The Afwerkist II

The Afwerkist II By Fetsum Abraham// 3/7/2013  DEDICATION: I dedicate this article to brothers and sisters (Afwerkists) conditioned to remain victims of humiliation and manipulation by the super master of dictatorship  HERE AND THERE The Eritrean Ambassador in England

The Afwerkist II
By Fetsum Abraham// 3/7/2013

DEDICATION: I dedicate this article to brothers and sisters (Afwerkists) conditioned to remain victims of humiliation and manipulation by the super master of dictatorship 


The Eritrean Ambassador in England had a meeting with our people recently and the following few points appear to be important for me to mention.

 When confronted on constitution and justice by the audience; the Ambassador said; “Who is saying there is no constitution and justice in Eritrea: both exist in the country. Are you saying this because there has not been another president in the country?


Wedi Gerahtu certainly cannot prove this statement practically. He has no right to say anything wrong about the country and his master Afwerki because there is no freedom of speech in the country. Further, had there been a constitution in the country, the presidential power and term in office would have been defined and limited; needless to say that there would have been an elected president in Eritrea.

When confronted on political prisoners in general; the useless Ambassador said “Let us talk straight; you are talking about members of the G15 and we have no time talking about them and other things alike. The government has told the people about their case. We could not even resolve the problem they created for us to date. We are still suffering from the external infiltration caused by these people.”


The question was about all political prisoners in the country to begin with. Smart attempt to shift the focus but foolish at the same time. Even though it was about the G15, the answer was off the wall. To the contrary the people have the time for and interest talking about this issue, nor is it closed for them; because it is about human rights that directly relate to freedom and justice in Eritrea. The government is responsible for every life involved in this saga and will pay the consequence at the right time. There is nothing the government told the people except that they sabotaged the country without any detail and evidence. Further, the regime is not suffering today because of said unsubstantiated and fabricated conspiracy with external forces but rather because it has destroyed lives without due trial and evidence, and people hold it responsible for its action.

The relationship between Afwerki and Afwerkists

Afwerki is an absolute dictator who cannot survive without Afwerkists.  He does not like them because they have no respect for themselves. He undermines them, insults them, jokes on them, charges them for slavery, tests their obedience with extraordinary vigor (the insanity in Naizgi Kiflu saga); yet; they beg for it. He delivers a paralyzing  humiliation to wake them up; yet they beg for more.

For what I think, Afwerki should be tired of his blind followers after unloading too many offenses without any response. I mean, you cannot keep undermining the Afwerist psychology at the rate he does it totally unchallenged, without getting tired at a point and wondering if they were human beings; in this bizarre relationship between the two complex phenomena. To Afwerki, Afwerkists are unflinching objects that do not require a minute of his time to secure their slavery. An insult, a denial, laughter, silence, a simile, rudeness, a joke, a lie, or any other emotional expression that comes in his way without any acknowledgment of their presence will do the job. His absence will do it let alone anything associated with his presence.

In my observation, the infatuation between Afwerki and Afwerkists is mono-directional. While Afwerkists are in love with Afwerki, the later does not exist to the former. Because Afwerki is their center of existence, he takes them too much for granted to remember their presence let alone to take them seriously. He knows their captive audiency is given, and only uses them for cheering him up without listening; even when telling them Eritrea in his administration has drastically failed. He uses them for mental experimentation like a Chemist does with materials because failure is success to Afwerkists, as long as it comes out of the master’s mouth.

He tells them he misses them only when he confronts them in person and they emotionally cry in response.

Can you imagine Afwerki missing people and “thinking about them everyday”? They ululate hearing him say that dictators originate from a blindly supporting society. What ever he says does not matter except his breathing. Therefore, they don’t have to listen the master carefully because what he says passes without a feedback thinking process as absolutely correct. You cannot get animalistic and insecure below this!

 In this interesting social drama, Afwerki just says something against the US and leaves an Afwerkist alone to hallucinate on the notion that Eritrea was the only nation that kneeled down the US, and keeps paying to prevent the country from US conspiracy. Afwerki transfers his paranoid mind telling them the whole world is focused to destroy Eritrea and leaves them sleepless of fear forever.

Other dictators like Kaddafi benefit their followers educationally and economically but Afwerki does the opposite. He does not give them anything; rather rips them off to the limit because his philosophy essentially believes in fear, control, poverty and ignorance as its main weapons of survival. He does not leave them alone to manage their lives; he knows they do not deserve it and charges them for selling their dignity as their only contribution to the Eritrean society. They dearly pay emotionally, mentally, materially and in terms of time for choosing to be that ridiculous to themselves. They are conditioned to become part of the destruction by worshiping absolute domination and by self-inflicted psychological wound because they are the simultaneous victims of external humiliation and internal disturbance.

 I was sitting in a bar chatting with a person when an Afwerkist (I think he was) I had never seen before sarcastically asked; “what is your book about?” I answered saying Fithi and stopped. He then said; umo fithi abzi Adizi alo dika tible zeleka? Adi reikayo dika kemey telewitu kemzelo walas…?

 He of course sees the Eritrean question in terms of a VAGINA. Eritrea as you know is a sex paradise for sexually starved Afwerkists who cannot get it in the west because of mental incompatibility. There are actually people who go back and forth looking for young virgins to play with.You do not get anywhere with one; you just let it go and walk away!

What are the infrastructures going to do if Eritreans cannot enjoy them with freedom and peace of mind? Afwerkists cannot grasp the values of freedom, justice and human rights and sadly compare them with material cosmetics as such. They do not understand that all governments do what the Eritrean government does infra-structurally as a requirement. Why do you think they tax the people for? “Taxation for Representation” is the motto by which every society in the world works including Eritrea, at least theoretically.

The catch

 Research on any government in view of this issue through the NET and you will see that the Eritrean government is not doing anything special categorically. A proof is the Abai Dam project, colleges, buildings and roads in Ethiopia.  The difference is Eritrea does it with institutionalized labor camp slavery and every society on the planet is enjoying relatively better freedom, justice, education, economic motion and constitutional law than the Eritreans. The proof: Eritrea currently stands 179/179 on all rounded freedom and justice on earth.

Furthermore, infrastructural development does not justify a regime to run society without law, human rights, a constitution and higher education.

It seems like when you are persistently hammered in the mind, you become compulsively addicted to humiliation. You get your mind stolen and you are reduced to nothing more than working to eat, sleeping and dying. To such a person, nothing more than the master’s metaphysical or physical presence matters. It gets worse when no other knowledge penetrates the hypnotized mind through reading or dialogue. That makes a typical Afwerkist a person who hangs out back and forth between the so called community centers and the community bars and restaurants only to echo positive rumors and speculations about the country and spying around day to day without any other purpose in life. I do not know what the women in this group do to brief here for the record but I think a typical Afwerkist has the audacity to tell his likes what he/she dreams about or other nightmares and imaginations associated with the master as if it were concretely factual.

Apparently, the Afwerkist mindset craves abuse to feel important. Like a rehabilitating druggist fights the addiction a day at a time, a hypnotized Afwerkist needs medication (humiliation) to make one’s static and boring life somewhat tolerable. In conclusion, the president is in cross-roads in this situation: He cannot stand their unconditional slavery because he knows this behavior does not reflect a confident and intelligence mind; yet he cannot stay in power without them: Afwerki cannot live with or without Afwerkists and they cannot live without him or with themselves!

Review overview
  • araya March 8, 2013

    Dear Fisum here we got to know Eritrea has become the nation of ignorant Arab maide servants,laborers,taxi drivers,and wondering aimless refugees all over the world and at Home forced enslaved people; thanks to the current rulers of the Country:they did all these on purpose and by design.Why ;becouse educated persons are hard to indocrinate.Even those hand full of litrate Eritreans in the sea of unbooked country men/women are being villified when they speak up.That is a deep rooted EPLF /Afeworqi’s modus operandi since the MEDDA days.The Eritrean people in general;the yuth in particular are orientted to look the intelegencia and the well to class of people with suspition and envy.We have a lot of hard work infront of good will Eritreans.Most of us were cheering the this Maffias before we saw the Light.I hope every fellow Country men/women ‘ll have their road to Dammascus/Epiphany.

  • Meretse Asmelash March 8, 2013

    Dear Brother,
    What a courage? This is a straight forward article.

  • Genet March 8, 2013

    Hi Mr Fitsum
    I would like to tell you that your article is helpful not only to the blind PFDJ follower, but for the rest of us who saw the light and rejected the PFDJ lies. for a long time now, I find myself arguing with PFDJ supporters about the situations in our country. The mistreatment of our people has been clearly seen by any one; it is objective informations. Yet, blind PFDJ supporters will attempt to explain subjectively or make excuses why Afwerki is a failure.Some of the common excuses are: he is not aware of what other people are doing to sobotage his GOV. The people who are saying bad things about him are lookin for power. The most ludicrous excuse they have is Eritrea has no body to lead. in their mind, because they are stupid, every body is stupid. Your article can be useful to separate the innocent stupid, from the intellectual opportunistic. Before reading your article, i used to put them all in one box and dismissed them. We all know that what Afwerki wants is POWER in any cost. Your article shine bright light on the blind “Afwerkists”. I think, the lesson hear is to further separate the Afwerki from the “Afwerkists” and concentrate on the “Afwerkists” and isolate Afwerki. I appreciate your article. Thank You!

    • fetsum abraham March 8, 2013

      U are great and thanks. “think, the lesson hear is to further separate the Afwerki from the “Afwerkists” and concentrate on the “Afwerkists” and isolate Afwerki. I appreciate your article.” What a genius, this is it and u can not say it better; thank u

      • Eritrea March 11, 2013

        Thank you! But You are the genius. Your work is helping us to come down and think better. And that is what great writers do. keep on writhing and I will read.