Sweden piles pressure on Eritrea with plan to sever diaspora cash

Sweden, whose citizen has been jailed by Eritrea for more than ten years without charge, has moved to block the flow of diaspora money to the isolated Red Sea nation. Its parliament, Riksdag, is preparing legislation

Sweden, whose citizen has been jailed by Eritrea for more than ten years without charge, has moved to block the flow of diaspora money to the isolated Red Sea nation.

Its parliament, Riksdag, is preparing legislation to block a two per cent mandatory tax collected by Eritrea from its citizens living in Sweden.

The Swedish parliament tasked its justice affairs sub committee to prepare a supplementary bill to support the decision following a recent debate on the proposal.

“We are willing to take measures if current legislations cannot put a stop to this,” Mr Johan Linander, the deputy chair of the committee, told reporters after the parliamentary session.

Some parliamentarians had referred to the technical challenge of enforcing such a decision without a suitable legal framework.

The decision would be a huge flow to the finances of Eritrea, which is already under United Nations sanctions for its alleged support of terrorism in eastern Africa.

Huge blow

The taxes have been described in a UN report as the largest source of income for the internationally isolated Asmara government.

Eritreans living in the diaspora are forced to pay the tax with failure to comply reportedly leading to a denial of entry back home and exclusion from government services.

Source: African Review


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  • Baraee March 8, 2012

    DIA’s rope is in the making….If one can not respect one’s people, one’s comrades and his fellow veterans….he is doomed.

    • ahmed saleh March 9, 2012

      You are absolutely right, they showed no respect to the principle of our struggle.
      The act of betrayal to the expectations of their people and the surpressing tactics
      to others compatrits is a sin and will hunt them accordingly. Only people with open
      level-headed mind admit that Eritrean people are the victims who are paying the
      price to their ruthless mischievousness. Any measure set upon them is the result
      of their ill conceived and inconsiderate way of governing.
      History taught us again and again ugly people didn’t last that long, their doom time
      will come too.

  • M I March 9, 2012

    ንርኢ በለ ዕዉር።

    ጎይቶትኩም ኣሜሪካ ኣፎም ክሳብ ዝቖስል ተዛሪቦም ዘይውዓልዎስ ስዊድን ክጅምርዎ። ሓሳብ ልቦም ኣየስምረሎም። ክምኡ ኣንተኾነ ኽኣ ደፋርን ትክን መውጽኢዶ ከይስእን።

    • michaael March 9, 2012

      ንርኢ በለ ዕዉር ኢልካ ዝመሰልካ

      you better believe on reality, those who believe on hope or of the past adventure they remain blind.
      Whether you like like it or not America is master and will remain master and they will eradicat all the dictator in the world including you mad leader.

  • Semhar March 9, 2012

    We should read and implement the advise of the founders of our revolution.

    1) Woldeab W/ Mariam: “God blessed this crown (Eritrea) for us,
    Woe to him who dares touch it.”

    2) Ibrahim Sultan. “ Stand united my dear folks.
    Unite and work together for Eritrea.”

    Death to the mad dog, the tyrant dictator and his followers!

    • HAKI YTAKEB March 11, 2012


  • tsere higdef March 9, 2012

    Let it be. It is our daily pray to see the dictator isolated and defeated. Sweden keep it up! And the other Eurppean country follow the suit.

  • TheLand March 9, 2012

    It is great news for the people of Eritrea

  • Simerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr March 9, 2012

    Come on Sweden…. it is not too late but late. You should have done this thing long time ago. Since Dawit not a white Sweden you could not come to this point for the last 10 years. With your money in Eritrea the government built more prisons and detention centers where thousands Eritrean tortured only because they have bible in their hands, because they want to be free, because they want to see Eritrea multi parties, because they want to live their dream, because they want to study abroad, because they want to have free press free court and most of all they want the constitution be implemented. The list can be long since we don’t have the very simple freedom to move in our own country with out being asked ID in every corner. Sweden, with your money the government finance the security apparatus to spy on Eritrean in Sweden and elsewhere in the world, to intimidate the Eritrean to pay the 2% and other types of paying directly and indirectly. Sweden did you act so long If Dawit was white Swedish with Swedish pass port? I’m not defending Dawit as a person but as a principle. Do you remember when the so called president said that Sweden never come to my mind for one second for the whole year. But the money flow 7days a week and 365 days a year to his account. Now who needs who??????Sweden NEEDS Eritrea or the other way round.

  • Yemane March 9, 2012

    No white man or White man government can stop me from my national duty. If i want to pay 2% or 100% no one can tell me to stop. Been Eritrean is a privilege.

    • Semhar March 9, 2012

      You are not Eritrean. You are HIGDEF., a follower of the mad dog, the tyrant dictator.
      Soon you will be dismantled from ERITREA.
      It’s going to be like the LIBYAN style. You will be hunted and exterminated by the ERITREANS.

      • Yemane March 9, 2012

        Just grow up. That is all I can say.

    • The obsever March 9, 2012

      Do not worry about Sweden and Sweden does not need you at all, you should worry about anchiwa Nakfa
      You are not tegadaly you are conmandis. I live in the usa and I do not pay the 2%. So just please speak for yourself do not speak for others that you have no idea what others are doing. Do not be foolish
      Side note your 100% donation will not be enough to save your king

  • Tzegay March 9, 2012

    Thanks to the people, who are fighting the terrorists with peacefull but strong shots.

  • tegadalay March 9, 2012

    we dont care abaout siweden we in USA eritreans are paying our 2% for our bloved countrys so if the SIWEDEN plock the 2 % make you happy you have to know somthing eritreans are all over the world not only in SIWEDEN

    • The obsever March 9, 2012

      Ask your master Issias how much he is collecting from the US, he is not getting 10% of what he used to make. Even the Hard headed abalatu (members) are not paying him their fair share.

  • tegadalay March 9, 2012

    IAGREE WITH smer he says the gov biult more ROADS CLINCS SCHOOLS CONTEINERS SO the gov use the 2% for good thankyou

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