Voice of Assenna: Intv with Mr Yemane T/Gergish, former EPLF Intelligence Officer & Member of the Secret Party – Part 15, Thursday, Oct 30, 2014



Review overview
  • rahwa November 1, 2014

    Despite his claim and pleas that he was out to expose EPLF’s wrongdoings and corrupt nature, part 13 made it clear for me that Yemane’s agenda is to discredit the revolution and show that it was all in vain. Why did Assenna choose to interview him?

    • Berhe Domenico November 1, 2014

      On more than one occasion, Yemane has paid tribute to the rank and file tegadelti and their sacrifice.
      His exposure of the leaders doesn’t equate to attacking sewra eretra.

    • Helen November 6, 2014

      If you want to know the truth you’LLC get it from Yemane, but you don’t seem to like the truth.

  • Mike November 1, 2014

    Assenna – Always great work but –

    Yemane – time to get to the core and important factors of the bloody struggle rather than nit-picking every item said and done. Some of us knew the Organization was full of rusting and dead beats a long time ago. That goes to both Organizations that struggle for Eritrea. No one is clean here although the later is disgustingly repugnant. What is worst however, those who were supporting and now have gone under the radar still holding on to a dying government.

    What I would want Yemana to wrap it up with is – what was his role in this messy organization? Yemane seems to think and display that he himself was the “angel”. Yemane – are you? Could you man up and tell to the world what was your part in this mess? Because all I have seen is a finger pointing at others. I think people knew – and I certainly knew your clandestine dirty works but what was your part?

    Sad many innocent brothers and sisters gave up their soul while few played their card to destroy the nation – it is road known but still sad! Sadly, still going…..

    The horror movie is still playing in and around Eritrea – God help Eritrea.

    • Helen November 6, 2014

      Yemane is telling you the truth but you don’t seem to get it. If you listen to Yemane you will know who is who in Eritrea. The ultimate goal of Isayas the Ethiopia mercenary is to disintegrate Eritrea.

    • Helen November 6, 2014

      Yemane is telling you the truth but you don’t just seem to get it. If you listen to Yemane you will know who is who in Eritrea. The ultimate goal of Isayas the Ethiopia mercenary is to disintegrate Eritrea.

  • Truth Hurts November 1, 2014

    It is hard to swallow the truth !

    Yeamne had been out of these dirty game of the so called “Gehdli” since mid of 1988 .Eritreans wether you like it or not so many ugly games have been played to innocent Eritreans and yet it is still happening in front of your eyes .

    Yeamne has painted a true colour to Gehdli . It was realy nasty .

    I am just wondering what was the true motive of Isyass ? To librate the country or he has an agenda to complete .

    If he has an agenda , he lost it big time . Because Eritrea is ” A FREE NATION ” , won’t be part of Ethiopia any more .

    So his second strategy is weakening Eritrea , it is working for now . But will it last . I don’t think so . Everything has it’s limit .

    If he really fights for Eritrea , his goal was to be a dictator . And he is , but it won’t be forever .

    All the people who participated directly or indirectly will be judged by free Eritrea sooner or later .

    Time will tell .

    Good job Yemane you saved your life on time . Otherwise ,you would have been a dead fish by now.

    • Helen November 6, 2014

      Isayas’ true motive is to disintegrate ERITREA.

  • Berhe Domenico November 1, 2014

    Again, I can’t thank enough the Lord for Yemane’s survival. He’s filling so many gaps in the history of pre-independence Eritrea. It also helps shed light to why we see the continuation of destructive behaviour by the “leaders” today. Thanks Assenna and gigna tegadalay Yemane!!

  • Selamawi November 1, 2014

    Thank you Ato Yemane. I hope you will continue to expose the ugly practices of the archaic and brutal organization.

    Not only did the Secret Halewa Sewra killed our Tegadelti, but it destroyed marriages, causing unnecessary distress and pain to children. It is common knowledge that they have engineered many divorces of Eritrean families. For what purpose?

    The answer is simple. In order to destroy society, they needed to destroy the family unit through divorce, unnecessary wars (to cause as many deaths as they could engineer), Maetot, Agelglot, detentions/incarcerations, killings/disappearances of individuals, destruction of noble customs & social values, devaluing or targeting influential individuals, targeting the source of social conscience and morality (Church leaders such as Patriarch Abune Antonios, and the entire clergy)…

    Ato Amanuel sounded surprised by the practices of the Halewas Sewra operatives. If you are surprised by the divorces caused, Ato Amanuel, you may need to learn about the inherent and aggressively implemented destructive nature of the Secret EPLF/PFDJ organization. They are there to destroy!

    Thank you for the service

    • Zekaryas November 2, 2014

      Well said Selamawi. Indeed, Mr Yemane’s story is “Kab bahri bi chilefa”. What has remained consistent and unfortunate is that the ghedli revolution keeps eating its own children. I might add the difficulty of getting rid of the tyrant and his errand boys at the top emanates from our weakness to deal with the past. And these former members of the killing machine turned opposition now SAVE YOUR BREATH. Our ghedli and its murderers KNEW they were committing a crime and made sure they left no trace behind. Thank you brothers Yemane & Amanuel Eyassu. God bless you both and please keep it up.

      • Selamawi November 2, 2014

        Yes, this organization is a killing machine: we have seen the killers killing one another. They will finish themselves in the end. The sad reality is that they are taking our country to hell with them.We have heard it, we have seen it.

        What we need to concentrate now is on how to deliver unified opposition to tackle our predicament.

        Dr Tewelde Tesfamariam’s death is a great setback. but I hope we will take his legacy to its logical conclusion: UNITY IN DIVERSITY through EQALITY & JUSTICE = PEACEFUL ERITREA.

        I would appreciate if Ato Amanuel Assenna would concentrate on two subjects:

        1. Unity, Unity, Unity. Please hunt those individuals and groups promoting unity and give them the platform.
        2. Exposing the practices of the destructive practices of Halewa Sewra and its new form under pfdj. How do they operate now, and how can we tackle them. I am sure tehre are many individuals capable of giving us regular update on this. Please find them and give them platform.

        Hope you don’t mind me saying this.

        God bless!

  • Mike November 2, 2014

    Time to take time-out and focus on what is happening, now, in Eritrea. What happened yesterday will never end. It is ugly and painful. Time to deal with the mess of yesterday is not now. This time is a time for result and action. Feeding in the old rotten organization, now, may not result on anything to tomorrow’s Eritrea. I hope Yemane’s story gets a rest soon after going after the highlights.

    Assenna – Keep it up! Stay focus.

  • Helen November 6, 2014

    Where is part 16?

    • Helen November 6, 2014

      Yemane is in the middle of telling us the truth, the plain truth, we should continue, the interview, we’re all waiting for the next interview anxiously.