Israeli Bases in Eritrea within Range of Yemeni Army’s Missiles: Spokesman

News ID: 1533170 Service: World TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A spokesman for the Yemeni army cautioned the Israeli regime against its continued acts of aggression against the Arabian Peninsula country, and said the Israeli military bases in Eritrea

News ID: 1533170 Service: World

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A spokesman for the Yemeni army cautioned the Israeli regime against its continued acts of aggression against the Arabian Peninsula country, and said the Israeli military bases in Eritrea is within the range of Yemen’s homegrown ballistic missiles.

Speaking to the Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, Colonel Aziz Rashid said Israel is taking part in the Saudi-led coalition’s aggression against Yemen.

He further warned that the Yemeni navy’s missiles can target and hit the military bases that the Zionist regime has hired in Eritrea.

The commander also emphasized that in the near future, the Yemeni ballistic missiles can reach ports in the occupied territories in Palestine.

Yemen’s defenseless people have been under massive attacks by the Saudi-led coalition for more than two years but Riyadh has reached none of its objectives in Yemen so far.

The forces of the Arabian Peninsula country have already hit Saudi positions with various homegrown missiles, including “Qaher-1”, which has a range of 500 kilometers, and “Borkan-1”.

Since March 25, 2015, Saudi Arabia and some of its Arab allies have been carrying out airstrikes against the Houthi Ansarullah movement in an attempt to restore power to fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

Over 12,000 Yemenis, including thousands of women and children, have lost their lives in the deadly military campaign.


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  • Bini October 1, 2017

    How could Israel be taking part in the Saudi-led coalition’s aggression against poor Yemen?
    I used to think all the Arabs were against Israel and were also planning/fighting to destroy Israel!!
    They rightly say politics is dirty old game, indeed.
    What should we expect next, Eritrea & Ethiopia in coalition against Egypt????

  • alem October 2, 2017

    I think col. Aziz assertion is just a propoganda for yemenis consumption, similar to the bombastic news we used to hear from wuchu, filipos, etc grade 4 generals and colonels.

    • shilan October 2, 2017

      We also used to hear that “bombastic news” from your uncle and mentor comedian Ali (the former Iraqi defense minister), was he grade 1 or 4 general?
      Apparently as a former Yemeni, you would know a lot about Yemenis consumption and assertions.
      Unlike your useless Yemeni generals/colonels, Wuchu and Filipos are great generals.

      • shilan October 2, 2017

        sorry but it should be Wuchu “was” a great leader/general in the battlefields.

        • Kalighe October 2, 2017

          Wuchu was of those stupid criminals who killed so many innocent people.

          • Fithi October 2, 2017

            Dear assenna,
            This so called Kalighe has been very offensive and has been using multi fake pen names such as alem, andom, amanuel, Sol, Kidane, Wedi Hagher, Nahon, Asmara Eritrea, abdu, Khalid, Mohammed just to name a few.
            He is simplya moslem ill motivated virus.
            Unless you have to rules one a special one for the moslems and other treating unfairly Christians.

          • shilan October 3, 2017

            Who are the freaking so many innocent people then???????????
            You don’t mean your stinking vicious cancerous lowland muslims??
            If your desperate answer happens to be ‘yes’, then he should have killed so many evil islam’s vicious cancerous lowland muslims.
            You are a jerk muslim old criminal yourself who killed so many innocents.

          • Dawit October 3, 2017

            Brother shilan, we don’t count his mercenaries as innocent people but as noisy unwanted filthy Arab slave dogs.
            So indeed, the great brave man Wuchu should have killed more of these unwanted poisonous snakes and savage Arab dogs.

        • alem October 2, 2017

          Ermias hatela
          Did u just change ur name to attack araba/ muslims. Adi zeybilka mushmush eka, listro nay areb kitkewin keman bikat yeblkan. Ertrawi tekenka hgdf hatela 50 amet hasot bmifray nertra tiraha zetrefka, tebezhe 50% ertrawi eka. Tigraway zibelalu xahli zisebir tekenka ab ethiopia win kibri yeblkan. Kentu silezikonka xibuk kabaka kiwexie aykielin eyu. Hopeless and frustrated person can not see anything positive in life. Blame ur mother for u may not have a father.

          • Dawit October 3, 2017

            alem aka Kalighe, andom, amanuel, Sol, Nahon, Kidane, Aba thimmer, “Christian” Asmara Eritrea, Khalid, Mohammed etc, etc….
            In short, wedi Halima rootless mushmush vicious cancerous muslim whore snake stinking Saho nomad saHab gimel ass hole.
            How did our brave Komandis like that brave great general Wuchu missed you from burning you alive you stinking vicious islam cancerous muslim shits mercenaries?? You will fucking be the next Tutsi of Eritrea and your fucking stinking evil muslim corpses will be dumped at your old evil savage Arab slave masters to be dispersed to their savage muslim dogs.
            Comedian old Iraqi defense minister Ali or more like evil Abdurobo, you are really a sad pathetic old muslim crook criminal ELF mendef murderer terrorist jihadi/taliban but just like your evil father Mohammed savage beast monster.

      • amanuel October 2, 2017

        Shilan shulu
        Dikala wedi sebeyti eyu seb zeyekbir. Tub adeka aytinkes.

        • Dawit October 3, 2017

          Evil vicious cancerous muslim virus which will be eliminated for once and for all from Eritrea the beautiful organic pure Habesha Christian nation.

          • Sol October 3, 2017

            ኣንታ ዳዊት (ተኽላይ) ክንደይ ዮም ዝኸፍሉኻ ዘለዎ ወይ እንታይዮም ወጊኦምካ ክንድዚ ነብስኻ ተሕስር ዘለኻ በቓ ነዘም ጸይቐ ግኑናት ደመኛታት ክትከላኸል ንነብስኻ ሓደ ዋጋ ዘይብሉ ክብረት ዘይብሉ በሃም ገርካያ።

  • amanuel October 2, 2017

    This is cheap propoganda to get help from iran.

    • Dawit October 3, 2017

      Evil vicious cancerous muslim virus. Wedi Halima savage evil rootless mushmush Saho whore snake ass hole, you will simply be burned alive and dispersed to your savage wild Yemeni dogs,

  • Sol October 2, 2017

    Amanuel, Alem
    Since Mr. many names Or Nefahito is exposed, please guys refrain from turning assenna to a place of insult and name calling because if we do so we are helping Tekhlay to fulfill his mission keeping assenna clean is our responsibility.

    • Dawit October 3, 2017

      Evil savage cancerous muslim Saho whore snake, are you still savagely but deservedly being raped and tormented by your Beduwuin/Raishaida boy friends and “wushimatat” posing as Tekhlaies?? Cope with it as a son of a savage Yemeni dog father and whore Yemeni dog mother.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! October 2, 2017

    It doesn’t fit well for Assenna credibilty to bring any news that offend readers intelligence because we oppose HGDF regime .
    In case of our NEFAHITTO , let him bark 24/7 with
    his filthy mouth . This poor guys is stuck with an
    old mind set to repeat foolishness tirelessly .
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    • Dawit October 3, 2017

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  • Degoli October 2, 2017

    Arabs and their news propaganda outlets are immature and retard. Few years back the Arabs and their servant Abeeds were disseminating in their Arab master’s world: “Israel and Iran have military bases in Eritrea”. This would have made Issaias the most smart person on earth for making Iran and Israel sleep in one bed.
    These days, the news above is repeating: Saudi Arabia, Gulf Arabs and Egypt, and Israel are sleeping together in Eritrea.
    That would make Eritrea the most incredible place on earth because we know that Issaias like many of his former Arab Abeed teachers is sleeping with the Muslim Arabs in Eritrean ports to attack the poor Muslim Yemenis and probably to foment chaos in Ethiopia.
    Once you burn your own languages to serve the Arabs, then you are always their slave Abeed. Nothing has changed.

    • Dawit October 3, 2017

      Degoli, as usual very well said and how very true dear brother/sister. Please keep it up.

    • A. Layne October 3, 2017

      Dear Degoli,
      You said “”Issaias like many of his former Arab Abeed teachers is sleeping with the Muslim Arabs in Eritrean ports to attack the poor Muslim Yemenis and probably to foment chaos in Ethiopia””

      Issaias as .psychopath and selfish person will even sleep with devil to avenge from TPLF that turned him to a dirt rat in Adi Hallo. He only took side with the Saudi coalition because Egypt is in that side should Egypt was with Qatar the maniac dictator of Asmara was to stand with Qatar for Issaias it is a personal issue.

  • Bini October 3, 2017

    Sadly enough, Eritrea and Eritreans are suffering from what psychiatrists call
    “Isolation of Affect”, where people are acting as if nothing happened to Eritrea or
    everything is fine and dandy!! Well, everything is NOT fine and dandy back home in Eritrea.
    People should refrain from personal attacks and provocative comments and instead concentrate on serious matters.

  • alem October 3, 2017

    Dear assenna
    Would u please block this guy who is not commenting on articles but insults everyone to destroy ur forum. U can not have time to delete his insults one by one. U will get tired of it and he is smart enough to know evil things like that. From his insults it is clear that he is a hopeless hgdf unable to swallow the fact that all eritreans are rising against injustice and crimes by hgdf shefatu. If u do not do something to block him ur forum is in danger.

  • Danilo October 3, 2017

    It is clear that ዓሳክር ተስፋጽዮን are looking their wage (ፈሰስ) exactly what the soldiers of ኣሉላ requested on ransom of looting in Eritrea .and now the same thing after being ደቂ ኣርብዓ I guess we have to feel threatened. Death to ማይ ጠላሚት።their old and evil ambition must stop starting kicking off higdef and weyaniye who are fake enemy.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! October 3, 2017

      Let them cry like a baby . Eritrea is at the hands of its owners . hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yibelu .
      I remember when we were kids inside ASMARA , we neighborhood kids used to sing ;
      and when we see a police ;

      Thanks GOD our wish full filled in 1991 at the time DEKI-ABAT Eritrawian occupied
      the city of ASMARA in 1991 . Even though our generation had paid heavy price .

      • Lilo October 4, 2017

        We also remember as kids hearing old saying of ASLAMAY ADI YEBLU, AWDI YEBLU.
        LIBI ASLAMAY TIWIYIWAY, indeed, or “Crooked like a mosle heart”, is an expression that I am sure you have all heard frequently! Never bring a moslem snake into your home.
        We don’t like or trust you as you suffer so much from jealousy, treachery and most of all inferiority and identity/language complexity. One shouldn’t expect much from lost people who live by making continuous u-turns, chasing their foreign tails.

    • Lilo October 4, 2017

      It is doubly clear that you came to Eritrea from Tigray – Ethiopia as a foot soldier of Ras Alula aba Nega and was left behind to loot, rob and terrorize poor Eritrea. You were allowed to live freely and was also treated fairly but how you repaid Eritrea was as expected from a traitor and dishonest moslem terrorist murderer. Indeed, we should never ever trust the dubious devious moslems.

      • Simon G October 4, 2017

        Hmmm..interesting…aren’t you the descents of those riffraff’s of alula aba nega? Lilo, shila, Dawit, Berak T., Teclay, wezeterefe…go to your belongings..what a lowlife people.

  • Simon G October 4, 2017

    If this is true, this tiembenay snake is planting a huge problem for Eritrea. Well, those his idiot supporters have no brain to analyze this kind of future headaches.

    • Lilo October 4, 2017

      What are you smoking, dude? You and your traitor moslem Ahmid cousin must be on high drugs!