The Unique Eritreans

“The harder they come, the harder they fall” and the harder the dictatorship presses the society down, the stronger our people explode on its face at universal dimensions of the relationship. Every attempt to neutralize

“The harder they come, the harder they fall” and the harder the dictatorship presses the society down, the stronger our people explode on its face at universal dimensions of the relationship. Every attempt to neutralize the Eritrean character has been efficiently challenged by the extraordinary survival of our kids that stood in the international podium of excellence time and again.
I dedicate this work to our outstanding Athletes that manifested the will power of our people at the toughest levels of international competition. God bless the winner of Tour de Turkey Natnael Berhane, the best African Athlete of 2012 Danniel Teklehaimanot, the youngest racer of Tour de France Merhawi Kudud for showing the world what Eritreans can do in fierce situations of existence. God bless the half Marathon record holder Zerisenai Tadese, the winner of NY and Boston Marathons Meb Kiflezghi; and the youngest Marathon champion in Beijing Girmai Gebreselassie, for teaching the world about the Eritrean style of perseverance and determination.
There is a lot to be told about the unique survival of our people ever since their inception. We uniquely achieved our independence against unprecedented scuffle with the two superpowers of the time via extreme sacrifice and courage; our Super Athletes achieved what they achieved because of the confidence they built through rigorous effort and pleasant interdependence; and our dignified people should have no reason failing to dispose the disposable regime with a unified fist as soon as possible. Let us go to work with one thing in mind: we shall not accept DEMOCRACY less than SECULAR DEMOCRACY let alone dictatorship now on from. I will continue supporting OUR VOICE on substance level of their actuality without flinching an inch until I feel something suspicious down the road. Their vision is more important to me in view of the suffocating condition of our people and I will take the maximum advantage of their effort without worrying about their identity keeping in mind that I will challenge them whenever necessary till we free our country from the domestic parasites hurting us in unison.
There is no doubt that the crazy dictator has broken records in more than ten socio-political areas to be remembered as the most eventful, unique and self-destructive president ever produced in this life. From breaking the presidential protocol with his Shida and containing the first lady in the kitchen to running the nation without constitution, university, justice system, beurocracy, documentation, everlasting slavery in the name of national service, the president has been living his life with maximum confrontation against humanity and rationality. From producing the highest refugee crisis per capita and the most isolated nation with the worst record on neutral journalism that became the first to be sanctioned by popular vote in AU in the history of the continent, Afwerki created his unique trademark by becoming the only supporter of Alshebab, Ginbot 7, DEMHIT and Arbegnoch Ginbar imposing the everlasting 2% illegal taxation of the Diaspora and weakening the national currency Nakfa by rejecting it to work in Eritrea in view of investors. He pushed his destructive legacy as far as denying traditional burial of Naizghi Kiflu, darkening Asmara (unusual with other countries) and forcing people to live without adequate water in the cities. He became the only leader that antagonized with three American presidents (Clinton, Bush and Obama), a unique leader that refused to receive Badme through dialogue; to say the least. The surprise comes without a break from arming and enforcing people under 70 for Sawa boot-camp to hanging out in bars and breaking someone’s head in a club. I believe Eritrea may be the only country where the former Minister (Naizghi Kiflu) approached two other over-loaded higher officials of his Ministry drunk ending up fist fighting with, to be found by the Police after the shocked customers disappeared from the scene leaving them behind to figure out whatever might have been the cause of the embarrassing episode. He was taken to the hospital and the others to jail where they were surprised by the visitors’ (high government officials) generosity bringing bottles of alcohol turning the cell to a small bar for them to complete their term (two months) religiously boozing without break. I wonder how the Ministry survived for that long with its three top officials missing at the same time.
The question is how the officials in the government’s power structure individually performed their duties in our country. Briefly checking the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers one cannot help noticing that it was composed of 18 Ministries now reduced to 16 after the President left the Ministry of Defense vacant and Ali Abdu disappeared from the deal for Mr. Afwerki to take over becoming the President and Vise-President for life and the Information Minister at the same time. As you know, every Ministry is supposed to produce something in other societies no matter how ineffective but all our ministers have individually caused nothing except havoc in unique Eritrea.
Semere Russom is the Education Minister that follows the regime’s destruction of schools in the country. One inherited university is gone making Eritrea the only country without higher education. Semere today runs a Ministry that has no grade 12 education anywhere in the country except in SAWA. Together with the other parasites in power, this brother has invented a unique academic system unheard of in any part of the world in history. Eritrean kids can only complete grade 12 in SAWA but only receive certificates up to grade 11 unlike kids elsewhere where grade 12 is available in cities and towns as the global standard for the highest mark of high school education. The regime excludes the students’ grade 12 performance in the certificates making it extremely difficult for them to continue education abroad after they run away from the country.
In Semere’s opinion, Eritreans should be educated to earn degrees in unique educational disciplines unheard of in other societies that he invented most probably after serious boozing in a bar. In his hallucination, “Asmara college of Health Science graduates 416 students; 40% females with degree and diploma. They pursued studies in patient care, pharmacy, public health and health assistance”. Genet Original challenges this man asking “Can anyone tell me what “patient care and health assistance” is? What kind majors are these? Do we know who is teaching these courses and giving Eritrean students degree and diploma?” Yet, he wakes up with a hangover saying; “446 students graduated from Denden Commercial School in June 27 2015 with certificates in the domain of Mathematics, secretarial science and book keeping” and Genet comes at him again asking “what exactly is certificate in “Mathematics”? What is secretarial science?” There is nothing impossible in unique Eritrea my dear; you just take whatever they give you and live with it.
General Sebhat Ephrem is the Minister of Energy & Mines despite his capacity in these areas. Whatever he does immaterial, this man could not deliver electricity in Asmara. He has turned the capital into a ghost city that manages its life through public owned generators. By failing to supply energy to the hospitals, this college dropout “energy expert” has produced a unique situation where a patient checks in for surgical with one’s own generator to power up the associated machines needless saying that the mining industry under his authority has been a place of institutionalized slavery where Eritreans work for free and the gold money directly goes to the pockets of the president.
The Minister of Finance, Berhane Habtemariam has registered a unique finance management framework by making the country the most corrupt in the continent with $700 Million in Swiss bank accounts under the names of tens of Eritrean individuals associated with the regime.
Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources, Tewolde Kelati has so far nothing to show given the massive sea-cost of Eritrea. He scored his unique achievement stopping the people of Massawa from fishing to feed their families for a unique reason processed in his tranquilized mind: every fish has the right to survive in the Red Sea without a threat from predators (Eritreans in the city). Together with other experts in the cabinet, his ministry has managed shutting off the over 90 Shrimp producing ponds once erected by Brother Petros Solomon uniquely defending the Eritrean Shrimps at a heavy cost of foreign currency to the country.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Osman Saleh Mohammed: This Brother is my favorite useless in the camp. He is very talented in the dance floor wobbling around out of control behind alcohol overdose like he made the mark in Amsterdam Eritrean event that provoked the Eritrean Ambassador in Holland sneaking him out to his hotel before he touched down in front of the public. I don’t think he went to sleep that night as it appeared that he continued boozing in his room because he showed up exhausted for the main event the next evening where he stuttered with nagging hangover for the Monkey to take over the microphone and navigate the event leaving him on the stage yawning and straggling to stay awake. Osman the dancer is now uniquely running this Ministry minus any contact with the world limiting his diplomatic role to Goinbot 7’s terrorist Berhanu Negga and the leaders of Arbenoch Ginbar, whatever they may be, his remarkable achievement being the unique absence of Eritrean Ambassador in the US after Girmai Santim was deported for trespassing his imposed restriction of movement in Washington DC. With Girma Asmerom (AU Ambassador) and Araya Desta (UN Ambassador) having nothing to do diplomatically except reading the same Badme related document (in the sessions) the best dancer in the Cabinet, Brother Osman is chilling it out in Asmara downing his liquor like there is no tomorrow.
Minister of Health, Amna Nurhusein: This sister has destroyed the Medical schools of the country turning them into symbolic gestures, seriously ruining the solid foundation of medicine built during the struggle after the best native medical doctors were systematically removed from the system with few of them escaping for their lives. Her unique achievement was creating a scenario where patients check in with their power generators for surgical practice in the hospitals. I think she was also responsible for the LICENSE provocation of Haleka Berhe, a local doctor accused of over-practicing MAHGOMA in the villages around Asmara (according to the president’s interview with EriTV).
Minister of Justice, Fozia Hashim: The justice minister’s unique achievement has been locking up about 10,000 Eritreans without due trial in the only country without a constitution. The sister has created a situation where Eritreans can be taken to prisons without any explanation and time limit. As you know, the Monkey had invented a unique form of democracy saying;”Eritrea has a constitution like any other democratic country except freedom of speech” and Ms. Fozia happens to be the head of justice that promotes his unique concept of democracy in the country.
Minister of Labor & Human Welfare, Kahsay Gebrehiwet: This brother must be joking to consider himself the head of this Ministry in a country where there is no human rights and work to do except slavery. He has become a unique Minister where there is literally nothing to do in the totally paralyzed economy (no construction and businesses), badly depleted labor force, the highest refugee crisis per capita, horrifying unemployment rate, slavery oriented labor camp and massive incarceration of citizens without explanation. His Ministry together with the Ministry of Finance has invented a unique environment despite the country’s terrible economic situation enforcing the requirement of passing through 13 red tape procedures for a business license making the nation the most difficult place for business and investment despite ranking in this regard at the bottom list of the world (5th poorest nation). An astute observer can only wonder what this official of human welfare was doing when 800 houses were bulldozed to the ground only in Asmara with hundreds more elsewhere in the country.
Minister of Tourism, Askalu Menkerios: This poor sister has reduced the country empty of tourists through unique procedures against the interest of tourism. She is managing a unique industry in the only country without an airliner, efficient Internet service, medical services, hotels, power, etc. Eritrea was supposed to have at least seven Intercontinental hotels by now until the so related investors quit the plan and left the country leaving behind the only 5-star hotel (Intercontinental now called as Asmara Palace) under the total control of the bandit regime that snatched their share without compensation. She only has Gergusoom beach in its old inherited form and the business-dead and ghost-town Massawa below the level of EPLF’s capacity of management during the liberation struggle (before the complete liberation of the country from colonialism). Can you imagine a tourist coming to Asmara to visit the disconnected, waterless and darkest capital city of the world? One can end up in solitude in beautiful Massawa reduced to remain with its only inherited beach across the Red Sea that most probably serves the politicians that have nothing to do in the country except boozing and womanizing.
Minister of Land, Water, & Environment, Tesfai Gebreselassie: This guy is hanging on doing excellent denying water to the people in Asmara and elsewhere, uniquely polluting the capital city with deteriorating sewage systems and public owned generators converting Kampostato, once known for its biscotti, fruit, gelati and coffee fragrance to its current aroma of lamba and tiki. We have vast land in Eritrea but no land distribution in the country for construction because of mismanagement and HASADNET except making digas that so far couldn’t help the badly needed water demand in the country. He administrates a Ministry that dismissed people’s ownership of land in MAIHUTSA without compensation or reallocation about 14 years after paying the down payment because “gold was discovered in the vicinity”. His biggest achievement is producing a clean environment in Eritrea through total paralysis of construction and development. He has also created a unique scenario of conserving land by destroying people’s homes without compensation.
Minister of Transport & Communications, Tesfaselasie Berhane: This unique loser is hallucinating on his position in a country with no commercial international Airliner that rations people for gas to drive their cars. He is managing the nation in communications without Internet, neutral media and culture of documentation. Good luck, buddy but you have been reduced to uselessness whether you know it or not.
Minister of Local government, Woldemichael Araha: This parasite is working hard with his unique administrative policy that forces Eritreans with dual citizenship working at home to remain permanent residents of the country losing their other citizenship should they stay more than a year in the country. Eritreans are today going to other countries for a day or two under extreme financial and psychological expenses to beat the deadline so that they can start the clock anew for another year of stay without becoming permanent residents of the country. Keep on chasing the kids for Sawa Sir, as that has become your concept of life; yet  you may have an office somewhere but no job to do that you can talk about.
Can you imagine four Eritrean national soccer teams disappearing in a row in record time? k.tewolde describes the melancholic drama saying; “This tyrant suffers from inferiority complex as we know it. So , he pretends to be what he is not , an Eritrean, a doctor, an economist, an engineer, a marine biologist, a meteorologist, a geologist……. he goes about his improper delegation of key posts, a liquor store clerk becomes the economic bureau chief, somebody who doesn’t know AREA RIGOLE becomes the sports and athletics director, someone who have never came across the word’ Escherichia coli’ becomes a medical director , what kind of outcome would you expect, disaster! He runs the country like a little kiosk. ENDA HARA”.
While the government has become a unique case study for destroying a nation, our value of independence in the other side of the pendulum has been uniquely assured by the hard working people that scored remarkable presence in the world. The absent nation in view of international politics and Afwerki’s object of reversing our independence are being compensated by the amplified presence of our young Athletes that dominated the podium through exceptional performance in the international sports competition. We cannot let our country disparaged by this regime more than what has been done so far and there is no excuse this time except doing it. This hazardous Afwerkism will soon be history with its master philosopher Isaias Afwerki if we do our homework together. See you soon!

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  • ወደሞይ ሳራ August 30, 2015

    I ወደሞይ ሳራ would qualify as a UNIQUE “ERITREAN” as I am the only one that uses his brain ,as opposed to his heart/emotions. !!!

  • Ghezai August 30, 2015

    Wedemoy sara
    Are you practicing to be a comedian?

    • Barento August 31, 2015

      Well spotted brother Ghezai, Wedimoy Sarah is a new comedian of a zoo. Someone has to remind him to get a life though. Genuine Eritreans are not in the mood for comedy or any other entertainment.

  • towedeberhan weldedawit August 31, 2015

    Yes we have so many unique Eritreans but no one can bit the three top idiots namely Semere Russom, Araia desta, and the skunis Ghirmay Santiam.

  • Tesfai beraki August 31, 2015

    Yes brother Fitsum;
    You have specified the problem and the individuals who should be put on the list of Criminals in other countries with a constitution. The corupt minsters and ex-fighters are responssible for the colatoral damage in the country.Those senior EPLF fighters should be warned that the day of jugement is not far, and they will be held responssible together with PIA.Semere and Osman are supposed to be the educators and not the terminators as they have been doing for years.
    On the other hand our heros in Athletic and Cycling are indeed Unique and the International Media is prsing them for their credit of showing courage and Talent.God bless the unique Ahtlets of Eritrea!

  • Ghezai August 31, 2015

    I think he should change his nick
    From wedomoy sara to wodomoy kisara
    Sorry if I been rude something people push you where you can’t let it go

  • Ghezai August 31, 2015

    Read as nick name

  • k.tewolde August 31, 2015

    My fellow Eritreans, this history is our history, we own it collectively, the good , the bad , the ugly , the spectacular achievements , and the epic failures Fitsum mentioned above. Blame no one! There are many of those who are dumbfounded by the current miserable situation we are in, and there are few of those who predicted this outcome a long time ago, and were given a deaf ear.These clowns , they made us a laughing stock, starting from the head honcho, they cannot even dress properly, they look like they just came shopping at salvation army. I have a picture of my father in the late 1940’s and early 50’s wearing OTO BUTTONE DOUBLE BREASTED GABARDINI SUIT strolling in downtown Asmara with his BALILA in the background.And this is a hardworking, self made Eritrean businessman who came from KEBABI. Folks we didn’t come from the caves, and these buffoons are trying to sell this current Eritrea as this magical place to go visit in the summer.Yes, you will come back with H.PYLORI. Thanks again Fitsum.

  • merhaba August 31, 2015

    This was very informative article, I learned quite few important points I did not know, how could I, without freedom of speech and free press. I was also entertained with your humour and satire, which is very important since we as Earitreans are not blessed with this qualities, I congratulate you for making me to think and laughing. Thank you

  • Simon G. August 31, 2015

    Now that you have summarized the ministers (LoL) job very well, how about those colonels and useless generals, both in defense and security?

  • Josy September 1, 2015

    One can’t expect a lot from members of a cabinet who are selected merely by their loyality to the president rather than their potentiality as ministers. The very few that might be potentially competent cannot practice their knowledge as their hands are tight up by the barriers the president sets. The whole system is simply chaotic and rotten.