Two Eritrea players vanish from camp | GOtv Cecafa Cup 2013

Uganda Cranes' next opponents, Eritrea will have to do without two players who have reportedly vanished out of camp in Nairobi. The two players whose detailed identities are yet to be known went missing from the

Uganda Cranes‘ next opponents, Eritrea will have to do without two players who have reportedly vanished out of camp in Nairobi.

The two players whose detailed identities are yet to be known went missing from the Red Camels’ camp after their Saturday evening training session.

According the CECAFA organizing committee, the news of the disappearance of the duo has been received this Sunday morning in a briefing at Nyayo.

“The CECAFA senior challenge cup central organizing committee sitting at Nyayo Stadium has this Sunday morning been briefed of the mysterious disappearance of two Eritrean players from their camp here in Nairobi,” read part of the statement released by Cecafa.

The matter has since been handed to the relevant security agencies in Kenya that will handle the issues help from the Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

This is the fifth year in a row such incidents happening with players from the same country. A dozen Eritrean players disappeared from their residential hotel in Kampala last year.

Eritrea who lost the first game 3-0 to Sudan face champions Uganda on Monday at Machakos.


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  • Truly truly i say to you December 1, 2013

    Out of only six from inside country selected players, if two vanished despite strong control, that means only four are remain temporarily. Times see us what the others will do.
    ከምዚ እናበልካ ከምይ ኢልካ ይንበር? ኣንቱም ሰባት ቅድሚ እዚኣ ዓመት ምውዳኣ በጃኹም´ባ ገለ ንግበር! ኣብ ውሽጢ ሀገር´ኮ ደቂ ሀገር አናጸነተ፣ ብደማሂትን ብካላኦት ብሔራት ኢትዮጵያ ይትካእ ከምዘሎ እዃ ኢና ንሰምእ ዘለና።

  • Yohannes December 1, 2013

    “The one-party state, which has been led by Afewerki since gaining independence in 1993, has among the world’s worst records on human rights and press freedom. The country is Africa’s foremost jailer of journalists and is also known by right groups as a “giant prison”, with the tiny nation home to up to 10,000 political prisoners”. Who wouldn’t? The headline should be modified to read “Two brave and decisive players run for their lives and freedom”. HIstorical facts also affirm that the rest of the players and their coach may follow. In dictatorial/barbaric regimes such as this, there is NO official BELL that RINGS to run for your life and freedom. Thanks

  • simerrr2012 December 1, 2013

    More to come

  • Genet December 1, 2013

    We Eritrean are capable of competing with any one. However, we are being humiliated on purpose by the dictator. Have any one followed his empty past and present interviews, he always address the Eritrean people as “this People” “Ez hezbie” never my people or our people. Now, the foot ball player are being put in a position of failure. It is a form of of abuse to send Eritrean players without proper training. I wander what is the mental status of those poor foot ball players? They are send to play a pretending game, while the Tigran/Ethiopian soldiers (DEMHIT) are terrorizing their sisters and brothers on the streets of Asmara.
    I am sure, the player did their best to represent their people and country. Very difficult position. I am sure, they have many story to tell. We will overcome!
    Eternal glory to our martyrs!

  • dafla December 2, 2013

    one of this two is Mawya Omer Player from Al naseer Club, Keren.

  • Eli December 2, 2013

    Hi Assenna congratulations!!!
    You happy now.Enjoy your happiness

  • simerrr2012 December 2, 2013

    The president advisers are asking the president to get football players from Pakistan and India
    so they can represent Eritrea in East Africa. For good reasons: 1 We have seen it in many Eritrean colleges(Military bases) all lecturers and assistant Eritrean professors had been replaced by Indians college certificates , BA and Master degrees holders and no one complaining about the political system, the student don’t ask many questions due to lack of understanding the accent of their teachers.2 The Indians can be easily pressured to inform the activities of their students to the government securities.3.Most of the teachers do not complain about lack of Electricity, computers, laboratory materials and empty shops of Eritrean markets since most teachers came from the country sides of India. 4 . We replaced the manager of Eritrean Airlines with a simple travel agency owner of Pakistani and he was able to transport all Bisha gold to Karachi black market to cover the market of India and Pakistan. He succeeded to take Eritrean airlines away from major cities Frankfurt and Rome and concentrate on Gold smuggling. 5.If we replace the footballers by Paki and Indians , the government don’t ask the diaspora Eritreans to support the team because there are many Indians and Pakistani in East Africa.6. The president body guards and Asmara city guards all have been replaced by Demhit and the gifa is working perfectly ..the president reminded them to replace the police force as well. The president was very happy by his advisers and ask them how to make Eritrea free of Eritreans and the head of the president adviser Yemane Gebremeskel is in contact with Tamil of Srilanka to bring them to Eritrea and the President son and his grandson can rule Eritrea forever.

  • Eli December 2, 2013

    Why are you always the first to report whether it is true or false.Sleep well sick

  • Getachew Addis December 2, 2013

    Dearest Eritrean Brothers and Sisters,

    Greetings from Ethiopia!!!

    A person who denies his brothers and sisters will never get pardon from God. Please, apologize your Ethiopian brothers and Sisters so that god will forgive this great people of great country. Under the Hailesilase and Mengistu regimns, we have been victims of repression together. These two footballers should not be blamed for their disappearance. They reflect the harsh situation in Eritrea.

    No matter what, we still love you and sincerely pray for your happiness and development!!! We don’t want to see and bad of yours. I pray to see rational minds to prevail and strong and indomitable one country to be established (Ethiopia-Eritrea).
    yours, getachew