Voice of Assenna: Our Lives – ህይወትና – ኣቦና ሃብተማርያም ኣብርሃ – Part 5 and FINAL



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  • Mike February 26, 2017

    Speaking on behalf of Assenna ( I am sure Assenna could do this for themselves) and Historical facts:

    Life is full of colors. As it is in display on the comments provided here. That is what is beautiful and rewarding to witness the true nature of all of us. Eritreans are never used to facts being played on stage or in this case “spoken by” the actual people who did participate on the events. Let us face it, we do have a culture of hide and seek. Truth always gets twisted and distorted. The fact is – we are not meant to be fact driven – we, Eritreans, are simply rolling with “here say” throughout life. That is never productive nor is it constructive. What is fact is fact and no one would change that- The actors of the event and the events of the outcome are once set and – none returning back. Assenna and other venues are a way of bringing it forward and putting it to say the least “on your face” as it comes out from those who participated on it..

    Dear friends, some of us wanted to make a change but it is so harsh and difficult to make any progress for things like these comments and other reactions hold us all back. Abo Habtermarian have said his piece. In fact, he might have some truth or perhaps all truth – what is not right, however, is for some of us to be hiding behind a computer and talking trash. If you truly have opposing views – come out of the hiding and put up what you have or as the saying goes _________. Why do we hide the wounds? Why do we hide the ugly side of what made Eritrea today? Why accuse Assenna? Don’t you have a better thing to do besides becoming a thorn and brick on any progress that people are trying to make?

    Abo Habtemariam’s comments and alike should be encouraged regardless of our values and political affiliations. There are three things which seems that some people are disturbed by Abo Habtemariam – Tribalism, Religion, and mentioning of some family or people’s names. Well, Abo habtemariam (I never knew Abo Haabtemariam before personally) have put up what is his side and standing firm even when Assenna asked to reconsider some of his comments. That is a man of value and quality. Rare breed even if I do not agree with some of Abo Habtemariam’s finishing comments. So, I ask my fellow Eritreans- come out and put up what you have if any rather than venting off your feelings behind a computer.

    What needs to be done is – be thankful to Assenna and work towards unity in diversity.

    My apologies to assenna for running over rather than brief comment

  • Teclay February 26, 2017

    ምኽሪ ንመፍቐርቲ ገድሊ
    እዛ መራር መድሓኒት ቐልፊፍኩም ውሓጥዋ ፣ከመይ ከም ዝፎኽሰኩም ክትሪኢዎ ኢኹም ።ሓሶት ከምዛ ትርእይዋ እያ፣ኣሽንኳይዶ ንዓኻትኩም ከተጽልለልኩም ፣ንነብሳ እኳ መዕቆቢ ሲኢና ለይቲ ለይቲ ቦታ ክትቅይር ተውሪዳ ኣላ።ስለዚ ሃየ ሓቒ መድሓኒት እያ ውሓጥዋ።

  • mohammad February 28, 2017

    Amanel nazis kam kumnagar akrebkaio radio waini asena wagahta kjblu tekikel eu
    ASLAMAI nezi kulu mis goitatu amhara zfaxamo gefetat shala L elu aminu karibukum .nazi araget zwbe tmalisu kuslu zebali SAB RAAKIBKA ,yakanialna intainatkum kaitradakum galixkum
    rasah tarik ezi misgana katakirib .!

  • Ephrem March 2, 2017

    Shame on you Asena you try to suffocate the truth. I use to think you are a fare minded freedom seeker. በትሪ ሓቅስ ትቀጥን እምበር ነይትስበር።
    I would like to coguratate our great Abo Ato Habtmariam. We Eritreans are dying because of so many nasty hidden secrets fabricated under the slogan of ሓደ ልቢ ሓደ ህዝቢ which has never been true. We all know the religion Islame represents to what the christians believe to be a hell. For me the best proven example of hell is the present Islam and I truely don’t want to have anything to do with it and not in any position to compromise my values with it.

  • Michael Berhe March 3, 2017

    Thank you Ato Habtemariam Abrha at long last! And also Ato Amanuel Iyassu of Assenna, whatever uncomfortable you might have appeared to have felt over the frank statements expressed by the interviewee, for giving this gentleman the opportunity to express his opinion. While many of his prior generation had concluded the fate of their country to be united with Ethiopia under the then existing circumstances, of what they called BETTI HADDE GEMGEM, BETTI HADDE TSEGEM! Wisdom appears to has prevailed to choose the inconvenient way of uniting with Ethiopia.
    We cannot blame them because the majority of them followed their conscience in good faith. As evidence please revisit he UN Resolution on Eritrea of the late 1940s and early 1950s.
    But now, the whole thing is changed and the problem faced is very serious. Think carefully and realistically!!!!

  • Ali March 6, 2017

    This will harm the reputation of assena.

  • Ali March 6, 2017

    Imagine an old Muslim in his age in your radio programm accuse all Christian Eritrean for pro ethiopia in the 50s, commandos who killed innocent muslims, the tigray tigrnye crime against the elf and the crime of tigrinya government against muslims and christains. I just wondered how come this old man become a member of the elf. I think the reason that the elf went to hell was that it was tolerant those spys of his type. I think it is time for some tigrnya people to think national instead of village thinking, Eritrea is more than that.

  • Suleiman March 9, 2017

    Tigray-Tigrigni syndrom is not new, The only point I want to point to is the alleged Huruy’s competence. Huruy and aboy Habtemariam think themselves as leaders, but that assumption was in the seventies of last century. The reality is best described when one veteran uttered “Huruy unqa’a ab seba’tat zeymote, buzuhat sebat keyfeletu, liq kem zetfe’e mimeselom neyru”.