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  • tesfaldet January 31, 2012

    what an idiot how many times are you to going cray wolfe evry time HUMAN RIGHTS HUMAN RIGHTS who gives power to the facking human rights can you tell me MR MEAT HEAD

    • Zebib February 1, 2012


      In a way you are a blessing in disguise because your incoherent and obscene posts galringly reveal what type of persons Isayas and Hgdef attract. People (who are very rude and can only use street and gutter language and thinking) are their favourite people! They attract each other like milk and honey. Only when I see very intelligent and at the same time very polite and courteous people on the side of Isayas and Hgdef I am deeply concerned. One like you (from what you write in the net) is a lost cause for himself, above every other consideration. Just read and re-read your own foul post many times and you may be able to get the clue of what I am trying to say. Hundreds and hundreds daily visit and read these sites and they will be able to see the type of person Hgdefites have to speak for them and more and more will be keenly aware that our oppressors do not celebrate our beautiful culture of politness and respect. they prefer “enda swa/mies” language and mentality! You are a living example.

      • HGDF February 1, 2012

        So if you have super intelligent individuals on your side why is it taking you so long time to defeat the ignorant side? Hmmmmmmmmmm something must be wrong on your side too.

        • Zebib February 1, 2012


          Intelligence is not to be quantified with the formal education one has. We know this from our parents and relations who were steeped with wisdom although they did not have a single day at school. To be intelligent, in my view, is among other things, knowing your limit and showing humility and respect to grasp what is right and what is wrong. Tesfaldet’s position that the present system or rulers in Eritrea are the best the people can have should be respected. It is his right to express himself. But not by calling ‘meat heads’ two different very respected persons engaged to bring about change in our lives. Meanwhile, without a slight preoccupation, he misspels the word just as ‘jast’, a word he must have seen a milion times. He is a pupppet of the system of the worst kind. Period.

          • HGDF February 1, 2012

            Now I got you. You can even judge my intelligence if I misspell an English word. Being good at English means intelligence. What if I misspell a word just because of typing error? Let me count how many words you misspell just in this comment.
            Surprisingly you misspelled the word “misspell” itself. My advice to you is “first get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye”

          • Zebib February 1, 2012


            You approve and endorse what Tesfaldet is and says. This is crystal clear. You should join me to make him change his obscene ways instead you try to find fault in me. You are birds of the same feather, i.e. a brainwashed empty shell hgdefite who is probably making profit out of the tragedy of our country. You look at your own log! Mine was a constructive critisism to make him reflect and yours tries to attack me, you hopeless supporter of an oppressive machinery. You are the type who gives me deep concern because you are extremely dangerous. Tesfaldet is less so.

  • ተዓዛቢ February 1, 2012

    What is the purpose of statements that “call” for the release of Eritreans who are, unfortunately, locked up by the tyrannical regime back home? Is it merely a routine, a mindless act of “gerna/elna mebeli”? I bring this up because every Eritrean knows the Higdef regime won’t even read the statement let alone do something about this. Is this merely a PR maneuver? I can understand calling on the international community, as the statement does towards the end, but to call on the Higdef regime is just silly and lacks honesty.

    • HGDF February 1, 2012

      Why should you be surprized by that? They have spent their 30-40 years doing the same thing.
      Grouping, ungrouping,regrouping,
      Party, civil society, nebarat tegadelti,mahber ansti
      wudub, Uqub,
      paltalk, cyber, jebhaneber, Meteabyti neber
      comference,congress seminar
      statement, declaration,resolution,

    • Zebib February 1, 2012

      I think that making a statement to the press and making your position clear on an issue is very important. For example, if one was to google the name of His Holiness Abuna Antonius, this statement may appear, sadly, making it one of the very few that have been issued since the house arrest of His Holiness. We are poor in organizations to make our pain heard and, personally, I value such type statements because it replaces the emptiness.

      • ahmed saleh February 1, 2012

        Unfortunately you are dealing with people who are purposely on a
        mission not for dealogue but only on contrarieties, disrespectful and possesive manners. They dedicate themselves to support the
        atrocity for a reason by avoiding not to reveal the reality and awareness of Eritrean current situation. To stay on our sense of composure we better concentrate in what is best for the country’s interest. These disasterous characters in hallow principle to
        nothing only the blind support to the regime, is disaster to all.

        • Zebib February 1, 2012


          Thanks. You are right. It is a waste of time trying to get them to exchange ideas in a civil manner. Most behave like wedinis, in the image of their master! Best to ignore them. They seem to suffer from lack of self-respect. It is funny, it is we who are against the system who should be angry and rude but the reverse is true. The are so mad and insulting because we refuse to bow like they do!

  • simon haile February 1, 2012

    Dear. The Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change Executive Office.

    In your STATEMENT TO THE PRESS. First line of first paragraph. ‘’ The EPDJ regime has,’’
    Can you please tell me what does it mean EPDJ? Just for your information there is no regime in Eritrea called EPDJ.

    Please get your facts right. If you can’t get your STATEMENT TO THE PRESS right how can you run a country?

    God save Eritrea from her selfish children.

    Thank you

    • HGDF February 1, 2012

      simon haile
      Hahahahahaaa. What do you think? They are confused and they don’t know whom to attack. PFDJ or EPDP? Now it has become 75%(EPD) meaning EPDP and 25%(J) meaning PFDJ.

  • Zeray February 1, 2012

    Comments to the responders:
    Please be aware that there are some responders who put their comments for the following reasons: 1) Get attention. Their comments are usually provoking and insulting. Readers get emotional and end up discussing them and responding to them. That is exactly what they want. They steer you away from the subject and they end up becoming the subject. They are hungry for attention, and they love the interactions about them, even if they are negative.
    2) For distraction: some have accepted Isayas as their cult leader and anything said about him or the GOE is considered blasphemy. They believe Isayas cannot do wrong. They are not rational when it comes to their faith. There is nothing you can say or do to change them. They seem to revert to insults and name calling to defend their faith. If they become rational they know they will loose.

    In way it is good to know what is out there and don’t discourage them to write. Let them express themselves. But stop taking them seriously and arguing back and becoming like them. The best way to handle them is to ignore them and stick to the subject at hand.