VOICE OF ASSENNA: ዕለታዊ ዜና – ኣገልግሎት ኢንተርነት ኤርትራ ኣብ ዓለም ዝተሓተ – ዶር በርሀ ሃ/ብተጊዮርጊስ



Review overview
  • amanuel October 24, 2018

    yes we want at least a little apology that after 27 years. we need constitutional reform to all Eritreans who left it b/c of fear and persecution.we do not this regime trust any more.

  • Gezae October 24, 2018

    I read people everywhere harbor a strong desire to live in a democracy, but achieving a strong, vibrant, resilient, stable, and self-sustaining democracy is no easy feat. The key, most essential ingredient is that the people must be ready, as well as a deep commitment to a long and arduous process.
    It isn’t simply a matter implementing a constitution, holding elections, and then clear sailing forever. It isn’t simply that democracy is hard work either. But democracy isn’t free — there are great costs and burdens that must be shouldered to get to the promised land of democracy.
    The people may be striving very desperately and passionately for democracy, but are they/we ready? Democracy is not a gift, something for free. Rather, democracy is a very difficult job that requires commitment, patience, and great skills to pull it off. There are a lot of technical, political, and economic preconditions, but the top precondition is whether the people are ready. It is not sufficient to merely passionately desire democracy, but to have the responsibility and skill to achieve it.
    Going it alone is a very tough and very risky proposition. It is much better to establish a relationship with neighbors, another country to sponsor the eco- democracy efforts of the new government, not to seek to be subservient to that country, but to gain their expertise, support, and assistance, not to mention their moral support and advice when times get tough.

  • Gezae October 24, 2018

    A buddy system can be used to pair up fledgling officials and staff with corresponding officials and staff from the sponsoring country on an occasional but frequent basis to transfer knowledge and expertise. This can be especially helpful with law enforcement, courts, and the military, where it is essential to establish a strict sense of professionalism free of even a whiff of corruption.
    Support and assistance should be sought and accepted from as many countries as possible, but the most urgent need remains the simple fact that a single country must accept ultimate responsibility for assuring that the democracy enterprise succeeds. If no single country is in charge, conflicts will tend to quickly devolve into finger pointing.

  • Gezae October 24, 2018

    Hence, certainly, democracy focuses on good governance, equality, and freedom, but… ultimately everything hinges on whether people feel that they have sufficient economic opportunity to support a decent lifestyle. Without jobs, decent incomes, and affordable goods and services, unrest among the populace will build and overwhelm even the best of governance. Economic opportunity will depend on: Strong entrepreneurial spirit. Free and open markets. Private capital. Foreign investment. Light and smart upto date regulation.
    Any how, it may be tempting to focus on governance first hoping that economic opportunity springs up from nothing or directly from government, but experience has shown that it is far easier to build a government once a workable economy is already in place. That is not to say that an economy can thrive for long without good governance, but simply that governance is only a small portion of the totality of a society.
    Providing foreign aid, whether in the form of direct grants or loans, seems like an easy fix, but is not really the best best for getting a new democracy off the ground, especially when it comes to sustainability. Again, achieving a durable democracy is not a one-time affair, but takes a very long-term view of sustainability.
    Limited, one-time, initial grants can be useful, but only to the extent that they are very limited and focused on sustainability, such as capitalizing the central bank for a new democracy. Encouraging foreign direct investment is a better approach too if very possible.
    Generally speaking, promotion and advocacy for democracy should be limited to peaceful transition to democracy associated with well studied workable economy. Thus democracy everywhere should strongly encourage a transition of non-democratic countries to democracy, but the emphasis should be on the transition being peaceful. If that is unpractical or inconceivable, it is obvious, a destitute people have the natural right to revolt or to throw off the shackles, but that’s a decision for the people of Eritrea to make for themselves, not a decision to be imposed or incited by a foreigners, no matter how well-intentioned such efforts might be.
    We need to refrain from over-promising on benefits and understating the level and smartness of the work required for the people to transition to a full-fledged democracy Eritrea.

  • Gezae October 24, 2018

    Wow!! respectable genuine doctor
    I want to tell you “Thank you better,”
    But this doesn’t seem enough compliment.
    My words don’t predictably sufficient–
    About your informative and enlightenment.
    You’re special, and that’s a fact!

  • Shashu October 24, 2018

    Gezae what do you mean when you ask if the people is ready for democracy. Democracy is not merely electing own leaders but includes the rule of law which includes that everybody is equal under law. Every citizen is free to live and own property, choose what to study and where, choosing how to own life etc. Do you mean the Eritreans are not ready for this. Please wake up.

    • Gezae October 25, 2018

      If the Eritrean people ready who stopped it? Is there any mechanism who can stop if a people
      is maturely ready from undertaking a democratic change? Do not bring here G-15 or 20, Wedi Ali what so ever. Those all are not democrats and the way of handling their reaction was coup d’etat, palace revolution or power play which is not very different from what the so known Justice or Revenge Seekers advocating radical change.
      So let me emphasize or highlighted you-democracy really is worth all the hard work, but the hard work is still required. Worse, beyond simply working very hard, people must work very smartly on all the right pieces to bring the full puzzle together to experience the full menu of benefits that accrue to living in a thriving democracy

  • Shashu October 24, 2018

    Dr. Berhe as an Eritrean, I expect a genuine all rounded visionary realistic ideas from the so called educated people. From your presentation i could feel you still are not yet courageous to speak out the truth about the Eritrean situation. We have lost almost all what we had before 27, our family tie, value, religion, economy, pride. Our home is empty and our country is empty inviting non Nationals to come and takeover. So what did we win, and whom? I am aching when i write this comment.,

  • Temesgen October 24, 2018

    It is not surprising to see DIA spin doctors & snake oil merchants vilifying democracy at a time when DIA is grooming his son to inherit the throne. Dictatorship apologia is a syndrome, a distorted state of mind that some PFDJ functionaries and DIA blind worshippers have developed over the last two decades. Because of their democratic deprivation, they still continue to perpetuate that mind-set to this very day. What a shame? The comparison of a dictatorship and democracy is as ludicrous as suggesting that a bad bargain is worse than someone stealing your wallet. A one man dictatorship, that steals & plunders a nation with impunity even with strong walls can only facilitate its demise. Because the pressure cooker is going to burst eventually.

  • Simon G. October 24, 2018

    Wait a minute…wasn’t this guy used to be one of the famous cheerleaders of the evil dictator alongside with Sofia and Geodon?
    When did he give up?
    When it is too late?

    • Genet-Original October 26, 2018

      Simon G,
      Where are Sofia and Geodon?

      • Simon G. October 26, 2018

        Genet G.,
        They have been laid off since Aug of 2018 🙂

    • Danny A. October 26, 2018

      When he visited Ethiopia, he suddenly woke up from a self induced comma. The funny part of his lame analysis on why Eritrea is a failed state after 27 years of “freedom”, he squarely blames it on woyane and the UN sanctions against PFDJ. Of course his beloved PFDJ is blameless according to this retard doctor. The irony and conflicting blabber shows that he was awestruck by the progress Woyane’s (the enemy) Ethiopia has shown while the dictator the good doctor worships has turned a once promising state into a laughing stock of the world. In the end, I would like to commend him for finally waking up to smell the reality. I guess, better late than never.

  • Amare Resom October 25, 2018

    Dr. Berhe! I know you had the ability and work experience in analysis and methodology while you were in Ethiopia. I also remember and was proud of you when you successfully defended the Eritrean struggle for independence overshadowing, professor Mesfin W/Mariam and colonel Goshu Welde, at the conference called and lead by the USA congress in Washington D.C. After that I felt sad and lost hope in you when I heard what were saying and writing in support of the regime in Eritrea, even though you knew well the atrocities the regime was committing and I have been wondering why a person of your caliber would become the blind follower of this brutal regime who has turned Eritrea into big prison and kept on murdering all real or presumed opponents for long.
    But I began to be proud of you when I heard you argue, on youtub, with Dr. Gedewon Abay. I heard you stating that the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia should be demarcated as stated in the Algiers agreement, and that the people living in Badme now, are there after driving the inhabitants who lived there for years before them and so should return to where they came from, and reiterating that demarcating the border is a prerequisite to a durable and peaceful, and failing to do that would lead to inevitable conflict in the future. Dr. Gedeon on the other hand, was stating telling the people living in Badme now to return to where they came from without consulting them would be a problem which is in line with what TPLF is propagating!
    I have begun to admire you more, because you dared to explain the naked truth of the dire situation of our people and country to your close ‘bxot!’ the fact that our country is on the verge of being declared a failed state especially when compared to Ethiopia and warned them that they should open their eyes to the reality and stop building castles on the sky. Please keep it up. Our country is calling for its sons to save it from looming danger.

    • Simon G. October 25, 2018

      ድሕሪ ማይ ናብ ብዓቲ
      ዝጠፈአ ምስ ጠፈአ እንታይ ‘ዩ ሕጂ ሃተፍተፍ ምባል?
      ብሰንኪ ከምዝን-ወዲ-ከምዝን ‘ያ ሃገር ጠፊኣ. ምሁራት ደናቑር!

      • Fikre Tekle October 26, 2018

        What really is your problem? The way you are acting one would think you have monopoly on anything Eritrean. Who are you to dictate people when and why to express themselves? Do you even want Eritreans to speak out against the dictator or even unite to bring about change? Stop harassing people. You are being pain in the ass. This is incredible.

      • Meda October 26, 2018

        Ooh Simon G. Be respectful. zeytenkefeka aytitenkif sebey No body came to your house uninvited or some such thing.