Voice of Assenna: Dr Tewelde T/Mariam (Wedi Vacaro) Passes Away & Intv Mr Yemane T/Gergish – Part 14



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  • Alem October 23, 2014

    Dr. Tewelde (Wedi Vacaro) in his tour around the world….he warned us not to renew the old Eritrean ID. Let us Respect his word!!! We don’t need new Eritrean ID that is designed as money making machine for Wedi Berad, Kisha and Yemane Monkey and to give citizenship to DEMHIT bodyguards! SAY NO TO ERITREAN ID!!!!
    This ID will not serve more than a year…because HGDEF with its leader Wedi Medhin Berad and his cousins Kisha and Monkey will disappear very soon!!!

  • Hakim October 23, 2014

    What a sad day he could have stayed loyal to DIA & have all the glory but he chose to be with the oppressed people he never afraid to tell us what happen behind close door of DIA I am sure they will bury him in Italy but in a few month we will take him to Eritrea to be buried Isias is not staying too long we are going back home soon.

  • Binieam October 24, 2014

    May God be with him.

  • ahmed saleh October 24, 2014

    Dear brother Aman
    Together lets keep his torch on our hands to the final goal .
    Like the song on above program , Wedi Vocarro said bye-bye

  • Senait October 24, 2014

    A….hhh edabelu keydom.Dr.Tewelde Nekniku Ab Kulu Alem Betsihu…Nkulu Atesiu…ZKEALO kulu GERU.Dekisom zneberu teberabirom nazi afaf merahi gudu awtsiomo. Sala Dr.Tewelde(Wedi Vakaro.

  • Kissanet October 24, 2014

    He saw it coming and did the right thing in the last year of his lifetime.
    He apologized profusely in public for his mistake of having served the regime loyally.
    At the very time of Lampedusa tragedy,
    at the time when the Eritrean flag was waving on the top of all other African flags that were at half mast for the honour of the deceased Eritreans,
    at the time when the supporters of hgdef were busy dancing and celebrating while others were drawned in the depth of sadness and helpless confusions,
    there comes Tewolde Vacaro and his ‘Mariam Asmereiti’ to plead for the unity of the diaspora Eritreans. Wedi Tikabo accompanied him with his ‘Hadnetna’ and we all witnessed the ray of hope for the unity of Eritreans all over the world.
    Wedi Vacaro will always be remembered for his effort to ‘Hadnetna’.
    His mission might not have been accomplished but he has at least laid a milestone for our unity for which he will always be remembered.
    He was not only a genuine Eritrean but he was also an honest Eritrean and an authetic Asmarino .
    May his soul rest in Peace !

  • Adulis October 24, 2014

    May God rest his soul in peace!!!

  • haile October 24, 2014

    sad he didn’t manage to see free and just eritrea.

  • Solomuna October 24, 2014

    RIP Wedi Vacaro.
    You will be missed dearly.

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