Voice of Assenna: 3ይ ፓትርያርክ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስትያን ኣቡነ እንጠንዮስ ተለቒቖም



Review overview
  • adhanom July 15, 2017

    The thugish hgdf has been trying unsuccesfully to get the victims of its crimes signatures for amnesty as precondition for their release. This shows its desperation to defend it self from the crimes it committed against these innocent citizens and use it against the accusations labelled by the UN.

  • amanuel July 15, 2017

    We welcome the release of abona patriarch antonios, but the fight continues against the illegal, illegitimate, criminal higdf.

  • Berhe Tensea July 16, 2017

    There was crime committed in the first place, The criminal gangs and its leader despises the Eritrean people and the Tewahdo church.
    The church is there to be milked as the sacred cow.
    Death to the worst enemies of the people.

  • amanuel July 16, 2017

    The release is though a welcome news is merely a propoganda and has no substance. Justice should be served. His holiness has sufferred for 11 years and the church as well. Those who committed the crime are still in power and free.

  • amanuel July 22, 2017

    Chira shaebian gudn bdihrit eyom. Tekedadimkum tefetihom aytbelu. Shaebian hakin terakibom ayfeltun eyom.