VOICE OF ASSENNA: Daily Program – News and Analysis – Thursday, Sept 13, 2018



Review overview
  • Abrehaley Asheber September 15, 2018

    መምዘኒ ናይ ሓደ ጅግና መራሒ ሃገር ዝበሃል ብሰለት ኣእምሮ ዘሎዎ ብሰለት ብ ፖለቲካ ዘሎዎ እዩ።
    ሓርበኛ ቢተወደድ አብርሃ 1997

  • Jumma September 16, 2018

    To all young Eritreans. This is the time you stand for your right. Your older brothers and sisters . They fought to give you the land called Eritrea.now it is up us to fight for it . Instead of silence.this tirent he did his best to distroy us mentaly and he thinks that we are below human.silence is not a solution.at this time ,look how much he put all Eritreans down. He doesn’t tell us what he is doing. He thinks we don’t deserve to know anything. I don’t think he knows that ERITREA belongs to us more than, he is ego centric.the only thing he cares is about himself .