. Understand there is cause and effect. We seem to concentrate on he effect, while the perpetrator, the cause, of all the misery is laughing in our face, while hiding not in Asmara but in remote inaccessible sites with air tight security. There is no such thing as peaceful war, and atrocious things have happened, The psychopath and his ass licking group are not angels either, So blaming the TPLF day in day out is hot air. Blame should be put where it belongs.

    • rezen March 21, 2020

      Quote: We Eritreans cannot agree on anything, if we did, our country wouldn’t be a failed country. Unquote

      It is very difficult for me, to disagree with that statement. I leave it at that, with SADNESS which seems to be the hallmark of my roots.

  • Negassi March 21, 2020

    Mr P.Tesfagiorgis,
    Thank you Sir for your magnificent/impressive article. I really admire your honesty and tremendous talent/far-sighting.

  • k.tewolde March 21, 2020

    It is a hot debate obviously,and some new and some old commentators jumped in to spice it up and some to screw it up and some intentionally or unintentionally to misconstrue what was said, at the end of the day the article achieved its goal-deflection from the main culprit of our demise by bating us into accepting an alliance with an old foe of the Eritrean people and our cherished national cohesion,>>>> “I do agree with you Petros the Tigreans and TPLF are our best option and natural alliance. I do believe Eritrea is still exist because of Tigrai used a buffer zone,” Hmmmm,so Eritrea came to existence using this buffer south of the border!?on the contrary Tesfai the invaders came through that door and access was granted by the door keepers,I honestly have nothing against the people of Tigray,but they are Ethiopians and should remain that way by priding themselves of the Axumite kingdom and etc,they shouldn’t interfere with Eritrean internal affairs,I have heard this fib that we are brothers ,we look alike, dress alike,speak same language,eat injera,but I have never heard anybody mention,we are brothers with the Sudanese people ,look alike, dress alike,eat bojboj and even intermarried and share blood, not to mention the Sudanese people were not only the buffer,but also the backbone of the Eritrean armed revolution who played a big role in making our nation a reality and TPLF piggybacked on that opportunity.Learn a little bit of history,stop the habesha hypocrisy..I was born and raised in the heartland and played in its dirt spent my prime fighting for it, taught thousands of peasant rank and file fighters how to read and write,bridge the gap between the myriad of social stratum who joined the struggle instead of widening it like the impostor did……’You can afford to be irresponsible..’ …says Brother Pete.

  • Tesfai March 21, 2020

    Dear brother I don’t have any problem with Sudan or with any nations for that matter. The current threat to our existence is from south of our board it is not from west or east. If you can’t see that brother you are consumed with hate you can’t see what’s at stake. Your only goal is not the welfare of our people and our country but to see your enemy TPLF or the people of Tigrai suffer at any cost. What is funny is that, as one of the commentator put it above you are a cheerleader from afar safe place. It doesn’t matter to you as other pay the price. I don’t think you care about Sudan or others but you are a prisoner of your own sick mine. Go and see all your comments you are advocating hate and destruction not one comment about peacefully coexistence ዘይስንካ ሑጻ እንተ ትቅጥመሉ እዩ ናትካ ነገር። My friend you’re in you own in fantasy world than in real one. My advice to you is that get out of your past and start fresh than constant bashing same people and organization . It looks like you have person mission and an imimpossible one a day dreamer who thinks he can defend his country by sending few $$ from far. My friend our county is empty of its people with no capacity to defed itself. It is wise to do self assessment before you jump to hell. Get real and pause. Even a beautiful song gets boring if you listen again and again. Don’t you think other will get bored with your comments to come all the time with the same argument again and again.

    • Wedi Hagher March 21, 2020

      “My friend our county is empty of its people with no capacity to defed itself. It is wise to do self assessment before you jump to hell. Get real and pause.”


      Dear Brother
      You are not telling us something new.
      But who created this situation in the first place ? .
      Iseyas was your god and his name you have been destroying Eritrea for the last 50+ years.
      Now you want bring him down with the help of an enemy.
      If you think Eritrea needs peace work for unity of its people.
      As for the TPLF we know who they are.

  • Danilo March 21, 2020

    ኣንቱም ሰባት ከተዛሩቡና ድኣምበር እቲ ሓቀኛ ጠባይ ተጋሩ ጠፊኡም ኣኮነን።

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