Stop the hate-campaign epidemic, internalise the spirit of reconciliation and Go win-win:

By Petros Tesfagiorgis In the Amhara owned social media there is an awful hate campaign against the TPLF and the People of Tigray such as: ኣስደሳች ዜና፡  ወያነ ዳግም ሞተች : Pleasant news TPLF died for

By Petros Tesfagiorgis

In the Amhara owned social media there is an awful hate campaign against the TPLF and the People of Tigray such as: ኣስደሳች ዜና፡  ወያነ ዳግም ሞተች : Pleasant news TPLF died for the second time. It is simply a death wish. It is sawing the seeds of violence gripping Ethiopia every day. The hate-campaign has impacted these tragic violence in Ethiopia.

The campaign is of epidemic proportion and the standard of decency is shamefully low. It is provocative, threatening and may lead to armed clashes, God forbid. As usual the victims of conflict are the ordinary Ethiopian citizens not the campaigners because most of them do so from their comfort zone in the West. They and their family can’t be displaced, murdered or maimed as is happening in many areas of Ethiopia today particularly in the South. We Eritreans are very clear that peace with Ethiopia means   with all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia and not to be used as a weapon to undermine the people of Tigray.

However it is Abiy who allowed Isaias to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia in order to appease the extremists Amhara. As a result of side-lining the people in the peace process and interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, the resentment of the people of Eritrea against Isaias is growing fast. The attempted murder of General Sebhat Ephrem should have been a lesson to Ethiopians of what is brewing in Eritrea. PM Abiy has shown no interest in the people of Eritrea. The least he may have done is to show some concern to Eritrean refugees trapped in Libya and plead the UNHCR to take them to  a third country or join in the refugee camps in Ethiopia. They are starved, tortured and subjected to other forms of violations.   See Photo of Eritrean refugees in Khom, Libya.

The only consolation for Eritreans is that on the border there was great happiness as Eritreans and Ethiopians greet each other, tears flowing down their cheeks.  It is a sign of genuine people to people solidarity.  It is peace building move of a kind that shined during the armed struggle. After all it was the military cooperation of TPLF and EPLF that defeated the Soviet armed and trained army of the fascist military junta led by Colonel Mengustu Hailemariam.  Of course the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has also contributed a lot to the defeat of the Junta (Dergue). OLF together with EPLF had a lightening attack that destroys military garrisons of the Dergue in the South.

The Tigreans were clear of the right of Eritreans for self-determination and supported the independence of Eritrea like the rest of the world while the Amhara wavered. Even to this day, while the peace process is unleashed many Ethiopian writers keep writing undermining the Eritrean struggle.  Few Eritreans that support Isaias  have failed to see the big picture and are siding with Isaias against Tigray.

MJ Waliku Arsema

Refugees in Al Khoms, Libya. They are being enslaved, sold off and tortured, there are 90 refugees, 44 are minors, 10 are women, and they are being abused and forcibly disappeared. Please register them immediately and evacuate them to safety! Write to UNHCR Libya and Italy.

By Activist Julia Tranchina- human rights lawyer in London:

The Tigray politicians, intellectuals and the youth are taking the threat seriously and are organizing conferences and debates nationwide to analyse and understand the whole motive behind the hate campaign and the extraordinary witch hunt.

They organised demonstrations in many cities.   The demonstrations were the biggest expression of a popular culture of defiance and reflects the combative mood of the entire Tigray nation when they find themselves under attack. It was also a show of unity and confidence.

During the demonstration, The Tigray regional State Vice President Dr Debretzion Gebremikael   gave a talk with calm and restraint. He appealed for the rule of law, which is in short supply, and criticized the Abiy Government for failing to protect the victims of Ethnic conflict and called for active involvement to end it. The hate-mongers does not accept this constructive criticism because it came from Dr Debretzion. The hatred of Tigray blinded the hate-mongers that Debretzion is reformist who is putting the welfare of the people of Tigray centre stage. Interestingly he expressed his priority to combat the main enemy, poverty. This has reminded me of a big Poster at Meskel Square Addis Ababa during Eritrean Diaspora civil society meetings in 2011. The posters had pictures of Late PM Melles Zenawi with children – It said “we will inherit our young development and not hunger”. I stood mesmerized and murmured “Cry my beloved Eritrea” Eritrea that won the war for independence but lost the peace when Isaias started the war with Ethiopia and further declared war on the people of Eritrea, subjecting them to extreme repression. It gave rise to the influx of huge number of refugees to exile.

The disease- of hate has deeper roots in the body politics of Ethiopia. It is an attack against the federal system that ended the supremacy of the repressive Amhara feudal system and gave the ex-oppressed nationalities self-rule, dignity and identity. The ex-oppressed nationalities have achieved visible and effective political representation and they would not let this supremacists abort the federal system in order them to rule    from the centre “Addis Ababa, the seat of Menlik from where he build a strong feudal Empire by invading the Oromos.  They know they can’t reclaim their supremacy they don’t have the power.    But they took as a holy mission to take revenge on TPLF.

The hate promoters are so insincere and vicious they never mention that Ethiopia is transformed from years of poverty stricken country into a country who scored the highest economic growth in Africa. Do they remember the 1972 famine which killed 2 million Ethiopians? It heralded the downfall of Emperor Hailesellasie, who tried to hide the famine? Do they remember the 1985 famine when the Band aid singers, led by Sir Bob Geldof, raised millions of dollars – to fed the hungry in Ethiopia? “The title of the Song was “Do they know it is Christmas” The song is sung every X-mass in UK ever since. As I write this article I have listened to it on the radio.  But I can’t help thinking “Do the Eritreans men, women and children trapped in Libya know it is Christmas? No. they don’t know. They know they are in hell and no Isaias nor Abiy the soul mates  want to know. The campaign by Eritrean in the West is so weak except for few Eritreans and human rights activists who are making a difference. Some Eritreans refugees were lucky, they are being rescued and managed to go to a third country.

Since the reign of EPRDF such terrible famine became history. There were draught but the EPRDF had laid down effective support structure to avert any famine – they distribute food from Ethiopian resources with some international help.

TPLF/EPRDF have connected the whole country for the first time by building an amazing roads and railways. Giving lots of support to rural development and the historical building of the Millennium dam etc.  As a result today Ethiopia is the most respected country in Africa.

The federal system is spearheaded by TPLF dominated EPRDF under the leadership of late PM Meles Zenawi- He was hailed as a leading African Statesman. He was a member of the group together with Embeki the ex-president of South Africa and Tony Blair the then prime minster of United Kingdom – who worked on a projects to make “poverty history in Africa”  After Meles’s  death a number of us, Eritrean human rights activists and from the opposition were invited to attend his commemoration in London. There were a number of prominent British people. Among them was Gordon Brown UK Prime Minster – and Clair Short development secretary both expressed their experience dealing with him. They talked highly of Meles as the most able statesman and competent African leader. But the hate-promoters are morally bankrupt and mediocre not to acknowledge these facts.  There was no leader in Africa that have that kind of high credentials internationally.  Yes Meles was no Saint. He has reputation to be intolerant to the opposition and for the shooting and imprisoning of demonstrators.    His Government had uprooted more than 70,000 Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritreans origin from Ethiopia to Eritrea   during the senseless Ethio-Eritrean war in 1998. Ethiopia committed gross human rights violations in the process of deportation. Citizens for Peace in Eritrea (CPE) has documented all these violations. It was documented by Professor Asmarom Legesse.

The hate campaigners are not benefitting the people of Ethiopia they are distractive. Ethiopia has many external enemies and they will rejoice to see Ethiopia weak and divided.  As a matter of justice to the people of Ethiopia and as a peace activist I don’t want to see that.  In fact it is in the middle of the war in 1998 that CPE that includes me, Tewolde Estifanos from California, Professor Asmarom Largesse and four others, embarked on lobbying for sustainable peace with Ethiopia and made people to people solidarity at the central of our peace campaign.

CPE held peace building conference in Eritrea.  And then aimed to meet Ethiopian civil societies in a third country.  –Kjetil Tronvoll – a researcher at Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, University of Oslo arranged for me and the professor Asmarom to meet the then head of ERSHO Dr Gatachew Kibret in Norway.  It has become difficult to arrange conferences but agreed to help deported victims in both Ethiopia and Eritrea instead.

The hate-campaigners would do positive contribution to Ethiopia if they live up to the spirit of re- conciliation, love respect advocated by PMAA instead  of sabotaging it.

Merry Christmas: Let peace prevail

 The end:

NB: In his season’s greetings, Kassahun Chekole director of Africa World Press and The Red Sea Press announced that the Eritrean distinguished professor of Anthropology Dr Asmerom Legesse has been honoured with an honour degree from Addis Ababa University: He is the author of Oromo Democracy.  The order was rendered by Ato Lemma Megersa the governor of the Oromo region.























Review overview
  • Tes December 27, 2018

    Dear Petros,

    Greetings and best wishes to you in this festive season,

    Sometimes I wonder why Eritrea has fallen into abyss while it has many great personality, wise and intellect people like you. People who are capable of leading and guiding a country out of danger in to safety, a people with vision and able to. figure out the wider implication of hazardous circumstances. You should not being apologetic to some of the commentators against your article here. You had contributed to Eritrea independence more that your share and after independence you are still fighting against injustice to this day. For that you’re honorable a noble person a man of principle. I can bet with full confidence no one this forum contribute as mush to the straggle of justice. as you did so far. I don’t have any doubt all of them love Eritrea but they don’t know there enemy or the priority. Including myself we need excuse or external enemy to cover our weakness and failure to sort out our internal problem. Owning a country run by one man and for that mentally unstable guy and we have failed miserably to get rid off the cancerous leader for so long. Hence, we have to revert to external non-existing enemy that is woyane for now. As you are detailing all the facts yourself I am not going to repeat again here but one simple fact is that how could be woyane our enemy and Amhara our friend? The one how stood with us accepted and blessed our independence and the one who still doesn’t accept our independence and blame Woyane as traitor for doing that. It is beyond me!!!

    It is great article and please keep up the good work that lead to true peace! Peace with perceived or real Enemy and ignore those who try to teach you priory without knowledge. They don’t have a clue about priority. I wish if they knew what you did to elevate the life of our refugee brothers from Tigray to Libiya.


    • Socrates December 28, 2018

      Brother Petros,
      Indeed, as Tes stated it rightly you should never ever be apologetic to some useless and opportunists commentators with regards to your brilliant article.
      Please keep informing us and keep your positive inputs and contributions to assenna.
      Once again, I agree with brother Tes about you being an honest and honourable man, indeed.

      • Petros Tesfagherghis December 28, 2018

        Dear Socrates
        Thank you for your support. I assure you I will keep on writing.. I sometime feel the Ghedli generation or better today,s intellectuals are not doing enough to organize education material- about the history of Eritrea along the line of Paul Freire “Pedagogy of the oppressed. Such material would have helped the new Eritrean generation to understand the depth of the political, economic and social changes in Eritrea and act in a politically centralized manner. But the political and civil society organisations are so fragmented to address such problems..

        • sara December 31, 2018

          Dear Mr. Petros, I really do not understand what you want from Eritreans who suffered for 27 years under DIA. As far as I am censor, Tegaru have been in Ethiopian heaven for the past 27 years. So, I do NOT understand why you are worried about Tigray?? Eritreans are near extinction so worry about your ppl. Tegaru have thousands of AYATAT..
          AtA, Isayas, Monkey, KshA, Carlis etc…eko Tegaru eyoum entay Kedyomna ?? why can’t you learn from them

  • Petros Tesfagherghis December 28, 2018

    Hi Tes: Good to hear from you once more. Thanks for your constructive and encouraging words. In a way those people who are critical of my writing, I assume they are young and would not understand the mentality of the Amhara Elite. Some of us, Ghedli generation, have a window of knowledge of Amhara mind-set because of our involvement in the Haile Selassie University students uprising eventually high jacked by the Military.
    There is a need of some sort of political education for the young in order to know in depth the history of Eritrea and the historical problem with Ethiopia.. That way their level of consciousness can be raised and their unity would be based on common understanding. .. Hey, I will not let you down, I will keep on writing.

  • Genet -Original December 28, 2018

    Oh, doubling down, the hallmark of the ghedli generation, the we know better generation, the stubborn generation, the cult generation, the entitlement generation, the prisoners of their mindset generation. and the we are always right generation. Yet, complain about people are not on board with their ideas.

    Am I missing something? I thought we have been independent from Ethiopia for the past 27 years. Why are we talking about how Amhara elites are bad people?. They haven’t been in power for the past 27 years.
    Note, 20 years ago TPLF leadership organized the Amhara, Oromo and the rest of Ethiopians and killed our people and left others psychologically wounded. Why are we talking about Amhara Vs Eritrea and Amhara Vs Tigray? The fact of the matter is Tigray Vs Amhara is NONE OF ERITREAN BUSINESS. Amhara Vs Eritrean is non existent. As far as Eritreans concern, there is no difference between Amhara and Tigray. If any Eritrean can’t see that, then there are two things: one you are immediate relative of Tigray people and in that case, your priority is right for you. Second, you actually, don’t believe in independent Eritrea and you don’t have faith in Eritrean people. And this can be out of fear.

    The argument of Tigray acknowledge Eritrean independent, but Amhara don’t is not valid. Tigray/TPLF actually don’t acknowledge the nation of Eritrea or its people. That is way they are cultivating the despicable group called “agazian”. Listen to that TPLF old man talking about Ethiopia having a Navy. That should be our prove that TPLF has no good intentions about Eritrea and its people. We are just a plan B or second choice for their survival. With the current generation, it is not going to work anymore. Tigray and TPLF are Ethiopians and they are going to be treated as such.

    Eritrea and its people for ever
    Death to DIA and invaders

    • k.tewolde December 29, 2018

      G.O. I am one of the Gedli Generation and your critic is right on the money,rigid,stubborn,unyielding….are some of the characteristics which define that generation,its positive attribute brought us the country’s independence, while its negative side devastated us for the last 27 years and counting.That mind set caused us to settle our differences with violence(Hadhid Quinat) and still haunts us in our struggle to overthrow our common enemy- tyranny.It is a static mind set,stale,it suffocates and deprives you of political oxygen,it is DICTATORSHIP! That is one of the reasons why it failed as a tool to fight the very enemy who wields that very weapon.Keep spreading the good news G.O. there is nothing wrong telling your Dad you are drooling and handing him a handkerchief.

      • Genet Original December 29, 2018

        Dear K.t.

        The Gedli generation are my family and I have nothing but love for them. I know their stubbornness brought us the independent Eritrea. However, due to the dictatorship in Eritrea, my generation couldn’t learn from them in a peaceful way. Since my generation can’t put ourselves in their shoes, can they at least listen to our concern? At least the past 20 years, my generation doesn’t need explanation about all the actors from the Ethiopian sides. I don’t really put value about who is worst in Ethiopia, when it comes to my people and my country Eritrea. In this discussion, the main point has been what is the PRIORTIY. If we can’t even agree on this very important fact, how are we going to survivor? Prioritizing your own safety is not being ignorant. It is rather being sincere. Anyone knows, airlines rule tell us, in case of emergency, put your oxygen mask first and then help others. By the same token, we Eritrean should be able to stand on our both feet and we can help others.
        Until we are able to get ourselves out of harm ways, ERITEA FIRST!!!!!!!

        • Misghina December 29, 2018

          Thanks God. your backward criminal ELF family are NOT in power in Eritrea.
          Bitterness {disastrous and humiliating defeat at the brave hands of EPLF & TPLF} is still blinding you so badly. don’t let the past haunt you for ever.
          The new young generation of Eritrea are making history by sharing and working together with their brothers/sisters of Tigray after wasteful 20 yrs.
          Let bygone be bygone. Forgiveness and reconciliation is the new PRIORITY.

          • k.tewolde December 29, 2018

            O, now you talking,a TPLF intruder as usual sniffing always at other people business.Regardless the mess we are in that we created for ourselves,Eritrea will always be for Eritreans who fought and died for it.Keep on trying.

          • Genet-Original December 29, 2018

            Typical TPLF. Isolated and desperate for power. You are not getting it from Eritrea. Criminal minds. You don’t know friendship, Eritrean priority is Eritrean business. Go fight with your Amhara and Oromo brothers and sisters. You have no right to speak about ELF or EPLF. You betrayed EPLF the very group who drove tanks into addis Ababa to help you. What did you do? You organized Amhara and Oromo and came to kill our people and you did. We can’t do this again. NOOOOOO.
            Eritrea first!!!
            Death to invaders!!!!

    • Tiblets December 29, 2018

      Mr Petros T/giorgis (Wedi BaAtay – Abi Seb),
      We urge/beg you to keep ignoring the fake talkative people like the above woman who contributed absolutely nothing towards the independence of Eritrea.
      Poor Eritrea has so many paper-tigers but so little/few committed intellectuals like yourself.
      Eritrea has no external enemy but so many internal destructive enemies prolonging its suffering.

      • Petros Tesfagiorgis December 29, 2018

        Hi Tiblets

        Your advice accepted. Our struggle continues unabated. Time will teach them.

        • Danilo December 29, 2018

          No petros, aren’t you car full? People like tablets are not on your side. Dear petros, to stop hate starts in this forum. One who support your opinion am could be but please note that you are in trap by intruders like tibletse, socrates and Tes.

          • Tes December 29, 2018


            You’re wrong!. Intruder ?? you’re more likely an intruder or a hater!! Trap! hahaaa A man with ocean experience and knowledge like Petros would be trapped by a learner like Tes! Don’t kid yourself. You better wash out not to get into trap. My friend

        • Genet Original December 30, 2018

          Wow! We VS them.
          It is worst than what it seems to be.
          This is unforgivable.

        • Genet-Original December 30, 2018

          Struggle for what?
          I can’t believe there are people who thinks the Eritreans people have not been thorough a lot. WOW,! We have been to hell and back. That is why we are now looking though a clear lens and need to focus on our PRIORITY.
          For a long time, time has not been on the Eritreans’ side. But it seems that is changing. We will tell to whom ever listen that we Eritreans are going to take our country back very soon and it will be on our term. For sure time is on our side. We aren’t going to allow for history to repeat itself. We trust no body.
          Eritreans first!!!

  • Tes December 29, 2018


    Please don’t guise and speak with confidence that anyone differ from your understanding of Eritrea is a ghedli generation. Using your own words “Oh, doubling down, the hallmark of the ghedli generation, the we know better generation, the stubborn generation….shows how shallow your knowledge of Eritrea. The difference I have with you is that I had real experience of Eritrea while your are lucky enough, you either born oversee or left Eritrea while you are little. Your source for your knowledge is from small circle of Eritreans most probably your close family. Unlike you I was born in the hart of Eritrea in a war zone and bad luck to experience the effect of war first hand as a child. For your own benefit anyone who write and speak broken English is not Ghedli generation. I feel sorry for you, you born and raised in west and hates an entire population based on hearsay. How could you hate an entire tigray population and blame to any one who knew history and facts better than you. Let’s back to your own words,

    ” As far as Eritreans concern, there is no difference between Amhara and Tigray. If any Eritrean can’t see that, then there are two things: one you are immediate relative of Tigray people and in that case, your priority is right for you. Second, you actually, don’t believe in independent Eritrea and you don’t have faith in Eritrean people.

    As far as Eritreans concern ….Madam who delegate you of all Eritreans! Not only that Wow is this lady live in America ( west )? How ignorant in 21st century! She looks like PFDJ’s cadre to me, Because we differ to her in an issue, she label non- Eritreans or we.’re somehow have relatives in Tigray or we don’t believe in independent Eritrea. Wey god!! Ni Eritrea negher! You have no shame!!

    To other readers please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have problem to have relative in Tigray or to be related. I have great respect of Tigray or for that matter any group of people. I didn’t grossly hate any group, specially as an Eritrean when we are scattered all over the world and connected via marriage to the entire races of the world thanks to the regime in Asmara. The problem in Eritrea is that those who have identity complex are more louder than those native Eritreans started from Eseyas Afworki..

    My advise to you GO is that please try not to hate an entire race or group and learn for informed people like Petros. Because you command English language don’t over inflate your ego. Sticking to your first argument doesn’t make you smart.

    • Genet-Orginal December 30, 2018

      You just helped making my point. Thank you.
      See, that is the difference between you and I. You are unsure of your identity or you want to have it both ways. You want to be an Eritrean, yet you don’t want to stand up for its PRIORITY. No Eritrean ever heard of speaking of ill wish for Tigray people ever. But people like you, want to live on the grave of Eritreans as Eritrean. Yet, you want to keep the Tigray feeling in your closet. Not enough psychiatrist to cure this issue. That is why you are hell bent to muddy up a perfect discussion. Why? because by nature, you are incapable of compassion. How is this about Tigray or its people? It is not about me or about my intellectual background. I am here to voice my concern and I have every right.

      Again, this is not about Tigray and it never was. You and people like you are inserting themselves and the Tigray people as competitive issue to the Eritreans’ PROIORTY. You are the one who is coming in here to advocate for hostility among Eritreans. You should be ashamed of yourself. You know, Behaviors like yours will never be left unpunished. May be now is the time for you to pay for your sins. Don’t forget GOD is always watching all of us. That is way what goes around comes around. For the last time Tigray is not part of Eritrea, but part of Ethiopia. That is way the Eritreans’ PRIORITY IS Eritreans and Eritreans only. Don’t make things up out of thin air. If you have paranoid tendency and you think Eritrean survival is the death of Tigray, It is only in your head. Eritreans are compassionate people and we have been taken advantage of time after time.. This is going to be our time to call a spade a spade.
      Eritrean first!!!

    • Genet-Original December 30, 2018

      I don’t care about what you have to say!
      I am not buying your pure and simple manipulation. Stop acting like a spoiled child. No body hate you or Tigray.
      You are here to muddy up Eritreans’ discussion. This discussion is about the Eritreans PRIORITY and NOT about Tigray. Why do Eritreans have to be always the big brothers?
      For the last time, This is about our survival and our PRIORITY to achieve it. It is not about hate of any group. For a change, we have to put our people and country first.
      Eritrea first!!!

      • Danilo December 30, 2018

        “We trust no body, ”
        Genet, you are absolutely right years and years back Eritrea and its people, despite defended Ethiopia because due to its location resisted as contribution to exist Ethiopia but got nothing for exchange. This is the historical fact! Eritrea denied for its existence. those Amhara, tigre and now Oromo care nothing who loved them ( eritrean ) except territory. Of course we are defensive. However to be effective, No TRUST! Big no as you stated above.

      • k.tewolde December 30, 2018

        G.O. like always right on the money.Yes indeed,Eritrea first!!!>>>>”We will tell to whom ever listen that we Eritreans are going to take our country back very soon and it will be on our term.” Wow! God are you listening?

        • Genet-Original December 31, 2018

          All Assenna regulars:
          K.t, Simon G, Hagherwi, Wedi Hagher, Asmara Eritrea, Danilo and the sister called Kiki nice to hear from you, Hamed Salah and all others thank you for your input and wisdom. Petros, you too. I know you are mad at me, but it is all good. cheers!!

          Amanuel and assenna staff Thank you so much. You are in my plan.

          Have a safe and happy new year!!!
          Talk to you next year

  • bardavidi December 30, 2018

    I must have been missing a lot ………..I am a Frequent visiting Commneter in quite a few Forums and NPs in the region .However this is the first time i have witnessed a very Realistic and down to earth perspective of the actual situation at hand………….Most of the Forums I visited are racked with Extremism, name calling, and Blind nationalism to the point the Rational of their argument would not prevail in any form………….It could be the Messenger or the message itself. but this one is Solid……………..Impressive…………….Selah………

  • Tes December 30, 2018


    Here we go again, Grow up! What make you more Eritrean than me or other Eritreans. because you are. second generation who settle happily in foreign country.. You have very tittle knowledge of Eritrea let alone to know what the current priority for Eritrea is. You are consumed by hate because I think you dad is ELF veteran who has grudge with woyane because in long past TPLF joined hand with EPLF to kick them out of Eritrea. That definitely has influence on you to hate certain group. Not only that but you . are also out of touch compounded with sheer ignorance. You think you love Eritrea because you can write good English without substance. You don’t even know you who you are ( you’re tigraweity Eritreawit FIY).

    You keep saying priority as if the above writer sent a battalion to help Tigray or give them financial or moral support. He tried to inform us and warn them about the far reaching consequence of the Amhara current attitude and actions. It would also have a serious implication to Eritrea and Eritreans. But you and your ignorant supporters her did not know the consequences or don’t care as they are afar in a comfort zone.. It is most probably their entire close family are with them in a safe place. Without going deep into analysis or elaboration there are thousands Eritrean refugees in Tigray for that they are mostly minors. But this is nothing for you and co. Because they are invisible to you.

    Madam Priority!!!! What is priority for you? Writing in assenna forum? The hallow words of love Eritrea. Currently Eritrea is bleeding to death. Its people are flee into all direction not to return back. This is done deliberately by the ruling class ( PFDJ ) in Eritrea in order to make Eritrea weak or with out people incapable of standing as a nation. Then make peace with Ethiopia with the overpopulated nation next door. Then in Eritrea there would be no enough manpower to fill all demands such as ports, factories, teachers, doctors infrastructure works etc. Those out of country are very unlikely to return including the Eritrea lover Genet O. Eseyas will bring workers from Ethiopia in thousands to settle. The new settlers will become dominant or even Eritreans themselves. Lately there were 40 trainee ship doctors to work as volunteers arrived in Eritrea while Eritreans doctors made to flee out of Eritrea.. This is the beginning of demographic change. The demography would be changed completely and then it will be easy to unify Eritrea to Ethiopia. This is a long standing strategic aim of Eseyas for years and it is near completion. It was tried by Menelik to conquer southern Ethiopia and repeating in Eritrea now. So at this time what is the priority for Eritreans and Eritrea? To encourage informed Eritreans like Petros to seek solution and salvage whatever is remained or cry priority without known what is the priority. Leave it to knowelgable people and live them alone.

    The priority for Eritrea is to seek strategic alliances and our best option in my opinion is alliance with our closest people. With people who acknowledge our independence. With people who have many in common with us based in mutual respect and interest. Amhara and Tigray are the same is non starter. It is sheer ignorance or stupidity. Amhara love no one but the red sea. If they don’t like Tigraway in Tigray how can they love Tigraway in Eritrea. Those who think Amhara love Eritrea or either fool who live in koock land or out of touch..

    There is no point to response to your nonsense any more Madam GO and wish you a happy new year. Hey! I know you love Eritrea but it is misplaced love!

    • Genet-Original December 31, 2018

      I know, you thought responding to assenna commentators would be easy like walk in the park. Now, you know, it is not.
      First, I never ask you or anybody to conform your DNA to prove your 100% Eritreansim, because there is no such a thing. but there is Eritrean patriot.

      You talk about demographic change in our country Eritrea. Did you know who started that tactic? It was not Amhara or Oromo, It was the Tigry man Alula Aba nega. Yep!!! Thus, Stop your scare tactics. This generation of Eritreans are armed to the teeth with information. Let me give you some thing to think about this new year. Eritreans were living in Ethiopia dominating all aspects of life and sharing with Ethiopians the fruits of their hard works. Until of course your people, (TPLF) showed up with dollars signs in their eyes and envy in their hearts. You know the story. Can you imagine, if those Eritreans were not disrupted and their lives turned upside down, just for being Eritreans by blood, DIA couldn’t have survived this long? The 100,000+ strong, confidence and power house Eritreans would have showed him what they were made of. But thanks to you people, we are where we are. Now, since we have a clear lens to see what we need to do, we just need to focus into our PRIORITY. First, we need to define what being an Eritrean mean? Is it worth to safe and guard it? To be continue…

      This conversation is not over!!! Cheers!
      Tes, I am glad you tried to challenge my point of view. Tiny bit reminder, stick with the issue and be nice.
      Happy new year!

      • k.tewolde December 31, 2018

        “This generation of Eritreans are armed to the teeth with information.”…I am so proud of you G.O. I know you didn’t inherit this gift from your father or your mother otherwise Eritrea wont be in this vegetable situation. After all, the tyrant didn’t trap all the fish in one net.You represent the prototype of the future generation I envisioned for my homeland,not afraid to challenge the old and overthrow it if necessary at the same time love and respect for the positive contribution made by it.It is our story,it is an Eritrean story,we made it together,the good the bad,and the ugly,exclusively ours,those who want to join and be part of it,you are welcome otherwise no double dipping,you can’t be an Ethiopian and identify with Eritrean nationalism,it just doesn’t fly,that is why G.O. asserts with confidence,Eritrea first!!!

        • Kiki Tzeggai December 31, 2018

          Eritrea first! Thank you much Genet and K. Tewolde! Moreover, we hope those who wish Eritrea to be “blended” with Ethiopia (Tigray IS Ethiopia) could post their full name and not hide behind nicknames. Eritreans gathered here, are part of a dialogue with respect. No one is ignorant and no one is calling names. Maybe Assenna should filter such comments and block them? Few websites allow insults and Assenna is not one of them. Maybe their target is not us, but to damage Assenna! Who knows?
          In addition, Petros should also stop such wording that only bring shadow to his article. We are Eritreans that want to have a civilized dialogue in Assenna forum.
          To K. Tewolde, Danilo, Genet and more…maybe not answering is the best answer to negativity.
          Happy New Year to Assenna and staff. To all readers/writers as well.

          • k.tewolde December 31, 2018

            Happy New Year to you and your Eritrean family Kiki,we just want to be left alone,it is a murky intrusion,like a rip tide they have been washing out our identity to the sea for years.Enough!

  • Danilo December 31, 2018

    Happy new year to all assenna family including to those disagree. May the 2019 be the year of peace, trust and tranquility.

  • Tes January 2, 2019


    ” I know, you thought responding to assenna commentators would be easy like walk in the park. Now, you know, it is not.”

    Wow I am scared by pen tiger!!!!! Eye gud Eritrea zei tirekbo zeybla! being penning few words of comments in assenna does make you patriotic??? . You’re so pathetic but it doesn’t surprise me because there are many of your kinds owe twisted character. There are many who feel like you super patriot because the pay 2% or they attend PFDJ gatherings . Madam knew everything and love Eritrea classify Eritreans in group ghedli generation, Ethiopians etc and the always young over 30th. You think you knew better than the seasoned campaigner for human rights and justice for his life long and came with hollow word of priority priority. This shows you shallow knowledge and current situation of Eritrea and way forward.

    For your information another seasoned campaigner Mr Salih Gadi of awate wrote an article directly to PM Abey in titled ” Eritreans Are Forced to Be Obsessed with Ethiopia”. He crafted it beautifully and good read and here is just to a quote of his words

    ” I would be foolish to believe you didn’t understand the gravity of sidelining Eritreans in your quest for peace… though strangely, you chose to make a deal with a tyrant, over an air corridor, that connects you with the toll collector alone, the notorious Isaias Afwerki! I ask myself, why would Dr. Abiy think he can achieve peace with a dictator in isolation of the stakeholders? Worse, how could Ethiopia coexist peacefully with Eritrea only over the air by avoiding Tigrai?

    You see you achieve peace with your enemy and those two great thinkers and writers know what is a priority unlike you only driven by emission. What happen in Tigrai direct has serious effect in Eritrea and Eritreans back home. So writing about Ethiopia is part of straggle to achieve justice in Eritrea.

    To Kiki

    I do have respect on you as you are one of few women who fight injustice and contributor in Assenna but please don’t go that low. I don’t ask you for marriage or for friendship, I am simply stating my argument or my opinion probably different from yours. You have every right to disagree with my arguments but to call as Ethiopiawian is an insult. I didn’t expect from you such a thing but I am wrong even you are asking Petros not to write about Ethiopia and stick to that priority as if Ethiopia is afar from Eritrea. I am sure you know the effect of chaos in next door but deliberately twisting to suet your argument. Another thing to highlight here is that English is our second language and you know it. I did use word ignorance in my comment and was not to insult anyone but to say lack of understanding current affair or lack of information. to a particular issue. I don’t think you don’t know that but use it to discredit as name callers. It shows your weakness and who you are.

    Happy new year to you all!

    • Genet-Original January 3, 2019

      I see that you are losing your coolness. You are getting irrational and resorting to insults.

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” (Socrates)

      The 2% paying Eritreans/PFDJ and ELF are all the Eritreans. what are you? You know noting about Eritrea and Eritreans. What you are concerned is the interest of Tigray at the expense of Eritrea and Eritreans. I and other Eritreans are saying NO MORE!! You are not allowed to double deep, as K.t said. You need to come to terms the reality of Tigray not being part of Eritrea and never have been part of Eritrea. About what you said there are more of me. You are correct. We are mad as hell and ready to fight you or anyone else who said Eritrea and Eritreans must be sacrificed for any group of people. Tigray/TPLF waged war in Badme and killed my brothers and sisters. I and other Eritreans are saying to Tigray/TPLF, we are done with you. I don’t give a flying monkey what other Ethiopians are going to do with you. You must accept the unpleasant consequences for your action. You fool me once, shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me. In our case, it has been multiple times. We can’t do this over and over again. Good bye and good riddance!!
      Eritrean first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tes January 3, 2019


    What a chatterbox!…. Why don’t you read and argue point by point, You read one line and respond to that only one line the 2% which I include just for example This shows your lack of understanding the underpinning topic. I thought I am discussing important issue with someone mature. who is capable of convincing me otherwise. But I am wrong, you are immature and wast of time. I feel sorry for anyone deal with you daily. Don’t expect any response from me any more…. get someone your level or someone with same hope ( A chatterbox ).

  • Genet-Orgional January 3, 2019

    You started by begging Petros to not apologize or explain his message. What I feel was he throws a bomb and only respond to people who supports him. That is very disappointing. Oh well that has been the story of our Eritreans lives. Likely, things are going to change now. People like you are not going to get your way any longer. It is your choice, Either you get on our plan or you get in back to the closet you crawl out and stay in there.

    I did present my point of view to Assenna commentators and most got my point, except you. Why? because your Priority is not as the same as Eritreans. Even you tried to divide Eritreans, remember your post to Kiki.
    The underpinning topic is Eritreans need to be on the side of Tigray/TPLF unconditionally or Eritreans need to rescue TPLF leaders who are hiding in Mekele. We Eritreans are saying, No We Eritreans have been burned so many times by you people. We can’t do this over and over again and expect different result. We are also not in the best shape to help anyone. We are not denying the ordinary Tigray people are closer to Eritreans as Sudans are closer to Eritreans. Other Example, Kenyans are closer to Ugandan. Pay attention Tes, these countries are independent. You can’t use ordinary Tigry people who are proud Ethiopians to ease your own separation anxiety. Do you ever read your own post? You should read it. You have been steering away the discussion to name calling. You seem to be fixated on my posts. My point of view, definitely strike a chord profoundly.

    Now, The fact of the matter is Eritreans must put Eritrea first!!! That is Eritreans PRIORITY!!!
    Eritrea and its people are in no potion to rescue any one.
    We are an independent country
    Ordinary Eritreans and ordinary Ethiopians from Tigray will have similar language and hair do. LOL
    We can’t make our country’s interests on the bases of similarity in culture.
    The Eritrean interests comes first
    We can negotiate with our enemy for our interest. but under any circumstances, we can’t put ourselves in the harm way for others who have terrible reputations toward our people.

    Ok Tes is that clear enough for you? That is the underpinning topic.

    Eritrea first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • k.tewolde January 4, 2019

      G.O. what I see is a time warp,a generational gap,two people talking but not communicating,it is the devils work,he fixed us that way and the gap keeps on widening because the children are getting ripped away from their parents and being quarantined before their hypo campus is fully developed and the rest elope to destinations unknown without adults company,that is where our enemy is winning.Yes you are crystal clear as a snow G.O. and boldly assertive,I wish the rest of your peers were like you,we wouldn’t have been in this vegetative state we are in today.They lived among us and they gnawed at us like termites to the ground,they intruded and swept us out of our homeland,they sat on top of our shoulder and they pissed allover us and finally they became a holding cell for our youth on their way to oblivion.When G.O. snaps,>>>>> “No We Eritreans have been burned so many times by you people.” she means wholeheartedly,Eritrea first!! and I don’t blame her.

      • Genet-Original January 4, 2019

        Dear K.t
        The Eritrean population have been suffering from one generation to the next without any meaningful break. Most Eritreans, regardless where we lived, grew up seeing our parents mourning the death of their brothers, sisters, uncles and friends. Who could forget seeing a picture or two in our living rooms which remanded the whole family the missing, intriguing face staring at us and the reason of their death. We grew up feeling pride and keeping our Eritrea close to our hearts. Little did we know, we were also distend for a similar experience and in turn we pass that sorrow to our children. .

        How did this happen? The Badme war and the inhumane deportation of our people from Ethiopia had considerable impact on our lives. That experience left a deeper physical and psychological scar that has been paralyzing and detrimental to our people.. As victims of that atrocity orchestrated by none other than, the very group of people we called ” family and closest neighbor”, it begs the question, why is this compassion extended only on one direction? Tes and others who are worried about Tigray’s welfare, need to be reminded that they aren’t dealing only with the Gedli perspective. Thanks to DIA and TPLF who controlled Eritrea and Ethiopia for the past 27 years, we have our own real life experience and we have a right to call it as we see it. We are going to look for all the factors and will deal with them. As you said, K.T “who is trying to continue the “double dipping” We are going to stop that. .Yes, K.t, there are many more like I who are determined to see the end of double dipping.
        Eritrean first!!!!!!

    • Kiki Tzeggai January 4, 2019

      Genet and K. Tewolde:
      Silence is harnessing your calm in a heated moment. It is a moment in which you can see the positive and negative coexisting together. It takes true strength to not succumb to negative energy. We learn – from all your efforts Genet and K. Tewolde – to make others understand that it is easier to ignore negative comments and continue on constructive work for our Eritrea. What about we ignore monologues of some and keep working in unity for our Eritrea? I second you both: Eritrea first!!

      • Genet-Original January 4, 2019

        Dear Kiki
        You have no idea how I feel to read your post at Assenna. As you know our Eritreans sisters have been absent or silent in the struggle for justice for our people. I just want to say thank you for participating. There is power in numbers.

        As you said, “It takes true strength to not succumb to negative energy” phrases like “ignorant”, “chatterbox”, “pen tiger” are used to steer the conversation to personal attack and to make it about noting. I learned from Eritreans like K.T and others to stick with a topic at hand, make my point and may be send a message that Eritreans who still care for Eritrea,do still exist.

        If I am able to appreciate, Tupac Shakur’s song about social justice, without being distracted by the curse words he uses, I think I can handle negative words from double dippers. Kiki, I think you mentioned about compassion and Petros is being compassionate toward other suffering. You are right, our culture is very much awake in the department of compassion. What I hear from our society as a culture is “it is oky” And most of the times, even when it is not Oky, our people say “It is oky” We .care about others pain and suffering, but we tell our people to “suck it up” This mindset is good quality in a time of peace and stability, but it has little advantage, when we are living in a dog eats dog world. Also compassionate act that is only in one direction is interpreted as foolishness by people never held accountable. As K.T pointed out, “They lived among us and the gnawed at us like termites…”

        Why are we demonized and called ignorant for pointing the hard fact?. As we, Eritrean know, Gedli generation told us, here you go, we delivered Eritrea from Ethiopia. Then turn around and say Oh, Tigray are actually especial people and they need our unconditional compassion. Our answers is NO, We disagree!!!
        They should take care of their problems with their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and we should be open for any discussion with the whole Ethiopia. We should worry about our people as they are doing for their people.
        We need to put Eritrea first!!!

        Eritrea first!!!!! .