Voice of Assenna: ዓለቅትን መንዳዓትን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብዓይኒ መነጸር: የማነ ገብረመስቀል(ቻርሊ) – ኣብርሃ ካሳ (ሳልሳይ ክፋል)



Review overview
  • Alem July 11, 2017

    This is my regret and I want to say it openly. When the COI presented its case for Isaias and his cohorts to be referred to the ICC, I demonstrated in Geneva against it. My stand was clear. The COI initiative would complicate the Eritrean situation. It will turn Eritrea into a fighting ground between PFDJ officials and the ICC. In the mean time the historical Enemy of the Eritrean People TPLF would benefit. Now I learned that I made a mistake. Actually, what I did was I abated dictatorship, arbitrary arrests and no regard for the rule of law and human life. I failed the journalists who studied with me at Asmara University and haven’t done any crime rather than publishing stories like what every journalist does. I failed the G15 who worked hard to see a country with a constitution, free movement of people and a government with checks and balances. This is my personal confession. When the COI revives its case, I will be the first one to fly to Geneve and support the case. Now I learned that my reasoning to oppose the COI was wrong. PFDJ is not capable of resolving differences. The only way it understands is force and threat. If that is the case let be it. I am supporting the COI.

    • Abate July 11, 2017

      It is sad to read that u believe TPLF is historical enemy of the Eritrean people. If that is the case why did the TPLF came to the rescue of EPLF in Sahel from the deruge red star campaign of the early 1980’s? What was the reason for TPLF that sent thousands of Tegaru freedom fighters to fight the dergue and die side by side with the Eritrean fighters? Do not u think it is for the Eritrean people? I do not believe it was for the EPLF of course it is for the Eritrean people.

  • solomon July 11, 2017

    hade neger zigermeni alo bizaeba wedi kasa ab zihalefe medebkum malet eyubizaeba nay weki keshin fkren kem zitekesikumo, wedi kasa kem hade tsbuk seb bikiniena ziserih gerkum gelitsikumo hji kea kem hade ketali seraki gerkum tigelitsiwo alekum silezi ayenay ena kiniamin

  • Amanuel July 11, 2017

    Well done Alem, one brother/sister made a right choice, please do inform even a single brother or sister who was there with you that day and make them stand on the side of their poor people and stop from any activity that prolongs our suffering knowingly or unknowingly. We deserve better.

  • Berhe Tensea October 19, 2017

    Yet another excellent and historical presentation. Your contribution is highly appreciated .
    This non Eritreans who happen to be Tigrayans are looting, abusing, and despising Eritrea.
    Eritrea is just the play ground of grandsons of Bashai Lema .
    As long as the people remain innocents and allowed and tolerated this abuse, the agony, the disappearances , and mass murders will continue.
    Thank you very much.