White House: “Eritrea paying price for sponsoring foreign extremist groups”

The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release September 20, 2011 Fact Sheet: Advancing U.S. Interests at the United Nations   Eritrea: In 2009, the United States supported the African Union’s call to sanction Eritrea for that country's

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
September 20, 2011
Fact Sheet: Advancing U.S. Interests at the United Nations

Eritrea: In 2009, the United States supported the African Union’s call to sanction Eritrea for that country’s role in destabilizing Somalia and the region and its failure to comply with Security Council Resolution 1862 concerning Eritrea’s border dispute with Djibouti. As a direct result of U.S. and African leadership, the Security Council adopted Resolution 1907 to impose an arms embargo and targeted financial and travel sanctions on Eritrean officials. Eritrea is paying a price for its sponsorship of foreign extremist groups. The Security Council, with the support of the UN’s Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group, continue to review additional measures to respond to Eritrea’s acts to destabilize its neighbors.
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  • Kalu September 23, 2011

    I do not understand, is this an article of the past or new. I think Asena is losing it, entered in bankruptcy of talking point. Who will be intimidated? The paragraph is irrelevant with the photo. What journalism?

  • Temesgen Medhanie September 23, 2011

    Isaias could as well be a prodigal son. After the collapse of Soviet Union in the early nineties, the world remained to be a uni-polar where the buzz of Fukuyama’s dictum, “The last man and the end of history” seemed to navigate the distant horizon where nations shaped up their respective foreign policy accordingly. That is, when all the ‘isms’ (Monarchism, Socialism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, and Nazism) were tested in a time honoured pivots of history, it was only liberal democracy that came out standing and hitherto uncontested. As much as the US remained to be the champion of democracy, universal principles of human rights, and other ideals, the US proved to be economically powerful as well. That is, in here-and-now, where the world political dynamics revolves around the US, it is incredibly unwise to design one’s foreign policy off a tangent. One could always argue that, as much as other powers are on the rise where China, India and Brazil to mention but a few come to mind, the US is not indispensable but the fact of the matter is, the hard facts on the ground attests that, it is pretty much a hype if not an outright wishful thinking where the said nations are far from being on par with the US. In short, the US is the undisputed economic and military power to reckon with.

    Cognizant of the said realistic approach to a foreign policy, emerging nations aligned their policy in synch with the US so that, they would benefit as the world grow to be deeply interconnected where one nation can not afford to exist in isolation. As much as parochial and short sighted it seemed, Isaias navigated uncharted waters where he deluded himself as if the US was taking on him when the reality is that, Eritrea is a small and poor nation so much so that it is strategically located in one of the most volatile regions in the world. Sure enough, Isaias tried so hard to win the heart of the US as he was engaged in a race where his nemesis Ethiopia managed to capitalize more on US’ perks. Later on, out of utter desperation and a futile attempt to frustrate US’ interest in the region, Isaias got involved in clandestine activities where the world body decided to impose sanctions on him in a bid to teach him a lesson. The recalcitrant Isaias however went on and found a refugee in Gadafi’s tents, Qatar’s bank rolls and Egypts age old grudges towards Ethiopia. As they say, in the political realm, luck plays a major role and it determines a nation’s destiny and a leader’s as well. Isaias hasn’t been too lucky and the stars do not seem to align in his favour. In the last six months as the Arab world was taken by a complete surprise, the people took matters onto their own hands and the leaders of the region found themselves in a rat hole as well. If any leader got swept away with the tide and got caught in the midst of the uprising, it is Isaias where he run out of luck as his handlers either found themselves caged in a court room fighting for their lives or fled their country with their tails between their legs to a neighbouring countries. Subsequently, Isaias found himself cornered and out in the cold by himself with no one what so ever to turn to. In light of the said unfolding events, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Isaias shuttling between Uganda, Equatorial Guinea and New York to win or should I say mend fences as a prodigal son returns to his adobe after learning the harsh lessons of life in a hard way. Even though, it could never be too late for Isaias to rectify his image, one wouldn’t be too surprised if Isaias rants his empty bravado as he takes the podium on the world stage (UN). If he does that, of course, he would do it at the expense of the Eritrean people who will have to get up early in the morning the next day and line up in a long cue to get a rationed basic foods.

  • Ermias September 23, 2011

    to sha’abiya advocates; this is the fruit of your beloved leader. Everything went wrong, be it domestically or internationally.
    Lets hear your point. Where as we ‘ve said enough is enough!

  • H.Abraha September 23, 2011

    Eritrea is not for sale.please try to find onather job.It is shame to be rufiano of wojane

    • Tedros Haile September 24, 2011

      ……. Mi sa che alcuni “eritrei” con questa crisi globale si fanno furbi a trovare un lavoro facendo traditori del loro paese. Mi dispiace che alcuni di loro hanno passato la loro giovinezza nel fronte ,e nel corso della lotta hanno perso i loro famigliari , amici , compagni ecc…e adesso hanno dimenticato tutto in un attimo e si sono rivolti a fare dei danni al paese per cui hanno litigato. Insultano il presidente come una persona di strada come non avesse fatto nulla.Lui e una persona come noi puo fare degli errori,sfortunatamente non e come ”Melles” che ha le mani ”pulite ”quello che dodici anni fa ha bombardato i cadaveri dei martiri eritrei, mai sentito nella storia.Adesso grazie ai traditori anche lui ha trovato l’occasione di essere un apostolo che vuole portare pace all’Eritrea mentre il suo paese e un paradiso dove i diritti personali sono rispettati , i politici, giornalisti ….possono liberamente criticare il weyane, per cui non esistono carceri .Per quanto riguarda di questi ruffiani ci sara un giorno che si pentiranno.

  • ben September 23, 2011

    remove the rubbish higdef and its supporters ,like the women association hamadia in usa and canada, they are blind supporters. since they earn small and no work at all,they seek to collect money through supporting the cruel regime and they spit their venom at democratic supporters of Eritreans. shame to rubbish higdef women in europe and america. they do not represent the genuine most eritrean people .

  • tegadalay September 23, 2011

    way are you stupid opposition see the U S A as the world evry day the USA say this USA say that evry thing the USA says the WORLD say this USA is part of the world if you dont know buy aglob or map & see even some of your idiot supportes saying the USA is not going to alow esayas come to NEWYORK what panch of idiots this is the UN UN UN not your master USA so jast keep craying to your master idiots

  • tegadalay September 24, 2011

    the opposition are westing their time beging to USA& WEYANE this idiot oppositon thing evry thing the U SA say is the world says OBAMA say this OBAMA SAY THAT & craying & winenig to U SA there is no shit U S A can do to eritrea

  • Wedi_senita September 24, 2011

    You know what, there is no maturity what so ever with PFDJ supporters in the west. All have nothing but rubbish and hate. Look at the comments posted by these hardliners be it here or else where. I wonder..

  • True Eritrean September 24, 2011

    I used to always wonder how the West could mislead Africans during colonization to convince enough collaborators to do their dirty work, but it is not too unimaginable given the era and lack of education at the time. What is incredibly difficult to comprehend is that in this day and age, when people around the world have figured out the nasty, greedy, inconsiderate, manipulative, and hypocritical nature of the West, there are still some Eritreans (by blood) that are so narrow minded and damn as a rock to avail themselves for exploitation of their own peoples. Guys, get it: the West doesn’t care about you, or anyone for that matter, and they will drop you as soon as they determine your service is no longer needed. You have lost your souls and identity. To work towards empowering Woyane and the West at the expense of the rightful Eritrean people–you should be disgusted by your mere existence.

  • mike September 25, 2011

    weither by hook or krock for naw, with all rong doing the only vision of Eritrea is PFDJ (wede fworki) to existense of this lovly country…………..sorryyyyyyyy