Voice of Assenna: Dr Tewelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro) – The Man of Unity Gone; His Legacy Lives On! Saturday, 25 Oct, 2014



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  • Nebri October 25, 2014

    .Anbesa Tewelde Tesfamariam,
    You have passed away in the tradition of our Heroes and Martyrs; You Shall Never Be Forgotten.
    To the Family of the Dr. Tewelde Tesfamariam,
    Bury the Lion in the land where he passed away. As you put him to rest, celebrate the occasion with National songs and dances. And I assure you, his remain will be recovered and buried in the ashes of the impostor isaias afeweerqi, in his native land. That Day will be A Day of National Rejoice and Rejuvenation!

  • hara October 25, 2014

    CIAO!!! wedi vacaro
    grazie per aver fatto il tuo dovere
    di un vero cittadino eritreo
    ci mancherai le tue iniziative non restera’ fermo
    lo porteremo al termine con aiuto del signore GESU’
    TSIN’AT n sidran n deleyti fithin

  • Montana October 25, 2014

    Nay bi hiqi jigna abo . Amlak ab betu ykebelka. Mulue nasinet ke reaka Mikadka guhina gin bi kalka tehabina.
    Ajoka Iseyas mis korakurun nab tembenom kikedu keribom iyom.

    • john October 26, 2014

      Nab temben kikedu???
      Temben adi weyane ember adi sheabya aykonen. Aqmi entelyuka teqaleso entezeykone kem ahwatka teseded. Temben adi selam, adi netsanetn limietn ember nsikan merahikan etregtsiwo aykonen

  • Mike October 25, 2014

    First to Assenna – Keep pressing at it. Keep working at it! Stay focus! You are very close! Do not contaminate your program with anything and for anyone. You are close to achieving your goals. Keep at it!

    As to Dr. Vacaro -This man spoke of a good struggle we all should engage in. It is rare to find such Eritrean these days. An Eritrean who self criticize and point a finger at those who are useless Eritreans! Truth does hurt but will never die.

    If I remember what this man said once – there are over 30 opposition groups…… People – that is 30! I think Eritrea has 9 sections and these people represent mathematically – 3 opposition groups for each section of the 9 sections in Eritrea. Now, that is a mess! That speaks very poorly of these oppositions. In fact it speaks how bad they were early on in their life during struggle for liberation. I am assuming most of these people in opposition had given a “Single day or over 30 years time” invested during the independence years for Eritrea.
    If the focus of all opposition groups is removing the disgruntle people who are holding power in Eritrea – Then why the need for 30 oppositions groups? And all that they do is – give some title to each other and prepare themselves in the “new Eritrea”! This is clearly a case that everyone should be aware that these people are not speaking on behalf of the Eritrean people! Their motive is power and If that is the case and mindset of these opposition groups – then what makes these opposition leaders different than the current government in Eritrea?
    They have done nothing! They have nothing to show! If we all ask where they might be today – they are all sitting in coffee shops (holding to again coffee) or in the sun (working their aging bones), or twisting and turning evil thoughts instead of working to be united! How typical of almost every Eritrean is this! Either Eritreans are naturally late boomers or we are all from a cursed land – Which I will need to get to read more and visit some of our Eritrean community to understand the thought process. How is it that we let this happen to Eritrea by one single man and his very few blind followers? Eritrea is ruined! No accountability! No transparency! The only transparent in Eritrean lives these days is – when poor Eritreans are smuggled for body parts! How low and evil could it be to let our young nation and offspring go through this process? I am sure some of you are hopeless but to those of you who will start calling me this and that – hold your thought – listen to Dr Vacaro speeches.
    This man who has left us all to meet his Creator spoke out how the opposition is a disgrace. I think his legacy will be in paintings and statues in Eritrea one day.
    Opposition groups: Where are you now? Are you an off-shoot of the current government? Are you simply positioning yourself for power? What do you have to show? You cannot even organize a force in Ethiopia. In a land that has some sort of a shelter to help you organize the young Eritreans fleeing over to Ethiopia. Divided and torn by clan, class, and ethnicity all you apparently are working on is in making sure they other opposition group fails right at the gate. Stand up for Truth and Stand up for a Legacy! As an opposition group, do something right – history will remember you that you stood up for something that is worth fighting for. The time for communication is at your finger tips. The time to join forces and work your difference is in your finger tips. Time to take up the torch and carry on is now! Time is now to fix your mess and stand up for Eritrea. Come out and speak of your shortcomings. If you need support and help come out and speak also. If you can do none of these – then stay put and leave the country alone for others to do the work.

    Peace and Healing for Eritrea.

  • rahwa October 25, 2014

    Wedi Vacaro will live on in our hearts.

  • Montana October 25, 2014

    stop help a killer. Stop paying 2%

  • sami October 25, 2014

    oh my father i hope u rest in heaven in peace. You r a man of honer and dignity and you will be remember not just as a father of Eritrea but a legend and hero. My heart is broken i was so desperate to see you in the country you loved so much sadly because of this dictator this didn’t happen. i hope your children and children’s of those many eritrean one day return home.

  • tesfu October 25, 2014

    What a stunning speech is this? we should be proud of our origin, not to attack each other but to love each other. why should we feel shame to speak out origin? please seraye people stand up, akeleguzay go for it, hammeseien unite, senhit don’t hesitate to do so, denkalia clump your hands with your sister other provinces, semhar people your climb to wards highlands to work with people, sahal people show me your strength as before, Barka where is your old strike, gash people egnite the fire as a you did strugle for libration. Come on the whole people of Eritrea together! REST IN PEACE!!!!