VOICE OF ASSENNA: ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ ንህዝቢ ሰንበት ሰንበት ኣኪቡ ኣይትሕተቱ ይብል – ንቑሕ መን እዩ? Mon, Dec 03, 2018



Review overview
  • Temesgen December 7, 2018

    DIA and his notorious gangster organization (PFDJ) have been conducting a campaign of political hypnosis for the last 27 years on Eritrean society that rests on the inaccurate motion that the person to cult of a dictator gradually become a flag and an. arbitrary marker of our nation. They were trying to do that by drawing us deep into a cave of emotions. Once we accept their lies, we open ourselves up to believing a whole raft of other untruths such as the ones we are experiencing now. They were totally wrong, Eritrean people are trustworthy but not naive. Theii lies, deception, manipulation, fraud and heinous crimes have now been unmasked. The enemies of the Eritrea people have been identidied. Those who hate our identity as ethnic Eritrean and work for our extinction do not deserve breath and walk alive on written soil. The battle lines are drawn. All Eritrean both at home and in the Diaspora should now rally behind one sacred cause,.namely the elimination of DIA and his culprits. In the absence of justice, vigilante justice is well justified.