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Review overview
  • Socrates March 25, 2018

    The Sudan and Ethiopia with the help of Qatar and Iran should destroy Isaias and his criminal mafia gangsters. Peace.

  • Wedi Hagher March 25, 2018

    DIA knows by experience every time some Eritreans hear him saying “Muslims”, they forget about his crimes for a while, saying “the devil you is better …”. . It’s a strategy that served him well for 40 years.
    This last message about Qatar is another trick by him to let the gullible public stand on his regime’s side, as usual confused, despite extreme economic hardships they are going through.
    So Higdef put together in this story, Ethiopia, Sudan, Qatar and Eritrean Muslim elements who accuse the regime of crimes against their religious institutions, as if all these have no other business but looking for trouble with a bankrupt junta.

    • Haregot March 26, 2018

      You must be an opportunist Muslim loser devil, and where have you been for the last 40 years fighting for Jihad and an Islamic state with sha’ria laws???:
      You also call yourself a fake ‘Wedi Hagher’ but could you tell us which Islamic hagher/country is that you belong or represent? With so many fakes like you DIA would be around for more than 40 yrs.

      • Wedi Hagher March 26, 2018

        “You must be an opportunist Muslim loser devil,”

        Haregot (Tesfazion.)

        “Anta nefahito, wedi shermuta , “hagher albo, wedi zembil”
        When Higdef is gone you and many like you will face justice.

        • Socrates March 26, 2018

          Grow up teKoradi devil aslamay shit asshole, you don’t even belong to Eritrea. Unlike you immigrant aslamay shit, Tesfatsion is a pure original Eritrean.

  • Berhe Tensea March 26, 2018

    Get the Sokotan dictator as soon as possibly