Which one is our enemy? Isyas Afwerki or Weyane?

By Mohammed Barkay The people of Tigray and Eritrea are the most related people on earth. We share almost everything except the secrets. Behaviorally speaking, we Eritreans are more direct and aggressive in nature but the

By Mohammed Barkay

The people of Tigray and Eritrea are the most related people on earth. We share almost everything except the secrets. Behaviorally speaking, we Eritreans are more direct and aggressive in nature but the Tigreans are known as polite and  with ill-intention. Our people talk many stereotypes about the Tigreans such as, betrayal, inferiority complex, boot lickers, untrustworthy, and so on. The zig-zag road from Keren to Asmara named “Libi Tigray” was derived from such stereotypes. Although all those characteristics are not right but they indicate the mistrust among the two peoples. Here I don’t want go into deep about historical frictions because a lot have been said about that subject matter. Let me come to the main points.

Many Eritreans including some of the opposition members believe that the Weyanes do not want any change in Eritrea. While others including myself believed that the Weyanes are our comrades and brothers and our people’s suffering concerns them too. Unfortunately, the later have been diminished due to different covert and overt reasons. As neighbors and comrades we expected a positive role from the Weyanes, but unfortunately they played a very dirty role in our politics. We are not blaming Weyane for not helping us but they should have abstained at least from not destroying us internally. The Eritrean opposition groups in Ethiopia are divided along ethnic, religious and regional lines with full blessing of Weyane. In contrast, the Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea are united and progressive far better than the Eritrean opposition. If this indicates anything, it indicates that either Weyane lacks a vision towards peaceful coexistence with its neighbors or there is a hidden agenda to destroy Eritrea. I hope I am wrong. In connection to Weyane’s agenda, nowadays we experience a very disappointing event that demhit was not an opposition but Weyanes intelligence force working under their enemy (Eritrea) for years.

We thought we are friends and neighbors who shared all the good and the bad during the difficult times. However, Weyanes are calling us now enemy. Many Eritreans including myself are perplexed by the mission of demhit and its role inside Eritrea. If  Weyane and demhit think that they hit their goal, then what is that goal? If I am correct, Weyane hosted the Eritrean  opposition groups in order to change the dictatorial regime of Isyas Afwerki. If that is what they wanted, then why that change was not done through demhit since it operated under the nose of Isyas? Why they did not kill Isyas from within? Why there was no coordination between delayti fithi and the Weyane? Why the Eritrean opposition did not know all that? In fact many questions can be raised regarding the intention of Weyane.

According to tigraionline.com that “Following the news of TPDM forces mass defection, fear and confusion among the Eritrean population is spreading like a wild fire. The largest and the strongest armed group was working with the Ethiopian intelligence and security agencies for years collecting and passing sensitive military information is devastating to the Eritrean regime” the same website continued saying “TPDM/DMHIT, Mola Asgedom.  What he didn’t know was Mola was using him to gain extremely valuable information which will be handy to demolish his brutal regime when the time is right.” Never, it was not intended for regime change at all but it was an ill-intention against the Eritrean people. If Weyanes were serious about the regime change, they would have done it within since demhit were already there. But it is clear that Weyane and Isyas are working together to destroy Eritrea and Eritrean.

What was the role of demhit in Eritrea? Demhit guarded Isyas Afwerki and worked as an intelligence unit for him against the Eritrean defense force. Demhit and Isyas drained our economy when our hospitals lack medicines and facilities. Isyas Afwerki and Weyane and Demhit achieved the following:

  • Forced Eritreans to leave their country
  • Imprisoned, raped, persecuted , and killed our people
  • Arrested and killed many of our heroes
  • Closed our schools and educational institutions
  • Cleansed our country from its human capital
  • Stolen our money and funded the Weyane forces
  • Bankrupted our financial institutions
  • Left our cities in complete darkness
  • Confined our people from movements
  • Killed our trade connections and…etc.

Now the secrets of Weyane and Isyas have been revealed. Molla Asgedom reported to Tigraionline.com that“The Eritrean president’s background is 75% from Tigrai, Ethiopia in both his mother and father’s side. For that reason he always surrounds himself with people who have similar background.” It is true that Isyas has been surrounded by the likes of Mr.Molla Asgedom and Isyas wanted to produce many children of Tigrean origin probably 75% like himself.

Isyas Afwerki and the Weyanes went to the war in order to destroy us and it was not a border issue at all. This indicates that there is a hidden common agenda against us. Eritreans must be conscious enough, must be aware that a deep conspiracy have been played against us.  Weyanes and Isyas Afwerki have been proven that they are the opposite sides of the same coin. We have to act today not tomorrow to restore our dignity and revive our pride. We have nothing left to wait for, we have to depend on ourselves and quickly destroy that monster from our beloved home. Isyas Afwerki is working as an intelligence officer for his home country and this cannot be clearer than today. One man should not elude us by playing on our weaknesses, let’s act now and save the remaining.

Peace to our country!

Wedi Barkay



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  • Simon G. September 23, 2015

    Eritrean politics for dummies:
    1. Woyane is an Ethiopian party and their priority is for Ethiopia. Their 2nd item is to create division and mistrust among the Eritrean opposition groups.
    2. Isayas is Ethiopian and his main priority is for Ethiopia and his secondary objective is to destroy Eritrea.
    On #2: a. He purposely created a harsh atmosphere for Eritreans youth to flee the country. Once these youth flee the country, they will never come back, at least as Eritreans.

    • Simon G. September 23, 2015

      Cont…. b. At the same time, he recruits Ethiopian soldiers under the cover name opposition. He use these group to i. to weaken Eritrean economy (he has to feed and dress them very well). ii. He uses them as main trustees, in case any internal force arise to topple him. iii. To kill any Eritreans try to leave the country – means reducing the population. iv. He encourages the Ethiopian forces to breed from Eritrean women – creating half casts as many as possible.

      • Simon G. September 23, 2015

        Once Eritrea reaches the ground, they will try forcefully annex it. By that time, the Eritrean people will neither have the power to fight back not the desire to live under HGDF’s similar rule.
        I really believe this is their plan. The question is, why are we so dumb to figure it out and fight back?

  • Gabir September 23, 2015

    We, as Eritreans, are dead from within not from outside. Do not blame Woyane. Woyane fought for Ethiopia’s well being not for Eritrea. We all know that they would not spend a penny for the benefit of Eritrea. If they do they are foolish. The problem lies on ourselves. Forget about the opposition members in Addis. Why don’t we, those who live in diaspora, have never united? Is it because Woyane do not want us to unite? Are you kidding me? We have our own problem. We are divided horizontally and vertically and we will never ever solve our problem until we unite our hands and start looking inward. As president Obama once said in Ghana, “It is easier to look outward than inward”.

  • selamawit2 September 23, 2015

    P.S. FYI the website saying Molla defected because he lost his power as the main Ethiopian opposition leader to Berhane Nega is tesfanews.
    It is a website of th pfdj-zombies but it doesn’t mean that there can never be a single true information in their articles.
    For example: Did you see an amount of 600-800 demhit soldiers on the fotos of the defected group? I see some ten dozen at maximum and always the same faces…Have a look at it.
    And the way they are photographed is in the pfdj-festival-manner: make them look as much as possible…
    It would be good if demhit was out of Eritrea but i am afraid they are still there.
    And please listen to the x-demhit soldiers who talk about their experience in Eritrea in Tigrigna: Somehow they sound like the poor people in Eritrea being interviewed by Eri-tv and therefore being forced to praise the regime if they want to stay alive…Did you notice this specific exaggeration in their voices/expression?

    I think we should wait a litte bit before we come to a final conclusion! At least i will do that.

  • yared September 23, 2015

    I always say and believe that, Eritrean Elites are brain washed by the Italians and its impossible to deal with them. They are the most dangerous individuals in Africa in general and Horn of Africa in particular. As long as these Slave infested Elites are alive, the Arabs will try to use and misuse the people of the horn.
    Mr Mohammed Barkay, you are the product of slave mentality and what you need to understand is, a real and normal person does not vulgar to people but respect, only the slave ridden idiots like writes, LIBI TIGRAY and KEREN. The people of Tigray are great people and their genouresity will not stop by people like you.

    • Genet-orginal September 24, 2015

      I hope you are not one of those hater with a new pen name.
      SO you are from Tigrai and why are you talking about Arabs? You are demanding respect, when you have no respect for Eritrean. If you feel you have the right to call Eritrean all kind of names out of resentment, don’t you think Wedi Barkay has the right to defend his people. If you think Mola’s action is great, then we have the right to tell you how we feel. You are using vulgar and at the same time, you are complaining about other people stating the obvious. You want to say whatever you want to say, but not others. It doesn’t work that way.

  • Abate September 25, 2015

    ኣቱም ሰባት ኣብ መእተዊ ዚጽሑፍ እዚ ህዝቢ ትግራይን ህዝቢ ትግርኚን ሓደ ምዃኖም ኣሓትን ኣሕዋትን ምዃኖም ገሊጹልና ይኹን ደኣምበር ኮነ ኢሉ ዝሓለፋ መንቀሊ እዚ ጸገም (እንተሎ) ከየነጸራ ሓሊፉ። ብርግጽ እዚ ተኣፋፊ ባህርያት እዚ በቲ ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ትግርኚ ዘየለ ምዃኑ ግሁድ እዩ እንተኾነ ግን ብገለ ናይ መንነት ቅልውላው ዝተሸመሙ ኤርትራውያንን ናይ ታሕታይነት (inferiority complex) ዝሳቐዩ ተጋሩን ኣተሓሳስባ ምዃኑ እዩ። እቲ ጸሓፋይ እዚ ጸገም ዘለዎ ስለዝኾነ ከዓ መድሓኒ ክርከበሉ ዝከኣል አይመስለንን።

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