To All concerned Eritreans about

In this century of technology the advantages of the media are extraordinary, with news and other related activities like our fight to freedom, human rights and others. However, being responsible to what you post and say

In this century of technology the advantages of the media are extraordinary, with news and other related activities like our fight to freedom, human rights and others.

However, being responsible to what you post and say is very important as a single line or word could escalate conflicts and results into dangerous consequences.

I love browsing several online media outlets to read news about Eritrea as all other Eritreans do and I strongly support all sort of discussion and arguments. is one of the online media that I also use occasionally for news, however the small title that are often posted with red bold colours by the editors of the net ( are often with hatred, humiliations and create fear, division and stigmatization.

They are always full of words or small statements that are dangerous and incite hatred and conflicts among the communities. Often they concentrate on individual’s identity which is should not be the case. This is an OUTDATED and INGORANT politics exploited by Isayas and his comrades to supress people for centuries.

Additionally it looks them ( have Ethiophobia, as an Eritrean I cannot comprehend if someone tries to alienate himself or herself from our neighbouring people. As the Western Eritreans enjoy trade and intermarriages with their Eastern Sudanese tribes same is true for the Eritreans in the southern part to have close ties with the Northern tribes of Ethiopia. And there should not be a room for politics which creates unnecessary wedge between Eritrean and Ethiopian in particular Tigrayans. Hence, it’s not necessary to dig into some once personal identity and stigmatize him/her for his origins, it is nonsense.

My advice to the’s editorials is there will be a price to pay, we Eritreans suffered enough and there should not be room for provocative words rather we need reconciliatory words. And I call upon all concerned people to advice the net to re-consider and discuss thoroughly for any editorial before dispatched to the eye of the Eritrean public.


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  • andom March 27, 2016

    it is intersting and i want to join.

  • Gebretsadiq Arogawu gebereaneneiya July 14, 2016

    I am proud as Eritrea but I am sad as Africa because such as Ethiopians and Djibouti all their history just food aid and their peoples suffering diseas . Both of them regaim corrupted and ethnics, religious, Oromo and Amhara ethical issues like Ogaden othes too bloodshade in Ethiopian violences and agresives cultures of regaim in Ethiopian results to day Ethiopian migrants aslym seeker called themselves Eritrean refugee.
    Do you know about Ethiopians refugee went to Muslims countries and later on convert to Muslims.
    Today in Ethiopian christian all most failed and peoples become Muslims by food in Ethiopian.

    Shameful Ethiopian but they are hunger nothing to do because corrupted regaim dictatorship ethical issues.

    • Solomon Abera April 27, 2017

      , you mention all the bad things about Ethiopian.
      Yes Ethiopia has bad and good history.
      But let me tell you about Eritrean history.
      Eritrea history is slavery, colonization, become Refugee in mass number, the worst that can happen to human being ,enslaved by the Italian ,enslaved by the turkey, still enslaved by Arbes, That your history ,one more thing ,The Italian was buying your father’s ass for a piece of bread, leftover pasta
      The Italian were abusing your fathers and grandfathers sexually for a piece of bread. That is your history your history is only has could ascker to Italian.

    • Gebretsadiq Arogawu Gebreananya the 2nd... January 26, 2018

      U r comment is too long and too boaring like ur name….I do not know what to say….Slavery is killing you….4 get Ethiopia and concentrate on Eritrea…. that’s all….

  • Gebretsadiq Arogawu gebereaneneiya July 14, 2016

    I never seen or heard any opposition of Eritrea except roots of Abay Tgray are blood of Agame and Responser by Regiam of Ethiopian.

    Eritrea peoples are with their government and proud in side Eritrea .

    If you are real opposition why not simply peoples of Eritrea why not support you rather support of Eritrea government.

    Unfortunately peoples of Eritrea you know it who you are ; who are ethinca and reginal , religious and Adawu , so peoples of Eritrea never acept any opposition because of behaviour of civil war and vailence criminals. You don’t have moral and ability because you are just like dogs . Your results 0000000 nathing to do with Eritrea peoples and government.

    Peoples of Eritrea said we are with our government and love our government that why Eritrea government able secure and save .
    Eritrea government able managed and control as far as can even defeat out side enemy like America leave Wayne out America can’t sarivel munites. ETHIOPIAN HOSTRY just food Aid never change.

    Eritrea government sarivel under his peoples and strong.
    .Where are you opposition of Eritrea just Mike smith abd wayane like god just you are so nasty and failer .

  • Gebretsadiq Arogawu gebereaneneiya July 14, 2016

    Today worldwide know about Eritrea migrants fews but others are Ethiopian not Eritrea .citizens. They are Ethiopian citzen.
    Because Eritrea population are 4.5 millions ..

    Today static UNHCR are 55 millions are Eritrea asylum seekers .

    The reality after time all migrants peoples from Africa called themselves special Ethiopian peoples are migrants as Eritrea..

    You see always false and fabrication are at end like Mike Smith lies.
    Results 0000000. …..

  • habtom December 29, 2016

    መስከረም ብወግዒ ናይ ህግደፋ መሳርሒ ሙኾኑ አነጺሩ እዪ ፡ ን ህግደፍ ዝውድስ ን ተቃውሞ ውድባት ጉድለታት ሀሰው እንዳበልካ መድኻም ካብቲ ዝሰርሐሉ ዘሎ እዩ፡፡

  • Geladios August 20, 2019

    ሰላም ደቂ ኤረይ መዓረይ እዚ ቃንቃኹም ዘይድፍሮ ኮይና ኣምበር ላዛ እኔእዎ። በሉ በታ ዝመልካ ቃንቃ ጌረ ሓንቲ ዛንታ ውስ ከብለልኩም ዝብእን ተኽላንሲ ብገለ ዝብላዕ ተረፍ መረፍ ተባኢሶምስ ተኽላ ከኢድ ክፍእ ምስ በሎ ንዝብኢ፡ ንስካምበር ክፉእ ኣነ እጽብቕ እንድተባሃሃሉ ክዕገርግሩ ጀመሩ ሓዲኦም እሞ ካብ ንባእስሲ ናብዞም ኣብ ከባቢና ዝነብሩ ከድና መና ከምዝጽብቕ ንሕተቶም፡ ብዝሃቡና ፍርዲ ተቐቢልና ከኣ ሕውነትና ይሕሸና ክብሉ ተሰማምዑ። በብሓደ ከኣ ናብ ብዕራይ ውኻር ካልኦትን ወዘተ ቀሪቦም ነገሮም ኣፍሰሱ ኩሎም ፈሪሆም ከኣ ሕለፉና ደኣ እዚእስ ኣይንእትዋን ኢና ባዕላትና ጽልኢ ኣይንዕድምን ብዝይብኡ ብስንክኹም ነብስና ክንሕሉ ድቃስ ዘይብልና ንሓደር ኣለና እንድበሎ ምምስካር ኣበይዎም። ቀጺሎም ሓደ ጋሳ ከብትን ኣባጊዕን በቲ ጥቕኦም ክሓልፍ ምስ ረኣይዎ ደው ኣቢሎም ነገሮም ኣፍሰስሉ ነገርዎ። ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ ነገር ኣለናሞ ምስከርካ ኪትህበና መና ከምዝጽብቕ ኪትነግረና ኣብ ቅድሚኻ ደው ኢልና ኣለና በልዎ። ቀጸሉ ዝብኢ ኣስተውዒልካ መስክር፡ ከብትኻ ኣብ ግራውተይ እየን ዝውዕላ ዘለዋ ክብል ወሰኸሉ፡ ተኽላውን ኣባጊዕካውን ኣብ ቀረባይ እየን ዝውዕላ ዘለዋ ሓቂ ደኣ መስከር ክብሉ ኣጠንቀቖዎ። ጎራሕ ጋሳ ግን ሓሊፉ ብምጽናሕ ኣነ ሓቂ ክምስከር እየ ንስኻትኩም እካ ኣኽቢርኩም ካብ መጻኹምንስ ምስ መጋሰይ ዘለኩም ጽልኢውን ኣይውስኸሉን እየ ክብል ተእንቲቱ መለሰሎም። ብዝሃብኩኹም ፍርዲ ግን ዓጊብኩም ክትከዱ ተሳማምዑ ዲኹም ክብል ሓተቶም፡ ንሳቶምውን መንግስቲ ዱር ንጉስ ኣንበሳ ይምቱ ጥራይ ምስከርካ ሃበና ክብሉ ተፈጸሙ። ፍርዲ ግን ነንበይንኩም ጌረ ክነግረኩም ፍቐዱለይ በሎሞ፡እሺ ምስ በልዎ፡ ንዝብኢ ጸዊዑ በል ንስኻስ ንኣቦኻ ኢኻ ትመስል ምስ በሎ ዝብኢ ብታሕጋስ ጭድድ ኢሉ እንድወከኸ በል ድሕር ሕጂ ስጋ ኣድግኻ ከይብልዕ ኢሉ እንድማሓለ ብታሕጋስ ዝኣክል ካዕ ካዕ እንድበለ ናብ ዱሩ ከደ። ተኽላ ብታርኡ ምስ ቀረበውን ብተመሳሳሊ ጥበብ ንስኻውን ንኣቦኻ ኢኻ ትመስል ምስ በሎ ብቐደሙ ኣነ እጽብቕ ኢለዮ እንዴ እዚ ኮርናፍ እንድበለ ብታሕጋስን ብስሓቕን ብል ድሕሪ ሕጂ በኣባጊዕካ ኣይትሻቕል ቅርብ ኣይክብለንን እየ እንዳበለ ናብ ቦትኡ ከደ ንብለኩም። ንለባምን ኣምተሉ ክንደይ ከይስሕቶ ንዓሻን ደርጋሓሉ ክንደይ ከይፈልጦ እዩሞ ኣይተስተዋሕድዎ ንብለኩም። ክክክክክክክ

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