The World in the 21st century

The World in the 21st century Survival of the ………….. Some freed and Others dead It has been years since those Bedouin tribes endanger our people in collaboration of the Rashaydas. Kidnapping innocent Eritreans and asking ransom is their

The World in the 21st century

Survival of the …………..

Some freed and Others dead

It has been years since those Bedouin tribes endanger our people in collaboration of the Rashaydas. Kidnapping innocent Eritreans and asking ransom is their routine work which they proudly talk in front of the world powers, Egyptian authorities and others.

The recent news had brought attention of many Eritreans, when the Bedouins kidnap Israeli and Sweden women. We were dead sure the biased Egyptian authorities will free them and it did not take long to hear news about their release.

Two tourist abducted in Egypt by Bedouin tribes”

After couple of days

“Two tourists abducted in Egypt ‘freed’ “

What about the Eritrean, Ethiopians, South Sudanese? What a world?

“Thousand kidnapped Tortured to death paid ransom”


“Some released with all sever wounds”

“Some died after paid their ransom”

“Others their organs were taken and their bodies thrown 

What a world? What a human right at this century?

Although I do not object the release of those people but is there anyone who hears the outcry of those Africans in the hands of the Bedouins. We have seen the double standard of the Egyptians authorities.

What about our African leaders is not there any single leader who can boldly challenge the Egyptian authorities for failing to respond to this barbaric activities?

As to my fellow Eritrean people my advice is please take care and supports each other to protect those Rashydas from kidnapping from refugee camps and Eritrean villages.

What a world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Hope that the EYES OF THE WORLD WILL OPEN and see their racist actions.

Bless you


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  • eriiiiii March 29, 2013

    Egyptian authorities and generals are very corrupted and had connections with the Beduin. Even the government can’t fully exert its force along the borders-Sinai. They can do any thing along Sinai. What the international world or forces ( especially the Sudanese & Eritrean joint force ) should chase or wipe pout only around Kessela, Sudan. If they protect the Kessela area with fully equipped soldiers & machinery , the human trafficking tragedy will be minimized tremendously.

    • ahmed saleh March 29, 2013

      I totally agree . The source of Eritreans miseries start at
      our border region . The only way to stop them depends on
      those authority willingness to act to root them out . In fact
      for those neglected and forgotten Eritreans who end up prey
      to the hands on those mosters I can only say ;

  • OROMAI ERITRA March 29, 2013


    Shame on you to blame racism for our own weakness..those racist people are the ones giving us shelter ,rights & not make us look like ungrateful mother****rs.
    Swedish people care about their people, we Eritreans hate,hate,& hate..our struggle,opposition ,nationalism is based on hatred.
    Only weak people like Latinos,Africans & African Americans are affected..not Orientals ,Arabs or east Indians.
    I am tired of blaming ,,,colonialism ,racism…bla…bla..bla..If Eritreans give blind eyes why the hell should the world open it{ s eyes.?????????

    • Saba March 31, 2013

      Oromai, Mulugetha expressed it exactely how it is right now in the world.
      If i go there with my passport somewhere lost in the Sinai i am very sure i will not be harmed, if i would be there with my african or let me be precise eritrean passport i would surely face all kinds of torture which is unexplainable in words very probably would die in the Sinai.

      So you claim this is not racism?
      Arabs in general who ever was living with them, worked or grew up with them knows pretty much about the historical racist attitude either direct or indirect.
      I dont want to claim even majority but i say many.

      You are right i hate to divert attention too, we must ask ourselves why we even have let this country the country of so much bloodshed its citizens became less worth then the maddest dog on this planet.

      There is no doubt, this world is all about benefitting. And this world is more or less led by some very greedy ignorant evils but at the end of the day it is who “allowed” them to be successful in regards to deconstruction.

      I was recently reading this very long article about Human Trafficking i think this shall be read to all Eritreans in Diaspora specifially to make them understand that it is us who are supposed to help our people inside the country TOGETHER to bring change.

  • abraha March 30, 2013

    face the reality what mulugheta say is facts what is realy happen or happening right now

  • Saba March 31, 2013

    I was amazed when i just found this update about the two.. They got released with no any harm or similar immediately. The egyptian police and security officals spoke to tribesman who made sure that they are released without any harm.