VOICE OF ASSENNA: ህግደፍ ኣብ ቃራና መንገዲ – Thursday, 07 June, 2018



Review overview
  • Mike June 8, 2018

    Dear Assenna

    You are quite polite to have a headline stating “Eritrea at crossroads” – I say Eritrean leaders got caught at crossroads with their pants down. That is where leaders in Eritrea are now. A state of mind where one is neither in alert nor dream world. Simply the Eritrean government could not give a response or had a reply ready. However, if you have been following the news around the horn of Africa -for a while – work of reconciliation has been going through the backdoor. Needless to say.

    The real issue is not with Ethiopia now for leaders in Eritrea – the real issue for Eritrean leaders in Asmara is how to spin this new commotion to their own supporters. Or rather say their blind supporter.

    Ethiopia has plenty of games on their finger tips – well take the offer before the offer is gone up in smoke. If Eritrean leaders are waiting to see how the rest of Ethiopia will react to the news – well don’t gamble on it.

    my two cents worth comment – Leaders in Asmara, do your homework before giving up another piece of Eritrea again. Last time this goony leader in Asmara had said “so what if we lost Bidime” or so what if have lost the islands….

    Hoping Peace will prevail finally

  • Afa June 8, 2018

    I am not sure if HEGDEF exists after all.I see one man controlling every thing and others just following blindly like an automated machine. Now it is a clear indication our neighbours in Ethiopia are experiencing the most dynamic leader in their history in Dr.Abey Ahmed Ali.He is doing his homework very well at home and it seems he also have Eritrea in sight as part of his reform in the political sphere. Ethiopian fought for this peacefully and making it happen.I wonder when Eritreans will do’the same. It seems Eritreans are more tolerant to injustice than Ethiopians or we are lacking the guts to do it.

  • keshi Mars June 9, 2018

    Hello Assenna,

    Eritrea still has the upper hand when it comes to the border issue. The ball is in the Ethiopian quarters and PM though rekindled the issue, seems in search of the ball but he has to do a lot to get it right. First he and his government has to realize that it’s not for Eritrea to say something. It is the UN’s mandate to demarcate and for UN to commit its task force and do the work it demands safety first which means Ethiopian soldiers have to leave.

    What I am not certain is that after all is done and demarcation finalized, the Eritrean government might come up with new conditions before normalization happens such as close every refugee camp in Ethiopia and disperse all the Eritrean refugees, which Ethiopia can’t do it under the UN rule. That would be interesting to watch. Until then nobody expects the Eritrean government to say anything. On what basis?