VOICE OF ASSENNA: `ኤርትራ ተፋቲሓ ናብ ሰብኣያ ከም እተመልሰት ሰበይቲ ` – Wed, December 05, 2018



Review overview
  • Gezae December 6, 2018

    If the WOYANE TPLF does not steps in carrying out an action to set the ball rolling in implement the Border demarcation, the Eritrean people and government has the right to close its border neighboring Tigraty Killil for security-wise. This is not a precondition or provocation it is riparian-right, legal procedure for the people and government of Eritrea to preserve its peaceful coexistence with the region, and peace and reconciliation of the people of ERITREA. .

  • Berhe Tensea December 6, 2018

    Eritrea is in a big trouble because of Atse Yewhanes grandson who is unhappy with Eritrean independence.
    The dictator who recently visited his grandparents graves of Atse Yewhanes Mercha and his real granparent Abrha Mercha in Metma who were beheaded by Mahadists More than a century ago..
    Special thanks to your excellent contributors Tslal and Kifle Wedi Bashai.