Voice of Assenna: Our Lives: Intv with Prof Araya Debessay – Part 2, Thursday, March 17, 2016



Review overview
  • Josy March 18, 2016

    Listening to interviews of eritrean icons of intellectualism is quite a moving and encouraging lesson specially for the young generation who still have the possibility of making the best out of the chances they get in life. I appreciate Amanuel’s initiative of bringing about the program “Our lives” and hope to listen to many more biographies of the likes of Prof.Araya who have a lot more to recount.

  • Araya Debessay March 18, 2016

    I was not clear when speaking about the demand for Accounting PhDs. What I should have said is, “There were 20 open positions for every PhD graduate in accounting when I was on the job market in 1978.”

    • Adulis March 19, 2016

      Hi kubur wedi hager,

      Your interviewbest is one of the best interviews I have ever heard.

      Thank you

  • wediToronto March 18, 2016

    I wish this interview could be repeated in English so that many of our youngsters in the Diaspora can listen to this exemplary scholar.

    Amanuel and Prof. Araya, thank you for this wonderful interview. I cannot wait for Part 3,

  • Setit March 19, 2016

    Prof. Araya, may God bless your heart for who you are and for where you stand especially in these difficult days!

  • k.tewolde March 19, 2016

    Can you imagine how many prof.Arayas we could have molded the past two to three decades with a sound , capable, selfless, and educated leadership.Instead these archaic,antiquated old buffoons had as two generations in a hole.Looking forward for the third.Thanks for Assenna and Co.And thank you prof.Araya for making yourself available.