Voice of Assenna: Eritrean Independence, 25 Years on: Artists’ Experience – Part 1



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  • nefasit March 29, 2016

    This interview is the real situation in our country.Everybody must think and take an initiative to tackle the problem. So we have to think trice than any other time.

    The Worst colonies was not the previous, Shabia it is PJFD

    Yours wedi Hager

  • haile Tekle March 29, 2016

    Great interview. At the end of the interview, I wish assena play one of Mihretab’s song instead of wedi tkul-geze. The interview is about delyti fithi not with one of few PFDJ singer like wedi tkul. Assena should play in promoting Delyti Fithi songs.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! March 29, 2016

    Tyranny is the worst enemy to fear own people from fighting back .
    Eritrea lost many of its talented and educated true citizens after
    they detect HGDF’S techniques of oppression that started to swell
    around them . One day somebody will take the matter by his own hand
    to lead resistance against oppressors for common good . Time changed
    in favor of people’s demand to surrender power .

    • k.tewolde March 29, 2016

      Yes, brother AHMED, a long time ago tyranny made it’s debut in AALLA,AKELE GUZAI, started by murdering a prolific Eritrean fighter as a symbolic announcement and put together a killing machine that wiped out the most precious resource of our country-the educated, and made it’s grand entrance in Asmara brandishing it’s new banner, ushering an era of misery,torture,slavery,corruption……an infernal phenomenon on earth that was never experienced in the past by the Eritrean people.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! March 30, 2016

        Dear K. Tewelde
        The first victim of Issayas conspiracy in Alla his companion Abraham Tewelde . The reason behind it as said was his critics to challenge
        Issayas paid the price same scenario with MENKAE group after couple
        years .
        For reason I couldn’t understand this particular martyr name buried
        like he didn’t exist in EPLF leadership . We observed how deceit can
        suppress truth .