Voice of Assenna: Intv with Mr Yemane T/Gergish, former EPLF Intelligence Officer & Member of the Secret Party – Part 19 & Final, Thursday, Nov 27, 2014 ( Call 14695139711 for Questions & Comments)



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  • sol November 30, 2014

    The last and final interview was fantastic. It’s true Mr Yemane, Isias is doing now” sebayn sebeyten zetebasla mady yftereley” kem zebhal. Now Isias created division among us Hamassien, swraye, Akulegzay and so on,,

  • Yonas November 30, 2014


    Please do not use the argument of provinces to support your agenda and your fellow idiots of PFDJ, people like you served the tyranny in Eritrea which resulted in people of Eritrea and the country to be disastrously crippled.

    Our message in regard to the province issue is that we want to raise awareness of isolating some groups and talking about others as if certain groups don’t or have no voice and considered as secondary class citizens. This is actually pointed at Amanuel in the way he portrayed his questions to Yemane and Yemane’s failure to correct him and telling his answers inclusive of other provinces. Amanuel repeatedly mentioned in the seminar during his visit to Australia and has been questioned and discussed openly with public on how to overcome our differences when it comes to religion and provinces issues, but this doesn’t seem to have been progressed.

    Isaias’s problem ill never stay for long sooner or later things will change but sensitive issue may remain and can its outcome might be worse and can affect our true journey to democracy unless we work on serving for the voiceless inclusive of every single society, community, group and individuals alike.

    • Adulis December 2, 2014

      The change that you and the so-called opposition partoes idiots calling for is void.Even if it comes, I am dead sure,it will be worse than present. Changing a stove never change the origina taste of a soup. Yesterdays Eritreans that we accustomed seeing are the same to todays Eritreans.there are some websites that try to degrade, belittle or denying the participation of Eritreans who come from other provinces in the struggle against the benighted Habesha/Ethiopia colonizers by saying like this “there were Eritreans who used to pass to Sudan by giving a blinded eye to the table of struggle as if it was not their table,too.”
      The afore-mentioned Eritreans are the low landers who took shelter in Sudan in order to avoid the bombardment of the barbaric colonizers and the systematic maltreatment of The EPLF that transgressed all norms and traditions of that very people. None but God knows how many women were rape,men were imprisoned,torture left to die for the crime they didn’t commit inside the dungeons of revolutionary guard, and how many comels and cattle were looted by EPLF.
      “Kid aytbelo kemzikeyid ghibero”. Making life difficult for others means, you are no longer in need of them. While encouraging Eritrean families from the law land to come and take shelter at SaHil.
      Intruders to the high land expelled the right owners from their villages and substitute them by the families that migrated from low land.That time no fighter opposed that heinous process.Rather they agreed with it. Even after the artificial independece the low landers deprived the right of returning to their fathers’ and fore-fathers’ villages.
      So long as there are opportunists and sick-minded opposition parties website, even if the chage comes it doesn’t help that much. Because changing human being rigionalism mind isipposible.

      Long Live Wedi Afom.

      • Semhar December 4, 2014

        We have no problem with regard to our provinces; it is the tyrant Isayas wedi Mendhin Berad who used provinces to divide and rule our people.
        With the exception of Akeleguzay, Seraye and Hamasien the rest provinces have clear stand.
        The solution is to let all provinces to govern their own province. Every province has its own laws to govern itself.

  • Robi November 30, 2014

    Hi Asena,Amanual and jigna kubur hawuna Yemane,kulu zhabkayo habereta kab mejemeria part ksab mewedaeta part 19 be azyu mesati teketatileyo. Eti kulu ab hangoley zmelales znebere hutotat gedli meliskaley eka, gedli nay tsibuk tray neru ele yiamin sle zeyneberku kab kedemey,mknyatu ab kalsi hmakin tsibukin sle zegatim,abza part 19 be zaeba G15 zgeletsikayo msaka ysemame eye n mntay G15 gele sgumti n Wedi Medhin Berad zeywesedlu tibil gn kem elal tsmae hanti ala, Hade commando nay 525 n Petros Selemun hatituwo neru eyu ybehal smae eluwo wedi Selemun ezi seab neza hager hizuwa nab gedel yiatu sle zelo ane kiketlon kekabtson gn koliutey terekebuni be hdri ane kiketlo eluwom Shiu Petros Selemun no eluwo nhna be Hgi ena knhato ember babaya Eluwa mengsti aykonan kngimtlo elu melisulu neti comamandon ybehal.hjis kemti zbelkayo Yemane n hade ketali seab be mktal tray eka tialyo ember babaya zereban be mrididaen kserih aykielin eyu ab zkone bota.Hji keman ab eritrea lewuti kmetsie tekoinu hanti 100_200 zhazet hadanitn ketalitin gujile adalika be suluka dyu be nay fedayn srhit endakeyedet netom ab slitan zelewu Tewelije dyom walas kediat deki hager ab mktalomin ab mielYomin atokirn enteserahina tray eyu lewuti kmetsie zkiel ybl ane,mknyatu nsom ab laeli halafnet kof elom kelewu eti hzbi yferih ,wala be hji slitan kihiz zftin keman eza kentsalit gujile entela meret ktfrah eya fetyom tseliom kea sltan nab hzbi ms terekebet.entazeykoinu wedi Medhin Berad nay meninet kiluwulaw sle zelewo n hzbi Eritrea tsibuk khasibelu eyu elika mgmat eshinet tray eyu.but zkone bota taemi nemesgneka korats Beal meanta Yemane ajoka kalsi ksab zelo Awet kea alo emo kiniewet ena.Thanks.

  • keren November 30, 2014

    Yemane, I am glad you did not die with this painful but educational story . It was a privy you earned and you were courageous to tell it all and share it. It is a monumental task to narrate accurately the issues that you raised.
    You made it clear at the outset that is your story to the best of your recollection. There is nothing wrong with that.

    My hope is that you continue to educate our young from the horse’s mouth. And I also hope you become a catalyst in encouraging others to come forward to tell it all and do a service to their people and country. This our history -it is a disservice to oneself and our history to be buried and buried-with -untold.

    I have learned a lot and you deserve a big thank you. And Amanuel ,the crusader for justice ,a million thank for your sleepless nights to serve us. May GOD bring us All together in Eritra that is at peace with itself. Amen.

  • efar December 1, 2014

    Hey Radio asena kemu ewn tegadalay Yemane mezazemi part 19 teketatileyo kulu eti kbahal zgb’o tezaribkayo azina agibna.Kemti zbelkayo G15 tebahilom teasirom zelewu btaemi zehznu eyom Isayas men mukanu endafeletu nay kolia geza geza tseweta mesilwom b selam k’alywo mftanom Bhaki dyom ezom sebat abalat mistrawi selfi neyrom zgerm eyu kidmi nsatom nezi mhsabom gna Isayas mis beal Flipos Hadas mistirawit selfi ab balineki mengedi adi nefas G15 zeyblu adalyu eyu neru.Bzkone Yemane azye yemesgneka sle eti zymno tarikawin mistirawin elalka ab kalie medebatka kisab nrakeb selamn ksanetn naka.

  • Teclay December 1, 2014

    delai fithi

    respected brother delai fithi,, ,You seem an educated person,,on your answer to Henok and Dante you rote a very long thesis .I believe your thesis focused on two points;
    1,,Like all Ghedli lovers,,the massacre of the Ethiopian Army.
    2,, Eritrea deserves to be independent country..Why ?,,very simple ,because our beloved country had been colonized by Italians Just like Somalia and Libya.

    Brother these are not an arguments.,,For your first argument–it is not justifiable to start a secessionist war because of some massacres.
    -If we want to speak strictly let us compare the civilian Eritreans who had been killed by Ethiopian army to those who were assassinated by Jebha and Shaebia (so called liberators) .I believe the ratio is 1 to 20.,, I think most of the Ghedli lovers are form the capital, you know Ghedli only through DIMXI HAFASH ….but those of us from the country side we know Ghedli and Dergi mean on the ground.
    -your second point is laughable…I want to ask you only few questions regarding this.
    -Do you know the European masters didn’t consider any thing on the ground.,Ex,,my father and mother are from south and North Hamasien so if by Chance Italians had stopped in Godayf then one of them could have been Agame today even though both of them are from Hamsien according to the definition of Ghedli lovers. yes the Ghedli lovers don’t care what was before colonialism.they do not also want to hear the history of Zeray Deress.
    -Do you know a lot of African countries tried to united depending on their historical back ground.Example Tanganyika,,Uganda ,,Kania ,,Zanzibar and in west Africa like Senegal,,Niger etc it didn’t produce the expected result except the formation of Tanzania.Only because of the neocolonialists
    -Look the IS terror group , their vision is to unite the whole Arab world including North Africa,ignoring the colonial borders.
    -Who stick to the love of colonial legacy in the world except our Ghedli generations.
    By the way even if we were successful who would have taken us seriously .Do not forget we are 3 mil ppl(a small city population)in the most troubled part of the world.

    • delai fithi December 1, 2014

      you missed the point Teclay. No one loves Ghedli but when you are forced to fight back because of oppression then Ghedli emerges. It is not love of Ghedli but necessity that resuls in Ghedli.

      Having said that, I wish you well down south!

  • Daniel Kibraeb December 2, 2014

    Ato Yemane T/Gergious,
    Is it historical necessity to have Ghedli in order to achieve the current reality, after a heavy price was paid in terms of life lost and property destroyed? The Amhara elite is replaced by the Tigrigna elite both in Eritrea & Ethiopia and no fundamental change has occured in culture, identity and values in Eritrea. Do you call that a revolution? What a waste of time and precious lives you so called revolutionaries or “liberators” have sadly brought to our peace loving and God fearing beautiful people of cursed country Eritrea? Indeed, my poor country man would put your past failed revolution as “Nezi Kit’tHina kindizi tirihitsa”. Such is what Ghedli Eritrea has been reduced to ….. a farce.

  • Henok Girmay December 2, 2014

    Brother Daniel,
    You’d better ignore this fake delai fithi aka sebar zibeliAlu tsaHili of poor Ethiopia. He sounds more of a typical Higdef’s Sahel/Sawa graduate and may be is a poorly damaged item beyond repairs and as a result all his halew lews and ajew jews of an animal farm Professor. They say the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance…. but, it is the illusion of knowledge. There is an old Eritrean saying : When the leg hurt, the eye weeps. A similar proverb exists in Ethiopia. What is true for individuals is true for neighbouring nations. When Somalia is hurting, our region is crying. When Sudan catches a cold, Ethiopia gets a fever. When Djibouti is stabbed, Eritrea bleeds. When Yemen is choked, the Red sea dries up. The voices of moderation need to reclaim back our land and bring relief to our people of Eritrea & Ethiopia. We need partners who would work for peace. We should really do what is right for the people and not what is right for our ego.
    Here is a challenging question for you Professor delai fithi as a homework! Is there anything about the lunatic ghedli that you know better than us or the average Eritreans? Please also keep your ego a little bit deflated. Filling it with too much air may eventually burst. Egotism is also considered a health hazard. Ezi Wudhanu to our brilliant professor.

    • delai Fithi December 3, 2014

      Haw Henok,
      I thought you were a little more reasonable than what you spewed up there. You tell Daniel to ignore me and then you give me an assignment. Which do you want? To engage or disengage?

      Regarding my ego, don’t worry. I am a humble person but I also have some self respect. I think one can be humble without being Agobdag–if you know what I mean.

      BTW, Djibouti is very wise to remain colonized by France and now America. Unlike us, they knew/know their neighbor well. By colonized, I mean they keep French and American presence in their soil. If they hadn’t done that, they would have been swallowed soon after 1977.

      And please don’t be so hard on the educated–not that I am educated. I wish I was. We need more of them not less. I have noticed that some educated Eritreans can’t say a word without being attacked for being educated. That will not help our country. In that regard, you appear to have a lot in common with the man you claim to hate–Isaias.

      ps. In my response to Daniel I wrote: “We weren’t exactly in love for the last six years”. I meant to write sixty.

    • Henok Girmay December 3, 2014

      delai fithi,
      Lets call you poor ‘comical delai fithi’ of the animal farm. All your fake acting should be used or displayed in your circus world. If empty rhetoric, denial, boastfulness, stubborness, and arrogance were all bricks and mortar, Eritrea would have been a land of sky scrapers. You guys have it all!!! And get off your slave/colonized mentality and speak for your own. Keep reading (real stories and NOT fiction of animal farms though) and you might just regenerate some of your paralyzed brain cells. The Higdefs don’t educate you well, they just train you to bark at Woyane. Unless you have issues on substantive matters stop coming back with your same old garbage. In short, cut all your cheap miwirizay crap and get real. All your cheap talks and lectures simply remind me of our old saying “ab kunat zeywaAle beliHi” indeed.

  • Semhar December 4, 2014

    Daniel and delai fithi,
    The problem is us, if we govern our country, our people and be a model for others then we will be okay. But please let’s not point fingers on our neighboring countries. We should respect them, get along with them and we should work with them for the common good.
    To give you a good example the 13 colonies in the United States fought against the British because of taxation without representation. The 13 colonies united and defeated the British, the 13 colonies declared independence from the British on July 4th, 1776. The 13 states are still existing now, with each state having internal government and with the others governed with federal government. From day one they drafted and implemented their constitution and now the British are the closest ally to the US. So there is no reason why Eritrea and Ethiopia would be good allies.

  • fetawi haqi December 7, 2014

    Hi Kubur tegadalay yemane sile iti zihabkana gulux habereta nemesgn qexile iti ab 1973 bi wedi medhin ziteqetle jigna suwue musea zibelo zereba(izi zey fithawi akayida wilqe melakhi kiweld iu ilu neru) ab hiji koine kihasbo Kelekhu nezom G15 zibehalu abi memhir iu neru intekhone izi dqala nikhula Iu Afzizwa. Ane nay mesfin neger kisab hiji dictator tibl qul ayewxean zelo bianxaru giziu 2008 abilu ab interview bizeyka iseyas kulom halefti bizaba hager zihasb yelen kibl semieyo nere hiji dihri interview nay tegadalay yemane minalbat mesfin hagos win nay dege milieal ni mizrag zitelake koinu yisimeaka. Kali kiblo zideli bizaba izom hadimna mexina 2% nikhefil iu bizaba nebsina tiray aynihseb itom werhawi 5 pound zikhefelu zelewu buxotna nizekr 2% kefilna kinatu? siqay buxotna kihaxir nihseb 5 pound ab 45 minutes ina nikhifel zelena silezi nihseb sebat iom kemana deqi 9 werhi neay yitam aynibel mienti hade seb hager zehizin iu.bizaba television eri hanti abnet kihbekum hangolna nikhfeto ayniteamet ab zena kabul tibehal ketema wey Nairobi Kenya intay nirie iti haqi gin komu diu abeyti ketema tat iyen nubur nitfetat zelewen uka dea 24 hours mebrahti zirekhba silezi iseyas mis degeftu hanti terifatom zela bet meqdes isayas zibl mikhfat tiray iya hadish haymanot isayasizm zibehal imber hizbi eritrea foe iluwo iu.

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