Putting Things in Perspective

My Fellow Eritreans, I am writing this as a deeply concerned Eritrean. I thought it is extremely important to understand the grave situation our country finds itself. Moreover, why are we not united as Eritreans

My Fellow Eritreans, I am writing this as a deeply concerned Eritrean. I thought it is extremely important to understand the grave situation our country finds itself. Moreover, why are we not united as Eritreans to defend our country? What is going on in Eritrea is unique, and dangerous. We have seen many dictators in Africa, and elsewhere come, and go. They kill their own people, destroy the economy, and steal the country’s wealth. At the end, they will either be overthrown from power, or die naturally. At that point, the people may have an opportunity to put in power a democratically elected leader. In the case of Eritrea, it is very different. We have a dictator not only wants to destroy the country, and kill its people to stay in power, but also wants to kill the nationalism inside Eritrean harts, and hand  Eritrea to Ethiopia. This makes it different, and extremely dangerous. We will not have a second chance to rebuild our country, and put in place a democratically elected leader, even if he dies of a natural cause. And he told us in Gonder that he is not worried about that, because he is going to leave Eritrea on Adiy’s hand. If that happens what can we expect? We can ether become part of Ethiopia, and be swallowed by over 105 million people, and live as a second class citizen in your own country, or start another struggle for independence. Nether of this should be an option for us. Because over 90,000 of our Brothers, and sisters has sacrificed, and hand us independent Eritrea. What is going to be our roll at this time? I believe no Eritrean would like the above choose. So why we are not united in saving Eritrea? Many of us are organized in many different groups. However, their objective is the same. To create a democratic government in Eritrea. And that means the Eritrean people will elect their own leader. And if any of the political groups want to run for office, they can do so as the constitutions allows. If that is the case, what is preventing us from working together towards a common goal? I think we need to think a little deeper. No one group can be successful in turning the current situation in Eritrea. The independence of Eritrea was achieved because we were united agents a bigger, and well supported enemy. If we do not realize this, and take action rather quickly, we will live to regret it. We need to respect each other, even with those of a different opinion from ours. We need to engage in a constructive dialog, and not name-calling. I ask the representative of all different groups to connect with each other, and create a united front. What we are missing is a structured political organization that can unite all Eritrean people in diaspora, which will work hand to hand with our people in Eritrea. We need to communicate with our people in Eritrea, without endangering them. We should discourage them from leaving the country. I also call upon our singers to do their part. We all know the critical part the revolutionary songs played in our struggle for independence. I do not think it is difficult to get rid of the few dictators from Eritrea if we put our heart into it.

Liberty and Peace for Eritrean people.

Warsay Adhanom



Review overview
  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 8, 2019

    ዝኸርካ ዋርሳይ ኣድሓኖም
    እወ ኣነ እውን እዚ እየ ርእይቶ ክህብ ጸኒሔ፠ኣብዚኣ ግን ቁሩብ ክሕግዘካ ማለት ነቲ ዘደንጽወካ ዘሎ ብኻልእ መገዲ ክትርእዮ ፈትን፠ህዝብና እንታይ ከም ዝደሊ ርጉጽ ኣይትኹን፠ኣነ ኣይፈልጦን ህዝብና እንታይ ከም ዝሓስብ ,ምኽንያቱ ብሕልፊ ህዝቢ ትግርኛ መሐወስ ሰብ ዘዕልሎን ናይ ልቡ ምስ ቤተሰቡን ኣዕሩኽቱን ዘዕልሎን ፍሉይ እዪ፠ገጽ ሰብ እናርኣኻ ምዕላል ዝለመደ ህዝቢ እዩ፠ ኣነ ኣጥቢቔ ካብ ዝሓተትኩዎም ሰባት ,ተጋደልቲ ነበር ዳርጋ ኹሎም ነዚ መደመር ኣጥቢቖም ይቃወምዎ ,ኤርትራ በይና ኽትከውን ይደልዩ፠ ካብ ባዕሎም ዘይተቓለሱ ግን ክኣ (ቤተሰብ ዘይተሰውኦ የብልናን) ብዘይ ኣጋንኖ 10=15% ዝኾኑ ምድማር ዝቃወሙ ,30=37% ዝኾኑ ናይ ቀደም ዘበን እንቋዕ ተመልሰ ዝብሉ ,15=18% ኣግኣዝያን ትግራይ ትግርኚ ዝደልዩ ,እቶም ዝተረፉ ግን ባዕሉ ኣምላኽ የጸብቆ ኢሎም ርእይቶኦም ዝሓብኡ እዮም፠ካብዚኦም መብዛሕትኦም ኤርትራ ወይ ሞት ዝነበሩ እዮም፠እዚ ናተይ ፕሮፌሽናል ዘይኮነ ስታቲስቲክስ ,ቁንጣሮ (sample) ካብ ዝቐርቦምን ኣዕሩኽተይን 100% ኤርትራውያን ዝረኸብኩዎ እዩ፠ ስለዚ ሓሳብ ሰብ ይቕየር ገለን ይደክም ገለን ቅጭ ይመጾ,በዚሓ ድማ ንባዕሉ ነቢሩ ካልኦት ዘይርብሽ (live & let live /vive e lascia vive) ሂወቱ ጥራይ ዝገብርዩ፠ክቡራት ርእይቶ ውሃብቲ ሲቪልያን ኣዕሩኽትኹምን ቀረብቱኹምን እንታይ ይብሉ?
    ሓደራ ሓበሬታ እናተቓያየርና ድሌት ህዝብና ንፍለጥ

  • Mirab February 8, 2019

    Poor Eritreans you are living in illusion that you are not able to bring yourself to freedom and the great man is doing what he should do for Eritrea.

    • Asmara Eritrea February 8, 2019

      Whatever happens in the ongoing honeymoon between Abiy and Isaias, Eritrea will never be part of Ethiopia ever again. Remember how many young brothers and sisters were slaughtered in the hands of the Ethiopians to free Eritrea?

      In the worst case scenario and a sell out of Eritrea to Ethiopia by Isaias, it will be a start of another 30-year war. No true Eritrean wishes to see their country become part of Ethiopia ever again.

      I just hope and pray the Eritrean Defence Forces will at last wake up from their deep sleep. What is the point in having those tools in your hands if you are incapable and unwilling to defend your own country from the enemy within? Eritrea only needs one brave individual with the right tools to liberate the country from Isaias. Use those f… tools before it is too late!.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • kokhob February 8, 2019

        Do you bloody suffer from severe bipolar illness or do you just get bored with one nick? Asmara Eritrea aka Hagherawi, Wedi Hagher, Sol and comedian Ali rootless Abdurobo TeraAraA. If you think you are smart to keep abusing poor assenna with so many garbage pen-names the think again because you are NOT that smart or more Eritrean.

      • aditekelezan February 8, 2019

        Asmera = Eritrea
        With all due respect I sense extreme optimism or delusion. ኣብዚ ቐረባ ጉሩፖ ኤርትራውያን ንጎጃምን ኣዋሳን ካልኦት ከተማታትን (ትግራይ ዘይኮና) ባህላውን ሕውነታውን ምብጻሕ ክገብሩ እዮም. The biggest bombshell ድማ ወጻኢ ጉዳይ ሚኒስተርና ዶ/ር ኣቢይ ኣሕመድ ሚኒስትራት ኣኪቡ “ኢትዮጵያ ብቐሊሉ ክትብተን ወይ ክትፍንጣሕ እያ ዝብል ሰብ/ውድብ እንተልዩ ንኢትዮጵያውያን ኣይፈልጦምን እዩ ማለት እዩ . ኣንኳይዶ ኢትዮጵያ ክትባታተንሲ እቶም ገዪፎማ ዝወጹ ኸማን ናይ ጊዜ ጉዳይ እዩ እምበር ክምለሱ እዮም ” !!!!!!!!! ንኢትዮጵያ ገዲፋታ ዝከደት ኤርትራ እያ. ነዚ ዘይሳማማዓሉ መንግስቲ እንተዘይህልወና ዓገብ “ንቺነማ እኮ ኣይኮንናን ኬድና ንምለስ , ልኡላዊት ሃገር ኢና ፈጢርና” ምበለ ግን መንግስትና እውን ኣጀንድኡ ስለዝኾነ ኣስተሓሚሉ. ህዝብና እውን ኤኮኖምያውን ጸጥታውን ቤተሰባውን ጥቕሚ ብምርኣይ ብጸጥትኡ ዝተሓባበረ ይመስል.

  • Taddesse Negash February 8, 2019

    Poor Eritreas whether u are dissident or symphasizer of Isaias Afewrki u do have the same mindset. please Eritreans cooperate & join together to unseat the haughty & chauvinist regin of wadimedhin.

  • Kidane February 8, 2019

    ክቡር ዝበረቐ ጸሃየይ፡እዚ ዘቕረብካዮ ርእይቶ(ጽሩይ ኢትዮጵያዊ ወይ ሕዋስ ትኸውን)ከም’ቲ ናይ ብርዒ ስምካ ዝሕብሮ ቲ ናትካ ትምኒት ኢዩ ዘንጸባርቕ። ካብ 80% ንላዕሊ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ልዕላውነቱ ኣሕሊፉ ክህብ ዘይደሊ ኮይኑ ካብ’ዚ ከኣ ልዕሊ 60% ይቃለስ ኣሎ።ዝተረፈትና ሓንትን ኣድላይትን ጥርናፈ ጥራይ እያ።ብድሕሪ’ዚ ነዚ ሓለቓ ኣጋንንቲ ምስ ውሑዳት ሰዓብቱ ብመዓልታት ናብ ጎዱፍ ጠባቢሕካ ምድርባይ እዩ።ብድሕሪኡ ከም’ቲ ኩሎም ጸላእትና እዚ ሓለቓ ኣጋንንት ወሲኽካ ዝፈልጡዎን ድቃስ ዝኸልኦምን ኤርትራ ኣበይ ከም ትበጽሕ ፍሉጥ እዩ።ወይልኦም ዝጋጌዩ ዘለው ኢትዮጵያውያን።

    • kokhob February 8, 2019

      Ayte Kidane, what makes you “pure” Eritrean then? And where the hell do you get the more than 80% figure? As Karl Marx once remarked in the Eighteenth Brumaire, Men make their own history, but they don’t make it as they please; they don’t make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past.
      The only thing that you’ve achieved so far is to have the alien Arabic language as an official second language in Eritrea when none native Eritreans use the alein/evil language as their own.

    • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 8, 2019

      ኣነ ኤርትራዊ እየ ኣዕሩኸይን ቀረባይን እውን ኤርትራውያን ፠ድሌተይ ህዝቢ ዝደልዮ እዩ፠ ተጋደልቲ ዘይነበሩ ኣዝማድካን ኣሕዋትካን ኣዛሪብካ ንገረና ውጽኢቱ፠ውጽኢት ስለዘየሐጎሰካ ግን ንሰብ ንኢትዮጵያ ኣይትስደዶ፠ውሳነ ህዝብና ኣኽብር ፠

      • Ghirmay February 9, 2019

        If you feel you are a genuine and pure Eritrean then don’t you feel you should do more, make more sacrifice to free poor Eritrea from PFDJ gangsters you hypocrite coward?

  • Warsay Adhanom February 8, 2019

    I am sure what my people wants. Us every family has sacrificed at least 1, if no 2. And they have spoken loud and clear during referendum. And if i am wrong, let the people choose on their free will, and not because DIA.want’s it.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 8, 2019

    ክቡር Warsay Adhanom
    I could n’t agree more on your assesment of the refferundum & people to choose on their own.A fear wife on 1993 could become ex=wife in 2019 due to unpleasant circumstances….ie. I was just saying people can speak by their silence & that could be the case. I hope our people choose wisely.

  • ዝበረቐ ጽሓየይ February 8, 2019

    sorry correction a “dear wife” not a “fear wife”

  • Almaz February 9, 2019

    Really! “Wasrsay Adhanom” — is this your closure speech? Man in your caliber could have think and do better ADHANOM. I am sorry to say but, you guys are toasted. Just stop humming and follow the progress. To assert — Eritrea is for Eritrean first followed by — East African – the whole world.!

  • Danilo February 9, 2019

    በራቂቶ ሑንኩሊቢቶ፡ብሕጽር ዝበለ ዝነግስ ኣንበር ብራቅ ጽሓይ ዘይትምነ ሙኻንካ እቲ ኣጉል ንቅሓትካ ዝምስክሮ ሓቂ እዩ።ኣተቅርቦ ርእይቶ ኩሉ counter productive ሙኹዋኑ ንኣሰና ትብክል ስለዘለኻ please sense and reflect otherwise get hell.

  • Hagherawi February 9, 2019

    ኣንቱም ጓሓሉ ኤሪትራውያን ተመሲልኩም ከተደናጉሩ ኣይትፍትኑ።
    ባኣኹም ዝታለል የለን።
    እሰያስ ፥ ብጾቱ ሰብ ደም ስልጣን ኣትሒዙ ፥ ቁሩብ ጊዜ ይከስብ ይኸውን፥ ግን ካብ ዘርኡ ኣብ ኤሪትራ ዝተርፍ የለን።